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Home City Abah's Landing
Location Any Outlaws Refuge; Fulstrom Homestead; Thieves Den; The Diamond Thimble; Prince's Gate; al-Danobia Tomb; Hew's Bane; Hubalajad Palace
Race High Elf Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Partners in Crime
A Double Life
His Greatest Treasure
Forever Hold Your Peace (dependant)
Faction(s) Thieves Guild

Quen (short for Quenneth) is a novice High Elf thief who can initially be found when she requests your help in pulling off a heist at Fulstrom Homestead. Afterwards she will join the Thieves Guild at the same time as you do.

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Thieves GuildEdit

Partners in CrimeEdit

Quen in the Windhelm Guard disguise

You can find her in a particular Outlaws Refuge in each Alliance territory. The quest marker takes you to a ship you can travel between Alliance territories, but once there, right click the map to view a wider area and see the quest icon for which city's Outlaws Refuge she is in.

When she is approached in an Outlaws Refuge she can be heard talking to Sha'ad and Glaz who declined her job offer.

Quen: "No, I understand. If you change your mind, I'll be here."

Talking to her, if you've met her before in Galen, she'll say:

"Look who it is! Glad to see you made it off Galen. Sure, I loved the scenery, but all that lava made me nervous.
Lucky for you, no one has accepted the job yet. It's all yours, if you want it."

Otherwise, she'll say:

"Are you here about the job? To forestall any confusion—yes, we split the proceeds equally. And no, I will not budge on that point."
Job? What job?/Yes, I saw your notice. What is it about? (If you accepted the quest from the Collections tab)
"You mean... you aren't here about the notice? Allow me to explain! I need a partner for a difficult job. It pays well, but it involves travel, and there is some danger. Does that sound like the sort of thing that might interest you."
Sounds good. I'm in.
"I'm so glad you came along! I've chartered a ship—when you're ready, meet me there. Here, I'll mark your map. Bring some lockpicks. They sell them here, if you don't have any. Oh, and wear something warm!"
Why are you surprised I took the job?
If you've spoken to her before in Llanshara, she will recall past events:
"The Llanshara job got a bit... weird. I worried you might not partner with me again. Oh, I mean, on the job. Work together.
Now I realize that I should've asked you from the start."
If this is your first time meeting Quen, she'll say:
"I've never had a partner. I mean, on all the other big jobs I've done—which I did alone. Quite successfully. And most people I interviewed thought the rendezvous was too far away."
  You marked the Woodhearth docks on my map. Why Greenshade? Why not leave directly from here?
  You marked the Wayrest docks on my map. Why Stormhaven? Why not leave directly from here?
  You marked the Windhelm docks on my map. Why Eastmarch? Why not leave directly from here?
"Well, I paid for a ship in advance. I didn't realize how far I'd have to look to find a suitable partner. For the job, I mean. But we can talk about this at the docks!"
Where are we headed, exactly?
"Let's talk details when we rendezvous. It's not that I don't trust you! I'm just … I don't think I've made a good impression in this place. That is, if you're still interested. You are, right? Of course you are, I'm only joking."

Once at the docks Quen will be slightly surprised you showed up.

"You made it. I wasn't certain you … well, I'm glad you're here. So, the details!
We're headed to a remote patch of land called Fulstrom Homestead. It's owned by some thane from Eastmarch. He's at war, but his staff and guards remain."
What are we doing there?
"We're looking for a relic the Giovessen Skull. We slip inside the treasure room, grab our prize, and depart before anyone knows the difference.
After that, we split the proceeds and go out separate ways."
All right. I'm ready to go.
"One more thing … I'd prefer not to spill any blood, but leave our safety to your discretion. If a guard sees you, take shelter in a hiding spot.
Sound good?"
Sounds Good.

She can be further asked about the job and her previous exploits.

"This little tub will get us to a blockade runner off shore. They'll bring us to Fulstrom Homestead and back.
I hope you don't get sea sick. I get sea sick. I'm...sure I'll be all right."
Any objections if I steal more than just the Giovessen Skull?
"None whatsoever! Anything else you take is yours to fence.
Just don't forget why we're there. We don't leave until we have the Giovessen Skull."
Is this the biggest job you've ever pulled off?
"The newest job is always the biggest job!
Life of a thief. You know how it is?"
How well do you know the life of a thief?
"Well … this is the biggest job I've ever attempted. But I did the research, arranged transportation, and knew I needed a good partner to pull it off.
That's why I hired you!"

Once at the homestead, Quen can be asked more questions as well as making comments as progress is made towards the manor.

Quen: "Let's head to the manor—quick and silent."

When she is first spoken to once getting off the boat:

"Dry land, finally. Colder than I expected … very, very cold."
The manor should be up ahead. Are you ready?"
Before we proceed, I have some questions.
"Of course! What about?"
What can we expect to find?
There should be guards throughout the homestead. We're looking for a gatehouse—once we're past the portcullis, the manor shouldn't be much further.
That's where we'll find the Giovessen Skull."
Why do you want to steal the Giovessen Skull?
"I need it for a buyer in Abah's Landing.
Which isn't important right now. Until we get the Giovessen Skull, there's no point in discussing payment."
All right. I'm ready to go.
Quen: "The sentries are Windhelm Guard, on loan from someone important. If they give chase, find a hiding spot."
Quen: "The water, between the two grates? Full of slaughterfish."

Once arriving at the portcullis:

Quen: "That winch is a problem. One moment …."
Quen: "It's stuck! Hmm … try lifting the gate while I turn the winch?"
Quen: "That's it! I knew we'd make good partners"

When approaching the locked entrance:

Quen: "You did bring lockpicks, didn't you?"

If you talk to her she will say:

"Once we're inside, the rest should be easy."

After getting inside the Fulstrom Manor and attempting to unlock a hidden secret door:

Quen: "Hmm. Lockpicks won't work on those doors. Some sort of mechanism, maybe?"

You can see if she has any ideas.

"The Giovessen Skull must be inside the treasure room. We're almost there!"
How do we get into the treasure room?
"Hmm. Maybe if we pray to Akatosh? Sorry, not helping.
I've read … er, I've heard that rich thanes with treasure houses love their secrets. Let's see if there's a hidden mechanism."

Once the tumblers behind the suspicious bookshelf are revealed:

Quen: "Whoa! That's one clever thane. But not clever enough."

Quen will elaborate if spoken with:

"Those tumblers must me the way inside.
If we match the proper combination, the doors should unlock."

After the secret door is unlocked:

Quen: "Did you hear a click? I heard a click! Come on, let's go find the Giovessen Skull."

Seeing the Skull for the first time:

Quen: "There it is! It's so … shiny."

Once you pick up the skull, someone will call out to you.

Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "Surrender, thief! The manor is surrounded. Today, the Iron Wheel brings you to justice."
Quen: "What? Who are you?"
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "Chief Inspector Rhanbiq. We foiled your attempt to steal Giovessen Skull. Will you also confess to stealing Magnifica Falorah's dowry?"
Quen: "What's a "falorah"?"
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "She … it doesn't matter. Return the Giovessen Skull and surrender, or face the consequences."

If you decide to surrender, Chief Inspector Rhanbiq will knock you out and lock you in a cell within the Fulstrom Catatombs with Quen. She will wake you up before unlocking the cell with a lockpick.

Quen: "Wake up, partner. We need to get out of here."

If you decided to fight you way out and escape Chief Inspector Rhanbiq, Quen can be found in the Fulstrom Catatombs. In either case, you can then talk with her about what happened:

"Who was that? What was that all about, with dowries and iron wheels?"
I have no idea. Did you tell anyone we were coming here?
"Nobody! Well … I sent word to the Thieves Guild of Abah's Landing. They were interested in acquiring the Giovessen Skull.
Abah's Landing was to be our next stop. But why would this "Iron Wheel" set an ambush here? Are you certain you've never heard of them?"
Never. But we can figure out who they are after we escape.
"Of course, you're right. The Iron Wheel could return at any moment. We need to get out of here, and fast.
Wait … did you hear that?"
Hear what?

