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Daggerfall: Services
A skill trainer for the Thieves Guild

Training services are offered by most joinable factions in Daggerfall. They allow you to increase your proficiency in a particular skill outside of normal use, up to a maximum proficiency of 51%. A single session is roughly equal to 15 uses of the skill being trained, which means the skill is not guaranteed to increase to the next level, though it often will.

A training session lasts for three hours and consumes 30 fatigue points. If you have less than 31 fatigue points you will drop to the floor from exhaustion upon completing the session, and awaken one hour later. You can only train once every twelve hours, but this requirement can be deceptive: the three hours spent during the session count as part of this cooldown, so you only must wait an additional nine hours before you are able to receive further training. All trainers share this cooldown; for example, training at the Fighters Guild will also prevent training at the Mages Guild until enough time has passed.

The costs for a training session are 100 gold x player's current level. Training is normally only available to members of a particular faction. The exceptions to this rule are the Temples, who will train non-members. However, in this case the costs per session are 400 gold x player's current level.

Skill TrainersEdit

The following table lists each skill and which guild or faction offers training for it.

Skill Guilds Where Skill can be Trained
Alteration Mages, Akatosh, Julianos
Archery Fighters, Kynareth, Mara, Akatosh, Dark Brotherhood
Axe Fighters, Arkay, Stendarr
Backstabbing Arkay, Thieves, Dark Brotherhood
Blunt Weapon Fighters, Stendarr, Thieves, Zenithar
Centaurian Zenithar
Climbing Kynareth, Arkay, Thieves, Dark Brotherhood
Critical Strike Stendarr, Fighters, Mara, Arkay, Dark Brotherhood, Julianos
Daedric Dibella, Mages, Kynareth, Stendarr, Akatosh, Mara, Dark Brotherhood, Zenithar, Julianos
Destruction Kynareth, Mages, Akatosh, Arkay, Dark Brotherhood
Dodging Kynareth, Stendarr, Thieves, Dark Brotherhood
Dragonish Akatosh, Mages, Kynareth
Etiquette Dibella, Mara, Zenithar
Giantish Fighters, Zenithar
Hand-to-Hand (none)
Harpy Dibella, Mages, Mara, Kynareth, Zenithar
Illusion Kynareth, Mages, Dibella, Mara
Impish Mages, Julianos
Jumping Fighters, Thieves
Lockpicking Dibella, Thieves, Julianos
Long Blade Dibella, Akatosh, Fighters
Medical Arkay, Mara, Stendarr
Mercantile Zenithar, Julianos
Mysticism Mages, Julianos
Nymph Dibella, Mara
Orcish Stendarr, Dibella, Fighters, Mages, Zenithar
Pickpocket Thieves, Zenithar
Restoration Dibella, Mages, Stendarr, Arkay, Mara
Running Akatosh, Fighters, Kynareth, Dark Brotherhood
Short Blade Fighters, Arkay, Thieves, Dark Brotherhood, Julianos
Spriggan Stendarr, Mages, Zenithar
Stealth Kynareth, Akatosh, Thieves, Dark Brotherhood
Streetwise Dibella, Mara, Thieves, Dark Brotherhood, Zenithar
Swimming Fighters, Akatosh, Thieves, Dark Brotherhood
Thaumaturgy Mages, Zenithar, Julianos
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