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Stop a group of deserters from poisoning Shornhelm.
Zone: Rivenspire
Quest Giver: Nicolene inside the Dead Wolf Inn
Location(s): Shornhelm
Prerequisite Quest: Carzog's Demise
Reward: High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 4965
I met Nicolene in the Dead Wolf Inn in Shornhelm. She and Captain Kaleen are here looking for one of King Fahara'jad's former spies, Naruk. Naruk has turned against the Daggerfall Covenant and is now inciting war, but Kaleen is missing.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Nicolene in the Dead Wolf Inn.
  2. Search for Captain Kaleen.
  3. Foil the Poison Plot.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

If you have finished Carzog's Demise in Betnikh, Nicolene can be found at the bar in the Dead Wolf Inn of Shornhelm. She will comment on your decision in Betnikh and ask for your help in tracking down Captain Kaleen. They came to town on the orders of King Fahara'jad to discretely track down a rogue spy named Naruk who wants to incite war between the Redguards and the rest of the Daggerfall Covenant. Naruk had refused to be recalled when the Covenant was formed, and instead formed his own group of radicals, the Children of Yokuda.

Meet with an agent codenamed "Sigil" by traveling to the marker just outside the city (the western gate offers slightly easier navigation). Sigil turns out to be Crafty Lerisa. She will tell you to ask the town guard for help. You also have the option to gossip with her a bit and learn a little more about Naruk.

Follow the quest marker to Captain Gogbag gro-Yashna, who will tell you a Redguard woman came through the gate, then came back around with another "shifty eyed" Redguard man, and they traveled into Shornhelm. You now have to ask around Shornhelm about Kaleen. The nearest NPC is Nirine Geric, who will tell you they went down the eastern road. Follow the road to the east, and a quest marker will lead you to Louise Pendlesmith, who directs you to Lazy Ludippe, a beggar sitting outside farther east. You can refresh his memory for 46 gold, or use the Intimidate option, if you have the Intimidating Presence passive ability. He will direct you to the abandoned house behind him.

Inside the house, a locked trap door leads to a hidden basement. Crafty Lerisa will show up again to unlock it for you. Down below, you can find The Manifesto of Make Way on the ground to your left. Captain Kaleen can be found in the small room straight ahead. In the small room to the right is an enemy swordswoman, Abante. She has her back to the door, leaning over a table which holds Notes on Shornhelm's Cisterns. After dispatching Abante and rescuing Kaleen, she will tell you that she's deduced Naruk is going to poison the water below Shornhelm in order to start a war between Redguards and Bretons.

Kaleen and Lerisa will try to stop the poison while you deal with Naruk. Follow the marker north to the Abandoned Cistern. You have to flip two levers to lock the cistern gates, and kill Naruk along the way. After flipping the levers, destroy three poison barrels. Then, meet the gang back at the inn to celebrate with a drink and complete the quest.

Quest StagesEdit

Children of Yokuda
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Search for Captain Kaleen
Objective: Talk to "Sigil"
Objective: Talk to Gate Captain
Hidden Objective: Talk to Nirine Geric
Hidden Objective: Talk to Louise Pendlesmith
Objective: Ask About Kaleen in Shornhelm
Hidden Objective: Investigate the Abandoned House
Objective: Wait for Sigil
Objective: Follow Sigil
Hidden Objective: Search for Naruk
Objective: Talk to Captain Kaleen
Objective: Wait for Captain Kaleen
Objective: Rescue Captain Kaleen
Objective: Enter the Cistern
Objective: Lock East Cistern Gate
Objective: Lock West Cistern Gate
Objective: Destroy Poison Barrels
Objective: Kill Naruk
Objective: Foil the Poison Plot
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