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"This golden key is inset with jewels, shaped to form the Undaunted crest. Bring to the Undaunted Enclave to claim your reward!"
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0000000Undaunted KeysUndaunted Keys are the currency used to purchase items from the Undaunted Pledge Masters at their Enclaves in the Alliance Capitals.

Earning Undaunted KeysEdit

The Undaunted Keys can be earned by completing daily Group Dungeon Pledges. While completing the pledge will generally give you one key, if you complete the Veteran Hard Mode challenge set by the Pledge Master, you will earn an extra key.

Using Undaunted KeysEdit

The keys can the be used to purchase the following:


  • As of Update 23, the bound Undaunted Key items were converted into this currency after logging into characters which held them.
  • Prior to the introduction of Dungeon Coffers, keys could be used to open Undaunted Chests.
  • Prior to Update 12, there were different tiers of key, namely Bronze Undaunted Keys, Silver Undaunted Keys, and Gold Undaunted Keys, which were awarded according to the difficulty of the pledge tasks performed and offered increasing levels of reward. There were all converted to normal Undaunted Keys after Update 12 along with the overhaul of the pledge system.