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General Stores
Opening Hours 06:00 - 23:00
Buys Books, Clothes, Footwear, Horses, Jewels, Wagons, Weapons (including magical variants of these goods)
Sells Books, Clothes, Footwear, Horses, Jewels, Wagons, Weapons
Repairs Armor, Weapons

General Stores are shops that deal in a wide assortment of goods, with only a few exceptions, namely armor, alchemy ingredients, and miscellaneous items, such as lanterns, bandages, statues, etc. While general stores will buy your magical items, they will never sell such items. They are also the only type of stores where you can buy horses or wagons. To select an item for purchase, you must click on one of the store's shelves with the cursor.

General Stores can also repair non-enchanted armor and weapons. Repair times can last one or more days, depending on how worn the item is and how many items the shopkeeper is already repairing.

Store LocationsEdit

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Region City Quality Name
Abibon-Gora Abibon-gora 5Best Bargain Wares
Abibon-Gora Abibon-gora 5Best Lady Rodastyr's Sundries
Abibon-Gora Abibon-gora 5Best Vintage General Store
Abibon-Gora Bubuweyn 1Worst First Class Provisions
Abibon-Gora Elii-Korom 1Worst Doctor Dunistryr's Retail Store
Abibon-Gora Khajeraara 1Worst The Baron's Trading Post
Abibon-Gora Maaqrana 1Worst Maaqrana's Best Supplies
Abibon-Gora Maaqrana 1Worst The Baron's Gear
Abibon-Gora Mogakareg 1Worst Rodyval's Quality Gear
Abibon-Gora Ramoparia 5Best Ramoparia's Best Gear
Abibon-Gora Umbaus 5Best The Essential Market
Alcaire Horwark 1Worst Bedyctor's Quality Warehouse
Alik'r Desert Zenunnuga 1Worst Mordore's Finest Warehouse
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons 2Poor Andywyr's Quality Supply Store
Anticlere Aldingborne Commons 5Best The Superior Wares
Anticlere Broadhead 1Worst The Lady's Sundries
Antiphyllos Pythelida 1Worst Pythelida General Store
Ayasofya Zenoninu 1Worst The Essential Provisions
Bergama Syrajplex 1Worst First Class Wares
Bhoriane Wildermont 1Worst The Odd General Store
Daggerfall Baelcart 2Poor Doctor Edwistyr's Market
Daggerfall Baelcart 3Average The Adventurer's Trading Post
Daggerfall Burgcester 2Poor The Odd Retail Store
Daggerfall Burgwall 3Average Lord Bedyval's Merchandise
Daggerfall Burgwall 4Good Burgwall's Best Merchandise
Daggerfall Burgwall 4Good Edwane's Quality General Store
Daggerfall Burgwall 4Good The Superior Trading Post
Daggerfall Burgwall 5Best The Odd Gear
Daggerfall Burgwall 5Best The Odd Sundries
Daggerfall Chesterwark 3Average The King's Equipment
Daggerfall Chesterwark 3Average The Superior Retail Store
Daggerfall Chesterwark 5Best Doctor Edwywyr's Sundries
Daggerfall Crossmarket 2Poor Mordastyr's Finest Supply Store
Daggerfall Daggerfall City 2Poor Andywyr's Quality Equipment Store
Daggerfall Daggerfall City 2Poor Mordard's General Market
Daggerfall Daggerfall City 3Average Daggerfall's Best Equipment Store
Daggerfall Daggerfall City 3Average Gondastyr's Quality General Store
Daggerfall Daggerfall City 3Average Lady Theodyctor's Retail Store
Daggerfall Daggerfall City 3Average Mordyrick's Quality Supply Store
Daggerfall Daggerfall City 4Good Peryrick's Finest Warehouse
