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Home City Abah's Landing
Location Thieves Den, Prince's Gate, al-Danobia Tomb
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 39,959
271,124 (At quest locations)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower A Flawless Plan
Faction(s) Thieves Guild

Zeira, also known as Danizeira, is the Redguard guildmaster of the Thieves Guild in Abah's Landing. You will first meet her after you've helped Quen with a heist at Fulstrom Homestead.

She was the protege of the previous guildmaster, Nicolas and the sole survivor of the failed heist which brought the Iron Wheel down on the Guild's heads. As the most senior member still around, she became the new guildmaster of the surviving remnants of the Thieves Guild.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Partners in CrimeEdit

When you approach her in the Thieves Den:

Zeira:"Over here. We should speak."
"Walks-Softly sent word of your time at Fulstrom Homestead. Said you slipped out from between the Iron Wheel's greedy fingers."
Yes. You must be the guildmaster.
"I am, but call me Zeira. Titles don't carry weight when you live in a cistern.
Pretty bold of you and Quen to go after the Giovessen Skull. Did you know she sent a letter, asking to set up a meet? Rookie mistake—the Iron Wheel read her mail."
They knew we were coming all along?
"That's why I sent Walks-Softly to pull you out. Don't get me wrong. Quen may be green, but she planned a real heist—the kind we used to pull off, before the Iron Wheel captured or killed most of us.
Why is the Iron Wheel after the Thieves Guild?
"You heard of Magnifica Falorah? She's a noble from Taneth with a substantial dowry in her family tomb. We tried to steal it—but we failed, and she hired the Iron Wheel to punish us.
I hear their leader thought you worked for us. Want to make it official?"
What do you mean?
"If the great Chief Inspector Rhanbiq thinks you're part of the guild, who am I to disagree? We need good thieves—capable thieves, like you and Quen—to pull ourselves out of the gutter.
So, care to join the Thieves Guild? We have nowhere to go but up."
I'll join the Thieves Guild.

If you brought back the Giovessen Skull:

"Good—you aren't afraid of a challenge. The more you do for us, the more gold and respect you'll earn. Reputation goes a long way with us.
Bringing us the Giovessen Skull is a good start. Here's your cut. Don't worry, Quen will get her portion."

If you handed the Skull over to Chief Inspector Rhanbiq, she will instead say:

"Good—you aren't afraid of a challenge. The more you do for us, the more gold and respect you'll earn. Reputation goes a long way with us."

Cleaning HouseEdit

After you have been contacted, you can return to Zeira who believes she has a lead on who betrayed the Thieves Guild to the Iron Wheel.

"I told you about our failed heist—the one that led the Iron Wheel to Abah's Landing.
Someone pointed them in our direction. It's time we found out exactly who it was."
Do you have any suspects?
"My gold is on Velsa. She was part of our Thieves Council, the guild's inner circle—but she retired just before the dowry heist.
It might be coincidence. Or it might be she sold us out for large stacks of coin."
Are you certain that Velsa betrayed the Thieve's Guild?
"That's what I'd like to find out. You and I should pay her a visit. See if the Iron Wheel funds her retirement.
There's a breach in the city wall, outside the flooded district. Meet me there when you're ready."
I'll meet you there.

Once you agree to meet with her, you can ask Zeira some more questions before leaving.

"Thieves should always travel separately." Advice from Nicolas—good advice."
How did Velsa retire from the Thieves Guild?
"Said she'd earned enough for a lifetime. Handed over her rackets and told us to leave her alone. We'd see her in the markets now and again … she kept to herself.
Fine by me. Coral underclothes are less abrasive."
Who is Nicolas?
"Our old guildmaster. A mentor, and a friend. He planned the dowry heist that would have seen us wealthy beyond our dreams.
But he's gone. I lost him in Magnifica Falorah's family tomb. He is … sorely missed."

When you head to the breach in the City Wall, Zeira will already be there waiting for you. As you approach, an Iron Wheel Messenger will stumble near you and collapse.

Iron Wheel Messenger: "Traps … everywhere! Can't fall … asleep …."
Zeira: "The Iron Wheel, here? Are they protecting Velsa?"
<She takes a note from the messenger's body.>
Zeira: "What's this? A message to Chief Inspector Rhanbiq? Let's see what it says …."
Zeira: "Damn it. Damn it! Change of plans, you need to see this."

Talk to her to see what she found.

"This message is to Chief Inspector Rhanbiq. It's about an arrest order. Velsa's arrest order.
She isn't working with the Iron Wheel, she's their next target!"
You seem disappointed.
"Velsa was the last living person who could have placed the Iron Wheel on our trail. But it wasn't her. Of course it wasn't!
Now, I need to tell my least favorite person that she's in mortal danger."
Why do you need to do that?
"I can't stand her, but she was always one of our best. I could really … use … her help … in restoring the Thieves Guild.
My eye just twitched. I need to control that around Velsa—never show her your tell."
Good to know. So what's the plan?
"I want to rush in. Give the Iron Wheel a reason to fear us. But I'm in charge, and if I'm captured, that Thieves Guild is dead.
Can't believe I'm saying this, but … I need to fall back to the Den while you warn Velsa."
I've never met Velsa. How will I convince her?
"Show her the Iron Wheel's message. Tell her Nicolas is dead, if you have to. Do what you can to bring her to the Den.
But if she refuses, leave her. I owe her a warning … nothing more."
All right. Tell me where to find her.
"Head to the upper levels and search for her villa. It's a bit of a maze, but look for a big garden.
And watch for traps. Velsa is … enthusiastic about her privacy."
What kind of traps?/You mentioned traps. What kind of traps?
"Obnoxious and dripping with poison. Just like her personality."
Why is Velsa your least favorite person?
"If she hadn't retired, Nicolas would still be alive.
I … shouldn't say that. She's very good at what she does—if she'd been around for the dowry heist, we'd have been spared all this tragedy. But now's not the time to open old wounds."

After you have found Velsa and then did her a favor, you can enter the Den and tell Zeira the news.

"Back without Velsa? Can't say I'm surprised. I've met camels less stubborn."
No, I convinced her. She said she would be here.
"I'm … happy to hear Velsa plans to join us. Her skills will be invaluable.
Not very convincing, was it? I'll need to practice."

Once you have received you reward, Velsa will arrive and you can witness their heartwarming reunion.

Velsa: "You could practice thinking with your mouth closed."
Zeira: "Oh joy. Here she is."
Zeira: "Velsa! I'd recognize your grating voice anywhere. How is your retirement? Seems there are some troubles from which you can't run away."
Velsa: "It's very relaxing, "guildmaster." Did you know I named a weed after you? It grows taller than it should, and take more water than its share from the plants around it."
Zeira: "That's hard to believe. You were never the type of person to get your hands dirty."
Velsa: "Oh, it's true! The danizeria weed thrives in the dark. I take great pleasure in cutting it down to size, every day."
<Velsa walks off.>
Zeira: "Just as I remember her."

