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Merric at-Aswala
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild
Merric at-Aswala
Merric's old look

Merric at-Aswala is a Redguard member of the Fighters Guild. He is a friend of Aelif and is central to the Fighters Guild questline. Merric is a devoted follower of Stendarr.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Anchors from the HarbourEdit

The Guildmaster sends you to help Merric and Aelif defeat some Dark Anchors. Find them while they fight off some Daedra, then talk to Merric.

"Thank Stendarr! You're with the guild?"
Sees-All-Colors sent me. Are you all right?
"If the Divines will it. The worms caught us off guard, but we made them pay in blood. Did Colors brief you on our contract? What we seek?"
Yes. You thought a Daedric Anchor might drop here.
"As you say. There won't be an anchor anytime soon, thanks to the two of us. I should be moving. We had word of another cell [north of here, near Skywatch/west of here, near Ebonheart/north of here, near Aldcroft]."
Where do you want me?
"Here, if you please. Aelif, stay with our new friends. You two search these bodies, see if you can find anything of note. A pleasure meeting you, oh my comrade."
And you, Merric.

After this, Aelif and Merric has a little conversation about you.

Merric: "Watch after the new recruit, Aelif. Colors would hate it if we lost another one."
Aelif: "Yes, yes. Aelif will watch the new blood. Hmmph. Resolutes."
Doshia tries to steal Merric's soul

After you realize Merric is in danger, you and Aelif will find him fighting some Daedra. You will hear his voice.

Merric: "I think that's the last of them."

A vision of a female Dremora will appear before him.

Doshia: "My master has plans for your pure soul, Merric. You should feel honored."

The projection disappears, taking Merric with it. Save Merric inside BuraniimAldmeri Dominion, Stonefang IsleEbonheart Pact or Dourstone VaultDaggerfall Covenant by killing Doshia before she can steal his soul, and he'll exclaim:

Merric: "Stendarr! My head!"

Talk to him.

"She almost had me. Thank you, comrade."
Are you all right?
"Just need a moment to recover. If you hadn't come along... I'll be fine, Stendarr willing."
What was she yelling about wanting your soul?
"I heard her communing with the Lord of Lies. Molag Bal is harvesting souls for some dark plot. He's especially interested in the souls of the faithful."
What now?
"Comrade, grab that book and her notes on the table. I saw her scribbling after speaking to her master. We may be able to learn more about this plot, learn what this "Mortuum Vivicus" is. Grab them. Then let's get out of here."

Speaking to him before you grab the notes:

"Retrieve that journal for me. I only have enough energy to leave this place of my own accord."

Exit the ruins. Outside, you find the Guildmaster with reinforcements. If you talk to Merric here, he'll say:

"I'm so glad to be out of there. Thank Stendarr you saved me from that vile creature."

Speaking to him before you turn in the quest if you exit out of the conversation with Sees-All-Colors:

"Stendarr keeps you safe, comrade."

After finishing the quest with Sees-All-Colors, you can speak to him before leaving:

"Something tells me we'll see each other again. I look forward to fighting by your side once more."
You sure you'll recover?
"Yes, yes. You sound like my mother, beloved though she is. I shall recover.
Rejoice, for some day soon you and I shall again take up arms together."

The Dangerous PastEdit

Merric and Aelif will see you off at the beginning of the quest. You can talk to them before you leave.

"Welcome back to the arms of the guild, comrade."
How are you doing?
"You find me well, Stendarr be praised. Doshia’s tender ministrations are the worst to befall me in some time.
Tender attention and the kindness of my comrades have restored me to health."
Did you learn anything from Doshia’s journal?
"Sees-All-Colors would be the one to ask about that, oh my comrade. I have seen the journal, but have little idea what it says.
Give me a problem I can solve with a stout weapon. Those are the problems I enjoy."

Once Sees-All-Colors opens the portal to Mzeneldt:

"Comrade, I’m glad you’re going with Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors. Her passion to discover Doshia’s goal is all-consuming. I fear it will cloud her judgment.
Stendarr watch over you both."

