Location March of Sacrifices
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Zainab Tribe

Hanu is a Dunmer member of the Zainab Tribe participating in Hircine's Great Hunt in an effort to free her father's soul.

Related QuestsEdit

  • ON-qico-Group Area.pngThe Great Hunt: Conquer the March of Sacrifices and emerge victorious in the Great Hunt.

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Hanu can be found amongst the other competitors at the beginning of the dungeon.

"Well, isn't this just lovely? Yet another team to compete against!
I'll never get Tarcyr's heart at this rate. I can't believe I came all the way to Hircine's cursed Hunting Grounds for nothing."
Tarcyr's heart?
"The prize of the Great Hunt, of course!
Whoever slays the indrik and presents its heart to Hircine shall earn a boon from the Daedric Prince. A boon that I very much, desperately need if I ever wish to rescue my father from this wretched place."
Your father is trapped here?
"Well... yes, he is. My father transformed into a werewolf before he died. As such, his spirit is forced to live within the Hunting Grounds for eternity.
The only way I can free my father's soul is to hunt down that indrik and win Hircine's favor."
I can help you hunt down this indrik.
"If you are to join me on this hunt, then I may just have a chance
We'll need to take that portal down to the Hunting Grounds proper. There we can begin our search for Tarcyr... and hopefully not die along the way."
Tell me about the Hunting Grounds./If I'm to aid you, I'll need to know more about the Hunting Grounds.
"You currently stand within the realm of Hircine, the Daedric Prince of the Hunt.
Hircine's plane of Oblivion takes the form of an endless forest where Great Hunts are constantly held. It also serves as the afterworld for all of his worshipers."
And werewolves also come here after they die?
"Exactly so. Any cursed with lycanthropy are forced to come here after they die, whether they were a follower of Hircine or not.
This specific section of the Hunting Grounds is known as the March of Sacrifices."
What can I expect here?
"Danger, and lots of it. The creatures here are known to be ferocious, and those that hunt them even more so. We'll have to keep wary of both predator and prey.
Within this realm, it's hunt or be hunted. I suggest we keep to the former."
Tell me about yourself./Tell me more about yourself.
"I am Hanu of the Zainab tribe. As an Ashlander, I refuse to accept the divinity of the Tribunal, and instead pledge myself to Azura, our Lady of Dawn and Dusk.
The only reason I've traveled to Hircine's realm is to save my father."
What happened to your father?
"Several years ago, my family was attacked by a pack of werewolves. My father was bitten while trying to defend us. When he transformed, he assaulted a member of my tribe.
He... had to be killed."
Why try to save him now?
"I had a dream. I saw a dark forest, and heard my father's voice calling out. No matter how long I searched, I couldn't find him.
And then I heard a beautiful voice, full of light. It was Azura."'
What did she tell you?
"She spoke of a Telvanni mage who would tell me how to travel to the March of Sacrifices. Only then would I be able to win back my father's soul. And so, here I am.
Perhaps she even foresaw your aid as well."

Bloodscent PassEdit

After entering the portal to Bloodscent Pass, Hanu can be asked about the Great Hunt and the pass itself.

"Apologies if you expected my assistance, but I'm more of a scholar than a warrior. I'll hang back while you clear out the forest ahead."
What exactly can you tell me about this indrik we're hunting?/And what can you tell me about this indrik we're hunting?
"Indriks are native to Summerset. Just imagine a deer with some feathers and a horn or two. Throw in the power of teleportation, some sort of connection with nature, and there you have it.
An exciting Hare for any Great Hunt."
A hare? I thought it looked lit a deer.
"I don't mean Hare as in rabbit. It's the name given to whatever, or whoever, is being hunted. In this case, it's an indrik."
You seem to know a lot about the Great Hunt.
"Do give me some credit. If I'm about to jump into a plane of Oblivion, research is the least I can do. Besides, Daedric studies was always my specialty within the tribe."
Where exactly are we?/Then can you tell me more about where we are?
"I heard the other hunters call it Bloodscent Pass. An evocative name, if nothing else.
Speaking of the other hunters, let's make sure to keep a lookout for our competition. I doubt followers of Hircine are keen to play fair."
You think they may attack us?
"Worshipers of the Daedric Prince of the Hunt? Doing whatever they can to win a hunting competition? Yes, I think they will attack us.
Let's just hope they end up killing each other off before getting to us."

When she comes across a dead bosmer near the Wyrd Sisters.

"We need to keep a lookout for whatever—or whoever—killed this mer. I wouldn't be surprised if we're attacked next."