The Long GameEdit

Soon after Velsa rejoins the guild, Zeira will call you back to the Den.

"There you are! Remember Velsa's friend, Silver-Claw? He is quite grateful you recovered his ledger.
Seems he kept his ears open for word of that merchant lord, "Cosh.""
What does the Thieves Guild care about Cosh?
"If Cosh took over Silver-Claw's warehouse, he's grabbing the rackets we used to control. And if he's after our old business, there's a good chance he's hungry for even more.
Skooma trade, slavery … things we never touched."
What do you want me to do?
"Before we give Cosh a swift kick to the coin purse, I want you to find out just how dirty his hands are.
I sent the others ahead to do some groundwork. Start with Walks-Softly—look for him near the harbor."
All right, I'll look for Walks-Softly.

After you receive your orders, you can asked Zeira some more questions.

"I sent Quen to her own task. Velsa, too. Didn't even second-guess me.
She must be up to something."
The Thieves Guild never dealt with skooma or slaves?
"When Nicolas was guildmaster, I convinced him to stop dealing with skooma peddlers. No matter my own thoughts on that poison, it's bad for business.
And the Thieves Guild never dealt in slaves. One of the few things Velsa and I agree on."
What do we know about Cosh?
"Not enough. Some of the merchant lords prefer to bide their time in obscurity, using trusted servants to handle their affairs. Then they reveal themselves, like a beetle in the pudding.
Whatever Cosh intends, he's no longer keeping to the shadows."

Once you arrive from the No Shira Citadel, Zeira will be having a meeting with the others.

Velsa: "You see, Zeira? Your protege returns, having survived the "invulnerable" Iron Wheel. You should have more faith."
Zeira: "Everyone, clear the room."

She will be not pleased that you went into the Citadel yourself.

"Velsa told me you went into the Iron Wheel's headquarters by yourself.
What in Oblivion were you thinking?"
Excuse me?
"We're not ready to go anywhere near the Iron Wheel! I won't have anyone else die because of a choice I ….
Listen, I'm barely holding this together. No offense to Quen, but you're the best recruit we have. I can't lose you to a feud with Velsa."
Don't blame Velsa. It was my choice to infiltrate the Iron Wheel's headquarters.
"You're right, I shouldn't take this out on you. Or her, no matter how good it feels.
All right, you risked your neck and survived to tell the tale. Did you find anything we can use?"
The Iron Wheel doesn't scare me.
"You're right. You weren't around when they pulled our friends from their homes. They don't have the same kind of hold on you.
Good to know. So tell me, when you explored their headquarters—fearlessly explored!—did you find anything we can use?"
You want to be a leader? Stop whining and lead.
"You just … ha! You have a knack at telling people what they need to hear. Reminds me of Nicolas.
All right, you made your way through without any problems. Find anything we can use?"'
Cosh met with the Iron Wheel. He promised to recover Magnifica Falorah's dowry.
"Impossible! It's still in Magnifica Falorah's family tomb.
The dowry heist failed—Nicolas and the others died before we reached the treasure vaults."
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq said if Cosh recovered the dowry, the Iron Wheel would return to Taneth.
"No, the Iron Wheel was here to punish us for attempting the heist. But … if that's what you heard … were they really searching for the dowry all along? Why come after us with such ferocity?
What else did you learn?"
Cosh was blackmailing the people you sent us to investigate. I stole this from him.
"Let me see.
This is … comprehensive. Elaborate details on merchant lords in Abah's Landing, as well as rivals throughout the region. Maps to stolen goods we could recover for ourselves."
What now?
"I'll go through what you recovered. See if it offers a clue to Cosh's plans, or anything involving the missing dowry. I need to make sense of all this.
Get some rest. I'll need you ready when we make our move. And … good job."

After learning about the true theft of Magnifica Falorah's dowry, you can question Zeira about that.

"I keep thinking about what you found. If someone stole Magnifica Falorah's dowry, it wasn't the Thieves Guild.
But we certainly took the fall for it."
After what I learned at Iron Wheel Headquarters, I have questions.
"What about?"
You said the dowry heist failed. But Chief Inspector Rhanbiq said it's missing. Who else knew about the heist?
"Nicolas told Velsa he was planning a heist, but she retired before he shared the details.
I'm the only one who knew. Someone must have followed us to the tomb."
What is Cosh planning?
"The merchant lords see the Iron Wheel as an occupying force. They fear Taneth wants to conquer Abah's Landing.
If Cosh convinces Chief Inspector Rhanbiq to leave, he'll have immense influence. Must be his plan."

A Flawless PlanEdit

When you arrive at the Den, Zeira will have also summoned the others.

Velsa: "Back to the tomb? Your plan is to relive the guild's greatest failure?"
Zeira: "My plan is to get the Iron Wheel's boot off our necks!"

You can then ask Zeira about her plan to reenter the Tomb.

"Good, you're here. I want to learn whether Magnifica Falorah's dowry was truly stolen from her family tomb. If it was, we find out who did … and if it wasn't, we complete the heist that Nicolas began.
What's she going to do, send a second Iron Wheel?"
How will we do that?
"We return to al-Danobia Tomb, bypass the deadliest traps I've ever encountered, and then scour the treasure vaults for anything we can find."
I'm in. When do we leave?
"Ha! I appreciate the confidence, but too many good people died there the first time.
We do this right, or we don't do it at all."
That sounds like a terrible idea.
"It's a terrible plan. But it's the best terrible plan we have.
Until we know what happened to that dowry, we'll always be living in a cistern."
All right, I'm listening (Both replies lead to this.)
"Percius Loche can give us an edge. He's one of the few living people to set foot in Magnifica Falorah's family tomb.
Take Quen and collect him from his shop. Meet the rest of us on the road to Taneth, by Prince's Gate."
Can Percius Loche be trusted?
"I guarantee Percius Loche is no friend of the Iron Wheel. He's expecting you at the Diamond Thimble.
And he'll be insufferable if you keep him waiting."
What can you tell me about the dowry heist?
"Nicolas thought his plan to steal the dowry was "almost flawless." But "almost" won't bring our friends back.
He didn't have the right people for the job. But I do."
How did the dowry heist fail?
"Nicolas knew of the dangers within, but not everything. There was a trap. We … I … didn't understand how it worked. Not until it was too late.
But this time, I know how it works. And I'll need you by my side to defeat it."
Why isn't Percius Loche a friend of the Iron Wheel?
"Percius Loche once served Magnifica Falorah. When she wore the clothes he designed, she was the envy of Taneth society.
But there was a scandal, and he fled here, beyond Taneth's reach. I don't know exactly what happened, but I do know he blames her."
What do you know of Magnifica Falorah?
"She's heir to the al-Danobia bloodline. Her eldest sister Za-Rifah wed King Fahara'jad. After Za-Rifah's death, Falorah and the king grew close. But not … "close."
They call her the Jewel of Taneth—beautiful, cold, and hard as diamond."