Upon returning from Mzeneldt, speak to Merric to complete the quest:

"Welcome back from the depths, comrade. Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors told me you’d have something for me?"
Yes, we found this tome and crystal in Mzeneldt.
"Thank you, I’ll begin my research straight away. You’ll be the first we contact once I know the details.
In the meantime, Sees-All-Colors sends her regrets she couldn’t stay. She said she had an urgent matter to attend to."


"Your skill is legendary, comrade. Stendarr truly has his arm around you. I’m glad you’re on our side."

The Prismatic CoreEdit

After exploring Abagarlas with Sees-All-Colors, Merric can be found at the Earth Forge, waiting for news of your research.

"How was your research trip with the Guildmaster, comrade?"
Eventful, Merric. I have much to tell you.
"Truly? What happened? Where the ruins infested with undead? Stendarr's wrath would have served you in good stead."
Colors and I saw into the past. We saw one of the Ayleids try to destroy the Mortuum Vivicus.
"Comrade … did you say try? The Vivicus is not some long-destroyed legend?"
Molag Bal withdrew the Vivicus to Coldharbour before it could be destroyed.
"Then...when Doshia took me prisoner, she was to harvest my soul for this abomination? By all the Eight!
We should be moving. Aelif will await us here, keep watch for any unfriendly faces. Come, follow me. And try to keep up."

While traveling to the forge itself, Merric will occasionally talk.

Merric at-Aswala: "I helped to find this place, years ago … Stendarr's will. Comrade, this news is disquieting."
<Within the tunnels:>
Merric at-Aswala: "I am glad you are here with us. I've made preparations to work the Prismatic crystal, to reforge the weapon from the time of the Ancients."
"In truth, I thought this weapon would just be a powerful symbol. It seems we have great need of this important relic."
<At the Earth Forge.>
Merric at-Aswala: "Welcome to the Earth Forge! Quite a sight, is it not?"

Merric can then be spoken to for instructions on how to assist him in forging the Prismatic Core.

"Comrade, we must restore this weapon of old. Make ready for any new plots by the Prince of Lies. I feel the strength of Stendarr flowing through my arms. Are you prepared?"
I'm ready. What do we do?
"I shall work the anvil. Form the core. You will keep the fire at the proper temperature. Many and many times must the fire be stoked, to keep an even flame and flow."
How do I maintain the fire?
"Use the bellows, here, to stoke the flame just a bit. Use the valve to my other side to stoke it yet more. And for a truly fearsome blaze, pour fire salts on the coals."
What if I get the fire too hot?
"The lever, just next to the valve, releases pressure from the forge. But do not worry, I'm certain you'll do fine. Are you ready to begin?"
I'm ready.
"This equipment is very old and delicate. Stendarr willing, we must try to get it right the first time.
Here are the fire salts. Let's begin."
Can you repeat those instructions?
"Use the bellows…" (repeats from above)
So the weapon will be done today?
"I wish it were so. But no. You and I are merely forming the core. Whatever weapon we decide to make, the runes and hilt and all of that must wait for another day."

You can speak with him again before continuing.

"Use the bellows to stoke the flame just a bit. Use the valve to fire it yet more. And for a truly fearsome blaze, pour fire salts on the coals."
Merric wearing a blacksmith's tunic in the Earth Forge
Merric reforges the Prismatic Weapon

While forging the weapon, Merric will shout out instructions:

Merric at-Aswala: "Give us some more, but not too much. We are not quite there yet."
Merric at-Aswala: "Ease up, now. The fire is very close."

Once a small fire is stoked:

Merric at-Aswala: "Hah, feel that heat! Just a moment and I'll prepare the core."

After the initial forging is completed.

Merric at-Aswala: "Now I'll need a larger fire, comrade! Double the heat of the last one."
Merric at-Aswala: "More! Make this fire remind me of Sentinel's sands!"
"Ease up, now. The fire is very close."

If you use the coals at this point, he'll yell:

Merric at-Aswala: "What have you done? The pressure has grown too great! Now we have to start over."

