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Location Ravenwatch Castle
Race Wood Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Ravenwatch
Condition Vampire

Gwendis is a Wood Elf vampire and the protégé of Verandis Ravenwatch, the head of House Ravenwatch.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit


Shornhelm DividedEdit

During the discussion between Baron Dorell and Countess Tamrith in the Shornhelm Chapel. Gwendis can be found on the overlooking balcony, watching everything.

"You startled me! You shouldn't sneak up on a person like that."

If you speak to the others first, she'll instead say:

"If you can spare a few moments, my master would like to have a word with you."
Why are you skulking around up here?
"Who's skulking! I'm praying. All devout, I am. Just like Eselde.
Oh, not really. I wanted to eavesdrop on the Baron and Countess. I must say, the acoustics in this place are really quite spectacular."
Perhaps I should tell the Baron and Countess you were spying on them?
"Now why would you go and do that? I'm just like you. I'm merely here to help.
Now remember, you never saw me!"

Dream-Walk Into DarknessEdit

You can meet her in Ravenwatch Castle being scolded by Count Verandis:

Verandis: "Gwendis, my child, slow down. You eat too fast. You don't want to harm poor Kallin."
Gwendis: "We need to feed to get stronger. When Montclair shows up, I want to be ready."
Verandis: "That is not our way, child, and you know it. Stop feasting! Now!"
Gwendis: "Fine. Whatever. I mean... I'm sorry Count Verandis. You know I really want to help."
Verandis: "Of course, my child. Now, let's clear away our meal and welcome our friend. Kallin, as always, I thank you for sharing your life's blood with us."
Kallin: "I live to please, my lord."

Later, she admits, a little embarrassed:

"I'm still getting the hang of this feeding thing. We only feed on willing vassals or evil villains. And we never feed to excess—except maybe on the evil villains."

In the second of Count Verandis's memories, while everyone is celebrating the Baroness's soon-to-be good health, the gathered group begin to chat among themselves.

Baron Wylon Montclair: "Three cheers for Verandis! He gave me the means to save my beautiful wife!"
Baroness Leila Montclair: "Yes, to our dear friend, Verandis! How can we ever repay him?"
Gwendis: "He is great, isn't he? And so handsome! But I want to cheer about this wine. By the Divines, this stuff is delicious!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "We were so happy at this moment. We were all together, friends and family, enjoying each other's company. For the final time …."

You can speak with her, although she is drunk.

"My Lord … my Count … Your Highness? Oh, who cares? We don't need to stand on ceremony. Not us!
Me and good old Verandis, showing the world how vampires are supposed to behave …."
Gwendis, how much of that wine have you consumed?
"I consumed all of it! Well, at least all that was given to me. Anything less would just be rude.
So, Verandis. My friend. My confidant. What say we slip away to someplace a little more private? And bring the rest of that delicious wine."
I think you've had more than enough excitement for one day.
"Was that a rebuke? I was rebuked by the high and mighty Count Ravenwatch? Yes, I believe I was.
I think you should walk away now. Before I say something else that at least one of us will regret."
I'm sure you won't remember any of this in the morning.

During the third memory, the Montclairs are about to climb the Doomcrag and attempt cure the Baroness once and for all.

Baroness Leila Montclair: "We shouldn't have left the guards behind, Weylon. Who knows what else we're going to run into?"
Lleraya Montclair: "There was no choice, Mother. You're getting worse and we can't wait for them."
Gwendis: "I'll stay here and protect the way out. Keep watch in case the guards catch up with us. The rest of you need to keep moving."
Baron Wylon Montclair: "Thank you, Gwendis. At least you retain a sense of honor."
Baroness Leila Montclair: "Wylon, you have to stop blaming Verandis. This wasn't his fault."

Gwendis shows up at the top of the Doomcrag and whisks Count Ravenwatch away from an enraged Baron Montclair:

Baron Wylon Montclair: "You'll pay for that, vampire! I have the power now. Nothing can stop me from reaching out and snapping …."
<Gwendis suddenly appears between you and the baron.>
Gwendis: "Verandis? Montclair, no! Come on, Verandis, we need to get out of here!"
<The memory then ends.>

After the dream-walk, you can talk to the real Gwendis again:

"You're so lucky! Verandis never let's [sic] me go on dream-walks with him."

The Blood-Splattered ShieldEdit

If you've not started the quest yet, you can find Gwendis northeast of Camp Tamrith at the bend in the road. She will sarcastically remark "Those Tamriths! So high and mighty!"

Speaking to her:

"That stupid Captain Janeve! She threw me out of the camp! Wouldn't listen to a word I had to say!
You need to go in there and warn her. This isn't a refugee camp. It's a banquet table for bloodfiends!"
What do you mean?
"Verandis sent me to keep an eye on things. He's learned that Reezal-Jul is in the area. It was nice of the Captain to set up a camp for the refugees, but it was also foolhardy.
All those people. It's like ringing the dinner bell for the vampires."
What do you suggest?
"Go into the camp and find Captain Janeve. I saw Countess Tamrith and Darien head in there, too
You need to warn her. Let her know that Reezal-Jul is still out there. He's going to be drawn to the refugees like a wild boar to mud."
I'll go find Captain Janeve.

Speaking to her again:

"Help Captain Janeve. The sooner we can hunt down Reezal-Jul, the better off we'll all be."

After defeating Reezal-Jul, you'll find the bosmer next to Darien Gautier:

"You did it, didn't you? I can sense it. Reezal-Jul is dead.
Too bad. I wanted to be the one to end that crazy lizard's twisted existence."

If you chose for Captain Janeve to die, she'll say:

"What a terrible shame, losing Captain Janeve. Even if she was kind of mean to me. At least Reezal-Jul won't be stirring up any more trouble.
Now all we have to do is take care of Lleraya and Montclair."

If you spared Janeve, she'll say instead:

"I'm sorry I missed being able to shove my blade deep into Reezal-Jul. I was kind of looking forward to that.
I'll make sure Captain Janeve gets the same training I received. It's the least I can do."

The Concealing VeilEdit

After you have slain Reezal-Jul, Gwendis will have word from Verandis to meet him at the Lorkrata Hills. When you approach her:

Speaking to her:

"Ready to move on, hero? Verandis sent word to me. I know where we need to go next."
I'm ready. What did Verandis tell you?
"There's an old ruin in the Lorkrata Hills, northeast of Shornhelm. Verandis said his research led him there and he needs your help.
Why he needs you when he has me, I'll never understand. But he is the master. As he constantly reminds me."
What about the Countess and the Shornhelm Guard?
"They won't be needed at the Lorkrata ruins. That's for you and Verandis to deal with.
I'll bring Her Ladyship up to speed about what's going on in Northpoint. You can meet us there after you and Verandis are finished with the ruins."
I guess I'm heading for the Lorkrata Hills then.
"Do you need directions, hero? The ruins are in the Lorkrata Hills, northeast of Shornhelm, just beyond Traitor's Tor.
Now get moving. Verandis will meet you there."

If you didn't pick up the quest at Camp Tamrith, but choose to pick it up at Shornhelm or Northpoint, she will grab your attention with "Hey! Over here! I have a message for you"

Speaking to her:

"There you are! I've been looking all over for you. Verandis requests your presence at the ruins in the Lokrata Hills, if you aren't too terribly busy at the moment."
What? Where does Verandis want me to go?
"There's an old ruin in the Lorkrata Hills, northeast of Shornhelm. Verandis said his research led him there and he needs your help.
Why he needs you when he has me, I'll never understand. But he is the master. As he constantly reminds me."
I'll meet Verandis at the ruins.

Speaking to her again:

"Verandis is waiting for you at the Lokrata ruins. So, what are you still doing here staring at me?"

If you return to Ravenwatch Castle to speak to her at this point before you see Verandis at the Lokrata Ruins, Gwendis will call you out:

"You keep coming back to talk to me. If you're trying to get my attention, you're going to have to do better than that."

Northpoint in PerilEdit

She appears out of thin air in the Montclair Officer's Quarters near Northpoint, after you find Darien and his sleeping companion.

Gwendis: "My, my, Sir Darien. That was impressive! But when it comes to smuggler's tunnels, I think there's a thing or two I can teach you!"
Darien Gautier: "I'm not sure how to respond to that. Why don't you find out what our vampire vixen is talking about?"

Speaking to her, she admits:

"I must say, Darien certainly has a way with the ladies. That's not how I'd go about extracting information from the enemy, but I can't fault his results.
The old smuggler's tunnel should lead into the city—if we can get through it.."
What do you mean?
"Well, the smugglers who use the tunnels installed a gate. Gives them a monopoly on the black market in Northpoint.
The tunnel will get us into the city—if we can get past the locked gate."
Any idea where we can find a key?
"The smuggler boss is a tough pirate. Goes by the name of Lagra. If anyone has a key, it's her.
But the Montclairs attack any boats that approach the city. There are wrecks up and down the coast. If Lagra's still alive, that's where we'll find her."

Speaking to her again:

"You check out the wrecked boats and I'll gather the others.
Hopefully, by the time we meet you at the tunnel, you'll have a lead on getting us that key."

After getting the key from Lagra, she is waiting for you on the coast.

Gwendis: "Over here! By the rocks! Come on, I'll take you to where the others are waiting."

She leads you to where Darien, Skordo, the Countess, and the Baron are waiting.

Gwendis: "Tell us you've found something, hero. We could use some good news."
Baron Alard Dorell: "I'm not interested in news. Just tell me you found a way to get us into those tunnels."

Speaking to her:

"Tell me you found something good, hero. It's not like the fate of Rivenspire is hanging in the balance or anything."
I've got the key to the tunnel. It's in the cave beneath the lighthouse.
"Right, then! Let's go see what Lleraya's doing in there.
But brace yourself. I don't think we're going to like what we find."
What do you mean?
"Northpoint … it just feels … empty. I sense life in there, but it's faint. Barely perceptible.
We need to be ready for anything."
Then let's head inside.
"His lordship, the Baron over there, wants us to head inside, see what's going on, and secure the area. He wants us to be slow and careful so as not to damage his precious city.
Good job getting that key, by the way. Now let's go save Northpoint."

The quest is concluded and you receive House Dorrel Greaves.

Gwendis: "I need to let Verandis know what's going on. In the meantime, talk to Skordo. He knows the city like the back of his hand."

The Liberation of NorthpointEdit

You meet her again at Chirane Manor, talking with the other members of your team.

Skordo: "Lleraya has been here all along? And your son didn't do a damn thing about it?"
Baron Dorell: "According to Ellic's journal, yes. He seems to have been infatuated with the woman. Didn't even get alarmed when she's started turning people into bloodfiends."
Skordo: "More bloodfiends? I hate this. Just give me something to hit already! But it does sound like your son betrayed Northpoint, Baron."
Gwendis: "It's the Remnant. It put Ellic under her spell. I'm surprised he was even able to write in his journal. Maybe that was his way of warning us..."

Speak to her and she'll inform you:

"Verandis sent me to help. He said he needed to do some more research. I swear, the man's got his head buried in that old book you found in Lorkrata. But if it wasn't that, it'd be something else. He loves his research, that's for sure."

Puzzle of the PassEdit

Before entering the Doomcrag:

"I worry about Verandis. I know I shouldn't. He's brilliant and strong. But this whole thing with Montclair and the death of Lleraya. It has him all torn up inside."

Inside Ceynaril, Gwendis will join you and Verandis:

"I never really thought this day would come. But it is what Verandis has been training me for.
I guess we're really going in there. Into the Doomcrag. It's a bit scary, but I'm with Verandis to the end."
Are you sure you're ready for this?
"I've seen the pain Verandis has suffered because of this place. It tortures him.
Verandis has always been there for me. Always. I'll do anything for him. If that means invading the Doomcrag, then so be it."
You care for Verandis, don't you?
"Probably more than he'll ever know.
But that's beside the point. We need to end this and make things right. Even if we have to die to accomplish that."

The Lightless RemnantEdit

After finishing the previous quest, Gwendis will remark:

"Don't mind Verandis. He can get this way sometimes. Especially when the stakes are so high. But I'm sure he has his reasons."

You can find Gwendis speaking with the Count:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "You must do exactly as I taught you. The power of the Remnant will call to you, tempt you. You must be strong enough to withstand that lure."
Gwendis: "I'm ready for this. You know that. Stop treating me like I'm a novice, Verandis."
Gwendis: "I won't fail you. I won't let you down."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "You have never disappointed me, Gwendis. But the Remnant is more powerful than you can imagine. Be on your guard. Now head inside. I'll join you in a moment."

Verandis stops during your climb.

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "This is where it happened. Where Leila died and Montclair... changed."
Gwendis: "Where are Montclair's forces? I thought for sure we'd have to fight a horde of bloodfiends to make it through this place."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Montclair is a strategist. He's waiting for us to make a mistake that he can take advantage of. I fear that mistake is about to be made."
Baron Alard Dorell: "Soldiers, spread out! Secure this chamber!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "You should have heeded my warning, Baron. This is no place for you."
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "You would deny our moment of glory, Count? The Light shines on us this day!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "There is no light here, Countess. Only darkness and death."
Countess Eselde Tamrith: "Arkay protect us! What is that?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Baron Montclair. He's here."
Baron Alard Dorell: "Troops! On my command!"

Suddenly, the cursed Baron appears.

Baron Wylon Montclair: "Welcome, Verandis! And like a good guest, I see you've brought me gifts to play with."
Baron Wylon Montclair: "Allow me to grant my blessing to your army."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "This is exactly what I feared! He's turned our own troops into bloodfiends!"
Baron Wylon Montclair: "How does it feel to watch those who you care about turn against you, Verandis? How does it feel?"
Baron Wylon Montclair: "My wife... my daughter... you've taken everything I've ever loved, Verandis!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Wylon, I'm sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen."
Baron Wylon Montclair: "My daughter loved you, Verandis. She loved you!"
Gwendis: "The Remnant... the power. It drove Lleraya insane! Are those giant skeletons?"