Once you haven spoken with her, the meeting will break up.

Quen: "Off to find Percius Loche. Meet you there, partner."
Zeira: "Everyone else, pack for a long journey. I'll bring us home safe and sound."
Velsa: "More promises you can't keep."

After rescuing Percius from the Iron Wheel, you can meet Zeira and the others at the camp in front of the Prince's Gate.

"Everyone's accounted for. Did you have any trouble?"
Nothing I couldn't handle.
"Then we leave for the kingdom of Taneth. The route is tricky, and we'll be considered bandits if we're caught. But getting to the tomb isn't what worries me.
If anything happens … well, it won't. Because I can count on you. Ready?"
Before we go, I have some questions about al-Danobia Tomb.
"What about it?"
What can we expect to find?
"Devious traps. Vicious guardians. And likely, at the end of it all, a vault full of dust.
At least we won't have to worry about the Iron Wheel."
What do you think about going back?
"I'd rather sit in the Den with a bottle of wine and drink until Andarri says I've had too much.
But I'm in charge, so it doesn't matter what I think. It matters that we go."
I'm ready to head to the tomb.

(You will immediately be sent to outside the al-Danobia Tomb)

Not yet. Give me a moment before we leave. / All right. Give me a moment before we leave.

(Ends Conversation.)

The al-Danobia TombEdit

Once you and your group arrive at the Tomb, you will find that the Iron Wheel are already camped outside it.

"The last time I was here, the Iron Wheel wasn't camped in front of the tomb.
What should we do?
"Scout ahead and find us a way inside. Clear the way, if you care to—the Iron Wheel can't exactly call for reinforcements.
You could also sneak past them. We'll track your progress and follow in your footsteps."
Is there another way inside?
"That's why we brought Percius Loche.
He said something about a side entrance? Speak with him before you go."
All right. I'll get us inside.

No matter how you get inside the Tomb, Zeira and the others will catch up to you once you enter the Tu'whacca's Pillars chamber.

Velsa "An imposing door. Wonderful."
Quen: "How are we supposed to get through?"
Velsa: "Ask Zeira. She knows how to do everything in this place, unless it's stealing a dowry."
Zeira: "No idea. Last time, Nicolas had me watch the passage behind us. There must be something in his journal."
<Zeira checks the journal.>
Walks-Softly: "Anything useful?"
Zeira: "Nicolas loved his puzzles. You're welcome to try."

You can ask Zeira about the door and puzzle.

"Nicolas loved his riddles. His old journal talks about this room—"Tu'whacca's Pillars."
He always taught me to look for patterns or differences. Things that stood out, or the order in of placement."

Once you complete the puzzle, the door will unlock.

Zeira: "Well done! Come on, let's go."

The group with then head through the door into the next room—Shinji's Truth—which has a vast chasm in the middle.

Zeira: "The journal says this chasm is called "Shinji's Truth." Last time, we never made it across."
Quen: "I can't see the bottom. Is there a bottom?"
Velsa: "Throw yourself in. We'll see how long before we hear the splat."
Zeira: "Quen, Walks-Softly—look for hidden doors or switches. Velsa, you're with me. I need your help to walk Malooc's Path."
Velsa: "And what of your protege?"
Zeira: "Watching my back, should anyone try to stab it. Let's go."

You can then head to Malooc's Path with Zeira and Velsa. Once you arrive, Zeira will be quietly apologizing.

Zeira: "Forgive me, my old friends."
Velsa: "What did you say?"
Zeira: "Nothing. Velsa, do you see that panel? Put your hand on it until I say otherwise."
Velsa: "For what reason?"
Zeira: "When I set foot on Malooc's Path, an aura of light will surround me. The darkness cannot harm us as long as you touch the panel."
Velsa: "So … what can harm you?"
Zeira: "We could fall to our deaths. Or the creatures within could devour us."
Velsa: "Well, then. Enjoy yourselves."
Zeira: "Velsa knows what to do. But we should speak before we cross."

Talk with Zeira to find out the details of this particular room which in turn brings back bad memories.

"On the other side of Malooc's Path is "Tall Papa's Ewer"—a very fancy name for a big vase. According to the journal, we'll need sacred ashes from inside the vase to reach the treasure vaults.
So … this is it. We should … we should get going."
What's wrong?
"This is where they died. Edda, Daldur, and Nicolas … swallowed by the darkness.
I'm sorry, I can't talk about this. No use reliving the past … or regretting it."
[Intimidate] I'm not setting foot into the darkness until you tell me what to expect.
"That's fair. Talking about it might calm my nerves.
The darkness is unnatural—breathe it in, and it sickens you. To make things worse, the guardians on the path attack anyone not of Danobia's bloodline. And then there's the path itself."
What about the path?
"It twists and turns. You don't know where you're going until you're out there. You'll see what I mean.
Keep your wits about you. Stay with me, inside the light, and we'll make it through. I won't let anyone else die in here."
All right. I'm ready. (Zeira will begin walking)
Zeira: "Here we go. Don't wander, or the darkness itself will flay you alive."

While you and Zeira navigate the path, Velsa will occasionally interject to give sarcastic updates.

Velsa: "Are you there yet?"
Zeira: "We're still moving! Keep holding the panel!"
Velsa: "Zeira? My arm's getting tired!"
Zeira: "Don't you dare release that panel!"
Velsa: "Zeira! One of the statues gave me a funny look!"
Zeira: "Don't antagonize it!"

Midway, she comes across the remains of her friends and will pause momentarily.

Zeira: "Edda? Daldur? What happened to their bodies? And where is Nicolas?"
Zeira: "I could hear their screams as I held the switch. I had to do something, I couldn't …."
Zeira: "There's no end to the darkness"

Once you arrive at the other side, Zeira will point out the Ewer.

Zeira: "We made it. That must be the vase. Sorry, ""Tall Papa's Ewer.""

She will then recognize something beside it.

Zeira: "Wait … that lamp belonged to Nicolas."
Zeira: "I watched it go out. I heard him die!"
Zeira: "Falorah must have come here to investigate. She could have picked it up and brought it here."
Zeira: "Nicolas couldn't have survived. Could he?"

You can then talk to her.

"That lamp definitely belonged to Nicolas."
How can you be certain?
"I procured it for him.
I saw him drop the lamp. It hit the path and went out. Then, all I remember is darkness and pain."
Were you on the path? I thought you were holding the panel.
"I ….
Just grab the ashes so we can leave. I don't want to spend any more time in this place."

After an abrupt end to the conversation, you can grab the ashes and meet up with Velsa and the others through a side passage.