Once Walks-Softly arrives:

Quen: "There's someone coming!"
Quen: "Who are you?"
Walks-Softly: "You don't know me yet, but I'm a friend. Quen, isn't it? Put on this uniform and head outside. The Iron Wheel won't detain a Windhelm Guard."
Quen: "There's no way I'm leaving here without my partner."
Walks-Softly: "I only had one uniform. Go on, recover your boat and meet us by the catacomb exit. Then we can return to the Thieves Guild in Abah's Landing."
Quen: "You're from the Thieves Guild? I...all right, I'll meet you both by the exit. Good luck, partner." (Quen leaves)
Walks-Softly: "She'll be fine. Looks like we take the dangerous way around."

After you escape the catacombs with Walks-Softly, Quen can be found in the waiting boat.

Quen: "I don't think they saw me."
Walks-Softly: "Are you all right? You're greener than my favorite vest."
Quen: "It's fine I'm … I'm fine."

Speaking with her will have her say:

"That didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped. I suppose that's the point of being a thief, isn't it? I'm just glad we're alive and free.
Unless the Iron Wheel finds us. We should be going, shouldn't we? Let's get going."

When you both arrive in Abah's Landing with Walks-Softly, they'll address you.

Walks-Softly: "When you're up to it, we'll head to the Thieves Den. It's in an old cistern."
Quen: "A cistern? Wonderful. I'm to be surrounded by water, everywhere I go."

Talking to Quen will have say:

"Think I'll stay here for a bit. Don't want to decorate the guildmaster's boots."
Are you all right?
"Yes, I'll be fine. Don't keep the guildmaster waiting on my account!"

A Double LifeEdit

After receiving a letter from her, you can find her on one of the roofs to the southwest of the den.

"There's something you need to know about why I'm in Abah's Landing.
When we first met, I said I needed a partner to steal the Giovessen Skull. I never explained why. Not really."
Why did you want to steal it?
"I used to think my father was a merchant. When he vanished this year, I left my academy to find him.
It seems I knew very little of my father's profession. His time away was spent in Abah's Landing … working with the Thieves Guild."
What does this have to do with the Giovessen Skull?
"In his travels, my father brought notices to every Outlaws Refuge in Tamriel; bounties for old relics wanted by the Thieves Guild.
I realized I couldn't just ask them for his whereabouts. My plan was to steal the Giovessen Skull, then trade it for information."
Does anyone in the Thieves Guild know where your father is?
"Nobody recognized his name or description. Zeira suspects he worked with one of the thieves who died in the dowry heist. They used to keep guild associates secret—it seems only Nicolas knew how all the pieces fit together.
Rotten luck."
Could the Iron Wheel have seen the same notice?
"They must have seen it. The last relic sought by the Thieves Guild would make a tempting target. The Iron Wheel simply had to wait.
I didn't think anyone get hurt. And I didn't mean to put you in their sights."
All right. What do you need? (After asking her one of the above questions.)
"Walks-Softly remembers the Thieves Guild sold many relics to Lady Sulima of Abah's Landing. My father must have been the one to broker the sales. I want to break into her mansion and pick up on his trail.
What do you say … partner?"
Count me in.
"Meet me by Lady Sulima's mansion when you're ready.
I'm not religious, but I said a prayer to Auri-El this morning. If we find nothing, I have no idea what to do next. This is the only trail leading anywhere near my father."
What do you know about Lady Sulima?
"The last time I asked around, the Iron Wheel set a trap for us in Fulstrom Homestead. This time, I listened.
Lady Sulima rarely leave her estate, and has a connection to one of the merchant lords. Must be why the city's guards patrol her estate. That's all I know."

You can find her standing beside a wall to the estate.

"I have no idea what we're going to find inside. After Fulstrom Homestead, I keep thinking the Iron Wheel is around every corner.
There I go, jumping at shadows. Are you ready?"
Ready. Let's go.
"All right. Give me a moment to unbar the gate."

She'll open the gate and call out to you.

Quen: "All right, it's open. Come on in."

While exploring the upper floor of the manor for clues, Quen will comment on what you find.
Finding the children's book The Elf, the Egg, and the Almost-Dragon:

Quen: "My father gave me that book when I was a child! At his last visit, he took it to have it re-bound. Why is it in this woman's home?"

Finding Saroldo's Portrait cameo:

Quen: "I gave that to my father after a holiday in Skywatch. He kept it with him for luck. What is it doing here?"

She will also find a key:

Quen: "I found something too—a necklace with an old key. My father wore this wherever he went! And if there's a key, there must be a lock …."

Searching around the room will point you towards a suspicious item of furniture, which reveals a secret room and the Lady Sulima herself. Quen will immediately start questioning her.

Quen: "You! Why do you have my father's things?"
Lady Sulima: "Tu'whacca's breath! Saroldo's daughter stands before me. Why are you in Abah's Landing instead of your academy?"
Quen: "I'm looking for my father! Why do you know who I am?"
Lady Sulima: "My dear child … he's gone. When the Iron Wheel came for him, he fled to the rooftops. They gave chase and he fell. I'm so sorry."
Quen: "You're lying!"
Lady Sulima: "No, child. I grieve for him every day. He was the only person I've ever loved."

If you try to talk with Quen, she will ask you to talk to the lady first.

"My father, dead? Before that, together with Lady Sulima?
Please, see what she has to say. I need a moment to think."

After talking to Lady Sulima, Quen will mutter, "I'll be outside." and leave.

Quen is waiting outside, evidently shaken by the unexpected news. Talk to her to give her the ledger:

"What's wrong with me? I'm a High Elf, I'm not supposed to cry."
Lady Sulima wanted you to have this ledger.
"It must be important if the Iron Wheel wants it. Father did love his puzzles. I should see if it means anything.
Thank you for this. It's not the answer I wanted, but I'm glad you were by my side."

Speak to her before leaving and she'll only say:

"I'll return to the Den shortly. I just need a bit of time."

The Long GameEdit

After getting evidence from Captain Evani, you will need to find Quen. She can be found perched on some boxes near the Serpent and the Senche, when you talk to her she will sound distracted.

"Zeira said I should wait for you when I was finished.
Well … I'm finished."
What did you find?
"The flooded district, near where Velsa called home? The people who lived there had nowhere to go after the floods.
One of the dockyard bosses offered them work, food, and a place to stay."
That doesn't sound like a problem.
"That's what I told Zeira. You know what she said? "If Zulgukh had an altruistic bone in his body, he'd cut it out and sell it."
I'd already know what he was really up to—if Zeira trusted me. But she wanted me to scout, and you to do the fun part."
What exactly did Zeira want me to do?
"Zulgukh arranged a meeting with "an Imperial client" at a nearby inn. Might be worth a listen.
Oh, the inn rents a room to "Ventilias Proximus," the most Imperial name I've ever heard. Probably the client? The room's lock seemed … inadequate."
All right. I'll look into it. What then?
"Find Velsa when you're done. She's meeting with Silver-Claw at his, shop.
Did you know he had a shop? I wonder what he sells."
Quen, what's wrong?
"It's nothing.
I … it's nothing."
Is this about your father? (Only if A Double Life was started and her father was mentioned)
"How could it not be? It's so difficult to care about all this.
If I studied harder at the academy, I'd have graduated sooner. He would have traveled to see the ceremony. He wouldn't have been here when …."
You don't know that.
"I know. I know, but … when I tell that to myself, it feels like a lie.
Listen to me go on. I won't delay you any further with my ramblings."
It's all right. I'll see you later.
"That's good to hear.
See you later, partner."
You can't change the past, Quen. Focus on the present.
"I … you're right.
Thanks, partner. I won't let you down."
Quen. You need to focus.
"I … you're right.
Thanks, partner. I won't let you down."