Defeat the first wave and Baron Montclair takes Gwendis and the nobles higher up, and Verandis tells you to climb for a bit without him. Soon enough, Verandis rejoins you and you find Gwendis.

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Gwendis? What has he done to you?"
Gwendis: "Verandis … help. Please, help me. Their blood … smells so good! These restraints. They won't hold me back much longer."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "You must control yourself, Gwendis. We'll find a way to get you out of there."

After freeing Gwendis:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch:: "Gwendis, are you all right?"
Gwendis: "I … I did it. I resisted! I didn't feed. Wait, what happened to the nobles? Did … did I remember wrong?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "They're fine. Merely unconscious. I'm proud of your restraint, Gwendis."

Speaking with Gwendis before speaking with Darien after Verandis sacrifices himself to save Rivenspire:

"What happened? Where's Verandis?"

After talking to Darien:

"He's really gone, isn't he? The mighty Verandis?
I hate this! I really hate it!"
He sacrificed himself to save us all.
"Sacrificed? Like in dead?
What do you mean he sacrificed himself?"
He took the Lightless Remnant to Coldharbour. It was the only way.
"No! Why'd you let him do that? Do you know how hard he worked to distance himself from the Prince? If Verandis is still alive, the Prince won't give him up easily.
But why did he leave me here? I would have... I should have gone with him."
Verandis wouldn't have wanted that./Verandis wouldn't have wanted you to sacrifice yourself, too.
"How do you know what he wanted? He was everything to me!
Why didn't he tell me what he was planning? Why didn't he let me help him?"
He did what he set out to do. He saved Rivenspire.
"Saved us? It doesn't feel like I was saved.
But Verandis always carried a great weight on his shoulders. Maybe that's been lifted from him now. I can only hope, right?"
It's time to go, Gwendis.
"Before we go, take this. Verandis gave it to me, but I can't keep it. You helped him so much. You should have it.
You helped the man I cared about... the man I loved. And you were with him to the end. This belongs to you."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, she will alternatively say:

"Verandis... why did it have to be you? Damn you, Verandis! Why didn't you tell me what you planned to do?"
Verandis saved us all, Gwendis. Now it's time to go. (Leads to same quest completion dialogue)

The Crown of ShornhelmEdit

"I need a little time to say my farewells. Don't worry about me. I won't do anything stupid. I promise.
But you need to get back to Shornhelm. Without Verandis there, they're going to need your help to figure out what happens next."
What do you mean?
"All of this, it happened because Rivenspire doesn't have a true leader. If that doesn't change, it won't be long before the region falls into chaos once more.
At least, that's what Verandis used to say."
And what about you?
"I'll find my way. Verandis taught me well. And Adusa's back at the manor. She'll keep me company. Things will be alright. It'll just take time.
Now go. Get out of here and go help the High King choose a ruler for Rivenspire."
I'm on my way to Shornhelm.

Speaking to her again:

"Go on. Don't wait for me.
But thank you, though. For, you know. Helping Verandis. Thanks."

Later during the quest, she can be found on the second floor of Shornhelm Castle.

"Look at these people—you'd never guess hundreds of people recently died in a terrible war.
Let them have a moment of happiness, though. You and I know it was only because of Verandis' sacrifice that any of us are still here."
You miss Verandis, don't you?
"Of course. You only knew his serious side. He had a wild side, too. If this were Ravenwatch Manor, not one of these people would be wearing any clothes!
Truth is, I've never understood mortal parties. They're way too civil for my tastes."
What happens to House Ravenwatch now?
"Verandis adopted Adusa and I into his family. House Ravenwatch and all its assets belong to us now. We plan to follow in his footsteps and continue to watch over Rivenspire.
We may not have his style, but Verandis will always be in our hearts."
Admirable. Will you continue to help other vampires?
"Of course! When there are enough of us, we might even organize into a real force of goodness in the realm.
I don't know. What do you think? I was thinking of calling ourselves—the Ravenwatch."

After the quest, she can be found in Ravenwatch Castle.

"I can't believe Verandis is really gone.
I'm not sure what we're going to do without him, but we promised to continue the work he started here. That's the best way to honor his memory."
What happens to you all now?
"In his lifetime Verandis gave us a chance to be more than monsters, to continue doing good as the creatures we are. I don't know about the others, but I intend to honor him and continue the legacy of his little rag-tag group."


The Lady of BloodEdit

Gwendis in Blackreach

You will meet Gwendis in Greymoor Cavern within Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns. You may be directed to speak with her by Relmerea Sethandus. When you approach her, she calls out to you.

Gwendis: "Where are you, Adusa? Wait—you there! What do you want?"

Speak with her.

Met her previously:
First time meeting:
"Wow, you're the last person I expected to see down here. But, you have impeccable timing!
Adusa's in trouble. You remember her, right? One of the vampires of the Ravenwatch. From Rivenspire? Anyway, she entered Greymoor Keep and hasn't returned."
"I'm not looking for a fight. I just want to find my sister, Adusa. She's stuck in Greymoor Keep, and I aim to get her out. Simple as that.
Now, should I start swinging these axes, or can we talk?"
Greymoor Keep?
"Uh … look up. It's hard to miss.
Lady Essenia, the Blood Queen, holds court inside. Or at least she did. Apparently, she bent the knee to some ancient vampire from the west. She's called on every vampire in Skyrim to join her here and do likewise."
So, she's conscripting the vampires into an army?
"That's what we thought. But the vampires who go into the Keep never come out. Adusa slipped in with a group of recruits to take a look around. That was days ago ….
It's been too long. I'm going in after her. I could use a hand, if you're willing."
All right, I'll help you find your sister.

You can ask her further questions after this.

"You're a lifesaver! Literally, if all goes well.
First, we need to find a way into the keep. Greymoor elites and their death hounds guard the main gate. No use trying a frontal assault. We've got to find another route. A postern door or something."
You really think there's an alternate route into the keep?/Understood. Now, you really think there's an alternate route into the keep?
"It seems unintuitive, I know. But I've snuck into enough castles to know there's always another route. A postern door, if we're lucky. A sewage pipe if we're not.
I'm feeling lucky. How about you?"
I guess we'll see. Where would this door be if it existed?
"If I had to guess? Far side of the courtyard. It's a long, open approach. Too many sight lines to breach in a siege. Luckily, no one's expecting us.
Plus, the patrols seems to favor that area. Guards need to have something to guard, right?"
What more can you tell me about this Blood Queen, Lady Essenia?
"Not much. Frustrating, right?
My sister and I make it our business to know all the major players in vampire circles. Until a few weeks ago, we didn't even know this place existed, let alone who sat on the throne. Frankly, it's a little embarrassing."
What have you learned so far?
"Well, she's ruthless. No surprise there. A cunning alchemist too.
What I find most remarkable is how she's managed to avoid all the scheming and politicking. I haven't heard a single vampire plotting her downfall. That's … unusual."
How so?
"Vampires live for conspiracy. It's practically the national sport! Local clans like the Volkihar haven't moved against her. And they have a lot to gain if she falls. It's weird.
And now she capitulates to an outsider? I don't get it."
This western vampire must be pretty powerful.
"Or clever. But yeah, powerful is more likely.
Between you, me, and the stalactites, anyone strong enough to pluck a castle like this out from under a vampire like the Blood Queen is someone I'd just as soon avoid."
Why are the Ravenwatch here in Skyrim?
"Oh, no reason. Just rumors of arcane cyclones, and subterranean castles, that sort of thing.
We go where our trouble-making kin go. And our kin are definitely up to trouble here in Skyrim. I just wish there were more of us."
This is a long way from Rivenspire, though.
"Rivenspire's issues will keep. For a while, at least. This though? If we let this fester, it'll be on Castle Ravenwatch's doorstep quick as a rabid jerboa.
Like Verandis used to say, Act, lest you be acted upon. Too right."
What are you hoping to accomplish?
"Right now, I just want to get my sister back. Once she's in hand? I guess we sniff out some reliable allies and plot out where we can do the most good.
I … I just wish Verandis was around. He'd know what to do—allies or no."
I'm sorry about what happened at Doomcrag.
"Verandis did what he thought was right in Rivenspire. You both saved us all.
It's hard, though. You know? Sometimes I glance at his empty chair and … ugh. This isn't helping! I keep thinking there must be a way to …. Never mind. Adusa first."
Who are you?/So, who are you again?/Who are you, again?
"Introductions! Sorry. Ugh … if my master could see this, he'd be aghast.
Gwendis of House Ravenwatch, at your service."
House Ravenwatch?
"Haven't heard of us? Good.
We're the children of Count Verandis, lord of Ravenwatch Castle. He taught us to control our urges—to use our dark gifts to defend people rather than enslave them. Hardly common knowledge, though. So, mums the word, eh?"
What brought you and your sister to Skyrim?
"Oh, no reason. Just rumors of arcane cyclones, and subterranean castles, that sort of thing.
We go where our trouble-making kin go. And our kin are definitely up to trouble here in Skyrim. I just wish there were more of us."
Who's Count Verandis?/Where's this Count Verandis you mentioned?
"He's …. I'd rather not speak about that if you don't mind.
Let's just say he's very far away. Too far away to be of any help."
"I'd … rather not speak about it, if you don't mind.
Let's just say he's far away. Too far away to be of any use here."
where does this fit in here?

Once you leave for the courtyard, she will disperse:

Gwendis: "Let's start with the courtyard. I'll meet you there."

When you approach the courtyard, you'll find her standing over the corpse of a Gray Host Shadowcaster. Enter the courtyard.

Gwendis: "Ugh. This place is crawling with Essenia's troops. They've got to be protecting something. Let's just hope it's an entrance."

Speaking with her here:

"Let's try to keep things quiet, all right?
Keep an eye out for anything or anyone who might get us into the keep. I'll do the same."

You will find Grolag in the courtyard.

Grolag: "Outsiders! Surface-dwellers!"
Gwendis: "Quiet down! We're not here to harm you. I promise."

Before you talk to Grolag, she will advise being gentle to him:

"What did Essenia do to this poor orc? His eyes...and the scars.
See what you can learn from him. Just be gentle, all right? Look he's suffered enough already."

Follow Grolag. He points to the northwest.

Gwendis: "It's that way, isn't it? The caves? Thank you. I promise, this will all be over soon."
Gwendis: "We'll likely find worse things than this inside the keep. Come on. Let's find this door."

Speaking to her here:

"Unless I miss my guess, the horrors we've seen so far will pale in comparison to what waits behind these doors. But as long as we stick together, we'll make it through.
Now, let's find my sister."

Approaching the cave:

Gwendis: "This looks promising. Let's just hope it leads to Adusa."

Speaking to her once inside the Undercroft:

"So far, so good. Just watch the shadows.
I'm a creature of the night, and this place even gives me the creeps!"

When you first enter the kennels, you can hear Arlof voice.

Arlof: "Please … I'll submit. Tell Essenia I'll do anything she asks!"
Gwendis: "Prisoners. Come on, let's hurry!"

Approach Arlof.

Gwendis: "Adusa? Adusa, are you here?"
Arlof: "Adusa? The Khajiit? I know where she is, Elf! Release us and I'll tell you!"

Speak to her in front of Arlof's cage.

"Look at these people. The skin … the eyes. What is Essenia doing to them? To Adusa?
I know these vampires might have misguided loyalties, but no one deserves this. Whatever this is."
Do you think that vampire really knows where Adusa is?
"Hmph. I've been tortured before. I would have said anything to get out of it. Anything.
Then again, he's our only lead. I guess we'll have to risk it."
So, how do we open the pens? I don't see any gates.
"Yeah, yeah. Just let me … ah. Got it. Look up.
See those chains connected to the cages? We need to find the mechanism that lifts and lowers them. Up on that balcony maybe?"
Mechanism on the balcony. Got it. I'll go up and have a look.

You can ask her more questions after this encounter.

"Good. I'll keep watch down here, just in case any of Essenia's soldiers stroll through.
If you manage to open the cages, I'll grab our informant and meet you on your way back down. Just hurry. We're all undead, but he really looks the part."
What do you think Essenia did to these vampires?
"Poisoned them, I'd wager. Some sort of alchemical experimentation. To what end—that's the question.
I just have to believe that Adusa's weathered the effects. She's tough as an Alik'r mule. Even so …. No, she's fine. She has to be."
Have you ever seen anything like this before?
Completed the Lightless Remnant:
"Hm. The bloodfiends in Rivenspire, maybe? You know, those vampires that the Lightless Remnant drove mad. But this seems different. There's intention here. She's looking for something.
Let's pray she never finds it."
"No. Thank goodness, right?
Watching someone suffer through the initial effects of the vampiric malignancy is no spring picnic, but at least you know they'll be sane when it passes. This, though? I don't know what this is leading to."
Why would Essenia do this to her own kind?
"Depends on what you mean by "her own kind." Not all vampires are created equal.
Most vampires become what they are by contracting a disease. Others though—purebloods—can trace their powers right back to the source. To Molag Bal."
So you think Essenia is one of these pureblood vampires?
"Wouldn't surprise me. Huge underground castle, hordes of minions, obvious megalomania … she fits the type.
The bad news is purebloods wield far greater power than an average vampire. The good news is … well, I guess there is no good news. Sorry."

Speaking to her again before you find the release mechanism:

"Go on and check the balcony for a release mechanism. Don't worry about me. I can handle myself."

After you throw the lever, all the captives will be set free. Gwendis will pull Arlof aside.

Gwendis: "You're free! Get out of here, quickly! Except you, Nord. You're coming with us."
Arlof: "What? No! We'll talk outside! I'm not going to—"
Gwendis: "You are going to, or I'm going to throw you back in that cage. Now, move!"
Arlof: "You're as bad as Essenia …."

Meeting up with Gwendis and Arlof at the end of this section of the keep:

Gwendis: "All right, you're safe. Now talk."

Speaking to her before you interrogate Arlof:

"Don't let this Nord off the hook until he tells us what we need to know.
I know he was a captive, but I've got no patience for lies and equivocations. Unlike Count Verandis, my charity has limits."

Speaking to her after the interrogation:

"A laboratory, eh? Fair enough.
Our informant will be all right. Or he won't. We gave him a fighting chance. What he does now is up to him. Let's go."