Zeira: "Bring the ashes. We should return to Quen and Walks-Softly."
"I know what you did."—Velsa confronts Zeira

When Zeira greets Velsa, the latter will begin to lambast her, as she realized what Zeira did during the disastrous heist.

Zeira: "Velsa? You can let go of the panel."
Velsa: "I know what you did."
Zeira: "What?"
Velsa: "I know how they died. How you killed them."
Zeira: "That's low, Velsa. Even for you."
Velsa: "Always had to be the hero. Be the guildmaster's darling."
Zeira: "You're cracked. I didn't need anyone's approval."
Velsa: "You held the panel. From here you saw the creatures, closing in. You thought you could save them. Only you."
Velsa: "So you released the panel. Grabbed your weapon. Rushed out to meet them."
Zeira: "I could have saved them!"
Velsa: "Because in your head, you are the hero."
Velsa: "But the light faded. The darkness rushed in, and ate them alive."
Zeira: "I tried to reach them!"
Velsa: "And the darkness tried to eat you alive. So you had to recover from your wounds. That's why you didn't return to Abah's Landing—at least, not soon enough."
Zeira: "I crawled from the tomb. The darkness … you can't imagine the pain …."
Velsa: "You were the only one who could have warned the guild. Who could tell them the Iron Wheel was coming."
Zeira: "Velsa … stop."
Velsa: "Zeira … you were never the hero—you were always a thief. Now?"
Velsa: "You're just a shadow."

The duo will have nothing more to say to each other and the three of you will head back to Shinji's Truth, only to find Quen standing on thin air.

Walks-Softly: "Quen, it's a bad idea."
Velsa: "Words escape me."
Zeira: "Someone, tell me what I'm seeing."
Walks-Softly: "We heard strange noises in the chasm. Stone grinding against stone. Quen, well …."
Quen: "I found this invisible bridge!"
Velsa: "So you followed my advice and threw yourself in the chasm."
Zeira: "The ashes! Spread them on the bridge to see where it leads. And Quen, get back from there."

If you talk with Zeira, she will ask, "Do the ashes reveal Shinji's Truth?"

Once you use the Ashes to reveal the path, Zeira will call out to you.

"Clear the way! We'll be right behind you."

If you return over the bridge without dealing with the Gargoyle, she will affirm you:

"Almost to the treasure vaults. We can do this."

When you have dealt with the Gargoyle, you can enter the al-Danobia Crypt which is being guarded by the next line of defense. And unfortunately no one knows the pass-code.

Zeira: "The door to the treasure vaults, just through this crypt. We made it."
Quen: "Do all crypts come with … whatever that is?"
Velsa: ""Every tomb needs a guardian." An old Yokudan saying, wasn't it?"
Lakayd the Repentant: "Your introduction is formless and without grace. Recite Danobia's maxim!"
Walks-Softly: "That's alarming."
Zeira: "Velsa, Quen, Walks-Softly—stay back! If it's hostile, we'll handle it."
<Zeira runs down the stairs.>
Lakayd the Repentant: "Recite Danobia's maxim, or you shall be deemed trespassers!"
Zeira: "It must be some kind of pass-phrase! If you have any ideas, now's the time to call them out!"
Velsa: "You can't seriously expect us to—"
Walks-Softly: ""Falorah!""
Quen: ""Yokuda!""
Walks-Softly: ""Pass-phrase!""
Quen: ""Gaiden Shinji!""
Velsa: "Idiots!"
Walks-Softly: "Velsa, you aren't even trying."

When you fight Lakayd the Repentant, Zeira will assist you with her bow. Once it is defeated, she and Velsa will have a brief exchange.

Zeira: "That didn't go as planned."
Velsa: "You're right. I honestly thought it would kill us all."
Zeira: "Come one. Let's see what's in the treasure vaults."

Once inside the vault, you will find that it has been looted clean, though Zeira will realize that there may still be clues around.

"Empty. All that for nothing.
No, that's wrong. There might be a trail that leads us to the dowry. We just need to look around."

After you have found some clues, you can show them to Zeira. She has already realized that Nicolas survived the heist and dreads to think what else that means.

"Nicolas survived, somehow. He came here and took Magnifica Falorah's dowry for himself. I don't want to believe it, but that's how it seems.
Unless I'm missing something. Am I missing something?"
We found a page from his journal. It had the pass-phrase for the crypt's guardian.
"This is his handwriting. But it could have been taken from his journal by someone else.
The skeleton must be Danobia herself. This is her tomb, after all. I don't see what it has to do with Nicolas, missing skull or not."
All right. What of the half-map? Velsa said Nicolas used those.
"Hmm … three points on this sheet. Nicolas always used Abah's Landing and No Shira Citadel as a reference. If I line up those two points ….
Well, now. The third point is in Hew's Bane, out in the middle of nowhere."
If Nicolas did steal the dowry, why would he leave this here?
"Trash he left behind. Three dots on a page are meaningless, unless you know the trick. The only people who did were dead on Malooc's Path.
Head to Hew's Bane. If Nicolas does have a hideout in the desert, it's time we crack it open."

If you talk with her again, she will be trying to convince herself of the facts.

"Nicolas survived, somehow. He came here and took Magnifica Falorah's dowry for himself. I don't want to believe it, but that's how it seems.
Unless I'm missing something. Am I missing something?"

Once you return to Hew's Bane, Zeira will remind you where you need to meet her.

"This makes no sense. If Nicolas stole the dowry, why didn't he return to the guild? Could he be injured, or perhaps trapped?
Return to Abah's Landing. I'll meet you at this "secret retreat" of his. We need to find answers."

Zeira will meet you as your follower at Nicolas' Desert Retreat once you get inside.

"Is it strange that I don't want to find anything? I don't want to believe Nicolas abandoned us. Even though it's probably true.
We should look around."

When you look at various things in the hideout, Zeira will comment on them.
A disguise kit:

Zeira: "Nicolas had a disguise kit, just like this one. In fact … this is his disguise kit."

Ancient Coins:

Zeira: "Ancient Yokudan coins, stamped with a likeness of Danobia. Those must be from the dowry."

Some documents:

Zeira: "Papers, signed by Cosh? What are those doing here?"

A strange crystal:

Zeira: "Look, closely. There's a hollow crystal with …. Is that blood inside? Whose blood?"

After finding the clues, you can talk to Zeira who has realized what Nicolas did during the heist.

"I know how Nicolas survived Malooc's Path."
You do? How?
"The crystal must contain al-Danobia blood. Malooc's Path would ignore you, if you held it. You'd need a lamp to find your way through the darkness, so you could grab a handful of ashes.
From there, all you'd need is the crypt guardian's pass-phrase."
The Danobia coins were definitely from the tomb. And you said that disguise kit belonged to Nicolas.
"I've seen enough. Nicolas faked his death and stole the dowry. Now he's working with that merchant lord, Cosh.
To think, I mourned that bastard."
What are you going to do?
"Nicolas would have kept such a thing from the guild. "The less they know, the less trouble they'll cause."
But I'm going to tell the Thieves Guild. I want them to cause a world of trouble. And I want to lay it all on his doorstep. Let's go."
I'll meet you at the Den.