The Flawless PlanEdit

Once you arrive at the Thieves Den, Zeira will have also summoned the others. Quen won't know what is going on.

"I don't know why we're here, but I don't think I've ever seen Velsa this … concentrated."

After you speak to Zeira and she will give everyone else orders.

Quen: "Off to find Percius Loche. Meet you there, partner."
Zeira: "Everyone else, pack for a long journey. I'll bring us home safe and sound."
Velsa: "More promises you can't keep."

When you arrive at the Diamond Thimble, you will find that it has been ransacked.

Quen: "Bit of a mess, here. Maybe the clerk can tell us what happened?"

If you talk to her she will say, "This doesn't look good. Maybe the clerk knows what happened to Percius Loche."

After talking with Mamaea, she will ask you to track Percius on the ground.

Quen: "You follow Loche's trail on the street. I'll see if I can spot him from the rooftops. Hurry!"

As you follow the dye trail, you may hear Quen call out to you from above.

Quen: "Hurry! The Iron Wheel are on his trail!"

Once you have found Percius and spoken with him, Quen will arrive and escort him out of the city.

Quen: "Percius Loche? I'll get you to the Prince's Gate, safe and sound."
Percius Loche: "Would you happen to have a spare set of boots?"
Quen: "I don't think mine will fit you. Come along, we'll work something out."

When you arrive at the Prince's Gate, Quen will make an observations about camels.

"Camels are cantankerous, smell quite poorly, and are too phlegmy for polite company.
Just like my old professor of rhetoric."

After you arrive at the al-Danobia Tomb, you will find that the Iron Wheel are guarding the outside.

"For once, I'd like to travel to a remote location and not find the Iron Wheel."

Once you arrive at the Tuwhacca's Pillars chamber from either direction, your thief companions will enter the Tomb and start looking around.

(?) "An imposing door. Wonderful."
Quen: "How are we supposed to get through?"
Velsa: "Ask Zeira. She knows how to do everything in this place, unless it's stealing a dowry."
Zeira: "No idea. Last time, Nicolas had me watch the passage behind us. There must be something in his journal."
<Zeira checks the journal.>
Walks-Softly: "Anything useful?"
Zeira: "Nicolas loved his puzzles. You're welcome to try."

If you talk to her, she will be puzzling over the door, "The door … what is it about the door?"

After you solve the puzzle, the others will head through the door to Shinji's Truth. Quen will immediately be fascinated by the chasm.

Zeira: "The journal says this chasm is called "Shinji's Truth." Last time, we never made it across."
Quen: "I can't see the bottom. Is there a bottom?"
Velsa: "Throw yourself in. We'll see how long before we hear the splat."
Zeira: "Quen, Walks-Softly—look for hidden doors or switches. Velsa, you're with me. I need your help to walk Malooc's Path."
Velsa: "And what of your protege?"
Zeira: "Watching my back, should anyone try to stab it. Let's go."

If you talk with her, she will be speculating how to get across.

"There must be a way across.
I wonder if I can climb the walls? I'd need to find grips on the cliff, there …."
"I found this invisible bridge!"—Quen walking on Shinji's Truth

After you return from Malooc's Path with Tall Papa's Ashes and witnessing the confrontation between Velsa and Zeira, you can find Quen apparently standing on thin air above the chasm.

Walks-Softly: "Quen, it's a bad idea."
Velsa: "Words escape me."
Zeira: "Someone, tell me what I'm seeing."
Walks-Softly: "We heard strange noises in the chasm. Stone grinding against stone. Quen, well …."
Quen: "I found this invisible bridge!"
Velsa: "So you followed my advice and threw yourself in the chasm."
Zeira: "The ashes! Spread them on the bridge to see where it leads. And Quen, get back from there."

Once you have made a path and entered the al-Danobia Crypt, the others will follow you in, only to see the next obstacle.

Zeira: "The door to the treasure vaults, just through this crypt. We made it."
Quen: "Do all crypts come with … whatever that is?"
Velsa: ""Every tomb needs a guardian." An old Yokudan saying, wasn't it?"
Lakayd the Repentant: "Your introduction is formless and without grace. Recite Danobia's maxim!"
Walks-Softly: "That's alarming."
Zeira: "Velsa, Quen, Walks-Softly—stay back! If it's hostile, we'll handle it."
<Zeira runs down the stairs.>
Lakayd the Repentant: "Recite Danobia's maxim, or you shall be deemed trespassers!"
Zeira: "It must be some kind of pass-phrase! If you have any ideas, now's the time to call them out!"
Velsa: "You can't seriously expect us to—"
Walks-Softly: ""Falorah!""
Quen: ""Yokuda!""
Walks-Softly: ""Pass-phrase!""
Quen: ""Gaiden Shinji!""
Velsa: "Idiots!"
Walks-Softly: "Velsa, you aren't even trying."
Lakayd the Repentant: "Trespasser! Danobia's justice falls upon you!"

When you enter the crypt, it will have already been looted, though Quen is still thrilled to be there.

"We are standing inside a treasure vault. A real, actual treasure vault.
Yes, yes … there's no actual treasure, but I can still say it, can't I?"

After talking with Zeira about her suspicions you can help search for clues. When you come across a descrated skeleton, Quen will come over and comment on it.

Quen: "What's wrong with that skeleton?"
Quen: "Missing its head? Looks like it was hacked off. Must have been done by whoever stole the dowry … but why desecrate a skeleton?"

Once you show Zeira what you found, she will realize that Nicolas possibly betrayed them all. Quen will be more worried about Zeira.

"I hope this isn't what it looks like. I've never seen Zeira so … taut."

His Greatest TreasureEdit

Some time after learning about her father's death and receiving his encrypted ledger from Lady Sulima, Quen will leave a note for you to meet her at her rooftop retreat. When you get there she will be looking at the view.

"Good, you're here! The old book we found at Sulima Mansion was the key to my father's cipher. His ledger revealed directions to his "greatest treasure."
It won't bring him back. But if we find it, Abah's Landing will no longer have a hold on me."
You're planning to leave?
"I don't know. I don't think so.
I've enjoyed my time with the Thieves Guild … even Velsa. And Lady Sulima is a stepmother I never knew. I wouldn't have figured out the cipher without her help!"
What do you mean?
"We deciphered the ledger together. I'd call out a number, she'd find the letter in the book. It was … fun.
She's so lonely, cooped up in her mansion. She only has mercenaries to keep her company."
All right. Let's figure out where the treasure is.
"I know exactly where it is. Here, I'll mark your map.
We've been in this together since all this madness began. I can't imagine recovering my inheritance without you at my side. Meet you there when you're ready … partner."

As you approach the remote spot, Quen will appear and start following you.

Quen: "Let's find some treasure!"

After you dig up Saroldo's Treasure, Quen will be distracted by a noise.

Quen: "Wait did you hear that?"

She will find Lond and Sawoyewen digging nearby.

Quen: "I recognize them from Sulima Mansion! Why are they digging?"

Once you have slain the pair since they weren't acting friendly, Lady Sulima will arrive.

Quen: "Those were Lady Sulima's mercenaries! What were they doing here?"
Lady Sulima: "Quen? You weren't supposed to be here!"
Quen: "Lady Sulima?"
Lady Sulima: "This is all wrong! They weren't supposed to hurt anyone!"
<Lady Sulima runs away.>
Quen: "Wait! Get back here!"
<Quen follows.>

You can chase after Quen and find the pair of them at the camp, Quen will be furious with Sulima and can only say, "I can barely stand to look at her."

