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As the Tales of Tribute Tournament begins, you become better acquainted with your Gonfalon Bay teammates.
Zone: High Isle
Quest Giver: Sorinne Gaerard, Master Razhamad
Location(s): Gonfalon Bay, Shornhelm, Wayrest, Daggerfall
Prerequisite Quest: Tales of Tribute Novice Rank
Previous Quest: A New Venture
Next Quest: Challenges of the Past
Reward: Cardsharp emote
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 6806
The Tales of Tribute tournament begins now! If I succeed in defeating all of my opponents, I will advance to the second round, bringing me closer to the title match.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Master Razhamad
  2. Speak to your teammates, Sorinne Gaerard and Brahgas.
  3. Speak to your opponent.
  4. Win three matches of Tales of Tribute.
  5. Return to Master Razhamad for your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

You can get the quest from Sorinne in most major cities, or from Master Razhamad directly in the Gonfalon Bay Gaming Hall. If you get the quest from Sorinne, you'll need to travel to the Gaming Hall and talk to Master Razhamad.

"The Roister's Club Novice Tournament is upon us! Canny opponents, unexpected strategies, fresh cards! Truly, this is what every Tribute player lives for!
You've clearly improved since we last spoke. Are you prepared to enter your first tournament?"
Yes, I'm ready to play in the tournament.
"Excellent! I will add your name to the lists and pay the sponsorship fees so you can focus on the important part—winning!
I admit that our chapter has suffered ... a dry season. But Zeht rewards those who endure!"
How will the tournament play out?
"You will play several matches. If you defeat enough of the opposing chapter's players, you may face off against their chief novice. A worthy opponent, to be sure.
Now, gather with the others in the beginner's lounge. The first game draws near!"
All right, I'll meet my fellow players in the lounge.

When you enter the main room, Brahgas will be talking to Sorinne.

Sorinne Gaerard: "Quit pacing, Brahgas! Razhamad just had those tiles replaced."
Brahgas: "This isn't nerves, Sorinne. It's, uh ... excitement! I always pace when I'm excited, you know that!"

You'll need to speak to each of them, in any order. Brahgas will reveal his nerves:

"Tell me you signed up for the tournament! You did, didn't you? Great! That's great!
You're going to do great. We all are! Just got to focus, right? It's all about focus ... and breathing. Why are my ears sweating?"
Are you doing alright?
"Who, me? Yeah! I just get ... you know, a little anxious before tournament play. Nothing serious.
There are plenty of different opponents out there. I mean, we could get paired with anyone, right? And there are some chapters we won't see at all!"
Any preferences on who we play?
"Yes! Anyone but the Mournhold Chapter!
No, uh ... no specific reason! It's just... they're really good. That's all. But I wouldn't worry. I doubt they even sponsor a novice-tier team. They're a top-tier operation. Yeah, there's no way it's them."
If you say so.

Brahgas will then step out for some air. Sorinne, in contrast, isn't nervous at all:

"Hey! I knew you'd join us. Excited? Of course you're excited! But try to stay loose. A tournament's no different than a back alley match. Except for the prizes, of course. Mmm. Prizes.
Just don't get twitchy like Brahgas."
Razhamad said I'd play more than one match. Is that true?
"Yup. It's simple. To advance to the next round of the tournament, we have to battle our way through a series of chapter opponents. Beat them all, and you'll face off against their chief novice. Whoever that is."
How are you feeling?
"Me? I'm calm as a slug on Sundas! I don't let these things get to me. Tribute is meant to be fun! My days in Elsweyr taught me that there's far worse things to get upset over. Far, far worse.
Just enjoy yourself! Let Brahgas handle the stress."
Your days in Elsweyr?
"Yeah. I spent some time in Elsweyr. In my youth. Got into trouble and made a lot of terrible mistakes. In the end, it almost cost me everything.
But that's hardly game-day conversation. We have a much healthier addiction to feed! Be ready!"
I will. Thanks for the information.

Sorinne will then step out to see if your opponents have arrived.

Your Opponent is RevealedEdit

Once you have spoken to both, follow your teammates outside, where you will find your opposition has arrived. Their leader will begin speaking when you approach.

Varnauld Broch: "Are all the brine-crusted beef-wits of the Gonfalon Tribute Chapter here now? Ha! Only three, eh? And not a thimble's wit between you, I'm sure.
Well, let's get on with it. I, Varnauld Broch, chief novice of the glorious Wayrest Chapter, do hereby challenge the slovenly fishmongers of Gonfalon Bay to the first round of tournament play."

Speak to Varnauld.

"That wine-addled Razhamad doesn't even dare to meet us? You must be his proxy. Well, take a long look, you hay-born buffoon. This is what real talent looks like!
Now, give me your name so I can scribble it carelessly in my ledger of doomed rivals!"
I'm [character name]. And you haven't won yet.
"Oof! An atrocious name. And don't you worry. You'll witness our glorious victory firsthand—through the tearful eyes of a soundly beaten loser!
Now, since you're his stand-in, I assume Razhamad told you the rules?"
Remind me.
"If I must. As you can see from the tournament lists posted by the hall there, you must defeat my pupils—Fabermund in Daggerfall, and Cecile in Shornhelm.
If, by some miracle, you managed to defeat them—and it would be a miracle—well ..."
Then I would face you.
"Just so. You'd face me in Wayrest ... in much the same way that a chicken faces a farmer's axe.
I almost wish you could face me. Pity. Our chapter is bound for far better things and you are mere stepping stones. Be seeing you, Gonfalon."

