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ON-icon-skill-Mages Guild-Entropy.png Entropy
Line Mages Guild
Line Rank 4 Cost 2700 Magicka
Cast Time Instant Duration 10 seconds
Target Enemy
Range 28 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Mages Guild-Degeneration.png Degeneration
You gain Major Sorcery for a time after casting. Reduces the cost as the ability ranks up.
ON-icon-skill-Mages Guild-Structured Entropy.png Structured Entropy
Adds a heal over time when the damage over time is active.
Entropy: Bind an enemy with chaotic magic, dealing [9218 / 9314 / 9422 / 9520] Magic Damage over 10 seconds.
Degeneration: Cost: [2700 / 2610 / 2520 / 2430] Magicka.
Bind an enemy with chaotic magic, dealing 9513 Magic Damage over 10 seconds. Excess magic spills out from them, granting you Major Sorcery, increasing your Spell Damage by 20% for 20 seconds.
Structured Entropy: Bind an enemy with chaotic magic, dealing 9513 Magic Damage over 10 seconds, and healing you for [1057 / 1068 / 1079 / 1092] every 2 seconds.

Entropy deals Magic Damage over time to a single enemy, while also healing you and increasing your Spell Damage. The Degeneration morph adds an additional chance of healing to your regular weapon attacks on the affected target, while Structured Entropy passively increases your Maximum Health while slotted.


  • Degeneration's healing chance does require you to attack the same target while the spell is in effect. Attacking another enemy does not work.

Patch Notes[edit]