After you speak with Lady Sulima for an explanation you can decide whether the Lady deserves a second chance and Quen will act accordingly.

If Lady Sulima is given a second chance
Quen: "Living with fear … you lie, you steal … you worry if the ones you love can accept what you've become. Of course I forgive you, Lady Sulima."
Lady Sulima: "Oh, my dear child! I don't deserve your forgiveness."
Quen: "Hush, now. I'll bring you to a place where you'll be safe. It's where I live—and where you will, too."

You can then talk to Quen:

"My father died to protect Lady Sulima from the Iron Wheel. If it was his last wish, I should honor it."
Where will she stay?
"I'll give her my bunk. Honestly, I prefer hammocks.
Lady Sulima won't have the luxuries of her manor, but she'll be safe in the Den. As my father would have wanted."
If Quen refuses to forgive Lady Sulima
Quen: "You said I was the daughter you never had. Well, you're a liar. You'll get nothing from me but contempt."
Lady Sulima: "Please! I won't be safe in my own home! What am I to do?"
Quen: "I don't care. It's your life, and I will have no part in it."

You can then talk to Quen:

"My father died protecting her from the Iron Wheel, and she tried to steal my inheritance? I feel seasick."
What will you do now?
"I don't know.
I think I'll stay in Abah's Landing for now. It's where my friends are."

No matter the choice, afterwards, Quen will thank you for being there for her.

"I'm glad you were part of this. The choice wasn't easy, but it feels like we made the right one."
Don't forget your inheritance. What do you think is inside?
"I don't know. I ….
Perhaps I'll open the strongbox at my rooftop retreat. Somewhere comfortable and beautiful. You're welcome to stop by and see for yourself."

Forever Hold Your PeaceEdit

After you get a hold of a wedding invitation, you can return to the Thieves Den to hand it over to Silver-Claw. Everyone will be there, including Quen, she will be optimistic about the plan.

"Big day for the guild, don't you think? It feels good to beat Nicolas at his own game.
Yes, we haven't done it yet. Call me an optimist."

Once Silver-Claw gets started on his forgery, you will need to choose date to accompany you to the wedding. Quen will be one of those choices.

"So who are you going to bring with you to the palace? I hope you say Velsa … I'd love to see her bedecked in finery."
Do you want to be my date to the wedding?
"You … you what?"
You're the best choice for reaching the upper floors of the palace.
"Thank you for not making this strange.
All right, partner. You have a date."
You're important to me, Quen.
"When this all began, I hired you to work for me. Now, Zeira has me following your lead.
What I'm saying is, it's strange to hear this from someone I work with."
Never mind. I'll ask someone else.
"Maybe one day, when this is all over, we can speak about this further.
For now, let's focus on clearing our names. All right?"
We started all this together. I'd prefer we end it together.
"Thank you for not making this strange.
All right, partner. You have a date."

If you pick someone else for your date, she will wish you luck, "You'll do fine in the palace. I have every confidence in you, partner."

However, if you picked her she will instead speculate about how she would go about the plan, "If I had it my way, we'd go in over the palace walls. Watch for Nicolas from the rooftops."

Quen at Magnifica Falorah's wedding

If you chose Quen, she will meet you the gate to the Palace.

"You look amazing."
"I haven't dressed up like this since my academy."
About your outfit ….
"I know, I know. It's terrible. Nothing like I used to wear at home."
You're right. You look ridiculous.
"Thanks for rubbing it in, partner.
Let's go inside. If this is the current fashion in Abah's Landing, I can blend in with all the other ridiculous outfits."
We should get going.
Actually, it looks good on you.
"It's nice of you to say so, but we both know this suits me as well as a ticket for a month-long sea voyage."
I was wondering if you'll be able to climb in that.
"Not without showing the wedding party a third moon in the sky. Come on, no use standing about."

Speak to her before entering the palace and she'll say:

"I've never been to a wedding this extravagant. I wonder what they'll have inside. Dancers, musicians, jugglers?"

Once inside she'll remark:

"It's a bit much in here. Whoever built this palace was trying too hard."
We need to get Zeira inside. Any ideas?
"Do you think the doorman could be convinced? If not, a distraction of some kind could pull him away from the door.
Whatever you decide, I'll back your play."

Feed the dog After hearing Firgiel speak of past crimes of her dog, Dashka, Quen will get an idea.

Quen: "If we aren't thinking the same thing, neither of us deserves to be in the Thieves Guild. Come on, let's find some food for Dashka."

Swipe a plate of food and she'll say:

Quen: "That smells delicious. Let's see if the dog agrees!"

Steal the jewelry If you fail to persuade Zafrik, she'll suggest another target:

Quen: "Cheer up, we'll find a way. People who drink while wearing fancy jewelry might cause great alarm when they notice it missing."
"Some people at weddings like to flaunt their latest jewelry. If we spot any, we should take it from them. Bet it would give cause to distract the doorman."

Zeira arrives After speaking to Zeira, Quen will comment on her outfit:

Quen: "I wish I could pull that off. Too many jangling bits. The moment I climbed a wall, I'd be my own alarm bell."
"I'm enjoying this a bit more than I should. To think, Walks-Softly does this sort of thing all the time."

After hearing Cosh's speech, she'll remark:

Quen: "So that's Nicolas? His voice is oilier than his hair!"
Quen: "That's all we need, partner. Let's find Zeira."

After finding out Magnifica Falorah's location:


Get a key:

Quen: "That's all we need, partner. Let's find Zeira."

Confront Falorah:

Quen: "If you can barely stand him, then what does it hurt to hear us out? Go on, partner. Tell her."
"Don't look at me. I have no idea what to tell her."

Speak to Falorah and Quen will suggest looking for an alternate way out:

Quen: "From what I've learned of Nicolas, he'd never let himself be cornered. We should look for hidden passages."
"Those paintings … don't they seem a bit off? If Nicolas is an art lover, his presentation seems rather strange."

Solve the puzzle:

Quen: "Did that cabinet just … click?"

Inside the secret room:

"I want to take everything in this room, but there's little time.
Perhaps a hatpin. Nobody misses a hatpin."

Once you're ready to leave:

"I've had enough of the Iron Wheel. Let's do our best to avoid them."

Make your way to the ceremony:

Quen: "There's Nicolas … but I don't see Zeira."

Zeira will suddenly appear and tries to stop the wedding:

Quen: "The Iron Wheel is approaching. We have to leave, now!"

The guards are called:

Quen: "No! It's too late for Zeira. We need to go, now."

Back at the entrance:

Quen: "Let's split up. I'll meet you at the Den. The others need to hear what happened."

After attending the wedding, learning the truth and escaping the Iron Wheel, you can return to the Den to find everyone in a demoralized state.

Velsa: "That could have gone better."
Quen: "The Iron Wheel has Zeira. Aren't we going to do something?"
Silver-Claw: "Not until we know where they have her. But we will, I promise you that."

Quen can only say, "Zeira … she's just gone."

Once you have spoken to Walks-Softly, Quen will wonder if the plan's technical success was worth it.

"We accomplished what Zeira wanted, but now she's at the mercy of the Iron Wheel.
I don't know if it was worth it."

Prison BreakEdit

Once Silver-Claw has told you where Zeira is being held, Quen and Walks-Softly will arrive.

Quen: "You know where Zeira is? Are we going to rescue her?"
Velsa: "What do you mean "we" I'm retired."
Quen: "Zeira would do the same for any of us. Even you, Velsa."
Walks-Softly: "The least we can do is hear out our acting guildmaster. So what is the plan?"

