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The Knights of the Flame is a Knightly Order located in the Lorddom of Anticlere, and a political faction associated with the region.

The Knights of the Flame are the noble warriors of the Lorddom of Anticlere. Their allegiance is unswerving to Lord and Lady Flyte, who rescued their people from the chaos following the War of Betony. Only those known for their loyalty to Anticlere and their blessed patrons are judged worthy to join the order. In return for their allegiance, these knights are treated as veritable gods in Anticlere.

Knights of the Flame OverviewEdit

"Protectors and warriors for the town and royal family of Anticlere. They are sworn to guard the Flytes, though they are curious why they are not permitted to stop highwaymen outside the Anticlere limits, but to keep their activities to the palace and town of Anticlere. Several of the better-looking, dimmer knights are personal guards of Lady Flyte, and enjoy great privileges. Everyone is pretty loyal and dedicated, as grateful as they are to the Flytes for rescuing the town formerly known as Reich Gradkeep."
- The Daggerfall Chronicles

The Knights of the Flame has been affiliated with the royal Flyte family for centuries. In recent years, the Knights have become the protectors of Anticlere.

Political AffiliationsEdit

Led By Lord Flyte & Lady Flyte

Garrison LocationsEdit

Location Garrisons
Aldingborne Commons 1
Anticlere City 2
Broadwell 1
Charborne Wood 1
Chestermarket 1
Cromwark 1
Eastcastle 1
Gallovale 1
Grayborne 1
Holleigh 1
Ipscart Rock 1
Kirkhope 1
Lamtown 1
Newwell 1
Stoklech 1


The people of the Iliac Bay may discuss the Knights of the Flame if asked:

"The Knights of the Flame have been affiliated with the royal Flyte family for centuries, and now they have become the protectors of the land of Anticlere."

Garrison Map BlocksEdit

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