Speaking to her inside the living quarters:

"I'm not losing my sister to some lunatic pureblood. We push on until we find her!"

Reaching to the end of the area, she will curse out:

Gwendis: "A dead end. Damn it. No signs of an arboretum or a laboratory. There's got to be a way through!"

Speaking to her in the library:

"We could ask this lot for a clue. You know, if they weren't catatonic thralls.
Have a look around. We're missing something. I can feel it."

After reading Words of Entry:

Gwendis: "That note … this place is even worse than I thought. Come on. Let's find a use for that pass phrase."

Speaking to her here:

"So there's a pass phrase. "We Shall Rise Again". What does that even mean? Adusa always handles the riddles. Ugh. How's that for irony?
Let's look around. The answer's here somewhere."

After activating the bookcase:

Gwendis: "A secret door. Of course the lunatic alchemist has a secret door. Let's go."

Speaking with her after finding the bookcase:

"We've wasted enough time in here. Come on, let's get moving."

Speaking with her inside the laboratory:

"This must be the arboretum that prisoner mentioned. We're getting close!
I recognize some of these plants. Reagents for poisons, mind-twisting hallucinogens …. What is Essenia doing down here?"

Reaching the arboretum's vegetation lots:

Gwendis: "Look at all this vegetation! How does it even grow down here?"
Gwendis: "Watch your step, all right? Take it from a Wood Elf-not all plants have your best interests in mind.

After speaking with Nonradil:

Gwendis: "Essenia means to turn Adusa into one of these beasts? One of these bloodknights? Not on my watch."

After reading Research Notes: The Heir of Verandis:

Gwendis: "So, Essenia needs an heir of Verandis? Damn it. What could the Count's bloodline have to do with this?"

Speaking with her here:

"Adusa has a strong will. Stronger than mine. She'll fight this transformation as long as she can, but no one can hold out forever.
We have to move faster."

She stops you in the hallway with the blood fountain pillars.

Gwendis: "Wait a moment. Can we talk?"

See what Gwendis wants to say.

"Sorry, I know we don't have much time. I just need to prepare myself, you know?
And I need something from you."
What's wrong, Gwendis?
"Whatever we encounter beyond these doors—bloodknights, Lady Essenia, even this Ashen Lord—I can handle that.
But if we find my sister, Adusa, and she's been transformed … I need you to do what's necessary. Because I won't be able to."
Essenia has other plans. That book said with an heir of Verandis, she could create something new.
"Yes. Something even worse than a bloodknight, no doubt. That's hardly a comfort.
Just promise me you'll do what you have to do. Adusa deserves better than whatever Essenia has planned for her."
I'll handle it, Gwendis. You have my word.
"Good. And you know … Thanks.
I wish my master, Verandis, was here. But with you by my side, I still feel like victory is possible."

Speaking with her after this exchange:

"All right, enough hand-wringing. Let's kill this hag and get my sister back."

After Lady Essenia dies the first time, Gwendis rushes to Adusa's side.

Gwendis: "Adusa! Please! Answer me!"

After Lady Essenia transforms, Gwendis will beg for Adusa to get up.

Gwendis: "Adusa! Get up! Please!"

However, Lady Essenia will revive as something very different and you'll need to kill her once more.

After the Blood Queen dies the second time, Adusa will have woken up

Adusa-daro: "Gwendis … you came."
Gwendis: "Of course I did, you mangy scamp! Take a breath, then we're getting you out of here."

After you speak to Adusa, she'll ask that you meet at her camp.

Gwendis: "Come on. Those bloodknights will be on top of us any moment now. I'll take care of Adusa. You go on. Meet us at my camp outside, all right?"

Arriving at her camp outside the keep:

Gwendis: "Shh. She's resting."

Speak to her.

"I'm glad to see you made it out of that place in one piece.
I had to carry Adusa half the way. After everything she's just been through, she needs her rest. And a meal."
Will she be all right?
"I … I honestly don't know. I hope so.
There's so much I don't know about the Ravenwatch bloodline. About Verandis's origins. Will the strength of our blood help her heal? Or will it cling to Essenia's experiments all the more? It's a mystery."
She survived the experience. Just take it day-by-day.
"Yeah, you're right. I'll keep a close eye on her. And I have a few alchemists that owe me favors. The important thing is that we're together.
Sisterhood is a powerful bond. It'll take more than some gross experiments to break us apart."
I believe it.
"Take this. Call it a keepsake for everything you've done for House Ravenwatch. And for me.
The vampiric threat still looms large here in Skyrim, but with Essenia out of the way, I think we've got a fighting chance."

Exiting the conversation and speaking to her again before turning in the quest:

"Greymoor Keep. What a nightmare.
Plenty of my adventures would make decent bard songs, but this is one I'd just as soon forget."
So, what now?

Speaking to her after the quest:

"Next stop, the surface. After this business, I'd be willing to go top-side in the middle of the day!"
Are you all right, Gwendis?
"Of course I am. Just thinking about what we saw in there.
I always felt like I had a grip on what vampirism was, you know? But now the world's filling up with monsters I couldn't dream up in my worst nightmares. Verandis never prepared us for this."
We faced it together and succeeded.
"You're right, of course. But this isn't over. Not by a long shot.
I'm sorry—I'm babbling. Just tired, you know. I need rest. We'll probably be here for a while. You're welcome to shelter at our camp whenever you pass by."

Daughter of the WolfEdit

Adusa-daro and Gwendis at the Blue Palace

She will also appear for the ceremony along with Adusa-daro during Daughter of the Wolf if you completed her quest beforehand:

"Nothing like standing in a crowd of Nords who barely survived a brush with vampires to make you miss Ravenwatch Castle, eh?"
Will you be staying in Skyrim for a while?
"We've been told to hold position and monitor the Gray Host's activities. Though I'd wager you've done most of the heavy lifting already. It'll very nearly be a bit of holiday after everything else that's happened."


Gwendis in either of the Stonethorn dungeons

Blood of the PastEdit

You will encounter her in Castle Thorn. When you first approach, she is arguing with another vampire named Talfyg.

Gwendis: "Seems fairly quiet here so far, Talfyg. You're not misleading me, are you?"
Talfyg: "I swear, what I told you is true. I see no need for this distrust between us."
Gwendis: "Showing me a spooky castle proves nothing, Talfyg. Get us inside without drawing attention, then I'll decide how to feel about you."
Talfyg: "Then maybe we could move faster, hmm? I'd like to get in before the fiends see us."

Speaking with Gwendis, she'll have a variety of greetings depending on if you have met her before and what you have accomplished together.

Speak with her to begin the quest. If you've never met her before:

"If Talfyg here doesn't stop complaining, I'll toss him into one of these graves.
Here I am trying to discover if an ancient vampire threatens all of Tamriel, and I need to rely on this insufferable toad."
What vampire threat? Why are you two here?
"I could ask the same of you. But I don't really care.
The ruler of this castle, one Lady Thorn, apparently decided to start amassing her own vampiric army. Bad move on her part. I want to know what she's planning, and then stop it."
And what about your companion?
"This worm of a fellow found me in Solitude. Insists he just escaped this place and needs to show me what the lady's up to. The problem is, I can't sneak in my usual way with him in tow.
Hey, since you're here, feel like helping me storm a castle?"
I'll help you get inside the castle and uncover Lady Thorn's plan.

If you've met in Rivenspire only:

"What excellent luck. Never thought I'd see your face ever again. But here you stand, just when I need you.
If you can believe it. I'm trying to stop another vampiric threat endangering all of Tamriel. Don't pretend to act surprised."
What are you doing here?
"After you revealed the Gray Host's plan in Western Skyrim, I went to Solitude to look into their activities. One day this worm Talfyg approaches me. Insists that an old vampire named Lady Thorn is building an army for the Host."
What are you going to do?
"Obviously, I want to poke around inside and see if Talfyg is telling the truth. Usually I'd sneak my way past the patrols. But I don't trust that he would keep up with me.
Hey—I have an idea. Interested in breaking down the front door?"
I'll help you stop Lady Thorn and the Gray Host.

If you have met before and completed Western Skyrim:

"Talfyg claims there's a secret door that he and I can use to slip in. But Lady Thorn's creatures heavily patrol the area around it. If you fight your way past the front gate, the racket should draw them away.
This is going to be fun."
What are you doing here?
"After you revealed the Gray Host's plan in Western Skyrim, I went to Solitude to look into their activities. One day this worm Talfyg approaches me. Insists that an old vampire named Lady Thorn is building an army for the Host."
What are you going to do?
"Obviously, I want to poke around inside and see if Talfyg is telling the truth. Usually I'd sneak my way past the patrols. But I don't trust that he would keep up with me.
Hey—I have an idea. Interested in breaking down the front door?"
I'll help you stop Lady Thorn and the Gray Host.

If you have completed Stone Garden beforehand:

"Talfyg claims there's a secret door that he and I can use to slip in. But Lady Thorn's creatures heavily patrol the area around it. If you fight your way past the front gate, the racket should draw them away.
This is going to be fun."
What are you doing here?
"After Stone Garden, I started digging into Lady Thorn's history hoping to find some connection to the Gray Host.
That's when this worm Talfyg found me. Insists the Lady has started amassing her own army and that he can show me what she's up to."
So what's your plan?
"We made such a great team in Stone Garden, I figure let's do it again. Except I need to keep a close eye on Talfyg, so I can't sneak in like I usually would.
So, uh, that's where you come in. How do you feel about storming the castle?"

Started through DLC Collection Tab:

"What are the odds? Here I am about to sneak into yet another mysterious castle filled with vampiric threats and then you trot up. Is hanging around ancient architecture just your idea of a good time?
Though, to be honest, it's good to see you."
What vampire threat? Why are you two here?

After agreeing to help defeat Lady Thorn, you can ask Gwendis some questions. They will depend on your previous encounters with her.

"Talfyg claims there's a secret door that he and I can use to slip in. But Lady Thorn's creatures heavily patrol the area around it. If you fight your way past the front gate, the racket should draw them away.
This is going to be fun."
First time Meeting:
Previously encountered the Gray Host and Gwendis:
Why would Talfyg seek you out? Who are you?/You keep saying "we." Who are you referring to?
"Ah, right, I suppose that does require some explanation.
I belong to House Ravenwatch. One of the wards of Count Verandis. We make it our business to track down vampires who cause too much trouble around Tamriel."
So Talfyg approached you due to House Ravenwatch's reputation?
"So he says. I was looking for my brother in Solitude when this dubious fellow stumbles up to me. Told me he knows who I am and that he can show me proof of Lady Thorn's evil army.
I don't trust him, but I thought I'd hear him out."
You say he escaped from here?
"That's his story. They held him prisoner for weeks until he somehow managed to escape. Then he happens to run into a member of the noble house that deals with evil vampires. Seems rather convenient, right?"
Then why follow him?
"Well, several people have mysteriously disappeared from the area. And rumors keep reaching Castle Ravenwatch that Lady Thorn recently became more active. Seems like a worthwhile place to visit, if only to take a peek."
I'm a vampire. Are you after me? (If you're a vampire)
"Ah, no. If you were my target, I probably wouldn't just come out and explain myself like that. Or maybe I would? I've done stranger things.
Anyway, you're safe. From me, at least."
Do you have any clue why Lady Thorn wants to build an army?/Do you have any clue why Lady Thorn would want to build an army?
"Not exactly. I mean, I admit that vampires often like to stir up gratuitous trouble. But Lady Thorn always kept to herself in the past. Very strange that she wants to build an army now."
You have no information about her motivations?
"Well, if I can believe what Talfyg says, several people came to examine the prisoners while they held him. Reachmen, other vampires, a madman—it sounded like they put the captives on display.
I worry this may be part of something larger."
Tell me more about this Lady Thorn. / Tell me more about Lady Thorn.
"Lady Thorn is one of those vampires that we never really need to worry about. Her clan keeps to themselves and rarely disturbs the regular folk nearby.
That sense of privacy means we don't know too much about her, unfortunately."
There's no information about her at all?
"Only fragments. We know Lady Thorn is old. Really old. Records show she's a High Elf who first drew attention in the late First Era. That's when she kicked a local jarl out of this castle and moved her clan in.
But, really, that's all I know."
What brought you out here? Ravenwatch business?
"Recent events keep the entirety of House Ravenwatch on high alert. I came north to help my siblings with those terrible storms.
We train to handle our kin who get out of control. But the scale of this is so large. I can barely grasp it."
Is this about the Gray Host?
"You noticed the banners on the castle walls, huh? Not an encouraging sign. If Lady Thorn really has built an army then it only increases the threat from the Gray Host.
Which means it's more important than ever that we stop it."
Tell me more about this Lady Thorn. / Tell me more about Lady Thorn.
"Lady Thorn is one of those vampires that we never really need to worry about. Her clan keeps to themselves and rarely disturbs the regular folk nearby.
That sense of privacy means we don't know too much about her, unfortunately."
There's no information about her at all?
"Only fragments. We know Lady Thorn is old. Really old. Records show she's a High Elf who first drew attention in the late First Era. That's when she kicked a local jarl out of this castle and moved her clan in.
But, really, that's all I know."

When you move up the hill towards the first group of hostiles, Gwendis and Talfyg get moving:

Gwendis: "All right, that should draw the patrols. Now show me this secret door."
Talfyg: "Yes, this way. And step quietly. The stones have ears."

After defeating Dread Tindulra and fighting your way through the Great Entrance Hall, Talfyg and Gwendis will appear from a side door:

Gwendis: "I thought I heard a bit of a scuffle up here."
Talfyg: "Honestly, I'm surprised to see you again. I thought the guard dog would make short work."
Gwendis: "You should be pleased. No need to fear with us around."