Zeira will stay behind for a short while to plan how to break the news, "I'll meet you at the Den. I need to figure out what I'm going to tell the others."

With revenge in mind, Zeira will be waiting for you at the Den. She will mention how the others took the news.

"I told the guild about Nicolas betraying us. Walks-Softly took it in stride, Quen gave me a hug, and Velsa walked off without a word.
All in all, better than expected."
What is the next step for the Thieves Guild?
"The Iron Wheel is a hurricane that blew into port and smashed everything in its path. Nicolas and Cosh are the ones who set it in motion.
Now? We learn what they hold most dear. Then we take it from them."

Afterwards you can talk to her about Velsa's accusations in Malooc's Path and Nicolas.

"Nicolas taught me how to be a thief. I knew him for over a decade. Trusted him.
Not much else to say, is there?"
I want to talk about what happened in Al-Danobia Tomb.
"What about?"
Velsa blamed you for what happened in Malooc's Path.
"Velsa was right, and I don't say that lightly. I am responsible. Edda and Daldur died because of my mistake.
Nicolas … I can only pray his death is far worse than what happened to the others."
Did you have any idea of what Nicolas planned?
"No. He seemed a bit distant before we first went to al-Danobia Tomb, but it was also the biggest heist we'd ever pulled off.
Nothing prepared me for this."

Forever Hold Your PeaceEdit

After hearing from Thrag or Andarri, you can find Zeira in the Den and ask her about the upcoming wedding and her plans.

"There you are! You heard about the wedding?
This is our chance to repay Nicolas for selling out the Thieves Guild."
What does Nicolas have to do with the wedding?
"Nicolas must have planned all this—stealing the dowry, using it as leverage on Falorah. Now she's bound to marry Cosh, his puppet.
So we're going to crash the wedding."
Why would we do that?
"If Magnifica Falorah learns exactly who she's about to marry, she'll turn the Iron Wheel on Cosh. And if we threaten Cosh's future, Nicolas will scuttle into the open.
I look forward to stepping on him."
All right. Tell me what you need.
"Silver-Claw said he'd help with invitations. Meet him at his shop, down by the harbor."
What happens when we find Nicolas?
"I haven't decided.
But whatever happens, you deserve to be there."

Once you have obtained an invitation for Silver-Claw to forge, you can return to the den.

Zeira: "Velsa, for the third time—I hear your concerns."
Velsa: "And ignore them at your peril."
Walks-Softly: "Well, I'm in. A wedding at Hubalajad Palace? Just imagine the spread!"

Zeira will notice Silver-Claw's talents fill an empty spot in the Guild.

"I've never seen Silver-Claw this happy. And we do have need of a good forger.
If he helps us get Nicolas in hand, I'll make him an honorary member."

After you give Silver-Claw the invitation you will need to choose date for the wedding. Though Zeira isn't one of those choices you can talk to her and possibly gain some insight into her.

"Have you decided who to bring to the wedding?"
Actually, do you want to be my date?
"I'm … flattered you asked, but I'll have my own task for the evening. I'll explain at the Diamond Thimble.
For a moment I thought you were asking something more."
I was.
Take it from me, it's best not to fall for your guildmaster."
You fell for Nicolas?
"Years ago. But I realized it was a weakness he could exploit. Didn't care to be manipulated.
If I survive to my thirty-fifth year, I'll retire on a pile of ill-gotten coin and meet someone who fits me. Find some remote place where I can just live."
And until then?
"Until then, I have a guild to run.
Go, pick your date. I'll meet you at the Diamond Thimble."
That's ridiculous. You're my guildmaster, and that's all.
I've been on the other end of that discussion before. Not my best moment."
You fell for Nicolas?
"Years ago. But I realized it was a weakness he could exploit. Didn't care to be manipulated.
If I survive to my thirty-fifth year, I'll retire on a pile of ill-gotten coin and meet someone who fits me. Find some remote place where I can just live."
And until then?
"Until then, I have a guild to run.
Go, pick your date. I'll meet you at the Diamond Thimble."
[Lie] That's ridiculous. You're my guildmaster, and that's all.
Until Nicolas is dealt with, the only attachment I have is to the Thieves Guild."
Did you ever have feelings for Nicolas?
"Years ago. But I realized it was a weakness he could exploit. Didn't care to be manipulated.
If I survive to my thirty-fifth year, I'll retire on a pile of ill-gotten coin and meet someone who fits me. Find some remote place where I can just live."
And until then?
"Until then, I have a guild to run.
Go, pick your date. I'll meet you at the Diamond Thimble."

Once you have picked a date, Zeira will remind you get an outfit, "Head to the Diamond Thimble. You need a change of clothes."

When you picked an outfit at the Diamond Thimble, Zeira will arrive.

Percius Loche: "Remarkable. As though the outfit chose you."
Zeira: "Hard to miss you in that."

You can talk to Zeira to learn more about her plan.

"My, my. You don't exactly clean up, but you look absolutely roguish.
I'll need my own outfit for the wedding—something with a covered face."
What do you mean? Did Silver-Claw forge you an invitation as well?
"Not exactly. If Nicolas is working with Cosh, he may have given my description to the guards.
I'll need your help to get inside. When you gain entrance to the palace, distract whoever watches the gates from within. I'll do the rest."
I can do that.
Here's the wedding invitation, straight from the desk of Silver-Claw. After you meet your date at Hubalajad Palace, present this to the gateman. I'll watch for your distraction."

Crashing the WeddingEdit

Zeira's disguise for the wedding

Once you have created a distraction in the Palace Courtyard, Zeira will slip in through the gate, she will also be dressed for the occasion.

Zeira: "This is a nice change of scenery from the Den."

You can then talk to her.

"Perfect timing. I can't exactly climb the palace walls in this outfit."
What's the plan?
"Before the wedding, the groom should be presented to his guests—an old Taneth tradition. Wherever Cosh is, Nicolas won't be far behind.
We'll need to keep an eye on him. Avoid drawing attention to ourselves."
All right. Where will Cosh greet his guests?
"Everyone seems to be gathering closer to the palace.
You lead the way. I'll watch for Nicolas."
And yet you decided to wear … that.
"What can I say? Your own choice inspired me.
People seem to be gathering closer to the palace. Let's join them, shall we?"
I'm ready to go.

Zeira will then run up to the palace steps.

Zeira: "First time I've been inside Hubalajad Palace. This place is a bit of a fortress."
Zeira: "Let's hurry—I want to get a good look at Cosh. See for myself what kind of spineless marionette would dance for Nicolas."