You can then speak with Quen and the others to convince them to help out. Quen will be eager to assist.

"I know it won't be easy to recover Zeira, but I'm ready for this. Just say the word."
What do you know about No Shira Citadel?
"Lots of crumbling walls. I can scout the best approach, see if the Iron Wheel leaves anything less defended.
They won't notice me. No one ever looks up."
Then scout No Shira Citadel. Look for the best way in.
"Let me see your map. This place, just outside No Shira Citadel? I'll meet you there when I've found a way inside.
See you there, partner?"
See you there.

Once the plan is set, you can meet Quen to the east of the No Shira Citadel.

"Scouting successful. The Iron Wheel doesn't send patrols beyond the walls anymore. They're too busy preparing to leave.
And there's some sort of commotion at the main gate. Seems they've pulled a few soldiers there to deal with it."
That must be Velsa's distraction. Did you find a way in?
"A gap in the wall not far from here. There's a lone sentry.
I already told Walks-Softly. He's waiting for you near the gap."
I'll find Walks-Softly.
"I'll head back to the walls, keep scouting the citadel exterior.
Good luck."

Quen with then head off. She will be encountered again once you have found an imprisoned Nicolas and she will be none too happy to meet him.

Nicholas: "Ah, Walks-Softly. So good to see you again. How have you been?"
Walks-Softly: "Hunted. Missing too many friends."
Nicholas: "And Velsa as well? I thought you'd retired!"
Velsa: "And I thought you were dead. Seems we were both disappointed."
Nicolas: "And … who are you? I don't believe we've met."
Quen: "I'm someone who knows better than you listen to your lies."

You can then ask her opinion on giving him a lockpick in return for Zeira's location.

"I've never met Nicolas before. Far as I'm concerned, I never want to see him again."
What do you think? Should I give him a lockpick?
"Absolutely not. We can't know if he's lying, and we shouldn't risk him getting free. His help is the kind we don't need.
And I overheard that transfer orders are stored in the Warden's Office. If we find nothing there, we trade him the lockpick."

After you have spoken with her, she will keep on scouting.

Quen: "Do what you think is right, partner. I'll scout ahead."

While in the ship's hold with Zeira and the Chief Inspector, Quen will arrive while you were talking to him.

Quen: "Chief Inspector Rhanbiq!"
Chief Inspector Rhanbiq: "The other thief? Surrender, all of you! The Iron Wheel is relentless. We serve a higher calling than gold or riches."
<Velsa will hit him from behind.>
Velsa: "What? He seemed the type to talk all day."
Quen: "You aren't the only prisoner we freed. They're on shore and itching to come back to the Thieves Guild."
Velsa: "Yes, yes. A charming reunion. Open the cage so we can go."

Once you have freed Zeira and spoken with her, she will start giving out orders.

Zeira: "Everyone, listen up!"
Zeira: "Quen, good work freeing the prisoners. There are a few more on this ship—break them out and send them topside."
Quen: "Yes ma'am!"
Zeira: "Good. We'll need them to strip this vessel and the docks of whatever they can carry. Velsa?"
Velsa: "Don't bark orders at me. I'll set trap near the prison door. Slow down any Iron Wheel come to check on the ship."
Zeira: "Good thinking, Velsa."
Zeira: "Everyone, be quick about your work. Don't linger or we'll end up back in a cell."
Zeira: "Once you have all you can carry, grab a boat and row hard for Abah's Landing. Let's go!"

When you have found a rowboat, you can find everyone back at the Den. If you talk with Quen before Zeira, she will say, "The guild has given me so much. It's time to return the favor."

After you have spoken with Zeira, she will make an announcement to the rest.

Zeira: "As for the rest of you—I'm naming you as part of my Thieves Council. I'll need those I can trust in the coming months. Yes, even Velsa. "Councilor emeritus," if it suits you."
Walks-Softly: "This calls for a drink. Or five. Where's Andarri?"
Velsa: "Huzzah. Meaningless titles."
Quen: "Don't be so … well, you."

Someone else will then arrive.

Malizah: "My apologies for interrupting. Your … "Lord Thrag" escorted me here?"
Malizah: "Magnifica Falorah requests Zeira call upon her at the earliest convenience."
Zeira: "I'll have to celebrate later. Opportunity waits for none of us, whatever title we have."
Velsa: "What would you have us do? Stare at one another until your return."
Quen: "What does it matter to you? Aren't you retired?"
Velsa: "Semi-retired. And what would you suggest? Hold hands and sing songs?"
Quen: "Hardly. The only tune you know is "grating."
Velsa: "(Laughs)I think I'm starting to like you."

If you talk with Quen afterwards she will say:

"We did it, partner! That was exhilarating.
Beyond the part where I thought the Iron Wheel was going to cut me in half."


The Sea Runs RestlessEdit

As you approach Llanshara on Galen, you may find a bemused Quen and a besotted Veshin on the outskirts:

Venshin: "I'll be right back. I've never met anyone like you before!"
<Venshin runs off.>
Quen: "Great. I mean, um, same. Meeting a Sea Elf. Like you, that is."

Speak with Quen to see what is going on, she will recognize you if you have met before:

Met Quen before:
First time meeting:
"Partner! What a relief to see you. Much better than another strange Sea Elf trying to woo me.
Did Zeira send you? She paired me with someone new, Umindior, but he's gone missing. I started to worry I'd have to do this job on my own."
"Are you here to woo me as well? Oh, not that I'd mind! No, wait, I mean … ugh.
Can I start over? That Sea Elf keeps bothering me. Then my partner, Umindior, vanished. It's left me a bit unbalanced. I might need to do this job without him."
What's your job here?
"Those Sea Elves in Llanshara found a druid relic. Our employer wants us to procure it—quietly.
Without Umindior, this job will take more time. And, the longer I stay here, well, it could get loud."
Why would it take more time without Umindior?
"He knows something about the relic but wouldn't share. I can't look for him and also search the camp. I'd need two … of … me.
Say. Would you like to help? With both of us, we could do this. You can keep whatever you find—aside from the relic."
I'll help you find your partner and acquire the druid relic.

You can continue to question Quen for more details:

"You and I working together solves a lot of problems for me. If we find Umindior—great. He can tell us what he knows about the relic. If not, then we've spent that time looking on our own. Efficient.
So, we should split up!"
Met Quen before:
First time meeting:
It's your job, What do you want me to do?
"Could you track down Umindior? I've seen your talent at scouting on the sly. No question you could search Llanshara alone.
But if I find that slouch alive, I'll get angry that he left me alone. I'll probably start yelling, which we don't want."
Any idea where to look for Umindior?
"He followed a woman through a door right here. Oh, and I'll mark where we made camp. We can meet there once you find him.
We've done this before, partner. Stay out of sight. Find a hiding spot if someone sees you. You know, the usual."
All right. What do you want me to do?
"Why don't you track down Umindior? If I find him, I'll be very cross that he left me alone. And shouting won't help anything.
Also, not to offend, but I haven't seen you in action yet. I trust myself to scout around without being noticed."
Where should I look for Umindior?
"I saw him follow a woman through a door right here. And here's our camp. We can meet there after you find him.
Try to stay out of sight. If a guard sees you, look for a hiding spot. I'd rather not alert the whole settlement."

After she has marked your map:

Quen: "Check where I marked your map. I hope Umindior's safe."