You can talk to her before heading on and ask what she found with Talfyg:

"Nicely done diverting the castle's patrols towards the front hall. We didn't encounter any trouble slipping in the side entrance.
Which is likely for the best. My confidence that Talfyg will betray us grows stronger by the second."
Did you find what Talfyg wanted to show you?
"We sure did. Basement prisons, just as Talfyg claimed. Recently used and in horrifying conditions—blood and bones everywhere. I think I saw a dismembered leg.
Worryingly, I didn't see any actual prisoners."
What do you think happened down there?
"Why would a horde of vampires keep anybody in a basement prison? Saving them for later I imagine. In fact, these felt much like livestock pens.
We need to find out what Lady Thorn did with those prisoners."

Or, if The Lady of Blood is completed:

Basement prisons like the ones we saw in Greymoor Keep?
"Extremely similar. Well, I suppose most prisons look the same. But you're right, these felt more like livestock pens, just like those in the Keep.
We need to find out what Lady Thorn did with those prisoners. And what she offers the Ashen Lord."

Lady Thorn's voice to suddenly boom out as Talfyg performs his sudden but inevitable betrayal.

Lady Thorn: "Well done, Talfyg. You brought me a daughter of Verandis, as requested. She will complement our lord's army well."
<Talfyg strikes Gwendis, taking some of her essence and summoning a Blood Twilight.>
Gwendis: "What is this? Damn it, Talfyg, what have you done?"
Talfyg: "Your blood flows strong, Gwendis! My lady has need of you. But she has no use for the others."
Gwendis: "No! You won't get away so easily!"
<Talfyg transforms into mist and escapes through the door on the other side of the room. Gwendis follows suit.>
Gwendis: "You can handle this. I refuse to let him win!"

After the Blood Twilight is dead, Gwendis shows up back in the Conservatory, weakened.

Gwendis: "Talfyg … got away."
Gwendis: "He moved so fast …. Just caught me by surprise."

You can speak to Gwendis before moving forward:

"I knew that snake was lying. But I just wanted to see what he planned. What this was all about. I never expected he would catch me so unaware.
He hits harder than a giant. Cracked my ribs, probably. I don't understand how he's so powerful."
So Talfyg lied the whole time?/So, Talfyg lied the whole time?
"Oh yeah, couldn't you tell? I marked him as full of deer dung from the moment he approached me in Solitude.
But why all the deception?"
It sounded like Lady Thorn wanted him to bring you here.
"Yeah, that's a little disconcerting. Usually evil vampires don't want House Ravenwatch anywhere near their business.
If she thinks I'll join this army of hers, she's gone mad from isolation."
What do we do now?/So, what do we do now?
"Well, I'm going to rest here until my bones fuse back together. Shouldn't take but a few moments.
In the meantime, go ahead and clear the way. See what you can learn about Lady Thorn's army. And, hopefully, where we can find her."

After Vaduroth has been killed, she will enter the chamber and look around:

Gwendis: "Gods above … what vile evil is this?"
Gwendis: "I think I know where to find Lady Thorn. Push on to the cathedral while I search for clues here."

Speaking to her you can ask about the Reanimated Vampires:

"By all the gods … what kind of monster does this?
Siphoning the very energies from living beings to reanimate vampires. They're just husks controlled by spirits."
Why would Lady Thorn reanimate dead vampires?
"I can see the vicious logic. Mindless fighters ready to serve like a bloodfiend. But mimicking all the powers of a vampire. They'd be unstoppable.
It seems you ended her source of these creatures. Whatever that was … you sent it back to Oblivion."
What are you looking for here?
"I want to destroy anything that could be used to bring another one of those creatures back to our world.
Something like … this must never happen again."

You can catch up to Talfyg in the Statuary Garden where he will be waiting for you. His voice will be loud and distorted as he shouts at you:

Talfyg: "How dare you reject Lady Thorn's offer? Look! Tremble before the power you might have wielded!"
<Talfyg transforms into a Bloodknight.>
Gwendis: "Well this explains some things. What have you become Talfyg?"
Gwendis: "There's no running away this time, monster!"
Talfyg: "My lady demands your head as tribute!"

Gwendis assists you against Talfyg in combat by holding his gargoyles still, allowing you to deal as much damage as you can to them without fear of being hit by them in the process.

Gwendis: "This won't last forever! Hit him as hard as you can!"
Gwendis: "There! Glad that worked. Now get him!"
Gwendis: "I'll hold him as long as I can!"
Gwendis: "You're not going anywhere this time!"
Gwendis: "I brought something just for this occasion!"

After Talfyg dies:

Gwendis: "Glad to be rid of that worm. He deserved worse."
Gwendis: "The cathedral isn't too far ahead. Lady Thorn should be inside."

You can speak to her here.

"I've never claimed to be above revenge. In fact, I kind of enjoy it. In moderation, obviously. Can't get too carried away.
Anyway, I'm glad Talfyg's dead."
What kind of creature was he?
"A bloodknight. Vampires of ignoble lineage who have absorbed the power of several other kin. Considered quite rude behavior among vampires, honestly.
Strange. Usually they …. Oh no."
What do you mean, "oh no"?
"According to the stories, bloodknights operate in service to Vampire Lords. But that doesn't make sense. Lady Thorn can't be … Ravenwatch would know.
We need to tread extremely carefully going forward."

After you have defeated the enemies in the Cathedral, Gwendis will arrive and begin looking around:

Gwendis: "You found what remains of the prisoners. Such brutality."
Gwendis: "Wait … look at all these documents."
<She runs over to a nearby desk and starts looking through them.>
Gwendis: "There's information here about Lady Thorn … and the Gray Host. I need to study this."

You can speak with her here.

"These documents are a treasure trove. Papers that go back into the First Era. All of them detailing parts of the Gray Host's history.
Lady Thorn's connection to the Host are deeper than I realized."
How deep a connection are you talking about?
"From what I can tell, Lady Thorn used to be Lady Ingerien of Clan Direnni. I wonder why she changed her name?
And this is interesting—a letter expressing gratitude for "providing shelter in our darkest hour.""
What does it all mean?
"I don't know yet. But it's imperative I figure it out. The safety of Tamriel could rely on it.
Look, Lady Thorn is a threat. And I've seen you fight. No matter what she throws at you, I know you can handle it. You must take her down."
Where will you be?
"I need to collect as much of these documents as I can before something happens to them. There's someone I know that could make good use of the information here.
I'll join you as soon as I can."

After Lady Thorn's demise, Gwendis enters the room.

Gwendis: "It's over. The ancient clan of Lady Thorn is no more. Good riddance."
Gwendis: "I need to speak with you about what I found in those documents."

Speak to her to end the quest.

"An undead army shattered, an evil Vampire Lord destroyed, and a monstrous I-don't-know-what banished back to Oblivion. You do incredible work.
Seriously, I don't know what might have happened if you weren't here. Thanks."
What's next for you?
"My next step is contacting House Ravenwatch to tell them what we found. Lady Thorn's connection to the Gray Host needs deeper investigation.
Before I go, I'd like you to take this. Without you, I might be up on one of those hooks. Thanks."

Speaking to her after the quest:

If you haven't completed Stone Garden:
If you have completed Stone Garden:
"The documents we found describe Lady Thorn's plan in significant detail. An army of darkness joining forces with the Gray Host. If we hadn't come along, she'd be unstoppable.
Good thing Talfyg didn't count on you showing up."
What was her plan to build the army?/What was Lady Thorn's plan for building an army?
"She wanted to find a way to mass produce those revived vampire soldiers we saw. Imagine the strength of an army filled with thousands of those creatures. Or possibly even bloodknights.
Ugh, thousands of Talfygs."
What do you think House Ravenwatch will do with the information?
"Send me on another mission, most likely. They know I get restless if I'm not risking my life for some reason or another.
At the moment they're trying to track down the lair of some crazy alchemist. Maybe I'll try to find that."
"You know … between our fun with Arkasis and the, let's be frank, horrors we dealt with here, you and I make a pretty good team.
So I hope you don't mind if I make one more request of you."
What do you need from me?
"Look at what we know so far. Arkasis' research started long ago, before the Gray Host even existed. And Lady Thorn's documents discussed a group that started the Gray Host.
We need to understand more about the Gray Host's origins."
How do we do that?
"Maybe we start where they first ended. Bangkorai. The original fall of the Gray Host.
I need to reach out to some people. But I'll be in touch soon. We should take a trip to the Bangkorai Garrison."
What was her plan to build the army?
"She wanted to find a way to mass produce those revived vampire soldiers we saw. Imagine the strength of an army filled with thousands of those creatures. Or possibly even bloodknights.
Ugh, thousands of Talfygs."
What do you think House Ravenwatch will do with the information?
"Send me on another mission, most likely. They know I get restless if I'm not risking my life for some reason or another.
At the moment they're trying to track down the lair of some crazy alchemist. Maybe I'll try to find that."


"After dealing with one evil monster after another, I understand better why Verandis brought us together in House Ravenwatch. The threat our kin poses to normal folks of Tamriel worries me."
"Oh, good. You made it. Wasn't quite sure I could sneak into Lady Thorn's eerie old castle without your help.
Though, you might not entirely like my plan to get in."

Method and MadnessEdit

Outside the LaboratoryEdit

You will find Gwendis sneaking around in the Stone Garden. As you approach, she notices you.

Gwendis: "Ugh, this place reeks of wet dog and a fungal infection. Must be getting close."
Gwendis: "Hey, who's there? I can still hear while holding my breath."
First Time Meeting:
Met Before, [verification needed — where?]:
Met Before, [verification needed — Greymoor?]:
Completed Castle Thorn[verification needed — Does this show up if you've also only completed Greymoor?]:
"You're trespassing. Which is good, so am I. The question is: are we snooping around for the same reason?"
"Didn't expect to run into you down here. Are you following me? You're following me aren't you?"
"We've got to stop meeting like this. I promise dank caves aren't where I spend all of my time.
Come in search of more evil vampire experiments?"
"Glad you caught up. Thought I might have to try sneaking by a bunch of smelly werewolves all by myself, but since you're here now we can probably take the direct route."

Depending on your prior encounters, you conversation can go two ways:

First Time Meeting or Minimal Encounters:
Previously Investigated Castle Thorn Together:
What are you doing here?
"Hey. Rude. I asked first. Whatever. I happen to be in search of some lunatic alchemist named Arkasis who's working on some mad scheme with some equally crazy co-conspirators.
His laboratory is near here. I can smell it."
What kind of mad scheme?
"The kind that involves grave robbing an ancient evil for nefarious purposes, which comes up more often than I'd like, so now I have to put a stop to Arkasis's experiments.
That's why I'm here. As for you, I only really need to know if you'll help."
I'll help you stop Arkasis's plans.
What's the situation?
"It took a bit of legwork, but some of the discoveries we made at Castle Thorn lead here. A place called Stone Garden. Some ancient Dwarven ruin taken over by a mad alchemist named Arkasis. I need to figure out what they're planning."
What was it you were saying about werewolves before?
"Oh. Right. Arkasis seems to be a popular guy, despite everything I heard about him. I dodged a few of his lackeys' patrols and they seem to have a large pack of lycanthropes sniffing around.
I don't think the stealthy approach will work."
I'll help you deal with Arkasis.

You can ask her more questions after accepting the quest. What you can ask her depends on prior encounters:

Haven't Completed Castle Thorn:
Previously Investigated Castle Thorn Together:
"Arkasis does his work out of a place called the Stone Garden. Used to be some Dwarf ruin. I heard he's been out here for years building up a cult of followers. That wouldn't be so bad, but he's got some werewolf guard dogs as well so be careful."
Do you know anything about the co-conspirators Arkasis is working with?
"Where to begin. Someone was smuggling ancient vampire and werewolf remains out of Bangkorai and bringing them to Western Skyrim, but … we don't know why. My investigation says a lot of them were brought to Stone Garden, but the rest is a mystery."
Any idea what Arkasis wants with these remains?
"Something alchemical, most likely, but I'm not crazy enough to even hazard a guess what. They call him the Mad Alchemist for a reason. Somehow I doubt it'll be a cure for Daedric diseases."
So the Draugrkin plundered the Unhallowed Grave for Arkasis? (Completed Unhallowed Grave)
"How do you—oh, you must be who helped Fennorian with his investigation. All I can say for certain is that Arkasis is involved. We won't know if he's the mastermind until we do some digging of our own in Stone Garden."
What can you tell me about Arkasis?
"He's the type who experiments because he can without ever asking if he should. Got him chased out of several holds. He disappeared not long after, but there were rumors he was conducting his questionable research somewhere far from prying eyes."
And that somewhere is the Stone Garden?
"That's where the trail is leading me. I won't know until we find it. My gut tells me it's close. Well, my nose does anyway. I've gotten all too familiar with the smell of werewolves lately, and there's a tinge of something … alchemical in the air."
"Judging from the smell, I'd say Stone Garden is probably just a little farther down this chasm.
How about you take the lead?"
How is Arkasis connected to Lady Thorn?
"They're both part of a broader conspiracy, but how they both fit into the overall picture is still a work in progress. Lady Thorn sent some documents to Arkasis related to whatever they're plotting. I'm hoping that's the missing piece to this puzzle."
What can you tell me about Arkasis?
"He's the type who experiments because he can without ever asking if he should. Got him chased out of several holds. He disappeared not long after, but there were rumors he was conducting his questionable research somewhere far from prying eyes."
And that somewhere is the Stone Garden?
"That's where the trail is leading me. I won't know until we find it. My gut tells me it's close. Well, my nose does anyway. I've gotten all too familiar with the smell of werewolves lately, and there's a tinge of something … alchemical in the air."

If you haven't met before, you can also ask who she is and who works for:

Who are you? / Who are you anyway?
"Name's Gwendis, of House Ravenwatch. Not that that would mean anything to you. The short answer is we keep an eye on troublesome vampires—and werewolves now—to keep them in check.
And no, Arkasis isn't either, that I know of, but his allies are."

If you completed Western Skyrim's story:how does this fit in

"Looking into what the Gray Host has been up to since you uncovered their plot in Western Skyrim. Seems they've been working with an outlaw alchemist called Arkasis who has a secret laboratory down here."
What's your plan when you find it?
"What do you think I'm going to do? Sell them love potions? I was hoping to sneak inside and find out what the Gray Host is plotting here, but now that you're here we can probably accomplish more than a little spying. Let's stop Arkasis."
All right. I'll help you deal with Arkasis.