If the fire has become too hot:

Merric at-Aswala: "It is too hot, comrade! Cool it down with the lever. Release the pressure!"
Merric at-Aswala: "Comrade, you're doing fine. If you keep working that lever, we can still control this blaze."

Once a medium fire has been stoked:

Merric at-Aswala: "Stendarr's wrath, that fire is hot. Just a moment, comrade. I'll prepare the core."

After the core has been prepared:

Merric at-Aswala: "Now we need an even hotter fire, the largest yet. Twice the size of the last one!"
Merric at-Aswala: "Give us some more, but not too much. We are not quite there yet."
Merric at-Aswala: "That's done it. Just a moment and I'll work on the core."

Once the core has been forged, Merric can be spoken to.

Merric at-Aswala: "We've done it. Very well done, comrade!"

Speak with him.

"Excellent work, oh my comrade! Together, there is nothing we cannot do."
Is it done? Have we forged the core?
"We are well on our way. I can feel it. We'll have to tinker with it to see what—
Stendarr's grace, what's that noise?"

At this point the Earth Forge will be attacked by daedra lead by Queen Palolel, who has been transformed into a lich. Once they have been dealt with Merric can be spoken to.

"Stendarr shield us! The Earth Forge overrun with undead."
Merric, he knows we have the crystal.
"That was Molag Bal himself. Did you hear his voice? Made my blood run cold. That such an evil thing could be right here, in our midst …."
Merric, how do you think they found us?
"I do not know! Perhaps he somehow can track the core itself? If the Prince of Lies is planning to use the Vivicus once again, the Prismatic Weapon is a threat to his plots."
Is the core finished?
"No, not just yet. We came so close! Don't worry, though. I can complete the final steps on my own. This weapon will yet see the light of day, mark my words. The Mortuum Vivicus will yet be destroyed."
Does this mean the forge is in danger?
"You have the right of it. I'll speak with the Provost Generals, and post some guards. If undead can come boiling up out of the mountain at any time, there's no telling what might happen here."
Let's get out of here. (Appears once a question has been selected-ends conversation)

If spoken with after this:

"Yes, we should be going. We must find Sees-All-Colors and inform her what has happened here. Lead on, comrade."

Once arriving at the entrance, he will find Aelif and start a conversation with her.

Merric at-Aswala: "By Stendarr! Are you all right Aelif?"
Aelif: "What happened in there? How did these worms find the Forge?"
Merric at-Aswala: "We were finishing up when they appeared. They were after the crystal and tome. How did they know? How did they know about this place?"
Aelif: "Aelif does not know. Merric, this whole thing is madness. She has us hunting Daedra, and now they come calling on our doorstep …."
<Jofnir Iceblade's ghost appears behind them.>
Merric at-Aswala: "Aelif! Behind you!"
Jofnir Iceblade: "Aelif, Merric. I do not rest easily."
Aelif: "Dark moons! Guildmaster Iceblade, what's happening?"
Jofnir Iceblade: "I was murdered, comrades. Seek my killer. Let me find peace."
Merric at-Aswala: "Jofnir, wait! Who killed you?"
<Jofnir disappears.>
Aelif: "Interesting. Very interesting. Aelif has her suspicions."

After this Merric can spoken to:

"This is … unbelievable. Stendarr's horn, we all thought the Guildmaster died in his sleep."
Let's report in to Sees-All-Colors.
"I'm sorry, comrade. I knew Jofnir a long time. You're right, we need to report in. So much has happened."
Lead on, my friend.
"I think … I'll let Aelif lead the way this time. Come."

Once back at the Fighters Guild Hall, Merric can be spoken to before reporting to Sees-All-Colors:

"The Earth Forge breached. Jofnir murdered! Stendarr give us strength."

After reporting to the Guildmaster:

"May Stendarr keep you safe, comrade. We'll have need of your strength in the days to come."

Proving the DeedEdit

Merric can be found at one of the Guild Halls, along with the council. They are there to discuss the disappearance of Sees-All-Colors and her possible connection to recent events.