Daggerfall Daggerfall City 5Best Bedoryan's Quality Retail Store
Daggerfall Daggerfall City 5Best Dunyctor's Quality Market
Daggerfall Eastbridge 4Good Trististyr's Equipment Store
Daggerfall Gallovale Moor 1Worst The Odd Warehouse
Daggerfall Griming 4Good Bargain Equipment Store
Daggerfall Ipshead 3Average Lady Bedywyr's Sundries
Daggerfall Ipshead 3Average Theodoryan's Finest Equipment Store
Daggerfall Longshire 3Average The Essential Market
Daggerfall Oxbeth 3Average First Class Equipment
Daggerfall Oxbeth 3Average First Class Wares
Daggerfall Oxbeth 3Average Oxbeth's Best Equipment
Daggerfall Oxbeth 3Average The Odd Merchandise
Daggerfall Oxbeth 5Best Lady Andyval's Supplies
Daggerfall Oxbeth 5Best The Essential Equipment
Daggerfall Penbeth 1Worst The Champion Equipment
Daggerfall Penbrugh 3Average Tristywyr's General Supplies
Daggerfall Ripwick 3Average The King's Market
Daggerfall Ripwych Commons 3Average Theodistair's General Equipment Store
Daggerfall Tamwick 1Worst The Adventurer's Warehouse
Daggerfall Updale Derrie 1Worst Mordyn's Finest Sundries
Daggerfall Upvale Borough 2Poor The Champion Gear Store
Daggerfall Whiteham 1Worst Whiteham's Best Equipment Store
Daggerfall Whiteham 3Average Rodane's Finest Supply Store
Daggerfall Whiteham 3Average The Champion Trading Post
Dak'fron Sedaara 1Worst Doctor Rodyrick's General Store
Dragontail Mountains Syrillitor 1Worst First Class Market
Dwynnen Fontwood 1Worst The Champion Supplies
Ephesus Daminzar 1Worst Bargain General Store
Glenpoint Penham 1Worst Vintage Wares
Ilessan Hills Blackbrone Hill 1Worst Andard's Equipment Store
Ilessan Hills Wildering 1Worst First Class Sundries
Isle of Balfiera Singbrugh 1Worst The Champion Warehouse
Kairou Agurea 1Worst The Superior General Store
Kozanset Papotuno 1Worst Doctor Alabane's Provisions
Lainlyn Papuhdai 1Worst Tristoryan's General General Store
Menevia Aldingbury 5Best The Adventurer's Wares
Menevia Baelbrone 5Best Edwastyr's Equipment
Menevia Menevia City 5Best The Countess's Sundries
Menevia Menevia City 5Best The Odd Market
Mournoth Khajusia 1Worst Uthoryan's Quality Retail Store
Myrkwasa Zenilaara 1Worst Lady Bedard's Equipment Store
Pothago Papumba-Hassi 1Worst The Duchess's Gear
Santaki Munnurea 1Worst Lord Edwyrick's Merchandise
Santaki Santaki City 3Average Bargain Provisions
Santaki Santaki City 4Good Theodyn's Warehouse
Santaki Santaki City 5Best The Adventurer's Provisions
Sentinel Khajoharet 3Average Khajoharet's Best Wares
Sentinel Khajoharet 3Average The Champion Gear Store
Sentinel Khajoharet 4Good Gondynak's Finest Retail Store
Tigonus Humba-Kom 1Worst The Superior Equipment
Totambu Gysinbi 1Worst The Essential Market
Totambu Rhanoccoara 5Best Tristoryan's Quality Equipment Store
Wayrest Cathwold 1Worst Superior Trading Post
Wayrest Merbrone 1Worst Merbrone Merchandise
Wayrest Merhope Hall 2Poor Lady Gondyctor's Equipment
Wayrest Merhope Hall 2Poor Lord Dunyn's Merchandise
Wayrest Merhope Hall 3Average Doctor Bedastyr's Provisions
Wayrest Merhope Hall 3Average Tristyval's Market
Wayrest Oxvale Borough 3Average The Essential Warehouse
Wayrest Oxvale Borough 2Poor First Class Merchandise
Wayrest Oxvale Borough 5Best The Adventurer's Wares

General Store Map BlocksEdit