If you completed Rivenspire's story:any other quest requirements?

Did the Ravenwatch send you here?
"Who else? The Ravenwatch noticed some suspicious trafficking in ancient vampire remains and it lead to a much wider conspiracy. My brothers and sisters are all out chasing leads.
Vampires. Always making trouble. Good thing I don't need sleep."
Are you on your own out here?
"I've been out on my own a lot since ... since Verandis, you know. We all have. There weren't a lot of us in House Ravenwatch to begin with. Everyone has to pull their weight and this conspiracy has us spread thin.
This'll be a nice change of pace."

After you jump down into the hole below, Gwendis will call down to you:

Gwendis: "I'm more of a spy than fighter. I'll shadow you on the way in."
Gwendis: "Fair warning. I won't jeopardize my mission if you run into trouble, so try not to die. I'd feel guilty."

Once you have dealt with the first group of Stone Gardens Assistants and Werewolves, Gwendis will appear and comment:

Gwendis: "Nice welcome. Told you I smelled werewolves and alchemy."
Gwendis: "Watch for ambushes. It will be hard to get through this canyon unnoticed."
<She fades into the shadows once more.>
Exarch KraglenEdit

Following the path through the chasm, you will eventually reach an arena-looking place and Exarch Kraglen who guards the door into the laboratory.

Exarch Kraglen: "Far enough, interlopers! Only my jaws lie ahead."
Gwendis: "Heck of a guard dog. Take him for a run. I'll work on the door."

Gwendis will then sneak over to the door and begin unlocking it. During the fight against Exarch Kraglen, he will occasionally roar, causing you to glow red. This agitates Gwendis.

Gwendis: "Arg! If he keeps doing that I'm going to snap my tools off in this lock!"
Gwendis: "Whatever he's doing is getting to me! Shut him up!"
Gwendis: "Ah! It's like a hammer on my skull! Keep him from doing that!"
Gwendis: "He's making me so angry! Grah!"

Once Kraglen is dead, Gwendis finally unlocks the door:

Gwendis: "Dwarven locks are tricky even without all the howling, but I got it. Come on!"
Exploring Stone GardenEdit

You arrive at the Refinement Wing, where she'll look around the room you and comment:

Gwendis: "Z'en's bargain! Would you look at it all? I'm no expert on Dwarves, but I don't think they built half of this."
<She then runs over to the stacked up urns.>
Gwendis: "And these must be the stolen remains Fennorian was telling me about. Never seen this symbol on these urns." [verification needed — different dialogue if unhallowed is not completed and greymoor storyline is?]
Gwendis: "Go on ahead. I'm going to poke through some of this stuff and see what Arkasis is up to."

She then goes over to a stone table and begins looking through the documents. You can speak with her here before continuing:

No knowledge of the Gray Host:
Know of the Gray Host (Completed Greymoor):
"There's a lot to go through here, but you'll be of more use keeping Arkasis and his gang distracted.
What are you looking so expectant for? That not clear enough? Seemed like you already got the hang of causing them trouble."
You recognized some of these things. What can you tell me?
"Is now really the best time? Ugh. Those large urn-looking things. Full of ashes from the Gray Host's mass grave in Bangkorai, plundered by some grave robbers and smuggled into Western Skyrim. I'd really like to know why."
Who were the Gray Host?
"Just an army of vampires and werewolves. They got wiped out in the First Era. Burned to ashes and buried deep. The Redguards even formed an order to watch over the grave and ensure their evil stayed buried. That's all I know. Fennorian's the expert."
Who's Fennorian?
"Oh, he's just my brother. Not literally, part of House Ravenwatch. All of us are investigating this conspiracy at the moment.
It doesn't matter right now. I'm going to do some investigating of my own, and you should start wrecking their plans."
"There's a lot to go through here, but you'll be of more use keeping Arkasis and his gang distracted.
What are you looking so expectant for? That not clear enough? Seemed like you already got the hang of causing them trouble."
What could Arkasis be doing with gray reliquaries?
"That's the million drake question. Didn't you and Fennorian discover that the Gray Host was using these to resurrect their dead? Maybe Arkasis played a role in devising that? It sounds crazy enough for his tastes."
They'd gather energy from harrowstorms into these and use them to hatch Gray Host from stone husks.
"Hatching them? Like an egg? Think Fennorian left that part out.
Well, we aren't going to get anywhere by standing around guessing. Keep an eye out for more Gray Host stuff laying around. I'll be right behind you."

Later, after the first alchemized werewolf is defeated, she'll appear, surprised, as she throws in the Stone Garden Curator's Bestial Transformation Tonic.

Gwendis: "Whoa! Do you think that potion caused that?"
Gwendis: "Only one way to find out. Could come in handy, if you're feeling brave."

Continuing onwards, you'll next arrive in a chamber where two Stone Husks are being charged by a gray reliquary.

Gwendis: "Whoa, these constructs are huge!"
Gwendis: "Can you feel the power in this urn? I think it's charging these statues."
<She proceeds to disrupt them.>
Gwendis: "That should keep these ones nice and still."

You can then talk to her.

"It looks like this so-called Stone Garden is producing these giant stone constructs. I was sort of wondering what the deal with the name was.
Still, that can't be all Arkasis is up to."
What makes you say that?
"Everything I'd heard about Arkasis paints him as an egotistical, self-proclaimed genius and obsessive dabbler. I don't see him agreeing to mass produce these husks himself. He'd think it's a waste of his talent. There's got to be more going on."

Soon you can observe and overhear the first meeting between Arkasis and Gwendis. They will be behind a locked gate:

Arkasis the Mad Alchemist: "Hmph, these coven designs prove as inferior as I predicted."
Gwendis: "You must be Arkasis."
Arkasis the Mad Alchemist: "Aha. It's good to see my name is getting the recognition it deserves!"
Arkasis the Mad Alchemist: "I'll give you the honor of basking in my brilliance, if you survive the demonstration. Hahaha!"
<He disappears in cloud of smoke.>
Gwendis: "I'm going after him. You keep moving!"

While he tests the Stone Husks against you as you move through the chambers, Gwendis will chase him:

Arkasis the Mad Alchemist: "You get to test my latest formula! Lucky you! Hahaha!"
Gwendis: "Get back here you overgrown pestle pusher!"

Before reaching Testing Chamber, Arkasis will send his assistants after Gwendis, as she chases him along the upper platform:

Arkasis the Mad Alchemist: "Assistants! Swat this fly! She's interfering with my work!"
Assistant Ingrid: "A bug, sire? Ah! D-don't come near Master Arkasis!"
<She quickly disposes them.>
Gwendis: "Poor chumps. Keep going! We've almost got him cornered!"

When you enter the Testing Chamber you will be locked in and Arkasis will force you to fight the Stone Behemoth for testing purposes. When you destroy it, Arkasis will be furious and Gwendis will enter the chamber behind you.

Arkasis the Mad Alchemist: "Failure? A failure? The design was flawless! Your little fly sabotaged my work, didn't she? Didn't she?"
Arkasis the Mad Alchemist: "I have to rethink. A new approach. Unassailable! No more tests! Get out! I need focus!"
<He disappears in a puff of smoke. Gwendis arrives.>
Gwendis: "Arkasis! How did he even get here? He couldn't have gotten past me. Secret passage?"
Gwendis: "Doesn't matter. Give chase. I'll search this laboratory, make sure he doesn't double back again. Two birds, one stone."

Speaking with her here, you can ask what she has learnt so far:

"Can't believe that sneaky skeever gave me the slip. He won't do it again. Even if he does, so what? We break enough equipment and steal his research it won't matter if Arkasis escapes.
Hope Fennorian has better luck understanding these notes though."
What have you discovered so far?
"Arkasis is doing all kinds of experiments with these stone husks. All too technical for me. Plus his notes trail off in all sorts of crazy directions. I get the impression he's easily distracted and his allies are losing patience with him."
Why's that?
"Some correspondence had been piling up. And that giant werewolf, Kraglen, his orders weren't to come protect Stone Garden. He was sent to keep Arkasis on schedule. I definitely want to find out what they've got him working on."

Along the way, you'll find another one of Arkasis' studies, where you can witness Gwendis causing havoc as you pass by.

Gwendis: "No sign of Arkasis yet. Keep going. I'll follow your trail of destruction with one of my own."
Gwendis: "I think I'm beginning to understand the process."
<She sets fire to a stack of crates.>
Gwendis: "At least enough to break it anyway."
<Another fire is set.>
Gwendis: "This is starting to get fun."

As you approach to Arkasis' Laboratory, she can be found reading a book from a nearby bookcase.

Gwendis: "Think I found something. Old notes. Really old."

You can then talk to her about them.

"Arkasis seems to be working from someone else's theories. Old theories. I've seen draugr with younger looking skin than this parchment, but this handwriting seems familiar to me. Where have I seen this before?"
Gleaned any insights into Arkasis's research?
"It's a bit easier to follow than Arkasis's scribbling and it's in Old Aldmeris. Theories on the nature of souls. Their connections to each other, the world, the planes of existence. Heady stuff.
Someone wants Arkasis to study this, but why?"
Keep at it. I'll continue looking for Arkasis.
Arkasis's LaboratoryEdit

Eventually, you'll get Arkasis cornered in his main laboratory where he has sealed himself in an odd device in the center of the room. His first words to you will depend of how many valves of Vitalizer Fluid the players close during the dungeon. If none of the valves is closed:

Arkasis the Mad Alchemist: "Fools! Meddlers! You've walked into the very crucible of creation! In this realm, I am god! I will oversee your unmaking from on high!"

If at least one valve is closed but not all three:

Arkasis the Mad Alchemist: "You've starved a few bloodknights of my precious formula. I'll just have to prepare an infusion of your blood!"

If all three valves are closed:

Arkasis the Mad Alchemist: "How am I to test my superior bloodknights when you've ruined the entire batch? I'll have to start all over with you!"

Gwendis will arrive with a plan:

Gwendis: "Well that escalated quickly. Don't worry, I found just the thing to help pry him out of that oversized alembic."

Then she'll throw more werewolf tonic.

Gwendis: "These'll put hair on your chest. Down one and try tearing off some of those pressure valves!"

During the fight, Gwendis will perch on the device Arkasis has sealed himself in. She will occasionally shout out advice:

About the Shock Emitters
Gwendis: "Watch out for those shock-things taking root! Maybe you can shake them loose?"
Gwendis: "You've got to do something about those shock-things! Can't you dig them out somehow?"
Experimental Creatures
Gwendis: "Beast on the loose!"
Gwendis: "Got critters after you!"

Eventually Arkasis leaves the tube to fight you before escaping once more to activate some powerful Stone Husks. Gwendis throws down some more potions so you can counteract them.

Werewolf Transformation Potion
Gwendis: "Time for you to bulk up! Drink this!"
Gwendis: ""Have another potion! I'm sure it'll be fine!"

The first time Arkasis leaves the tube to fight you and escapes back to the glass chamber:

Gwendis: "We've got to keep him out of that chamber. I'll see if I can sabotage some equipment."

As the fight progresses Gwendis will begin sabotaging the machinery:

Gwendis: "Keep it up! I think I've almost got it!"

After Arkasis's health is reduced to a certain amount, Gwendis' sabotage will have visible effects:

Gwendis: "That should do it! Let's smoke him out of there!"
<The chamber Arkasis is in will fill with smoke, light and lightning as he begins to scream.>
Arkasis the Mad Alchemist: "No! It's overloading. Let me out! Ahh!"

There is an explosion and Arkasis will appear, half his clothing burned off but transformed into living lightning.

Arkasis the Mad Alchemist: "Aha! I've gone beyond mere flesh and blood! I am transcendent! Ahahaha!"
Arkasis the Mad Alchemist: "A bloodknight superior to Essenia's in every way!"

Once you have defeated Arkasis, Gwendis will declare you have won:

Gwendis: "Finally. Glad I didn't try to bite the energetic git. Think there was more alchemy than blood in his veins."
Gwendis: "We've pretty much cleared the place out. Might be worth studying what's left of this equipment."
Gwendis: "Go us!"

You can then talk to her to turn-in her quest:

"That's that then. Had enough excitement for one day?"
What comes next?
"Oh, that wasn't a cheeky invitation. I think we're actually done here.
I might have managed a bit of sabotage and snooping on my own, but I definitely couldn't have shut this place down without your help. So thanks for lending a hand."

After completing the quest, you can ask some questions about what she will do next for her investigation:

Have not completed Castle Thorn's Quest:
Completed both Stonethorn Dungeons:

If haven't completed the Castle Thorn's quest. Your work there is done, but you can ask her about where she's going next.

"I'm going to rummage through more of Arkasis's work before his allies catch wind of our attack. See if I can dig up more on this mystery research. If not, I've got a new lead to follow anyway."
Where are you headed next?
"Arkasis scribbled some instructions to his assistants about handling the research brought from Lady Thorn's old sanctuary. I'm pretty sure he was referring to these dusty tomes on souls. Not sure how Lady Thorn fits in with the Gray Host though."
Who is Lady Thorn?
"An equally dusty old vampire. The Ravenwatch has been keeping watch on her for ages. She's a recluse who mostly just keeps to her castle. She's never been trouble, so we've left her be. That'll change if she's in league with the Gray Host."
What will happen to Stone Garden?
"The Ravenwatch doesn't have the resources to keep the Gray Host from taking it back, so the best I can do is make sure there's little left of value still here when they do. If you want to smash a few things on your way out, be my guest."
"After everything we faced at Castle Thorn, I knew it was the right call to bring you along for this. We make quite the team.
So I hope you don't mind if I make one more request of you."
What will happen to Stone Garden?
"The Ravenwatch doesn't have the resources to keep the Gray Host from taking it back, so the best I can do is make sure there's little left of value still here when they do. If you want to smash a few things on your way out, be my guest."
What do you need from me?
"Look at what we know so far. Arkasis' research started long ago, before the Gray Host even existed. And Lady Thorn's documents discussed a group that started the Gray Host.
We need to understand more about the Gray Host's origins."
How do we do that?
"Maybe we start where they first ended. Bangkorai. The original fall of the Gray Host.
I need to reach out to some people. But I'll be in touch soon. We should take a trip to the Bangkorai Garrison."

