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Elder Scrolls Online: Skills: Dark Magic
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ON-icon-skill-Dark Magic-Crystal Shard.png Crystal Shard
Line Dark Magic
Line Rank 1 Cost 2700 Magicka
Cast Time 0.8 seconds Duration
Target Enemy
Range 28 meters
Morph ON-icon-Question Mark.png Crystal Weapon
Converts the ability into an instant cast Stamina ability, which causes your next Light or Heavy Attack to deal bonus Physical Damage and reduce the enemy's Armor.
ON-icon-skill-Dark Magic-Crystal Fragments.png Crystal Fragments
Casting Magicka abilities has a chance to make your next Crystal Fragments instant, deal more damage, and cost less.
Crystal Shard: Conjure dark crystals to bombard an enemy, dealing [3150 / 3186 / 3220 / 3257] Magic Damage. Your next non-Ultimate ability cast within 3 seconds costs 10% less.
Crystal Weapon: Casting Time: Instant, Cost: 2295 Stamina, Duration: 4 seconds, Target: Self.
Encase your weapon in dark crystals for 4 seconds, causing your next Light or Heavy Attack to deal an additional 3099 Physical Damage and reducing the target's Armor by [700 / 800 / 900 / 1000] for 5 seconds. After casting, your next non-Ultimate ability used within 3 seconds costs 10% less.
Crystal Fragments: Conjure dark crystals to bombard an enemy, dealing [3251 / 3288 / 3322 / 3358] Magic Damage. Your next non-Ultimate ability cast within 3 seconds costs 10% less. Casting a Magicka ability has a 35% chance of causing your next Crystal Fragments to be instant, deal 66% more damage, and cost 50% less Magicka.
Crystal Blast

Crystal Shard will deal Magic Damage to a single opponent (or multiple opponents with Crystal Blast morph). Crystal Blast also knocks them to the ground for a few seconds and deals damage to other nearby targets. This is most effective when used against melee enemies, in order to keep them away while your other attacks or allies finish them off. Or by using Crystal Fragments, casting any other Magicka-based spell has a chance to increase the damage and reduce the casting cost by half as well as removing the casting delay so it can be cast instantly.


  • While Crystal Blast will deal damage to multiple opponents, only the primary target will be knocked down.
  • Some larger enemies are immune to knockdown, but they will still take damage from this spell.
  • Enemies won't become aware of your presence until this spell hits.
  • With Crystal Fragments, there is a sound when the instant, half-cost cast becomes available. You should learn to recognize this sound so you know when the ideal time to cast will be. You will also know that a cast is ready because your hands will have a blue glow around them.
  • Crystal Blast is a recommended morph for the Sorcerer Initiate build, while Crystal Fragments is recommended for Elemental Arcanist.

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