"My comrade, I am very glad to see you again."
What's going on? Who are these people?
"This is the council of province generals. They run the guild under the direction of the Guildmaster. And they're very concerned. I've been speaking to them about our experiences with the ghost of Jofnir and the attack on the Earth Forge."
What have they decided?
"We feel … the council feels that we need to further investigate Jofnir's death. You will be their eyes and ears, with Aelif assisting you. She's gone to get some air outside. She can explain in more detail."
I'll go find her, then.

Once agreeing to help Aelif investigate, Merric can be asked further questions:

"If anyone can get to the bottom of this, it's you and Aelif. She's gone up to the roof of the Hall to get some air. Stendarr guard your steps, my friend."
Can you tell me more of the province generals?
"I'm sure you've seen some of the council as you've traveled across Tamriel. Each represents a former province of the Empire, managing business there the Guildmaster.
Stendarr give us strength."
What's wrong?
"Just amazing to think of this as the full council. Skyrim, High Rock, Elsweyr, Valenwood, and Cyrodiil...hardly the whole of the Empire. We've lost a number of generals over the last few years, and a few even quit after Jofnir died."
What happened after the last time we spoke?
"I finished what I could on the weapon and we repaired the damage from the Daedric attack on the Earth Forge. The core remains unfinished, though, while we deal with these plots."
And Jofnir?
"Aelif reached out to members of the Mages Guild. They tried to summon his spirit, talk to him. They failed. Aelif says something is preventing him from talking to us. I don't know much of such things, but I'm sure she has the right of it."
Where is Sees-All-Colors?
"I wish I knew. I extend her Stendarr's grace, but the council isn't willing to do the same. She disappeared from quarters after the attack on the Forge. They've actually ordered the rank-and-file to search for her."
Do you think she's behind this?
"No, I don't. But I'm one of the few. Aelif has already made up her mind as well. Not only does she think Colors ordered the attack, Aelif's convinced she murdered Jofnir! Damn it."

After returning from Ragnthar with evidence of Sees-All-Colors involvement in Jofnir's death. Merric can be reported to.

"What news do you have?"
It's bad, Merric. Sees-All-Colors killed Jofnir Iceblade.
"I didn't even want to let myself think it. When she disappeared after your visit to the Ayleid ruin … What is your proof, my friend? The council will need solid evidence."
Aelif summoned Jofnir in Ragnthar.
"Aelif did what? Stendarr's breath, that's disgusting. I'll have to talk to her when she returns. But … I suppose it did answer our concerns. Oblivion take lizards and cats, both!"
What's the next step?
"Sees-All-Colors will be found, and thrown in a cell. Stay in touch comrade. We will need you when the time comes. Until then …."

After completing the quest:

"We'll contact you again soon, my friend. As soon as we have word of Sees-All-Colors. You can count on it."

Will of the CouncilEdit

After getting in contact with Aelif, she will lead you to Merric who will be completing his work on the Prismatic Weapon in the Earth-Forge. As you approach the forge you and Aelif will overhear him sing:

Aelif: "Seems like we were just here, yes?"
Merric at-Aswala: "By forge and fire, we prep for war!"
Aelif: "Ah, you hear Merric there, at the forge. He has already begun."
Merric at-Aswala: "With war in our eyes we ready to die!"
Aelif: "This Prismatic Weapon could be a powerful force against Molag Bal, yes?"
Merric at-Aswala: "With death in hand we bear our blades!"
Aelif: "It is a difficult task we undertake today. To hunt a comrade."
Merric at-Aswala: "By Stendarr's blade will we settle the score!"
<Aelif stops nears the anvil and begins channeling her magic>
Aelif: "I'll begin the ritual."
Merric at-Aswala: "My friends, you came just in time. I'm almost done."

While Aelif prepares the ritual, you can speak with Merric who will tell you what he knows about the plan.