Markarth PrologueEdit

The Ravenwatch InquiryEdit

You can come across Gwendis at the Eastern Evermore Wayshrine, or be directed to her by reading the House Ravenwatch Contract and starting the quest. If the former, then you may hear her say "Well, you're a sight for sore eyes!" If you haven't met her before, she will otherwise say "You there! Looking for me?"

Her greeting will depend on the completion status of the zone storyline in Western Skyrim and Rivenspire:

Completed Rivenspire Zone:
Completed a Stonethorn Dungeon:
Completed Greymoor Storyline:
Have met Gwendis before:
First Time Meeting:
"It's been awhile, hasn't it? I almost didn't recognize you. Last time I saw you, we saved Rivenspire. The stakes are even higher now. And this time Verandis isn't here.
I need your help, my friend. We need to find out more about the Gray Host."
"Haven't had enough of me yet, have you?
Good. Because I could use your help again. You were with me for the first part of all this. It's only right that you should be here for the culmination, when we learn all of the Gray Host's secrets."
"What? Saving Skyrim wasn't enough for you? Had to sign on for even more heroics?
It's good to see you. I could use your help. You know better than anyone what we're dealing with. We need to figure out exactly what the Gray Host is up to."
"Well, look who it is. And just when I thought I was going to have to investigate the Gray Host all by my lonesome.
The Ravenwatch said it was sending someone to assist me. I'm glad it turned out to be you."
"You here about the contract? Investigating the Gray Host is like trying to wrestle an angry spirit! Anyway, the Ravenwatch could certainly use the help.
And by the Ravenwatch, I mean me."

After this, your conversation with Gwendis will depend on prior knowledge of the Ravenwatch and the Gray Host:

Met Gwendis previously:
Haven't met before:
Hello, Gwendis. Do you need help with your investigation?
"You know the Ravenwatch is committed to dealing with these kinds of threats. I can't think of anything worse than a reborn army of vampires and werewolves from the First Era.
So, yes, I could use some help. We need to know more about their plans."

"You know the Ravenwatch is committed to dealing with these kinds of threats. Trouble is, there's never been a threat consisting of a reborn army of vampires and werewolves from the First Era.
So, yes, I could use some help. We need to know what they're planning."
[verification needed — what are the conditions for these alternate lines?]
What do we know so far?
Accepted the quest via Crown Store:
Accepted the quest from Gwendis:
"We know that one of the original ruling members of the Gray Host is rebuilding their army, gathering vampires and werewolves to their banner. And we know they're experimenting with life energy.
So, what do you say? Ready for another adventure?"
"We know that one of the Gray Host's original ruling council is rebuilding their army, gathering vampires and werewolves to their banner. And we know they're experimenting with life energy.
So, what do you say? Ready for another adventure?"
Why is House Ravenwatch investigating the Gray Host?
"The Ravenwatch is dedicated to curtailing the activities of unscrupulous vampires, and the Gray Host is as unscrupulous as they come!
Someone is rebuilding the ancient army of vampires and werewolves that ravaged the First Era. We need to stop them."
How do you know all this?
Accepted the quest via Crown Store:
Accepted the quest from Gwendis:
"Hey, I was doing stuff before you showed up!
Look, there's a new Gray Host. One of their original leaders may be in charge. And they're experimenting with life energy. Will you help me?"
"Hey, I was doing stuff before you showed up!
Look, some vampires and werewolves have formed a new Gray Host. One of their original ruling councilors may be leading them. And they seem to be experimenting with life energy. Will you help me?"
I'll help you find out more about the Gray Host.
"Everything I learned up to now points in the same direction. Bangkorai Garrison. There's a scholar named Laurette Diel there who may be able to tell us more about the Gray Host and how they were defeated.
Cart's over there when you're ready to go."

After agreeing to help, you can asked Gwendis questions before you head to the garrison.

Tell me about what you learned.
"My research has uncovered pieces, but I hope the scholars at the Bangkorai Garrison can put the puzzle together.
Members of the Gray Host experimented with life energy. And at least one of their leaders survived their defeat in the ancient past."
Tell me about the Gray Host survivor.
"My research indicates a council ruled the Gray Host. One of those leaders fell out of favor and another survived the final battle.
A Direnni noble with connections to Viridian Watch gave the survivor sanctuary. In return, they made her a vampire."
Tell me about the experiments with life energy.
"In the ancient past, the Gray Host sought to use life energy to draw souls into containment vessels called stone husks. It had something to do with returning the dead to life.
I think there's a new Gray Host and they've revived those experiments."
This is related to what we learned in Western Skyrim, isn't it? [Completed Stonethorn DLC]
"Absolutely. I'm hoping that the scholars at Bangkorai Garrison can put the entire puzzle together for us.
How a Direnni Elf, a survivor from the Gray Host's defeat in the ancient past, and experiments with life magic fit together, I have no idea."
Remind me about the Direnni Elf.
"Lady Thorn. Before she became a vampire, she was a Direnni noble. Had connections to Viridian Watch. It looks like she helped at least one of the Gray Host's ruling councilors escape on the day their army was defeated in the First Era."
Remind me about the Gray Host survivor.
"The Gray Host was ruled by a council of some sort, though one was purposely omitted from the ancient record. Must have fallen out of favor, I suppose.
Anyway, those records indicate someone survived the final battle. I think it was Rada al-Saran."
Remind me about the experiments with life energy.
"This revived Gray Host has been conducting experiments using ancient research. It involves life energy, souls, and these containment vessels called stone husks.
I think it has something to do with bringing the Gray Host leaders back to life."
Are you the only member of the Ravenwatch investigating this? / Is anyone else investigating this?
"For the moment. There are an awful lot of evil conspiracies afoot in Tamriel, and not nearly enough Ravenwatch members to investigate them all.
But this isn't a one person job, which is why we recruited help."
What are the rest of the Ravenwatch doing?
"No idea. They're spread out. Adusa, for example, mentioned something about necromancers raising bone giants in Elsweyr, but she probably wanted to refill her moon-sugar stores. Fennorian could be anywhere. He does tend to sneak around."
What's House Ravenwatch?
"I suppose you wouldn't have heard of us. We are a bit secretive.
Now's probably a good time to tell you … I'm a vampire. All members of House Ravenwatch are. We hunt bad vampires, and also deal with the occasional misbehaving werewolf."
How many of you are there?
"Not nearly enough, and we're stretched pretty thin. Investigating this on my own didn't seem prudent, so I requested aid. And now here you are, offering it.
I'm touched."
What are you hoping to accomplish at the Bangkorai Garrison?
"I'm hoping a scholar of ancient Bangkorai battles named Laurette Diel or one of her colleagues can tell us more about the Gray Host.
With any luck, they have information about the Gray Host that's not too … outlandish."
What do you mean, outlandish?
"The priests have this old holy text that claims Saint Pelin leapt off the garrison's walls, landed among the Host, asked Stendarr for endless blood, and then fed them all without dying.
Then the garrison dropped some rocks on them. See? Outlandish."
So you want more reasonable answers.
"Exactly. We need practical facts about how the Gray Host was defeated at Bangkorai Garrison. Hopefully, Scholar Diel can provide them."
Anything else I need to know before we head out?
"Probably, but nothing that can't wait.
Let's take the cart to the Bangkorai Garrison and find the scholars who can tell us more about the history of the Gray Host."

Once you arrive outside the Garrision, you will find the gates secured shut. Gwendis will walk towards the camp to the north while remarking:

Gwendis: "Well this isn't at all what I expected. What happened here?"
<Reaches the camp.>
Gwendis: "Nice camp, I suppose."

Scholar Laurette Diel will be the only one at the camp, where she is sitting on a box with her head in her hands. Talking to Gwendis beforehand and she'll comment:

"I didn't expect to find our historians outside the walls, or to find this place so disturbed. Was someone foolish enough to attack Bangkorai Garrison?
No matter. That's Scholar Diel over there. See if she can tell us about the Gray Host."

After speaking to Diel, you'll learn that an Imperial attack on the Garrison caused the scholars to flee with a warrior. Talk with Gwendis to see what she wants to do.

"Hmm. This scholar's research doesn't go back to the First Era, and the other scholars fled? That puts a wrinkle in our plans, all right.
This Pyre Watch warrior is a promising lead, though. Let's go find her and the other scholars."
Scholar Diel says the missing scholars ran in two different directions.
"I heard. Let's split up and go after them. I'll take Kerbol's Hollow. You head toward Evermore.
Here, I'll mark it on your map."
Completed Unhallowed Grave:
If you have not:
I met a member of the Pyre Watch.
"Yeah, my brother Fennorian mentioned something about that. I should have thought of them earlier, but they're pretty secretive and reclusive. We're lucky one left their post to consult with the scholars.
Go find them and then meet me back here."
I'll meet you back here with the scholars.
Have you ever heard of the Pyre Watch?
"Yeah, my brother Fennorian told me about one he encountered. They're the guardians of an ancient mass grave where the remains of the Gray Host are said to be interred. Probably knows more than the scholars.
Find them and meet back here."
I'll meet you back here with the scholars.

As she runs off toward Kerbol Hollow, she'll mock:

Gwendis: "Find the scholars, but try not to get eaten by anything!"

Scholar Cogline can be found hidig behind a statue south of Evermore, southwest of Pelin Graveyard, and Indouz can be found at Martyr's Crossing. When both are found, the scholars will direct you to the Crypt of the Exiles to find the Pyre Watch warrior Shelaria. After helping her leave the crypt and asking for information on the Gray Host, you can return to the scholar's camp. Gwendis will be waiting for you, having found Scholar Jeanard:

Gwendis: "There you are!"

Tell her what you have learnt from Shelaria, it will corroborate what Gwendis has found out previously.

"Good, you're back. I found Jeanard and I see you managed to return with the rest. Show-off.
Now that we settled that matter, what did the Pyre Watch warrior tell you about the Gray Host?"
Shelaria said the historical record is incomplete concerning the details of the Gray Host.
"I was afraid of that. So much about the First Era has been lost.
I wonder if the Pyre Watch knows anything about the other details we learned. About the survivor and their connection to a Direnni noble."
She confirmed there was a survivor. And they may have taken sanctuary in Viridian Watch.
"That matches what we already uncovered and confirms the Direnni connection.
Did you find out anything else I should know?"
Apparently the legend says the way to safety was only available to those worthy to receive it.
"A riddle. Damn it, there's always a riddle. Well, I say we go to Viridian Watch and figure this out on our own. I'll mark the location on your map.
Now let's go before Scholar Diel tries to regale me with more tales of the Knights of Saint Pelin."
I'll meet you inside Viridian Watch.
"I wasn't joking about Scholar Diel. The woman can talk! Let's get out of here.
We need to reach Viridian Watch and see if we can locate some evidence of this mysterious survivor."

As you leave, she'll say:

Gwendis: "I'll meet you at Viridian Watch!"

When you enter the ruin, Gwendis will walk in behind you. If you manage to talk to her, she'll ask you to keep an eye out.

"Move slow and keep an eye out for anything that might point to the Gray Host or their elusive survivor."

Quickly, something catches her eye:

Gwendis: "Look!"
<She walks over to a patch of ground and looks down.>
Gwendis: "There's a sigil! Right there! Don't you see it?"

Depending on your status as werewolf or vampire, you will see a glowing sigil on the ground. If you are neither, you will just see her pointing at a blank space on the floor.

"It makes so much sense! The riddle. Only those worthy can find the way to safety … only vampires and werewolves can see these sigils! That explains why no one ever found anything."
If you are not a werewolf or vampire:
If you are a werewolf or vampire:
I don't see any sigils.
"That's because you aren't a vampire or a werewolf! Hold on, I've got just the thing. Here, a blood pendant. It lets me share some of my vampiric essence so you can see the sigils, too. It's perfectly safe.
At least, Fennorian said it was harmless."
What's our next step?
"We follow the sigils, of course!
The Gray Host survivor must have used these as a guide, and they were made for that specific purpose. Now, let's see where they lead."
All right, let's go.
So what now?
"We follow the sigils to wherever they lead.
The survivor of the battle at Bangkorai Garrison must have seen these and used them as a guide to get to wherever they were hidden. If we find that place, we'll find answers. Come on!"
Let's go.

If you talk to her, while following the sigils she'll remark:

If you are not a werewolf or vampire:
If you are a werewolf or vampire:
"Don't lose that blood pendant. Since you're not a vampire, it's the only way for you to see the sigils. Besides, it contains some of my blood. I'm trusting you with that.
Come on, let's follow the sigils."
"Let's both keep an eye out for more of those sigils. I'll call out the ones I see and the direction."

As you follow the path of sigils while fighting off Bjoulsae Boys, Gwendis will keep track of where to move next:

Gwendis: "Another one. Keep going west."
Gwendis: "South here. Not that we have a choice."
Gwendis: "East, down that tunnel."
Gwendis: "Let's go south, up those steps."
Gwendis: "East here, and down again."
Gwendis: "Another one. Northeast, around this corner."
Gwendis: "Keep going straight, I think we're close."

After possibly fighting Curnard the Generous, you can enter a small side room behind him. Gwendis will walk over to the blank wall:

Gwendis: "Ha! This must be it! Now, how to go about opening it?"

Gwendis pokes at the brickwork and a red swirl of light appears which turns into a glowing pattern on the wall.

Gwendis: "That's done it! Let's check inside!"
<She goes through>

Going through the marked space, you will emerge in the Gray Host Sanctuary, a single dusty room which hasn't been touched for years. Gwendis will be walking around the room, poking at boxes. If you talk to her she will confirm that this is the right spot.

"Even thousands of years later, I smell faint traces of blood, sweat, and fear. A Gray Host survivor definitely hid out here.
Let's have a look around."

Once you've found and read the Letter of Welcome, she'll remark:

Gwendis: "Rada al-Saran was the survivor! That figures. And Lady Thorn helped him. Or should I say Lady Ingerien?"