Chief Inspector Rhanbiq will then come out with the groom and present him to the guests.

Chief Inspector Rhanbiq "Everyone, I require your attention!"
Zeira: "This is it.—Stay close—let's see if Nicolas makes an appearance."
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq "It's an honor and a privilege to introduce our host for the evening. May I present the impending husband of Magnifica Falorah … Lord Cosh!"
Zeira: "That's Nicolas!"
Cosh: "Please, eat and drink your fill! Soon, I shall speak to you not as a humble merchant, but as a noble of Taneth!"
Zeira: "Nicolas is Cosh?"

Zeira will walk away in shock, you can talk to her to see if her plan is still going ahead.

"Damn it! I should have put it together. Nicolas played us—he played everyone. There was never any "Cosh" to begin with!"
Are you certain? How is that possible?
"I don't know how Nicolas reinvented himself as a reclusive merchant lord, but he managed to do so.
He could have been planning this for years. Bastard!"
What should we do?
"We need to stop the wedding. Actually, we need Falorah to do so. I think this can still work.
Let's split up. Learn where she is and how we can reach her. I need to come up with a very convincing argument."
All right, I'll meet you when I'm done.

After obtaining a kitchen key and Magnifica Falorah's location, you can meet Zeira outside the kitchen door. Once inside, she will follow you in.

Zeira: "The palace is crawling with Iron Wheel. Lead the way—we'll follow from the shadows."

Once you have reached Cosh's room, Zeira speak to Falorah.

Zeira: "Magnifica Falorah, we came to warn you. Cosh is not the man he seems."
Magnifica Falorah: "He's a merchant lord of Abah's Landing. That's one step above the scum they scrape from ship hulls. Is there any other grand revelation before I call the guards?"

When your attempt to convince Magnifica Falorah fails, she will calmly tell you that you are trapped.

Magnifica Falorah: "I have indulged this madness for long enough."
Yishka: "Magnifica Falorah, are you almost ready? The guests are assembling within the palace!"
Zeira: "Magnifica Falorah is indisposed! She'll be ready in just a moment."
Magnifica Falorah: "Do you intend to keep me here? Look around, there's nowhere to go."

While Zeira pushes against the door, you and your date will need to find a way out of the room. Once you have unlocked a secret passage, Zeira will follow you through to discover Nicolas' trophy room and the skull of Danobia.

Zeira: "And this must be Danobia's crown. Nicolas, you've doomed yourself."

You can then talk to Zeira who has realized a way to convince Falorah.

"I knew Nicolas kept trophies from his heists. I used to smooth it over with the guild—one of his eccentricities, I'd say.
Becoming "Cosh" hasn't altered his compulsion. He desecrated Danobia's remains—cut off her head. Now, we return the favor."
What do you mean?
"I'll show Falorah what Nicolas really is.
She wants Danobia's crown as proof? I'll give it to her—along with her ancestor's skull. Once I have her attention, she'll listen."'
Do what you need to do.
"We need to stop the wedding. Actually, we need Falorah to do so. I think this can still work.
Let's split up. Learn where she is and how we can reach her. I need to come up with a very convincing argument."
That sounds like a bad idea.
"Oh, it's a very bad idea. But it's the best bad idea we have. Sometimes that's the best a thief can hope for.
Wish me luck. I'll have to be … well, as convincing as Nicolas."
'Good luck, Zeira. (Both options lead to this.)[verification needed — see talk page]
"Find your way to the wedding crowd. Once Nicolas is revealed as a fraud, escort your date from the palace.
I'll see you at the Den soon enough. You're in charge until my return."

Zeira will then go back through the secret passage to Falorah.

Zeira: "Magnifica Falorah? There's something you need to see."

Once you and your partner arrive at the wedding ceremony, Rhanbiq will begin.

Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "Today, Lord Cosh of Abah's Landing joins with Magnifica Falorah, the Jewel of Taneth."
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "It is my honor, as a duly appointed officer of the Iron Wheel, to officiate their union."
"Stop! There is no honor in this union!"—Zeira crashes the ceremony

Zeira will then rush in to stop the ceremony, followed closely by Falorah.

Zeira: "Stop! There is no honor in this union!"
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "What is this? Guards!"
Cosh: "Zeira? You're alive? I … that is … what is the meaning of this?"
Magnifica Falorah: "More importantly, why do you have the desecrated remains of my ancestor?"
Cosh: "There must be some mistake!"
Magnifica Falorah: "Chief Inspector Rhanbiq, take everyone into custody. I want this mess sorted."
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "Iron Wheel, secure all exits! None shall leave the palace grounds. Question everyone here. Be thorough!"
Cosh: "Falorah, my darling—I've been framed! I implore you to reconsider."
Zeira: "Give it a rest, Nicolas. Whining doesn't suit you."
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "Quiet, thief! You'll have enough time to bicker from inside your cell. Take them away!"

With no choice but to flee, you and your date will have to leave Zeira behind to be imprisoned by the Iron Wheel.

Prison BreakEdit

Zeira will eventually be found in the hold of a ship docked near the No Shira Citadel. Once Chief Inspector Rhanbiq is dealt with, you can release her and then talk with her.

"I almost said something pithy like, "You're late!" or "About time."
But really, I'm glad to see every one of you. Even Velsa."
Welcome back. Are you all right?
"Better now that I'm out of that cell. I can't wait to return to the Den.
After we've taken care of some business."
What sort of business?
"Thieves Guild business. The Iron Wheel thought to save themselves another trip to Taneth. They loaded this ship with contraband.
But we're going to steal it. We're going to take everything they squeezed from Abah's Landing."
All right. Let's do it.

After talking with Zeira, she will then give orders to the others.

Zeira: "Everyone, listen up!"
Zeira: "Quen, good work freeing the prisoners. There are a few more on this ship—break them out and send them topside."
Quen: "Yes ma'am!"
Zeira: "Good. We'll need them to strip this vessel and the docks of whatever they can carry. Velsa?"
Velsa: "Don't bark orders at me. I'll set trap near the prison door. Slow down any Iron Wheel come to check on the ship."
Zeira: "Good thinking, Velsa."
Zeira: "Everyone, be quick about your work. Don't linger or we'll end up back in a cell."
Zeira: "Once you have all you can carry, grab a boat and row hard for Abah's Landing. Let's go!"
"Apologies, Magnifica. We have much to discuss, when timing is more convenient for us both."

When you leave the hold with Zeira, you'll find Walks-Softly talking with Magnifica Falorah.

Walks-Softly: "Might I say, you are the most magnificent Magnifica I've ever met? You elevate the cesspit of Abah's Landing with your very presence."
Magnifica Falorah: "Who are you again?"
Walks-Softly: "But a humble Argonian who looks forward to comparing ledgers."
Zeira: "Apologies, Magnifica. We have much to discuss, when timing is more convenient for us both."

If you talk with her on the deck, she will say, unknown

Once you have found a rowboat, you can meet Zeira and the others back at the Den.

"Until I spent time in a cell, I didn't realize how much this place had grown on me. It's good to be back.
But it's better to have robbed the Iron Wheel of their dignity, our guildmates, and a dockload of ill-gotten goods."
Do you think they'll come after us?
"With what? They can't look to Magnifica Falorah for help. She hired the Iron Wheel to recover her dowry. When they did, she stopped funding them.
After what we took from the Iron Wheel, they'll barely have enough to ship Nicolas to Taneth.""'
What will happen to Nicolas?
"What they'd planned to do with me. They'll put him on trial—a show trial, because the people want revenge. When he's convicted … well, I hear the guillotine is popular in Taneth.
But Nicolas is the past. I'm interested in the future."
Magnifica Falorah had an offer for the Thieves Guild.
""Never waste an opportunity." Huh. Nicolas used to say that.
Well, then … let's see what Taneth nobles think "lucrative" means."

After she speaks with you, she will make an announcement to the others.

Zeira: "As for the rest of you—I'm naming you as part of my Thieves Council. I'll need those I can trust in the coming months. Yes, even Velsa. "Councilor emeritus," if it suits you."
Walks-Softly: "This calls for a drink. Or five. Where's Andarri?"
Velsa: "Huzzah. Meaningless titles."
Quen: "Don't be so … well, you."

Someone else will then arrive.

Malizah: "My apologies for interrupting. Your … "Lord Thrag" escorted me here?"
Malizah: "Magnifica Falorah requests Zeira call upon her at the earliest convenience."
Zeira: "I'll have to celebrate later. Opportunity waits for none of us, whatever title we have."
Velsa: "What would you have us do? Stare at one another until your return."
Quen: "What does it matter to you? Aren't you retired?"
Velsa: "Semi-retired. And what would you suggest? Hold hands and sing songs?"
Quen: "Hardly. The only tune you know is "grating."
Velsa: "(Laughs)I think I'm starting to like you."

You can talk to Zeira afterwards.

"It's good to be back. I used to hate this place, when we first moved in. It's really grown on me."
What does Magnifica Falorah want?
"She told me as much at the wedding—for the merchant lords of Abah's Landing to be kept on a leash.
I think that's a service we can provide. It gets us a foothold in Taneth … and who knows where that could lead."

The One That Got AwayEdit

Soon after her rescue from No Shira Citadel, she will send you a note to meet her at the Hew's Mane. She can be found sitting in a chair on the second floor, near the innkeeper.

"I used to dream of this place when I was a young cutpurse. I thought, if I can make enough of myself, one day I can go there. Hold my head high. Order a drink like a normal person.
It tastes the same as what we have in the Den."
I don't understand. I thought your note was about Nicolas.
"Yes, he's the reason I needed a strong drink.
According to Magnifica Falorah, the Iron Wheel's prison ship encountered a storm and nearly capsized. The waves swept a dozen people over the side, Nicolas among them. "Body lost to the storm," they said."
Sounds like you don't believe it.
"Neither does Magnifica Falorah. Here's a copy of his wanted poster. It's plastered all over Taneth.
I want you to find out what really happened. If he's dead, we throw a party in the Den. But if he's alive, you track him down and …."
And what? What do you want me to do?
"Do as you see fit. I'll back whatever decision you make.
Someone called the "Desert Falcon" is looking for Nicolas as well. That's how this came to my attention. I want you to see what this "Falcon" knows."
Where can I find this "Desert Falcon?"
  "Last I heard, the Desert Falcon was in Greenshade—some tavern in Marbruk.
See what you can learn. If any trails lead to Nicolas, follow them."
  "Last I heard, the Desert Falcon was in Rivenspire—some tavern in Shornhelm.
See what you can learn. If any trails lead to Nicolas, follow them."
  "Last I heard, the Desert Falcon was in Shadowfen—some tavern in Stormhold.
See what you can learn. If any trails lead to Nicholas, follow them."
I have some questions.
"I'll answer what I can."
Who is the "Desert Falcon?" Why the interest in Nicolas?
"Someone who doesn't realize "Desert Falcon" is incredibly pompous.
Nicolas made enemies over the years—maybe it's one of them. But why look for him now, and not after the dowry heist? Whoever it is, my hope is they're willing to work with you."
If I do find Nicolas, what should I do with him?
"I don't know how to answer that. We were friends for so many years—he meant so much to the guild. To me.
And then he betrayed us. He left us to the mercy of the Iron Wheel. Drowning at sea is too good for him."
If Nicolas lives, are you asking me to murder him?
"The Thieves Guild doesn't murder. And yet Nicolas was the cause of so much suffering.
I shouldn't ask you to do that. In fact, I can't. But if you find him alive and leave him dead … I'll consider him the exception."

After you have found Nicolas and dealt with him in the manner you see fit, you can return to Zeira in the Hew's Mane. She'll stand up when she sees you.

'Well? Did Nicolas survive the storm?"
He did. I tracked him down.
"What happened? Is he …"

If you let him live but told his wife the truth:

He's still alive, but I ruined his marriage.
"Marriage? He sweet-talked his way into someone's life so quickly?
You did his unlucky spouse a favor. It sounds as though he has nowhere else to run."

If you let him live and didn't tell his wife the truth:

He's still alive. Retired, actually. He's no threat to anyone.
"Huh. Landed on his feet, despite the betrayal and death he left behind.
You can never really know someone. Who they are inside."

If you killed him:

He's dead.
"I see. I hate him for what he did. But it still feels like I've lost a family member.
That's why I asked you to go. You had no history … you could see him for what he was."

No matter what you chose to do, you will ask the same question:

Are you all right with how I handled Nicolas?
"You helped restore the Thieves Guild—make it more than it once was. Of course I trust your judgement. Now, all the old business is put to rest.
Let's go. We have a guild to run."

After dealing with the loose end, Zeira will be looking towards the future.

Zeira: "There are heists to plan and merchant lords to rob. See you in the Den."


In the DenEdit

After Velsa arrives in the Den, Zeira will mention that she has stolen her bed.

"Velsa stole my bed. Actually, I can't remember when I last slept in it. I suppose it's hers by right.
But stealing the guildmaster's bed doesn't make her the guildmaster."

After coming back from the al-Danobia Tomb.

"Never liked camels. Bumpy, ill-tempered, and it takes days to get all the fur from the armor seams."

Once you have rescued Zeira from the Citadel.

"I was just thinking about you. Where we'd be if you hadn't taken that job from Quen.
I hope you realize how important you are to the guild. Even Velsa, but she'd never admit it."

After Nicolas is dealt with.