The TournamentEdit

You can view the opponents list if you like, or leave immediately for Daggerfall, in Glenumbra. Your first opponent will be waiting in The Rosy Lion, on the second floor. Speak to him to begin the match.

"So, you really think you have what it takes to challenge the Wayrest chapter? According to my calculations, your chances are roughly zero. But who am I to refuse a match?
The tournament starts now!"

You will need to beat Fabermund at Tribute. If you concede or lose the match, the quest will not move on and you will still be able to play him again. You will receive normal match rewards for winning (tribute experience and a reward coffer).

Next, travel to Shornhelm, in Rivenspire, for your next match. Cecile will be waiting in Dead Wolf Inn, again on the second floor. Speak to her to begin the match.

"So, you managed to beat my associate? Well, the winning ends here, beef-wit! The Wayrest Chapter cannot be defeated!"

Again, you will need to beat Cecile at Tribute, and if you concede or lose, the quest will not move on and you'll be able to play her again.

Next, travel to Wayrest, in Stormhaven, to play your final match. Varnauld will be waiting in the Cloudy Dregs Inn. He will be on the first floor this time, to the right of the front door. Brahgas and Sorinne will be there as well to watch the match. As you approach, Varnauld will begin taunting you again.

Varnauld Broch: "Well, if isn't the Gonfalon gony! Marvelous!"

Speak to him to begin the match.

"Well, well, well. Razhamad's proxy, like a swamp gas, rises to the top!
I must admit some surprise. I never thought you'd make it past Daggerfall. But, so much the better! I always revel in destroying new opponents. My strategies are flawless!"
I guess we'll see about that.
"Ooh, so stoic. It's the stoic ones who always weep the loudest.
Last chance to weasel out of this. No one will think any less of you. It's impossible to think any less of you! Ha!"
Enough talk. Let's play.

You'll again need to beat him in a match of Tribute. Once you have won, Varnauld will be distraught.

Varnauld Broch: "What? How can—? All my careful planning—my strategies .... I can't lose! It's not possible!"
Brahgas: "Aw, look at that, Sorinne. I think Varnauld's about to cry."
Sorinne Gaerard: "Yup. He's definitely welling up. Here comes the waterfall."
Varnauld Broch: "Shut up! Just ... just shut up!"


You'll now need to return to the Gonfalon Gaming Hall. When you arrive, Sorinne will be dancing on the bar in celebration of your victory. Speak to Brahgas.

"Poor Varnauld. After losing to you, he could barely bring himself to shuffle his cards. He blubbered the whole time. It was like playing a toddler!
I'd say you're just what this chapter needed!"
So, you both won as well?
"Yes, indeed! The players of Gonfalon Bay have all officially advanced to intermediate-tier play! Putting that Breton in his place felt good, but things are going to get much tougher from here.
But now's not the time for fretting. It's time to revel!"
What does advancing to intermediate play mean?
"It means that after Razhamad approves your promotion, you'll be able to challenge mid-tier Tribute players all across Tamriel! And it also means I can start paying off some of my debts.
You don't even realize how close I was to disaster."
What are you talking about?
"Just a little predicament I got myself into. I made a few side bets, you see? Big ones. After months of missed payments and ... well, I'd rather not think about it.
Anyway, if we keep this up I'll have nothing to worry about! Now, go see Razhamad!"

Go speak to Razhamad next to get your promotion approved, and receive your rewards.

"Ah, another victorious player returns home! Truly, I could hear Varnauld weeping from all the way across the Abecean.
Well done, my friend!"
Thank you, Master Razhamad.
"You are quite welcome. Now, for the formal part. On behalf of the Roister's Club and our revered Gonfalon Chapter, I hereby grant you intermediate ranking, with all the rights and privileges due. That, and a hefty reward, too!"

Quest StagesEdit

The Tournament Begins
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The tournament will begin shortly. I should go to the beginner's lounge in the Gonfalon Gaming Hall and talk to my fellow players.
Objective: Talk to Chapter Teammates
Hidden Objective: Talk to Sorinne
Hidden Objective: Talk to Brahgas
Our first tournament opponents will arrive any moment. I should look for them outside the Gonfalon Gaming Hall.
Objective: Go to the Outside of the Tribute Gaming Hall
It appears that our first opponents are members of the Wayrest Chapter. I should speak with their leader so we can begin the tournament.
Objective: Talk to Varnauld Broch
The first leg of the tournament takes place in Glenumbra's capital: Daggerfall. I should travel to the Rosy Lion tavern and challenge my first opponent, Fabermund Notte.
Objective: Go to Daggerfall to Begin the Tournament
Optional Step: View the Challenge Board to View Opponents
I made my way to the tavern in Daggerfall. Now, I need to challenge and defeat my first opponent.
Objective: Win the Tribute Tournament Match in Daggerfall
I won my first match. Now, I need to travel to the Dead Wolf Inn in Shornhelm—the capital of Rivenspire—to defeat my next opponent, Cecile Nevim.
Objective: Win the Tribute Tournament Match in Shornhelm
I defeated the two junior members of the Wayrest Chapter's Tribute team. Now, I need to travel to the Cloudy Dregs Inn in Wayrest to face their leader, Chief Novice Varnauld Broch.
Objective: Defeat Varnauld Broch in Wayrest
I won the Tales of Tribute Novice Tournament! I should return to Gonfalon Bay to meet with my teammates and inform Razhamad of my success.
Objective: Return to the Gonfalon Bay Gaming Hall
My fellow players seem happy to see me. I should talk to Brahgas about how he and Sorinne fared in the tournament.
Objective: Talk to Brahgas
Finishes quest  I should tell Razhamad about our chapter's victory.
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