In the various containers you will find things that she'll remark on:

Ancient Bloodied Bandages:

Gwendis: "I'm surprised that's lasted all this time."

Ritual Chalice:

Gwendis: "Looks like he had quite the set up down here."

Odd Signet

Gwendis: "Wait, what's that? Let me see it."

After finding the signet ring, Gwendis will become concern when you bring it to her.

"I … recognize this signet. But, that doesn't make any sense."
Does it have something to do with the Gray Host?
"I don't know. No, this can't be … but it is, isn't it? Damn it. I don't like where this is going."
What's wrong?
"I've seen this signet before. Or one just like it. My mentor, Count Verandis Ravenwatch, had one.
But why would he have something connected to the Gray Host? That doesn't make any sense."
There has to be an explanation.
"You're … right, of course. There must be something we're missing. We need answers, and there's only one place to find them. Ravenwatch Castle in Rivenspire.
Let's go. I'll explain more when we get there. I need time to think."
Let's head to the castle now. <Fast Travel> / I'm ready to head to Ravenwatch Castle now. <Fast Travel>'
<Teleports to the castle>
I want to look around some more first.
"I need to see if there's anything we missed.
Go on to Rivenspire. Meet me outside Ravenwatch Castle. I'll catch up with you as soon as I've torn this place apart and put it back together."

When you arrive at Castle Ravenwatch in Rivenspire, Gwendis will be waiting for you in the courtyard behind the castle:

Gwendis: "Over here!"

See what she wants to do.

Rivenspire Zone Uncompleted:
Rivenspire Zone Completed:
"Good. You made it.
So, I've had some time to think. I know this may seem a little unorthodox but I want to go into the castle through the secret passage."
Secret passage? But isn't this your castle?
"Yes, but we just learned that Count Verandis, my friend, my mentor, and the leader of House Ravenwatch, possesses a Gray Host signet. That disturbs me, and I'm not disturbed easily.
I want to investigate this quietly, without attracting attention."
Can't you just ask Count Verandis where he got the signet?
"I don't want to do that until I have more information. Verandis and I … we're …. Look, I'm not just going to run in there and hurl accusations at him. Especially about something this serious.
I want to figure this out before I confront him."
So what do you want to do?
"Verandis stores relics he's collected over the centuries in the castle cellar. Always keeps the door locked tight. I trust Verandis, but I need to see what he's hiding. I hope this is all a misunderstanding. That I'm wrong about all this.
We'll see."
Let's investigate the castle cellar.
"Good. You made it.
So, I've had some time to think. I know this may seem a little unorthodox but I want to go into the castle through the secret passage."
Secret passage? But isn't this your castle?
"Yes, but we just learned that Count Verandis may have been involved with the Gray Host thousands of years ago and never told us! That disturbs me, and that never happens.
I want to investigate this quietly before I involve the rest of the family."
But Verandis is gone. Why sneak in the back?
"Other members of the house might be around. If they see us, they'll ask questions. I don't want to sully Verandis's memory with … whatever this is. Not until we know for sure.
I want to figure this out before we involve anyone else."
Verandis gave his life to save Rivenspire. Does it matter what he did thousands of years ago?
"I don't want it to matter, but it does. Why would he keep this from me?
I need to see what's in the castle cellar. That's where he stored his private possessions. We followed his wishes and never disturbed the place. Until now. Come on, let's go."
Let's investigate the castle cellar.

She will then walk over a ramshackle stable:

Gwendis: "This way. The door's over here."

Gwendis begins digging at the soil with a shovel. Soon a trapdoor is revealed and Gwendis place the shovel against the stable.

Gwendis: "And down we go."

Heading into the secret tunnel, you will find it dark and grimy. Gwendis will remark:

Gwendis: "Watch out for vermin. We don't fumigate down here as often as we should."

Talking with her while in the tunnel, Gwendis will tell you:

"Keep moving. There's a ladder at the end of this tunnel that leads up into the castle."

On the other end of the spider infested tunnel, there is a ladder which leads into the main hall of the castle through a sarcophagus. Gwendis will be crouched behind a pillar, as you approach she will stand up:

Gwendis: "Let's hurry to the cellar. I'm fairly certain I can get it unlocked."

Follow Gwendis downstairs where she'll take a moment with the cellar door:

Gwendis: "Give me a moment."
<She fiddles with the lock.>
Gwendis: "Hurry now, inside."

The cellar will be filled with crates and boxes, she'll ask you to start looking through them:

Gwendis: "See if you can find the signet. It must be in one of these crates or boxes."

Talk with her and she'll say:

"I doubt anyone's been down here in decades.
Poke around and see if you can find another signet. It should look like the one we got at Viridian Watch."

As you search through the crates and boxes, she will comment in no particular order:

Gwendis: "Just a crate of knickknacks. Nothing important. Keep looking."
Gwendis: "Empty flasks. Good to know they're here, but not what we need at present."
Gwendis: "Not in there, either. Ugh, Verandis! Why are you so good at hiding things?"

If you investigate the armoire, Gwendis will notice something:

Gwendis: "Another secret door? I didn't know that was here. It has the same mark as the signet. Maybe …."
<She holds the signet in front of her as it glows. The armoire flashes with light.>
Gwendis: "It opened! Let's see what's inside."

You enter a small hidden study which is covered with spiderwebs. No one has been there for awhile.

Gwendis: "What is this place? Did Verandis use this as a secret study? Check the desk, would you?"

Speaking to her before reading the letter:

"I can't believe Verandis kept a secret study. I have to know the truth about him and the Gray Host, but at the same time I don't really want to.
Could you check the desk, please? I … I can't quite bring myself to do it."

After you read the letter from Rada, Gwendis will ask:

Gwendis: "That letter. What does it say?"

You can bring it to Gwendis who is hoping that it isn't what she thinks it is:

"That letter. Please tell me it's just an old to-do list or something, and not actually proof that the man I trusted with my life was involved with the Gray Host."
This letter suggests Count Verandis was a member of the Gray Host.
"What? Verandis, how could you? I don't want to believe it and yet here it is, right before my very eyes. Why didn't he ever tell me? I thought I knew everything there was to know about him.
No, there has to be more. What else does the letter say?"
It mentions an island and a Gray Host castle. There's a map, too.
"It's possible that castle no longer exists, but … I want to go.
I refuse to believe Verandis was part of the Gray Host. There has to be more to this. Some piece of the puzzle that makes sense of everything. Are you still with me?"
I'll go with you to investigate the Gray Host castle.
"Thank you. The cart's still waiting outside. We'll take it to the docks and travel by boat from there as we follow this map.
Go on ahead. I want to take one more look around. Make sure we didn't miss anything."
I'll meet you by the cart.

Speaking to her again before leaving the room:

"Go wait for me by the cart. I promise I'll join you soon. I need to take a look around. Consider everything we learned.
We'll travel to that island and see what's in the castle soon enough."

Meet Gwendis back in the courtyard.

"I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Delaying the inevitable won't help anyone. And it won't get me the answers I need.
Come on, let's go see what's on this secret island."
What do you think we'll find on this secret island?
"Answers, I hope.
Look, I have to do this. I'm going to see this journey through, no matter what truth waits at the end. Let's just go. The sooner we get this over with, the better. First, however, take this. You earned it."

The Gray CouncilEdit

You can either continue speaking to her or leave and come back later, if the latter she will mournfully mutter "Oh, Verandis, why didn't you tell us?"

She will be prepared to find out exactly how Verandis was part of the Gray Host.

"That letter we found. I can't believe Verandis was a part of something as evil as the Gray Host. I guess we need to go to the secret island. And the castle, if it still exists.
I won't rest until I learn the truth. The whole truth."
How exactly do we get to this secret island?
"We follow the map! We'll take the cart to Shornhelm's coast, hire a ship, and sail to the spot indicated on the back of the letter.
Fingers crossed, we'll be there faster than you can say gorapple pie."
And what do we do when we get there?
"Look around. And hopefully find nothing. Determine this was all just a big misunderstanding. That Verandis was never a member of the Gray Host. If not, then I suppose I want to find undeniable proof that my mentor was a monster.
So, can we go now?"
I'm ready to travel to the Gray Host's island.

Once you have agreed to go with her, you can ask questions before getting on the cart.

"This still doesn't feel entirely real. I can't believe we found a letter tying Verandis to the Gray Host. From Rada al-Saran of all people!
At least there's a map. Let's find this damned island and finish this. The cart's waiting."
Remind me. Why are we going to this island again?
"We discovered a signet that looks just like one my mentor, Count Verandis used to have. A signet that belonged to Rada al-Saran!
When we searched Ravenwatch Castle, we found an old letter to Verandis, requesting he come to a secret island."
What do we know about this secret island?
"Not much. The letter mentioned a name. Grayhome. Kind of pretentious, if you ask me.
And there's supposed to be a castle. If it's still there after all these centuries, maybe we can learn more about Verandis and his connection to the Gray Host."
You really think Count Verandis was part of an army of vampires and werewolves?
"I don't know what to think. Maybe he was forced to join them, or lied to, or tricked, or—you know what? Speculating is pointless.
We have an island to find. Let's get on with it."
We never found Verandis's signet.
"No, but I'm sure it was the same as the one from Viridian Watch. Not that it matters. You read the damned letter. It proves … I don't know what it proves! That my mentor might have been part of a cabal of vampires that tried to conquer Tamriel?"

When you arrive on Grayhome island, you will first appear on the stone dock which is covered by massive arches. Further inland it looks icy and desolate, and to the west a part of the castle appears to have sunken into the sea. Gwendis will be standing further up on the dock, looking at the ominous castle in the distance.

"This is where the map led us. A lovely and ominous spot for a foreboding Gray Host castle, don't you think?
If we can't find something about Rada al-Saran and Verandis here, then I'm not sure where else to look."
How do you want to do this?
"While it seems obvious to start with the unnecessarily ostentatious vampire castle over there, I think we should survey the island first.
The Gray Host may be gone, but they could have left traps. And who knows what kind of wildlife lives here."
What kind of traps?
"I don't know! Something gothic and ridiculous. I don't like to generalize, but vampires tend toward the dramatic.
Just be careful. We won't learn anything about Verandis and the Gray Host if we go and get ourselves killed."
Let's go look around the island.

Gwendis will begin to run ahead but stops when she reaches a large blue crystal which sits on a stone dais where the dock and path meets. As she approaches the crystal will begin to glow brightly.

Gwendis: "What is that thing? Did it just pulse at me?"

Talk with her about it.

"Did you see that? That crystal thing clearly reacted. It pulsed as I approached it!"
Do you think it's some kind of trap?
"Well, it hasn't exploded or fried us to a crisp yet, so I'm thinking no, probably not.
I've seen something like this before. Part of a ward. I think it responds to the presence of a vampire, like those sigils we saw."
So what do we do with these crystals?
"Now that they're awake, it should be simple enough to deactivate them. I'm not sure if your eyes are as good as mine, but I think I see a few more up ahead.
I'll keep watch while you deal with the crystals."
I'll try to deactivate the crystals.
"Go ahead, just fiddle with the crystal and see if you can deactivate it.
If I'm right, it's part of a complex ward protecting the castle. We won't be able to get inside while the wards are active."

Once you deactivate the crystal, you won't appear to come to harm:

Gwendis: "Well done! Let's go deal with the rest of the ward crystals."

You will then need to find the other three crystals which are placed within the towers around the island. If you talk to Gwendis during this she remark:

"They're protective wards, all right. Count Verandis once used something similar to guard an evil vampire clan's storehouse of dangerous relics until we could destroy them.
Let's go deactivate the other crystals."

Gwendis will commentate each time you deactivate one:

Gwendis: "You're pretty good at this!"
Gwendis: "Good job! Let's find another ward crystal."

After the final crystal is deactivated, Gwendis will comment and you may progress:

Gwendis: "That was definitely a rumble! Let's go check the castle."

Gwendis is almost sure that it was the castle:

"Either that just opened the way into the big, ominous castle, or we awakened some unthinkable horror that's on its way to devour us.
I suppose either would be interesting. Let's go check the castle first, though, all right?"

After approaching the door, Gwendis will appear:

Gwendis: "The way looks clear. Let's see if we can get inside!"

When you enter the Gray Home Castle, you will find that no one has been there for centuries. Gwendis will be looking around as she comments:

Gwendis: "I hate to admit it, but this place is impressive."

Speak to her to see what plan she has to investigate.

"This place must have been impressive back in the day, but now it's just decrepit. Looks like it's been abandoned for centuries. Luckily, I came prepared.
How do you feel about trying something unconventional?"
What do you mean, unconventional?
"The members of House Ravenwatch exchange vials of their own blood. That shows a rare level of trust, even among vampires, since blood can be used in all sorts of spells—both beneficial and harmful.
I brought some of Verandis's blood with me."
How is Verandis's blood going to help us?
"By putting a drop of his blood in this potion, we can dream-walk and access any memories Verandis has of this place. I'll leave it here on the table for when you're ready.
I'd drink it myself, but a dream-walk requires an impartial participant."
If you have not completed Dream-Walk Into Darkness:
If you have completed Dream-Walk Into Darkness:
Is a dream-walk dangerous?
"Dangerous? Not usually. The potion mixes alchemy and magic. Verandis's own design. It lets the imbiber experience the memories of the person whose blood is added to the concoction.
The potion is on the table. Make sure you drink the whole thing."
I'll drink the dream-walk potion and find out what I can.
Verandis had me use a dream-walk potion to learn his history with House Montclair.
"Then you're already an expert. You learned quite a bit from that experience, yes? Verandis isn't here, but by using his blood we can achieve the same result.
I prepared the potion, it's on the table. Make sure you drink the whole thing."
I'll drink the dream-walk potion and find out what I can.

Speaking with her again before drinking the potion:

"Don't worry, I'll watch over you. I won't let anything harm you while you're dream-walking.
Remember, you'll experience Verandis's memories of this place. If he has any. Learn what you can and then look for the potion again when you want to wake up."

