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Daggerfall:Critical Strike

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The Critical Strike (or Critical Striking) skill gives a skill % chance to add skill / 10% to hit chance. Contrary to the descriptions found in-game and in the game manual, Critical Strike does not increase damage inflicted upon a target.

Critical Strike increases each time the player attempts a melee attack at 0.25x rate.

Critical Strike's governing attribute is Agility.


In-Game DescriptionEdit

"Critical Striking is a skill checked whenever one has successfully struck a target. A target that receives a successful Critical Strike suffers withering, often fatal, additional damage."

Manual DescriptionEdit

"A character who is skilled in Critical Striking knows how to inflict the greatest amount of damage to any target. This does not translate as greater accuracy; but if a successful hit is scored, a veritable explosion of damage will result. Assassins and other business-like predators favor this skill."


The following classes have Critical Strike as a skill:


The following factions have Critical Strike as a required skill: