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Camonna TongEdit

The Camonna Tong is a native Dunmer criminal organization operating on Vvardenfell. They are known for their brutality and their hatred of outlanders. For historical information, see the lore article.

Circle of ChampionsEdit

This article is about the faction. For the location in Western Skyrim, see Circle of Champions (place).

The Circle of Champions is a guild consisting of the greatest fighters of Tamriel, commonly referred to as "gladiators". Led by Battlemaster Rivyn, they demonstrate their prowess in games of martial skill using dangerous locales as battlegrounds. The gladiators are divided into three teams: the Fire Drakes, the Pit Daemons, and the Storm Lords. Some gladiators prefer to stick to one team, while others will change on a match-by-match basis. For more information, see the Battlegrounds page or the lore Page.

Clockwork ApostlesEdit

The Clockwork Apostles are followers of Sotha Sil who, during his absence, govern the Clockwork City from the Clockwork Basilica within the walls of the Brass Fortress.

Coldharbour Elite GuardEdit

The Coldharbour Elite Guard, also called the Xivkyn Elite or "Banners", are an extremely powerful group of Xivkyn located in the Imperial City Sewers who serve as Molag Bal's generals. They patrol various parts of the sewers in a looping path and will become hostile should they detect you or a group member, which makes them difficult to escape as they are not leashed. They are some of the most powerful enemies in the game and most often require a large group to defeat a single one.

Colovian RaidersEdit

The Colovian Raiders are a group of deserters from the Colovian force stationed in the Northern Woods. The raiders are led by Ravo Peltrasius and occupy an Ayleid ruin called Fardir's Folly.


The Companions are a legendary group of Nord heroes, and have been part of Nord culture since Ysgramor's arrival on the shores of Skyrim before the First Era. They are encountered in the Rift, where they will aid the Ebonheart Pact in fighting back against the Reachmen and Worm Cult invaders. They're based at Fallowstone Hall.

Corelanya ClanEdit

The Corelanya Clan was an Altmer clan who lived in the Alik'r Desert during the First Era. They opposed the Redguards when they landed in Hammerfell.

Council of Province GeneralsEdit

The Council of Province Generals is a council of the Fighters Guild's highest ranks. Each general represents a former province of the Empire, managing the guild's business there on behalf of the guildmaster. Following the death of Guildmaster Jofnir Iceblade and due to the unrest of the Interregnum period, the number of delegates have lessened. Only five former provinces are represented in the Council: Cyrodiil, Elsweyr, High Rock, Skyrim, and Valenwood. You will first encounter the Council in Vulkwasten, Sentinel or Fort Amol during the quest Proving the Deed, and once more at the Earth Forge during Will of the Council.

Court of BedlamEdit

The Triad is the name for the alliance of Clavicus Vile, Mephala, and Nocturnal. The three Princes have formed a triad to wage war against their fellow Daedric Princes and reshape Nirn in their own image. As such, this group serves as the main source of conflict for the Daedric War storyline.

The Triad is able to act as it does because these three Princes were not present at the signing of The Coldharbour Compact, an agreement with Sotha Sil forbidding them from directly interfering with Tamriel.

In the Summerset chapter, the cult of followers this triad has attracted is referred to as the Court of Bedlam. These groups, along with a Sea Sload alliance called the Abyssal Cabal, attempt to invade Summerset and Artaeum towards the ultimate goal of unlimited power and remaking Nirn in their image.

Cragkin TribeEdit

The Cragkin are a tribe of goblins found in Bangkorai and Reaper's March.

Crimson RaidersEdit

The Crimson Raiders are a group of pirates led by Flat Tooth settled in the Crimson Cove. They were hired by the Seventh Legion and tasked with stopping any Dominion ships that passes near the cove.

Crosstree BanditsEdit

The Crosstree Bandits are a gang of skooma smugglers led by Hazak running their operations on the island of Khenarthi's Roost.


The Crowns are a group dedicated to preserving the 'old ways' of Redguard traditions. They are fiercely opposed to and often in conflict with the Forebears.