"My work here is nearly complete, comrade. The core will soon be a weapon once again."
"I believe so, oh my comrade. There's really only one way to find out: you will bear it into battle! The ultimate test will come against the Mortuum Vivicus itself."
What's the plan?
"No doubt Aelif has already told you of the council's decision. The province generals have condemned Colors to death. She never returned to any of her quarters. She seems to be avoiding guild members … my friend, I don't know what to think."
How do we find her?
"Aelif has a plan. Everything about what she proposed sickens me … but we are desperate. She believes Jofnir can find Colors, track her somehow, that they are linked. She also thinks … bah."
"She thinks Colors has turned on us. That she's gone over to the Prince of Lies. That if we can find her, we'll find the Vivicus … enough. My friend, before you speak to her I must ask of you a question."
What's that?
"The one bright spot in the room, the Prismatic Weapon … I can forge it in any form you desire! Stendarr himself speaks through my craftsmanship today. What will you wield? A greatsword, a longsword, a staff, or a bow?"
A longsword.
A bow.
A staff.
A greatsword.

No matter your choice, he will compliment you on it:

"A fine choice, oh my comrade. It will be done. Speak with Aelif and I will have a gift for you shortly."
Thank you, Merric.

Once you finish speaking with him, Aelif will complete the summoning to get Sees-All-Colors location from Jofnir:

Aelif: "Let us summon our old friend. He will know where his murderer hides."
Jofnir Iceblade: "Damn it, cat! Can't you let an old ghost be at peace?"
Aelif: "Not just yet, old Nord. Aelif has one more question for you. Where is Sees-All-Colors? Where does she hide?"
Jofnir Iceblade: "You know I can't … I can't tell you. He holds me bound."
Aelif: "Tell Aelif, or she will show you what it means to be bound!"
Jofnir Iceblade: "Ah! She … she sought out the Mortuum Vivicus! It's … it's in the Halls of Submission! Don't go comrades, she's …."
<Jofnir disappears before he can finish.>
Aelif: "Enough! Aelif is up to the challenge. But don't worry, Jofnir. She will let Molag Bal know how helpful you've been."
<Aelif will then open a portal and Merric will follow her through.>
Merric at-Aswala: "The weapon is ready, comrade. Take it from the anvil, and follow us into battle!"

While in the Halls of Submission, you will come across a crystal puzzle. While Aelif directs you through it, you and Merric will help by adjusting the crystals.

Aelif: "Hmm. Just a moment. Aelif recognizes this set up."
Aelif: "Yes! These crystals control access to the room ahead. Comrade, focus on that first crystal."
<Once you use that crystal a red beam of light will hit a nearby crystal.>
Aelif: "By the Mace! It worked! Comrade, come to this crystal here. Merric, you focus on the one by the door."
Merric at-Aswala: "I've got it!"
Aelif: "That's it! Merric, you hold that beam. Aelif will use the last crystal to open the door. We are almost there."
<Aelif heads to the last crystal.>
Aelif: "Just one more beam and we are through this door!"
<The door unlocks.>
Aelif: "Success! Let's go. Sees-All-Colors must be close."
Merric at-Aswala: "Feels like the old days, Aelif. Let's get this done!"

When you arrive in the chamber of the Mortuum Vivicus, See-All-Colors will be standing before it but she will make no move to attack. If you speak with Merric he will suggest that you give her a chance to explain:

"Confront her, my friend. Perhaps the life of Sees-All-Colors might yet be spared."

After speaking with Sees-All-Colors you will need to make a choice about killing or sparing her. If you speak with your companions, Merric will be conflicted:

"Dammit, Colors. The province generals were very clear … but I've known her for so long. What will we do?"
Merric in the Halls of Submission

Once you make the choice, Aelif will reveal her true colors and will try and kill you. Once you have killed Aelif, Jofnir will appear.

If you talk to Merric beforehand, he will saddened by how it ended.

"What a bloody, tragic business!"

After you destroy the Mortuum Vivicus, Jofnir will create a portal:

"Jofnir continues to aid us, even in death! I'll be right behind you, comrade."

Once you have returned to the Earth Forge, the council will be waiting for you.

