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Weapon Smiths
Opening Hours 09:00 - 20:00
Buys Armor, Weapons (including magical armor and weapons)
Sells Armor, Weapons
Repairs Armor, Weapons

A Weapon Smith is a store where you can buy and sell armor and weapons. Smiths will also buy magical armor and weapons, although a smith never sells such items. To select an item for buying, you must click on one of the store's shelves with the cursor. Weapon Smiths can also repair conventional armor and weapons. The repair time is one or more days, depending on how worn the item is and how many items the Weapon Smith is already repairing.

Store LocationsEdit

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Region City Quality Name
Alik'r Desert Alik'ra 5Best The Lord's Weapons
Alik'r Desert Anteliiga 5Best Doctor Mordywyr's Arsenal
Alik'r Desert Ceranda-Kom 3Average First Class Blades
Alik'r Desert Ceriburea 3Average Lord Agroryan's Armaments
Alik'r Desert Isfunnusa 5Best Bargain Smith
Alik'r Desert Jalakaplex 3Average Edywyr's General Weapons
Alik'r Desert Kaloguja 3Average Lord Alabyval's Blacksmith
Alik'r Desert Mesascuza 3Average Vintage Armaments
Alik'r Desert Mettula 4Good Vintage Aegis
Alik'r Desert Mettula 3Average Vintage Weapons
Alik'r Desert Mogandaton 2Poor Vintage Blacksmith
Alik'r Desert Pheono-Thar 2Poor Lady Mordyrick's Arsenal
Alik'r Desert Narelidai 3Average The Emperor's Weaponsmith
Alik'r Desert Ramoaweyn 4Good Ramoaweyn Arsenal
Alik'r Desert Rhogila 3Average The Lord's Weapons
Alik'r Desert Tsetissiara 3Average The Emperor's Arms
Alik'r Desert Zagoccodisu 3Average Perane's Quality Weaponry
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons 5Best Aldingborne Commons Blades
Antiphyllos Antiphyllos 5Best The Countess's Blades
Antiphyllos Jalallaara 3Average Bargain Weapons
Daggerfall Burgwall 4Good The Essential Metalsmith
Daggerfall Chesterwark 5Best Bargain Armsmaker
Daggerfall Daggerfall City 5Best The Odd Blades
Daggerfall Ipshead 2Poor Gondoryan's Finest Armory
Daggerfall Ipshead 5Best Vintage Metalsmith
Daggerfall Newtower 3Average The Adventure's Metalworks
Daggerfall Singwell 1Worst Singwell's Best Arms
Daggerfall Tambeth 1Worst Alabyn's Finest Blades
Glenpoint Glenpoint City 2Poor The Emperor's Arms
Kozanset Kozanset 5Best The Emperor's Metalsmith
Menevia Aldingbury 5Best The Emperor's Blacksmith
Orsinium Ripwold 3Average Bargain Blades
Sentinel Khajoharet 2Poor The Essential Metalsmith
Sentinel Khajoharet 3Average Doctor Alaboryan's Mail
Sentinel Sentinel City 4Good Lord Tristard's Aegis
Sentinel Sentinel City 4Good The Emperor's Weapons
Sentinel Sentinel City 5Best The Adventurer's Armsmaker
Totambu Rhanoccoara 1Worst Rhanoccoara Armor
Wayrest Holhead Court 4Good The King's Metalsmith
Wayrest Kirkmarket 5Best Kirkmarket Arsenal
Wayrest Merhope Hall 3Average Merhope Hall Metalworks
Wayrest Merhope Hall 3Average Vintage Smithy
Wayrest Merhope Hall 5Best Tristoryan's Armsmaster
Wayrest Merwark Hollow 2Poor The Champion Blacksmith
Wayrest Oxvale Borough 3Good Lord Dunywyr's Blades
Wayrest Penwood 5Best Doctor Peristyr's Blades
Wayrest Tamgate 2Poor Tamgate's Best Armaments
Wayrest Tunmont 4Good The Champion Metalsmith
Wayrest Warmore 4Good First Class Weaponsmith

Weapon Smith Map BlocksEdit