She can also come across a dying Foral who reveals what happened to him.

Foral: "That damn Orc...he lead them right to us. Lorhiel...you have to save...."
Hanu: "Poor s'wit. Barely started and already dead. We need to keep our guard up, lest we share the same fate."

After killing the Wyrd Sister trio in Bloodscent Pass, a werewolf spirit will appear, shocking Hanu.

Hanu: "Watch out!"
Tharas: "Hanu...why have you...come here?"
<Tharas turns a into Dunmer.>
Hanu: "Is...that you father?"
Tharas: "You must leave. Now! Before you too are trapped within these cursed Hunting Grounds."
Hanu: "No! I won't leave you to this fate! Not again."
Tharas: "Please, I can't—I can't hold it back!"
<Abruptly turns back into werewolf and disappears.>

Hanu can be asked about the Wyrd Sister and what just happened with her father but she would rather keep moving.

"We need to keep moving, before the other hunters find that indrik."
Your father seemed to think you shouldn't be here.
"Of course he thinks that. After all, if I die here...I'll be trapped. Just like him."
Why would you be trapped? You're not a werewolf.
"Nor a follower of Hircine, I assure you of that.
It's just the fate of all who die within the Hunting Grounds. Not generally an issue, I'm sure. It's unusual for someone who doesn't worship Hircine to end up here in the first place."
Who were those women that attacked us?/All right. Now who were those women who just attacked us?
"I'm not sure. Given their prowess in battle, I doubt they were fellow competitors. It's far more likely they were spirits, living out their afterlife within the Hunting Grounds."
But I was able to kill them.
"Can you kill what's already dead? I'm sure they'll reform, eventually.
I suppose, without some form of death, the stakes of a hunt just aren't high enough. Not too surprising that there's a cycle of death and rebirth within this plane of Oblivion."

After falling down a waterfall:

Balorgh: "Took a bit of a tumble, huh?"
Hanu: "Fetch it all! Hang on, I'll look for a way out."

During the fight with Aghaedh of the Solstice, Hanu will occasionally shout out warnings.

Hanu: "It looks like the spriggan saplings have awakened!"
Hanu: "Those spriggan saplings seem to...represent seasons?"
Hanu: "The spriggan is gathering elemental energy! Quick, protect yourself!"

The WispwoodEdit

After finding Hanu at the entrance to the Wispwood, Tharas will appear again.

Hanu: "I'm over here! I found—oh! Father, you've returned."
Tharas: "if I cannot dissuade you, Hanu, perhaps I can be of help. This will help you track your quarry."
<A wisplight appears.>
Hanu: "What is it?"
Tharas: "This light will guide you through the forest. Follow it, for it shall reveal the beast you seek."
<The wisplight flies off into the woods.>

Once Dagrund the Bulky and the thralled Bearfang hunters are killed. Hanu will immediately start the chase again.

Hanu: "Come on, we have to follow that wisp!"

While following the wisp, Balorgh will show up, being quite interested in the wisp.

Balorgh: "That creature you're chasing looks mighty useful. Want to give your old pal Balorgh a turn with it?"
Hanu: "What, team up with you? Just so you can shove a dagger in my back?"
Balorgh: "Ha! Don't you know? It's hunt or be hunted within the March of Sacrifices! And I've already picked up your scent, lass."
<Balorgh leaves.>

Hanu can then be asked about what happened to the Bearfang group as well as her opinion on Balorgh.

"So the Orc's name is Balorgh, is it? Looks like he's our last bit of competition. And the most dangerous too, if his attitude is any indication."
What did Tarcyr do to these Nords?/Speaking of Tarcyr, any idea of what it die to those Nords?
"Well, it killed them first, there's no mistaking that. And then it seemed to use their bodies like bloody puppets. How horrifying.
This isn't an ordinary indrik, not by any means."
Any idea of how we can take the creature down?
"It's worrisome, isn't it? After all, the beast can turn itself inviisble.
Of course, we have our useful little light with us. I have a feeling it may help us discover Tarcyr, should it attempt to hide in plain sight."
Any idea who Balorgh is?/We also have to worry about Balorgh. Any idea who he is?
"Besides an absolute fetcher? Not a clue.
But that scent comment has me thinking he's more than just your common Orc. Perhaps a werewolf? That would make sense, given he's competing in Hircine's Great Hunt."
He doesn't seem like a follower of Hircine though.
"Strange. Hircine invites the participants of these hunts himself. The only reason I snuck my way in was because of Azura's wisdom.
Well, the most important thing is that we collect Tarcyr's heart before he does."