Leaving and returning to the conversation, you can Quen some more questions:

"Why did Umindior have to leave me like this? He should have told me what he knew.
If you can track him down, that will make our job go faster. If he's dead, well, at least I didn't wait to look for the relic. Start where I marked your map."
Tell me more about yourself, Quen. (If you just met her)
"Not much to tell. I'm new to this whole, um, thing. The, uh, procurement world. Just trying it on for size, I suppose.
Of course, being spotted by that Sea Elf isn't an auspicious start."
How did you get this job?
"I found a broker who handles this kind of work. He gave me the details after some convincing. They don't trust new people right away.
Didn't help that I embarrassed myself at first. I tried sounding shady. But that's not really how they talk."
How did you meet Umindior?
"The broker liked my drive, but not my lack of experience. So, he teamed me up with Umindior.
I hope I don't let him down by losing my partner. That's bad for a reputation."
What did the Sea Elf say to you?/What did the Sea Elf say to you earlier?
"He wouldn't stop complimenting me. My looks, my personality—I'd barely said a word to him.
Usually I appreciate such kind words, but it's strange when a Sea Elf does it. He was just a little too friendly."
What do you mean too friendly?
"Sea Elves aren't known for their warmth. He'd just caught me spying on his settlement. I thought I had a fight on my hands.
Instead he flattered me, then ran off. I hope this doesn't ruin the job."
You're far from Abah's Landing. This job must be important.  (If you completed the Thieves Guild questline)
"Zeira asked me to seek out the Thieves Guild here in the Systres. I think she has plans to connect with some of the different guild halls around Tamriel and these islands.
Met Umindior and agreed to work with him. Now he's missing."
What do you know about Llanshara?
"Beautiful, isn't it? If this wasn't a job, I'd like to take in the sights. It was an old druid settlement. Since they don't keep records, no one knows what they used it for.
At some point the Sea Elves moved in. Now they live here enjoying the sun."
Why did the Sea Elves take Llanshara?
"Sea Elves typically stay private. Aggressively so. These Dreadsails are different. They just … do whatever they want.
Look at this place. Wouldn't you move in if you could?"
Did the broker tell you anything about the druid relic?/Were you told anything about the druid relic?/Were you told anything about the druid relic they found? (If this is your first meeting)
"All the job broker said was that the Sea Elves recently found it. He told us the relic was in Llanshara, but that's it. Not even a description. Maybe we'll learn more as we search the settlement."
Did Zeira say anything more about the relic?  (If you completed the Thieves Guild questline)
"Zeira had little information about it. Apparently, the Sea Elves only recently found it. The buyer told her it was in Llanshara and how to get here.
They didn't even describe the thing. But Umindior knows something. That's why we need to find him."

You will find Umindior half-asleep and naked in Neri's Quarters, he having quite a romp with the Maormer after she discovered him while on guard duty. You and Umindior do some investigating and find out from Ellorien and Laniwys that they had accidentally activated the relic while having some fun in the druid chambers. Upon investigating the chambers, you find that the relic has already been moved and so you return to Quen at her and Umindior's camp.

Quen will be questioning Umindior as you arrive:

Quen: "What did they do to you? You look exhausted."
Umindior: "I had a quite … rigorous discussion. Very productive."

Speak with Quen to tell her what you know:

"Good, you're here. And you found Umindior. Based on his state I can guess why he went missing.
He mentioned you found something. A ritual cave? Did you learn something there?"
Two Sea Elves activated the relic. It makes them amorous. Minahel has a plan to dampen its effects.
"Oh. Remember Veshin, the Sea Elf when you found me? That explains his advances. Hmm, I have mixed feelings about that.
We can't take the relic from Llanshara while it's still affecting people. But, I know how to learn the Sea Elves' plan for it."
What's your plan?
"I'll ask Veshin join me for a picnic. Get him relaxed. You bring some delicacies while I turn on the charm.
I saw some blue-backed siltcrabs in the tide pools. Grab some and meet me at that nice grotto to the east. I'll entice Veshin to join me."
I'll go find the siltcrabs.

You can ask her a few more questions before you search for crabs:

"Don't worry. Veshin won't refuse my offer. I barely shook him loose to come back here. Plying him with food and drink? A bit riskier.
Gather those blue-backed siltcrabs in the tidepool and join my little date. I have to practice my seduction skills."
Where did you get food and wine?
"I skulked around as many Sea Elf homes as I could while you found Umindior. Looking for the relic, of course. But don't blame me if I picked up a little extra."
Why not get Umindior to find some other delicacy as well?
"He didn't go into detail about what happened to him, but he keeps complaining about how sore he is. He doesn't seem all that reliable.
Honestly, I'm not so sure how good a thief he even is."
What happened during your scouting?
"Not much. Seems like you had all the luck. A lot of Dreadsail stuff doesn't seem that valuable.
I did accidentally see a lot of Sea Elves, um, together. I thought it strange that so many of them seemed … busy. Now I understand."

After you have collected the Blue-Backed Siltcrab, you can meet Veshin and Quen on their beachside date:

Quen: "Oh, you're so smart! Tell me again about that druid thing?"
Veshin: "It radiates a gentle warmth. Much like yourself."

Speaking with Quen before handing over the crabs to Veshin:

"Oh, you're here! My friend Veshin studies under the sea witches. Isn't that interesting!
Hand him the treats, then ask where the sea witches reside. This could work."

Talking with Veshin, he will tell you that he is Sea Witch that works under Minahel and that he has a key to their Sanctum. Quen will then interject:

Quen: "Please excuse us, Veshin. I have a request for my friend."

Talk with Quen to see what she wants to do next:

"We're doing great. Veshin's relaxed and bragging. Exactly what we want. Also, have you noticed how handsome he is?
He already let slip that he has a key. Eventually he'll spill their plan to control the relic. I think we need some silverbloom."
What's silverbloom and where do I find it?
"A rare silver flower that's considered a delicacy by the Sea Elves. Grows on certain trees near the beaches in this part of the island.
Lucky for us, I saw some just southwest of here, up the hill a bit. I took note of it while scouting."
Veshin said the sea witches study in some caves here.
"I heard. If we can get him to tell us how to contain the relic, we can sneak into the caves and grab it.
Go get the silverbloom. I'll keep him talking. Talking with those wet, blue lips of his."
I'll be back shortly.

If you talk with Quen again before leaving:

"Do you see how his eyes squint when he laughs? It's really cute.
Ah, right, the silverbloom. It's on the trees, up the hill to the southwest. Take a few, then come back. He's almost ready to tell us their plan to contain the relic."

After you collect some Silverblooms, you can bring them to Veshin who is very happy with his picnic with Quen:

Quen: "Ooh, sea witches can craft magic items? I must know what kind."
Veshin: "I'll tell you anything you want, just to stay here with you."

Talking with Quen before Veshin:

"Have you found the silverbloom? He's starting to open up about the relic. Just one more treat and he's ours.
Give Veshin some silverbloom. It will make him so happy, he'll tell us anything."

Hand over the Silverbloom to Veshin, and he will open up about Minahel's plan. They will use an enchanted cloth to suppress the relic's magic and also that the relic is currently in the Sea Witches Sanctum. With that final piece of information, Quen will finish up:

Quen: "I brought one more treat. Abah's Special Cider. Drink up, gorgeous."
<Quen brings it over to Veshin.>
Veshin: "A toast to … oh, I failed to ask your name. No matter."
<Veshin takes a swig.>
Veshin: "So potent. I might … oooh …."
<Veshin falls over unconscious.>
Quen: "Sleep potion always works wonders. Now, grab his key!"

Once you have taken the Sea Witch Sanctum Key

Quen: "Head to camp and tell Umindior what we learned. I should make sure Veshin is comfortable."

Speaking with Quen before leaving:

"With Veshin's key, we can slip into the sea witch lair and grab the relic. Once we contain it, that is.
I should give Umindior another chance. Go back to camp and tell him what we learned. I'll stay behind to make Veshin a little … cozier."