"It's been a while since I've pulled a simple job. Maybe I'll go down to the harbor, see if anyone has laden pockets.
Something to warm up the blood, you know?"
I had some questions about the Thieves Guild.
"Of course."
Do you have any work for me?
"Start with the tip board—there's always something coming in. Also, Spencer Rye is a friend of the guild who could use our particular skills.
If there are any larger tasks, I'll have Thrag or Andarri get word to you."
What can you tell me about the tip board?
"The more we steal, the better our reputation. Best way to draw in more recruits after taking such a hit from the Iron Wheel.
Kari has more to say about it. Word of advice? Don't rearrange her tip board—she'll smack your hand something fierce."
What sort of work does Spencer Rye offer?
"He can explain. It's the sort of work I'd normally turn down, but he always pays. And he stuck with us, even after the Iron Wheel's raids.
He's welcome to trade gold for useless trinkets as long as he cares to do so."
Explain what you meant by "larger tasks."
"At times the whole guild works toward a single goal. Driving the Iron Wheel from Hew's Bane, strong-arming a merchant lord... big stuff.
But that takes time to plan. If it's happening, I'll get word to you the next time you stop by the den."
I want to talk about something else.
Of course.
What are the biggest threats to the guild?
"The Iron Wheel, without question."
What do we know about the Iron Wheel?
"They're bastards. Oh, you want more?
Magnifica Falorah sent them to punish us for failing to steal her dowry. It's a bad deal all around, except for the Iron Wheel—they're paid to knock our heads together, and keep anything they confiscate."
Tell me about the Iron Wheel's attack on the Thieves Guild.
"It had already started when I returned from the dowry heist. The merchant lords let it happen. They called their guards off the streets—let the Iron Wheel smash down our doors, pull us from our homes, and slaughter anyone who ran.
What does the Iron Wheel want from the guild?
"I haven't asked them, but I can guess. The Iron Wheel will leave Abah's Landing when they find every member of the Thieves Guild, ship us to Taneth for show trials, and fit our heads to pikes.
Second thoughts? Too late to back out."
I want to talk about something else.
I want to know more about the guild in general.
"What about?"
Tell me about the guild's recent history.
"Before the Iron Wheel? We ran the shadows of Abah's Landing. Played the merchant lords against each other.
We were looking to expand—take the Thieves Guild beyond Hew's Bane. But the dowry heist put an end to those plans."
Who was in charge of the Thieves Guild before you?
"Nicolas. A good man, sorely missed.
Sorry, I don't want to talk about him. It's still fresh, you know?"
How big is the Thieves Guild?
"You're looking at it. We're a shadow of what we were before the Iron Wheel cracked down.
And without us to bridle them, the merchant lords are flexing their muscles. Picking up the rackets we used to control."
An interesting collection of thieves you've put together here.
"You think so? Sometimes I'm not so sure. I try to remember everything that Nicolas taught me, but I don't always have the time or opportunity to consider every option before I make a decision.
Still, I couldn't ask for a better crew."
What do you think about Quen?
"She reminds me of myself when I first hooked up with the guild. She's young and inexperienced, but she has some real skills. I just hope we come through all this so she has a chance to hone and develop her natural talents."
What do you think about Walks Softly?
"I don't know what I would have done without Walks-Softly. After the heist went so bad and we lost so many of the crew, he helped me figure out to hold what was left together.
And he has a great fashion sense, I let him pick out all my outfits."
What about Velsa? Sounds like the two of you have a history. (Appears after completing Cleaning House)
"I guess you can say that. Velsa was old, grumpy, and difficult when I first joined the guild—and that was a long time ago now. Believe me, retirement hasn't improved her disposition.
I'll deny I said it, but I'm glad she came back. We need her."


You can also listen to her conversations with the others.

Velsa: "Stay out of my things!"
Zeira: "Stop blaming Quen. Thieves don't steal from each other. You must have misplaced it—look again."
<Velsa leaves.>
Quen: "What's her problem? I didn't touch anything. Wait … it was you? No. You didn't!"
Zeira: "She commandeered my quarters. They are still technically mine. Don't tell her, all right?"
Quen: "Not for all the gold in Tamriel."

Appears after you learn about Nicolas' betrayal.

Zeira: "You've been quiet. Did you have any more questions about Nicolas?"
Quen: "No. What's to ask? He betrayed the Thieves Guild to work with some merchant lord."
Zeira: "That doesn't … bother you?"
Quen: "Of course it does. But why dwell on it? What is there to do but move on?"
Zeira: "We'll move on by paying him back."

Negotiating with Silver-Claw.

Silver-Claw: "Your time is precious now, I know. And valuable, most valuable."
Zeira: "And you'd like some of it."
Silver-Claw: "Not without redress, of course! It's just … the Thieves Guild did good business with me, before—though I did not know it at the time …."
Zeira: "And you'd like to continue that arrangement."
Silver-Claw: "Just so! A reader of minds, you are! A good trait in a business partner."

After Prison Break

Zeira: "You've really proven yourself. There's a place for you here, if you want it."
Quen: "You—you mean that, not just saying it because I stuck around for the hard times?"
Zeira: "You may be new to the game, but I think you could show me a thing or two about acrobatics."
Quen: "Great! I mean, thank you, Zeira. What's my first assignment?"
Zeira: "Meet me at No Shira Citadel tomorrow morning. You're going to show me how to make a really dramatic escape."

After The One That Got Away:

Velsa: "You're evading. Why did you send your protege halfway across Tamriel?"
Walks-Softly: "She doesn't want to speak of it, Velsa. Leave her be."
Zeira: "I sent my ""protege"" to deal with Nicolas. He will no longer trouble the Thieves Guild."
Velsa: "Oh. Well … this calls for some wine, don't you think?"
Zeira: "I'd like that."

Silver-Claw: "Your agreement with (?) is wonderful for business. Spotless Goods is most profitable!"
Zeira: "I always wondered why you named it that."
Silver-Claw: "Oh? What do you mean?"
Zeira: "It's just that you … your fur has all manner of …."
Silver-Claw: "Oh! Ha! Yes, I can see how it might be confusing. I named it in honor of my mentor, Golden-Fang—she was quite sleek."

Zeira: "That will be all the excitement for a while, I guess. I hope. Does that mean you're finally going to return home to your villa?"
Velsa: "As opposed to what? Continuing soaking up the damp with the rest of you?"
Zeira: "It … pains me to say this, but you're always welcome here."
Velsa: "Hmph, well … when you invariably find yourselves in over your head again, you know where to look."
<Velsa and Zeira walk away.>
Quen: "Aww, that was almost sweet."

Zeira: "Abah's Landing. This town was like a mother to me."
Quen: "You're saying Abah's Landing loves you?"
Zeira: "It tried to convince me the only person I can count on is myself. Good thing I never listened to what it told me."


  • When asking Zeira about the wedding date during the quest Forever Hold Your Peace, the dialogue choices will appear red-coded, but picking any of them doesn't have any consequences later down the line.