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The Zainab Tribe is a tribe of Ashlanders living in Vvardenfell. Their camp is in the Grazelands region, on the eastern side of Red Mountain, but, like the other major tribes, they have sent some of their members to Ald'ruhn. Some Zainab members were also camped out outside Kudanat Mine before they were massacred by the Warclaws.

They are one of the tribes studied and documented by Ulran Releth. He describes them as the most populous and prosperous of the tribes. Additionally, they are peaceable and willing to deal with outsiders, with some tribe members attempting to forge business deals with House Hlaalu.

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  • This tribe also featured in Morrowind
  • At some point prior to the events in Vvardenfell, Bralsa Inlador was wanted by the Zainab Tribe, according to Alves Droth. What crime Bralsa committed against the tribe is unknown.

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