"Thank Stendarr! Safely back in Tamriel.
Now, we just have to face the council."

After speaking with Jofnir, you will need to speak with Countess Hakruba, Merric will encourage you if you talk to him first:

"She intimidates me as well, comrade. Do not worry. I'm sure Hakruba will treat us fairly.
Stendarr make me truthful."
Do you think they'll agree with my decision?
"Comrade, the council has faith in you. I have faith in you … as does Stendarr. What you did, you did for the good of the guild, and all of Tamriel. I know they will support your choice."

Once you have spoken with the Countess, the council will announce their judgement. If Sees-All-Colors survives, they will deal with her first before asking Merric to come forward:

Countess Hakruba: "Merric at-Aswala. In light of your service to the guild. In light of your sound judgement and brave heart, we cannot think of anyone more appropriate than you. You, Merric, are to be the new Guildmaster of the Fighters Guild."
General Flaminius Auctor: "It will be your responsibility to oversee completion of the contract established by Sees-All-Colors."
Svalkmar the Crude: "Remain vigilant against the forces of Molag Bal."
Ra'zaym Iron-Ear: "The Guild is a shield, a bastion for the people of Tamriel. Wear it well."
Borogilmith: "You've been quiet, Merric. What do you have to say about all this?"
Merric at-Aswala: "I … Thank you, council members. I accept this position with honor and grace. I swear to my ancestors, I will not let you down."
Countess Hakruba: "Now, Guildmaster, please see our friend out. We have much to discuss, and little time in which to plan. Comrade! We wish you well in your travels, and look forward to our next encounter."
Merric at-Aswala: "Come, comrade. You can't do much good hiding in this forge. Let's get you back into the fight!"

Once you arrive at the portal outside the Forge, Merric will ask to talk with you:

Merric at-Aswala: "Speak with me a moment, comrade."

His conversation with you will depend on the choices made involving Sees-All-Colors. But you can congratulate him on his new position first:

"Who could have known we'd be standing here like this, my friend? You destroyed an artifact of the Prince of Lies. And I … I'm the new leader of the Fighters Guild."
Congratulations, Merric.
"Stendarr's sweaty swordarm, I still have trouble understanding everything that's happened. Aelif dead, a minion of Molag Bal.
And Sees-All-Colors … did we do the right thing?"
If Sees-All-Colors was spared:
If Sees-All-Colors left the Guild:
If Sees-All-Colors was executed:
She was trying to do the right thing. And now you'll be there to mind her.
"Aye, you're right about that. But Aelif was my friend, comrade. I'd known her for … we used to joke, you know? About what we would do if we led the guild.
Without her, I don't know what I'm going to do."
Well, what do you want to do?
"Do you have a favorite tavern? Hah! Right now, my friend, I will rest. What comes tomorrow comes then, and only Stendarr knows what challenges we'll face. For now, I will talk to the council. And plan for that tomorrow."
She was trying to do the right thing, but made some bad decisions along the way.
"Aye. You're right. She was a great guildmaster. But it's difficult to defend something as heinous as cold-blooded murder, no matter what the justification."
Well, what do you want to do?
"Do you have a favorite tavern? Hah! Right now, my friend, I will rest. What comes tomorrow comes then, and only Stendarr knows what challenges we'll face. For now, I will talk to the council. And plan for that tomorrow."
She betrayed the guild, Merric. She killed Jofnir.
"Aye, she did. But they were both my friends, comrade. I'd known them both for … we used to joke, you know? About what we would do if we led the guild.
Without them, I don't know what I'm going to do."
Well, what do you want to do?
"Right now I just want to find a tavern, and raise a quiet glass to Sees-All-Colors. And … yes, to Aelif too. What comes tomorrow comes then. For now, I will talk to the council. And plan for that tomorrow."
Is there anything else before I go?
"Yes, actually. I'll make sure the way to the Earth Forge remains open to you from now on. I've found that the gear forged here often has special qualities. You might find it to your liking.
Good luck, my friend."
Thank you, Guildmaster.