Arriving back at the camp, you and Quen will find Umindior is not there:

Quen: "Where's Umindior now?"
Quen: "At least he left a note. What's it say?"

When you pick up the note:

Quen: "What's the point of having a partner if they're never around?"

Speaking with Quen after this:

"The most worthless, unreliable, lecherous … ugh. I'm ready to be rid of him. Once we get paid, I'll never work with him again."

After reading the Note from Umindior:

Quen: "Umindior. What a buffoon. Let's talk, partner."

Talk with the frustrated Quen to see what she wants to do:

"I can't keep chasing after Umindior. We have a job to finish. Good thing I partnered up with someone competent.
Let's get back into Llanshara and find that magic-infused cloth Veshin described. The gorgeous, sensual Veshin."
Any idea where to look for this cloth?
"Start near the Dreadsail ships to the east. Look for anyone weaving cloth into a covering of some sort.
I'll scout the upper cliffs to find the sea witch caves. We'll use the key to slip inside and grab the relic."
I'll look for the magic sail cloth and meet you on the cliffs.

Speaking with Quen some more before leaving:

"Head east to the ships and find that cloth. And try to keep it quiet. Let's not give the Dreadsail sea witches any reason to think someone else wants that relic.
Hopefully Umindior doesn't let anything slip in the throes of … whatever."
Maybe he was really affected by that activated relic after all?
"Oh please. I know what he was affected by.
She's a Dreadsail pirate. They're dangerous! He's lucky she didn't just kill him. And now he runs right back into danger? Typical!"
Do we need to find him?
"Yes, I think so. Abandoning a partner looks just as bad as not completing a job. Umindior found this job, so I might not even get paid without him.
But I really want to leave the loaf. I truly do."

Once you find the Magic-Infused Cloth, you can meet Quen outside the Sea Witches Sanctum:

Quen: "Psst. Over here. Did you get the cloth?"

Talking with Quen:

"I watched several sea witches come and go through this door. My gut tells me that's the right spot. High above all the other Dreadsails, just like Veshin said.<brYou still have the key, right? Otherwise we're in trouble."
I have it right here. And I brought the magic cloth to cover the relic.
"Then we're ready. Let's sneak in, grab the relic, then leave. The Dreadsails are still distracted, so as long as we don't cause a ruckus, we should be fine. We've already drawn enough attention to ourselves as it is."
After we get the relic, should we find Umindior?
"I suppose we must. But only once we have the relic in hand. The buffoon has almost ruined this job a dozen times now. I bet two gold that he's exactly where you found him the last time.
All right, ready? Let's go."
Let's go get that relic.


Quen: "All right, get the key ready. We're almost done."

Once you are inside the Sea Witches Sanctum:

Quen: "If I had to live in a cave, I'd clean it up more."

Speaking with her here:

"The shadows in here can help us. Stay low and quiet.
Hopefully we'll get this done in a flash. Find the relic, put on the cloth, lift it, then leave. Easy."

While exploring the tunnels, Quen will notice a Gold Medallion:

Quen: "Well, that looks expensive. Grab it."

Speaking to her before grabbing the medallion:

"With all this trouble, you deserve a little extra to sell off. Go ahead and grab that medallion. Then, we'll keep going."

You can then show it to Quen:

"Wouldn't be a proper thief if we didn't pick up something shiny along the way, right?
Oh no. This doesn't belong to the Sea Elves. That buffoon."
Do you recognize it?
"I sure do. That's Umindior's medallion. He was very proud of it. Earned it in a Tribute tournament or something.
Seems he followed his—well, not his heart—right into trouble. Let's hurry before those sea witches kill him."
Let's go.

As you progress, you will now hear Umindior and Minahel talking to each other. If you speak with Quen during this:

"Somewhere in these caves we'll find the relic. Just keep your head down and your ears open. We'll be gone soon enough.
If you spot Umindior, let me know. I guess."

When you are outside Minahel's Room:

Umindior: "What is that? No! Stop! That tickles. I hate being tickled."
Minahel: "You think this is funny? I'll make furious love to you, intruder!"
Quen: "I guess we know where to find Umindior."

In Minahel's Room, you will find Umindior bound to a wall with sharp vines. In front of him will be Minahel and two Reef Vipers. Once you have slain Minahel:

Quen: "Grab Umindior and let's get out of here!"
Umindior: "Quen! Help! These vines are sharp. They hurt!"
Quen: "I suppose we should cut the lout free."
Umindior: "They have the relic! In the other room!"

Speaking with Quen before releasing Umindior:

"Even if Umindior got himself into this bind, he's still in pain. Let's set him free then grab the relic."

When you have freed Umindior, he will run to the next room:

Umindior: "Ow, she really hurt me."
Umindior: "Through here! The relic is inside."
Quen: "Come on, let's follow him!"

You will indeed find the active relic, glowing a pink light:

Umindior: "Glad I was here to find our target. I'll keep watch for more sea witches."
<Umindior runs outside.>
Quen: "Useless. Come on, let's take care of the relic."
Quen: "Toss that magic cloth over it!"

<When you cover it>

Quen: "Perfect! Now grab it and let's get out of here. We can talk outside."

Once the relic has been surpressed you can follow Quen outside to meet with Umindior:

Umindior: "She was no Neri. She hurt me. In a bad way. Are we done?"
Quen: "Yes. We did the job. Thanks for all your help."

Speak with Quen to complete the quest:

Met Quen before:
First time meeting:
"This job got a tad jumbled, didn't it? I'm glad we worked together again on this one.
Wait until Zeira hears who I ran into. I'll make sure she knows about all your help. And how lover boy here was useless."
"Finally. It's finished. I can't thank you enough for agreeing to help. Lover boy here was certainly of no use.
I suppose it was good practice for thinking on our feet, right?"
What happens now with the relic?
"Umindior and I will deliver it. Together. I can't let him take a mote of credit. Maybe I can get his cut of the pay, too.
Speaking of which—um, the relic, please?"
Right. Here's the relic./Of course. Here's the relic.

If you leave the conversation and return before completing the quest:

Met Quen before:
First time meeting:
"Working together again was truly a pleasure. Zeira will appreciate that you saved my hide. Again.
We do have just one bit of business to finish, though. Could I have the relic?"
Right, here's the relic.
"This job was a good reminder—don't trust others to make a plan for you. As Zeira says, a careless thief is a thief in jail.
Here's your cut. You earned it, partner."
"I don't trust Umindior to make the delivery without me. He hasn't proven too reliable even once yet. Not like you."
Here's the relic.
"I'll prepare better next time—study the lay of the land, maybe ask more questions. I still have a lot to learn about this life.
But I do know how to reward loyal partners. This should cover your cut of the payment."

After completing the quest and handing over the relic, you can listen to Quen and Umindior's conversation:

Umindior: "Quite the heist, right Quen? Phew, I'm exhausted."
Quen: "From what? Your antics hardly count as helping."
Umindior: "Yes, well, can you blame me? I was entranced."
Quen: "You won't touch this relic. Not until we both deliver it."

