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Daggerfall:Blunt Weapon

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Blunt Weapon governs the ability to hit a target with flails, maces, staves, and warhammers, adding skill % to hit chance. Contrary to the descriptions found in-game and in the game manual, Blunt Weapon does not increase damage inflicted upon a target. Your Blunt Weapon skill is automatically checked whenever you attack an opponent using a flail, mace, staff, or warhammer.

Blunt Weapon's governing attribute is Strength.


"Blunt Weapon is a skill checked whenever one strikes a target with a heavy, blunt weapon such as a mace or a staff. Proficient Blunt Weapon specialists have a greater chance of hitting and cause more damage with each blow."


The following classes have Blunt Weapon as a skill:


The following factions have Blunt Weapon as a required skill:


Blunt Weapon training is offered by the following factions: