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Garrison of the Knights of the Dragon

The Knights of the Dragon is a Knightly Order located in the Kingdom of Daggerfall, and a political faction associated with the region.

The organization is led by the honorable Lord Bridwell, the greatest hero of The War of Betony. To be considered for admission into this fighting order, an applicant must demonstrate exceptional combat skills and a reputation for honor and loyalty to Daggerfall. In return, the knights are treated with unparalleled respect in Daggerfall.

Knights of the Dragon OverviewEdit

"Protectors and warriors for the city and the royal family of Daggerfall. The knights are lead [sic] by Lord Bridwell, who is intensely devoted to the royal family. But Mobar, his second-in-command, questions the royal family's honor and is considering leading a revolt against them."
- The Daggerfall Chronicles

Political AffiliationsEdit

Led By Lord Bridwell

Garrison LocationsEdit

Location Garrisons
Aldingwall 1
Baelmoth 1
Burgwall 1
Charing 1
Charton 1
Chesterwark 1
Cromwych Hill 1
Daggerfall City 2
Deerbridge Hollow 1
Gallotale 1
Grimfort 1
Ipshead 1
Longtry Field 1
Mercester 1
Midbury 1
Newcester 1
Kirkcart Wood 1
Knightstown 1
Penbrugh 1
Reyford 1
Ripmarket 1
Ripmore 1
Singcroft 1
Singmoth 1
Westhead Moor 1
Whitewood Borough 1
Wildertown 1


The people of the Iliac Bay may discuss the Knights of the Dragon if asked:

"The Order of the Dragon is composed of the finest knights of the Daggerfall militia, bound together by vows of service to the royal family and kingdom."

Garrison Map BlocksEdit

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