Speaking with Quen once more after completing the quest:

Met Quen before:
First time meeting:
"I'll hand this off and make sure they know to keep the cloth on. After that, it's the client's problem, not mine.
If we come across a bunch of druids who are all over each other, you can bet they messed with this thing again."
What will your report to Zeira say about this?
"I'll have to think about how to phrase it. I don't think I need to go into every detail, about how I should have really pressed Umindior more about this job before we arrived.
And maybe I'll keep my flirtation with Veshin to myself."
What's your real opinion about Veshin? / What did you really think about Veshin?
"Oh. Um. Am I blushing?
I mean, he's interesting and very different. You know, even if it was just the influence of that stupid relic, I had fun talking to him. Usually I feel all awkward and don't really try to assert myself. Romantically, I mean."
Take care of yourself, Quen. / Take care of yourself Quen. (Appears after asking one of the above questions)
Heading back to Abah's Landing after this?
"Funny, Abah's feels like my home now. I'll head back there, of course, but I like being sent out like this. Seeing the world is fun. I think Zeira has some good ideas about making connections.
Don't tell Velsa I complimented Zeira!"
"You know, we just left Veshin there in the sand. I feel a little bad for him. He's a bit arrogant, but in an attractive way. And he has such nice hair.
Perhaps I'll go find him. Just make sure that he's all right."
What's next for you?
"I have ... ambitions. I think a few more jobs like this and I'm ready to become a professional. I think it suits me.
I won't say more than that. But, trust me, I have plans."
What do you mean professional?
"I've heard that some people do this sort of thing for a living. As part of an organization. But I really don't know if I should talk about that.
You have real skills. We could do this again. If that interests you, find me in an Outlaws Refuge."

And Now, Perhaps, PeaceEdit

If you previously assisted Quen in Llanshara, she and Umindior will be at the talks in All Flags Castle:

"Don't stop to talk to me, partner. There are way more important people at this affair that want your attention!"

Speaking with her again after completing the quest:

"All these lords and ladies! Usually I stay out of sight around these types. I'm not sure how to act while mingling with them.
It's worth it to celebrate you, partner. You always seem to show up just with you're needed."
Did you deliver the druid relic?
"We met our contact after leaving Llanshara. I thought Umindior would take credit, but he didn't care. All he could think about was that Neri woman.
The pay was good, but the experience was more important. I really think this is the life for me."
Where are you headed after this? (If you've completed the Thieves Guild questline)
"Zeira keeps me busy. Grab a relic here, some accounting ledgers there. Honestly, it's great. I get to see all of Tamriel, then return to my new home in Abah's Landing.
If you ever hear of some fancy jewels going missing, think of me."
What's next for you? (If you just met on Galen)
"Money and adventure aren't the only reason I got into this life. I have something important I need to do. Someone I need to find.
I don't really want to get into it now. But if you ever land in Abah's Landing, maybe we can work together again."


At times, she can be found in the Thieves Den with the others and can be asked various questions. Her dialogue will change as the story progresses.

"Nothing went how I'd hoped, but I'm glad you were along for the journey … partner."

After completing the entire Thieves Guild quest line:

"Hello, partner. I'm happy to inform you I can pick a lock within fifteen seconds.
As long as nobody's watching."
Is the Thieves Guild everything you thought it would be?
"I'm not sure. Let me get back to you on that after I've had a little more time for everything to sink in.
There's certainly more politics involved than I was expecting."
What do you think about Zeira?
"The guildmaster? She seems to be handling a difficult situation, but I certainly wouldn't want to try to fill her boots! If it were me, I'd be a hot mess, but she always finds a way to pull it together.
I suppose that's why she's the leader."
What do you think about Walks-Softly?
"He's got fancier clothes than most of the nobles back in Auridon!
He's also a pretty good listener. He's made me feel welcome. Without you and Walks-Softly, I'm not sure I would have stuck around as long as I have."
What about Velsa? You must have an opinion about her.
"Oh, I've got an opinion. I've got a bunch of them and none of them good!
Velsa is mean, ornery, and as prickly as a thorny beanstalk. And I don't think she likes me very much. But I've never seen anyone handle poisons and tinctures the way she does."


You can also overhear various conversations between her and other members of the Guild.

Silver-Claw: "You once asked me about … Saroldo, was it? I think I met an elf with that name."
Quen: "You did? Where? When?"
Silver-Claw: "Years ago. He had a gift he wanted shipped to the Summerset Isles. A doll, I think—was it a dragon frog? A very pleasant man. Warm smile."
Quen: "Thank you, Silver-Claw."
Silver-Claw: "You're welcome, child. May it give you peace."

Quen: "Excuse me?"
Velsa: "No excuses. My things are off-limits. If you touch them, I'll know."
Quen: "Why would I touch your things?"
Velsa: "You're a thief in the Thieves Guild. Why indeed?"

Velsa: "Stay out of my things!"
Zeira: "Stop blaming Quen. Thieves don't steal from each other. You must have misplaced it—look again."
<Velsa leaves.>
Quen: "What's her problem? I didn't touch anything. Wait … it was you? No. You didn't!"
Zeira: "She commandeered my quarters. They are still technically mine. Don't tell her, all right?"
Quen: "Not for all the gold in Tamriel."

Velsa: "Two. Two sprigs of thistle!"
Quen: "Wha—I, sorry, two sprigs—and then? I can't breathe. Velsa!"
Velsa: "That's just panic. You're fine until your tongue starts swelling."
Quen: "Can I please have the antidote, I'll never touff—oh, my. Velfa. Velfa!"
Velsa: "I'm sorry, who's that?"

Appears after you learn about Nicolas' betrayal.

Zeira: "You've been quiet. Did you have any more questions about Nicolas?"
Quen: "No. What's to ask? He betrayed the Thieves Guild to work with some merchant lord."
Zeira: "That doesn't … bother you?"
Quen: "Of course it does. But why dwell on it? What is there to do but move on?"
Zeira: "We'll move on by paying him back."

Quen: "There are so many beggars and poor here. Don't the merchant lords see the city falling into squalor?"
Walks-Softly: "That is what marble walls and gilded gates are for. They exist in a world all their own."
Quen: "But, they're the governors of this land, aren't they? They aren't really, are they?"
Walks-Softly: "It's a free port. One's only concern is one's self, or so is the belief."
Quen: "But we're different. We look out for our own."
Walks-Softly: "Nicolas would disagree."

Quen: "Is this what it used to be like? The Thieves Guild, I mean."
Velsa: "Look at her. She nearly said "in the old days.""
Walks-Softly: "It was very much the same … only the guild was much larger, we had a different guildmaster, and the Iron Wheel wasn't after any one of us."
Quen: "So you're saying it was quite different."
Walks-Softly: "Only the most superficial aspects. Just like then, we remain a family."

Walks-Softly: "Not many would have fled the life you had."
Quen: "That wasn't living … it was waiting."
Walks-Softly: "Like an itchy excess skin, hanging onto your inner self."
Quen: I … suppose so?"

Walks-Softly: "The other day, I passed Silver-Claw on the street. He made a strange motion with his hand."
Quen: "He did the same thing to me. What do you suppose it meant?"
Velsa: "I convinced him we have a "thief salute."
Quen: "You did not!"
Walks-Softly: "I thought it was an obscene gesture, so I returned one of my own. I should stop by his shop and apologize."

Zeira: "You've really proven yourself. There's a place for you here, if you want it."
Quen: "You—you mean that, not just saying it because I stuck around for the hard times?"
Zeira: "You may be new to the game, but I think you could show me a thing or two about acrobatics."
Quen: "Great! I mean, thank you, Zeira. What's my first assignment?"
Zeira: "Meet me at No Shira Citadel tomorrow morning. You're going to show me how to make a really dramatic escape."

Quen: "Why does Abah's Landing … well, I don't know how to ask this without causing offense."
Walks-Softly: "I am rarely offended. Please, ask."
Quen: "Why does Abah's Landing stink?"
Walks-Softly: "Take any harbor town, with the normal fish stenches. Add swampland, the hot sun, and filthy pirates."
Quen: "I didn't realize pirates had a particular smell."

Quen: "Are you from Abah's Landing?"
Walks-Softly: "I am a creature of Abah's Landing. Without this city, I would not be the person you know."
Quen: "I don't understand. Who would you be?"
Walks-Softly: "Simpler. Less certain of my purpose. And in dire need of good clothes."

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