Hunting Down TarcyrEdit

When you arrive in the current hiding spot of Tarcyr:

Hanu: "Something's watching us. I can feel it."

Hanu will relay her plan to lure the indrik out.

Hanu: "Quickly, crouch down! We need to stay hidden until we can draw the beast out."
Stay low! The fog will help you while the wisp finds the indrik!"

After Tarcyr appears and the fight starts, Hanu will shout out advice during different phases of the fight.

Hunting phase
Hanu: "Keep your head down and let the fog cover you!"
Hanu: "We must use stealth while our wisp searches for the indrik!"
Hanu: "Stay hidden and focus on tracking!"
Hanu: "Stay low and you'll keep out of the indrik's sight!"
Hanu: "Crouch within the fog until the indrik is discovered!"
Hanu: "Don't give away your location. Remain hidden!"
Hanu: "Stay hidden until our wisp can pull the indrik out of hiding!"
Discovered by indrik
Hanu: "Stay crouched and focus on tracking!"
Hanu: "Don't give away your location. Remain hidden!"
Attacking phase
Hanu: "There it is! Quickly, attack!"
Hanu: "There it is! Don't let it get away!"
Hanu: "Well done! We've found the indrik!"
Hanu: "Finally we've found the beast!"

Once Tarcyr is dead, Hanu will appear and pick up the heart.

Hanu: "This is it! Tarcyr's heart is ours."
"With this, my father's freedom is assured."
"Come on! We still have to deliver the heart to Hircine."

While traveling up the path to Hircine, Balorgh will ambush you and Hanu with his Moon Hunters, killing Hanu in the process and taking the heart.

Audience with HircineEdit

Once Balorgh is killed, Hircine will be appeased and grant the Hanu the chance to state her desire.

Hircine: "Quite the thrilling hunt. My boon is yours, child of Azura. What do you seek?"
Hanu: "Freedom for myself and my father. Release us, so we may join our ancestors in death."
Hircine: "I hear two requests child, not one. You must choose. A heart for a heart is only fair."
Tharas: "Use Hircine's boon for your own freedom, Hanu. You don't deserve this fate."
Hanu: "Father, I....I don't know if I can do that."

Hanu's spirit can be spoken after this to complete The Great Hunt.

"Go ahead. Say it. I'm a s'wit, aren't I?
Father tried to warn me, and I just didn't listen. And now here I am, trapped within this cursed realm...or trapped with the guilt of condemning my father to such a fate."
There's no way Hircine will free you both?
"You heard the fetching stag. It's me or him.
Still, none of this is your fault. I may not be able to grant you a boon, but here. You deserve a reward for helping me so greatly."

After completing the quest, Hanu can be further spoken to about her pending decision of who should be freed from Hircine's realm.

"I...I know what I must do. My father was bitten protecting me. He sacrificed an eternity of peace, all so I could live.
And now I finally have a chance to repay him. To save him. To be free of that guilt."
But then you would be miserable.
"Oh I cannot deny my fear. This place is nothing but a den of savagery. And to never be able to join my ancestors? To never guide my people? I cannot think of a worse fate.
But I've come all this way to save my father. How can I leave him now?"
Is that what your father wants?
"No, it isn't. But what about what I want? For years, this is all I've ever wished for. To finally save my father. To finally repay his selfless actions.
I've risked everything towards this goal. How can I turn back now?"
Save your father. Do what you feel is right.
"Yes, of course. I was lead here by Azura herself in oder to save my father. I cannot waver now, no matter the cost. Even if I'll be paying for that cost...for eternity."
You're making the right choice.

She will then address Hircine with her choice:

Hanu: "Hircine, hear my choice! I choose...to free my father from this loathsome realm."
Tharas: "No, Hanu! Don't do this!"
Hanu: "Our people need your wisdom, father. May you find peace among our ancestors."
<Tharas' spirit disappears.>

Hanu will remain silent then fall to her knees weeping, until she fades away.

Save yourself. Your father wouldn't want you to suffer.
"You're right. I shouldn't go against my father's wishes, just to do what I think is best. Who am I to heap that guilt upon his soldiers?
Is it...is it selfish that I'm relieved?"
You're making the right choice.
Hanu: "Hircine, hear my choice! I choose...to save myself. And father...I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't save you too."
Tharas: "Be at peace, Hanu. I will always be proud of you. Always."
<Hanu's spirit disappears.>


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