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Online: Quests: Rivenspire / Side Quests
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End the Montclair threat for good.
Zone: Rivenspire
Quest Giver: Adusa-daro
Location(s): Ravenwatch Castle, Shornhelm
Prerequisite Quest: Threat of Death
Reward: Adusa's Hunting Bow
Low Leveled Gold
Using the codebook I discovered, Adusa has determined that Montclair's nephew, Rohlbert, is behind the assassination plot. She believes that if we eliminate Rohlbert, we can end this part of the Montclair threat once and for all.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Adusa to learn abou the details of her plan.
  2. Head to Shornhelm and find Montclair Manor.
  3. Enter the manor and deal with Rohlbert Montclair.
  4. Meet and talk to Adusa outside the manor.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Quest StagesEdit

A Dagger to the Heart
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Adusa believes Rohlbert is hiding in the old Montclair Manor, in Shornhelm's upper city. I should meet her in front of the manor house.
Objective: Meet Adusa-daro at Montclair Manor
Adusa headed into the manor house to confront Rohlbert Montclair. I should follow her.
Objective: Follow Adusa into Montclair Manor
We're inside the manor house. Now we need to find Rohlbert and end this Montclair threat.
Objective: Defeat Rohlbert Montclair
Adusa and I have defeated Rohlbert Montclair. I should leave the manor house and meet Adusa outside.
Objective: Leave Montclair Manor
With Rohlbert dead, the Montclair forces troubling Shornhelm shouldn't cause many more problems. I should speak to Adusa and make sure the threat has been eliminated.
Objective: Talk to Adusa-daro
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