After you take the Dream-Walk potion, you will experience Verandis' talking with the members of the Gray Host and the fundamental disagreements he had with their ideas. When you attempt to read the Count's journal in his study, you find that you cannot read it. Then you hear the sound of Gwendis' voice.

Gwendis: "Easy, friend. It's time to wake up. Find the dream-walk potion and drink it."

After drinking the potion which appears within the memory, you will wake up back in the real world. You can then tell Gwendis what you found.

"You cried out in your sleep just before you woke up. What happened? Are you all right?"
I went to Verandis's study in the dream and tried to read his journal.
"Oh, that would explain it. Don't worry, it's not you. It's almost impossible to read in a dream-walk. But did you say Verandis's study? He had a study in this terrible place?
Was he truly a member of the Gray Host?"
He was. And something called the Gray Council. But he wanted them to make peace with mortals.
"Sounds like Verandis. That's why he founded the Ravenwatch, after all. To allow vampires like us to gather safely, only feed on willing subjects, and help mortals instead of preying upon them.
So, he wasn't hoping to conquer Tamriel?"
No. He argued for an alliance with mortals. He truly wanted peace.
"Then … he didn't lie to me. He's still the man I know and trust. He left out a few things, of course, but I'll deal with that another time.
That study of his. It might still be here! Can you lead me to it?"
I can lead you to the study.

Speaking with her before leaving for the study:

"If Verandis's study is still intact, maybe we can find that journal you tried to read in the dream-walk. It might give us some insight on the Gray Host and how to defeat them.
Go ahead. I'll follow you."

The study is upstairs and still intact, Gwendis will comment as she enters the room:

Gwendis: "After all this time, his scent still lingers in this place."

Speaking with her here before reading the journal:

"See if you can find the journal you saw in Verandis's memory. It might contain the truth that I'm seeking."

After reading Verandis's Journal:

Gwendis: "Did you find the journal? What's it say?"

At this point of the quest, the quest's dialogue will heavily differ depending on your completion of the Rivenspire and Western Skyrim's storylines:

"The journal was still here? Amazing! What did it say?"
Verandis attempted to resurrect humans and vampires using stone husks.
"Let me see that. Huh. Ritual's simple enough. Just light some candles and place the reliquary.
It looks like he abandoned the research before ever testing it on a vampire. Something about life energy and too great a cost."
Neither Zone's storylines Completed:
Only Western Skyrim's Storyline completed:
Both Zone Storylines Completed:
So what do we do now?
"When a vampire dies, our souls go to Coldharbour. We can use that to our advantage.
If we want answers, why not go straight to the source. Let's resurrect one of these Gray Host leaders. A member of this Gray Council Verandis wrote about."
You want to pull a member of the Gray Council out of Coldharbour?
"Why not? They're evil. Who cares what the ritual does to them? We have to interrogate them and find some weakness. Some way to stop the Gray Host.
Go downstairs and find the reliquary Verandis wrote about. Then meet me in the ritual chamber."
I'll go get the reliquary.
I think Tzinghalis used his research to resurrect the Gray Host in Skyrim.
"Right. Tzinghalis must have continued Verandis's experiments and refined them.
You know, when a vampire dies our souls go to Coldharbour. To Molag Bal. This may be our chance to get answers directly from a member of the Gray Council!"
You want to pull a member of the Gray Council out of Coldharbour?
"Why not? They're evil. Who cares what the ritual does to them? We have to interrogate them and find some weakness. Some way to stop the Gray Host.
Go downstairs and find the reliquary Verandis wrote about. Then meet me in the ritual chamber."
I'll go get the reliquary.
I think Tzinghalis used his research to resurrect the Gray Host in Skyrim.
"Right. Tzinghalis must have continued Verandis's experiments and refined them.
You know, when a vampire dies our souls go to Coldharbour. To Molag Bal. This may be our chance to get answers directly from a member of the Gray Council!"
You want to try to resurrect Verandis, don't you?
"Verandis gave his life for Rivenspire and what was his reward? Coldharbour and an eternity of torment at the hands of Molag Bal!
This will work. It has to! Go downstairs and find the reliquary he wrote about. Then meet me in the ritual chamber."
I'll go get the reliquary.

After this conversation, she runs off to the ritual chamber.

Gwendis: "Get the reliquary and meet me in the ritual chamber."

Once you have Verandis's Reliquary, you can find the ritual chamber in the northern end of the ground floor. When you enter the chamber, you will see Gwendis looking up at the Stone Husk which is encircled by unlit candles.

Gwendis: "That's a stone husk, all right. Light the candles to begin the ritual."

After lighting all four candles, the floor on the stone circle will be covered in the red sigil seen back in Viridian Watch:

Gwendis: "Good. Now place the reliquary."

Once you place the large Reliquary, Gwendis will move out of the way as the ritual progress:

Gwendis: "The ritual, it's working!"

An orb of blue light will fly out of the Requilary and envelop the Stone Husk. At this point, following events will branch out depending on the completion of the Rivenspire Zone's storyline.

The events that follow depend on whether or not you've completed Rivenspire's story.

Rivenspire Zone Incomplete
Rivenspire Zone Completed:

Exarch Turvon emerges from the Stone Husk in a burst of blue light. He's half-mad from the process of returning:

Gwendis: "Don't move, exarch! We've got questions!"
Exarch Turvon: "So … hungry!"

He attacks you.

Gwendis: "Fine! You want to fight? Let's do this!"

When his health is lowered a little bit:

Gwendis: "We just want to talk!"
Exarch Turvon: "I'll kill you!"

When you kill the Exarch, he cries out in despair as he's sent back to Coldharbour. A bright flash of blue light consumes the chamber as his corpse falls.

Exarch Turvon: "No! Not again!"

Count Ravenwatch enters the ritual chamber.

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Gwendis, what have you done?"
Gwendis: "Verandis! What are you doing here?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Who do you think sealed this place, child? I came as soon as my wards were disturbed."
Gwendis: "Verandis, you should have told me about the Gray Council!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "So you know, Gwendis? Come, let us all speak outside."

After you place the reliquary, Count Verandis Ravenwatch emerges from the Stone Husk in a burst of blue light. He stands still and silent, as if in a daze, Gwendis tries to talk to him.

Gwendis: "Verandis! Is that really you?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Must … feed!"

He teleports to you and attacks:

Gwendis: "Stop! It's me, Gwendis!"

As Verandis is near death, Verandis will cry out and there is a flash of bright light:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "No!"
Gwendis: "Verandis! No!"

When the light fades, Verandis will have calmed down and apologizes:

Gwendis: "Oh, Verandis, are you all right?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "My apologies. The process … doesn't leave one in their right mind."
Gwendis: "I'm just glad you're alive! But Verandis, we need to talk."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Of course, my child. Let us all go outside and speak."

In both cases, Gwendis and Verandis will leave the Ritual Chamber together. Near the door, a glowing chest will appear which contains the loot from the battle. You can talk to Gwendis before addressing the Count:

Rivenspire Zone Incomplete
Rivenspire Zone Completed:
"Well, Verandis's arrival was … unexpected. Why don't you talk to him. Since you're not officially part of House Ravenwatch, he can't do anything too horrible to you.
I don't think."
"It's a miracle! Verandis, back from the dead! I can't believe we saved him!
All right, I need to calm down. Take a few breaths. You talk to him. I'm sure he has questions, but I don't think I can answer them right now."

Speak to her after talking to Count Ravenwatch, though her initial reply will differ the two quest branches will converge once more:

Rivenspire Zone Incomplete
Rivenspire Zone Completed:
"I started looking for information about the Gray Host and discovered that my mentor had a hand in their creation.
Verandis may have kept his past a secret, but at least we know he opposed their plans for conquest. He wasn't a part of their war."
Verandis has promised to help you find out more about the Gray Host and their current plans.
"I started out seeking information about the Gray Host only to discover that my mentor had a hand in their creation.
As angry as that made me, I was comforted to know Verandis opposed their war. And now he's back. I … I don't know what to think."
Verandis has promised to help you find out more about the Gray Host and their current plans.
"I heard what he said. I'm still angry that he kept this part of his past a secret, but we'll work it out. Eventually.
In the meantime, at least I know I can trust him. That he didn't betray the ideals of House Ravenwatch."
So you're going to work with him on this?
"Of course. There's too much at stake to let a few secrets get in our way.
I'll help him in whatever way I can. And once we know more, we'll send for you. I figure you want to see how this ends just as much as we do."
Anything else I can help with at the moment?
"Take this, my friend. You earned it. For helping me learn more about Rada al-Saran and the Gray Host, and for discovering the true connection between Verandis and the Gray Council. When you're ready for a reckoning, House Ravenwatch will contact you."

Speaking to her after completing the quest:

"Verandis and I need to talk. A lot.
But as soon as we're finished, we'll find a way to stop whatever the Gray Host has planned. Rest assured, you'll be the first person we call. We're in this together."

As you leave you can hear the start of their conversation:

Rivenspire Zone Incomplete
Rivenspire Zone Completed:
Gwendis: "So, any other thousand-year-old secrets I should know about?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Do you really want to hear all the sordid details of my past, Gwendis?"
Gwendis: "I never thought I'd see you again. So much has happened."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "I know, Gwendis. We have much to discuss. Come, let us return to Ravenwatch Castle."


She's the alternate quest giver for Markarth's story quests.

Blood of the ReachEdit

When you approach, you'll hear her say: "It's about damn time."

Speak with her to begin the quest.

"There you are! I've been looking all over for you.
Verandis wants to talk to you. You do remember we have an army of werewolves and vampires to deal with, right?"
I need to see Verandis, too. Where is he?
"Verandis finished his own investigations and is waiting for you in Markarth. You can find him in Understone Keep. He's hovering near the throne, waiting for the ard to deign to speak to him.
But he really needs to talk to you for some reason."
I need to let him know what Lady Belain and Rada al-Saran discussed. The Arkthzand Keystone.
"The ark-a-what-now? Is that some sort of Dwarf thing?
Never mind. Verandis will fill me in later. Right now, you need to go see him. Immediately, if not sooner."
I'll go to Understone Keep and talk to Verandis as soon as I can.

If you speak to her again, she says:

"Remember, Verandis is waiting for you in Understone Keep. He's already nervous enough as it is, so don't make him wait for you too long, all right?"

She'll appear in Nolovan's Scrap House after you get the map to Bthar-Zel from Nolovan.

Gwendis: "Hey you, Verandis has need of you!"

Speak with her.

"Verandis said he sent you to talk to the scrap dealer, and here you are. Good to see you, by the way.
Anyway, Verandis needs to talk to you. Right away, he said. So, let's go."
I thought Verandis was going to try to locate the rebels and their leader.
"He did. Here, let me mark a location on your map. That's Rebel's Retreat. What Arana and her people call their camp in the foothills.
Verandis wants you to meet him there."
Thanks. I may know where to find the keystone, too. I'll go to Rebel's Retreat and tell Verandis.

You can speak with her further before you leave.

"You should move quickly. Verandis has a way with words, but he's still a verbose High Elf vampire noble from High Rock. Any and all of which can get you killed in the Reach."
It didn't take long for Verandis to make contact with the rebels.
"Funny you should mention that. Oh, he went out into the foothills, all right. But before Verandis could find them, the rebels found him.
Seems to be working out. At least for the moment."
Tell me more about Rebel's Retreat.
"What's to tell? It's a Reachfolk camp in the foothills. Probably the main base for the rebels, but I'm just guessing.
I was with Verandis when the rebels surrounded us. I wanted to fight, but the count held me back. That's when Arana appeared."
You can't give me any additional information?
"Hang on, let me think ….
The camp's set up inside an old Nord ruin. It's surprisingly sturdy for something that was abandoned a long time ago. The rebels seemed to be running low on supplies. Food, weapons, armor …."
And you spoke to Arana?
"Well, her and Verandis did most of the talking. I'm not sure I trust the witch, but I trust Verandis.
He says she's a friend, and that's good enough for me."
How are you holding up after that business in Greymoor Keep? (If you've completed The Lady of Blood)
"Well enough, I suppose. Thanks for asking.
Adusa drags her tail a bit every now and then. Still fighting off the worst of Essenia's experiments, I think. But so far, no turning into a Bloodknight. So, you know, success."
You're a member of Verandis's Ravenwatch, I take it? (if you've never met Gwendis before)
"Aren't you a clever one. Name's Gwendis. Just one of the lost puppies Verandis brought in out of the rain. Adusa-daro and Fennorian are skulking around here somewhere.
I'm just the best at finding people in weird Dwarven cities, I guess."

She arrives at Rebel's Retreat after you collect all three of Arana's ritual components.

"Don't look now, but something in your pack is leaking. Is that an eye? Eww!
Seems I arrived just in time to watch some hedge-wizardry. I love watching hedge-wizardry—as long as it's not directed at me."

Speaking to her after Arana's ritual:

"Well, that was a pretty display.
Say what you will about Hircine, but he's definitely got an eye for spectacle!"

If you speak to her before leaving to investigate the locations on the map, she says:

"Find that keystone. I don't know what it's for, but if Rada al-Saran wants it, then we need to make sure to keep it away from him.
Verandis and I, we'll catch up with you after we track down Lady Belain."

Verandis and Gwendis catch up to you outside Bthar-Zel, having lost Lady Belain's trail.

Gwendis: "This looks promising."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Indeed. A Dwarven lock of some kind, I suspect."
"Damn that Lady Belain! She slipped away like a snake through a crack in the wall.
Ah well. We'll catch her soon enough. Right now, you should be working on getting us into Bthar-Zel. Go on. Find the door."

Once you've solved to puzzle to reveal the door, Arana will notice something wrong:

Arana: "That did it! Wait—arggh! Something's not right … a darkness …."
Gwendis: "Arana! Are you all right?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "An ominous turn. Come, my friend. Let's talk."
"I hope Arana's all right. It's like something attacked her the moment you opened that door."

If you speak to her before entering Bthar-Zel, she says:

"Don't worry. Verandis and I have explored scarier ruins than this and emerged to tell the tale. You just worry about finding that keystone.
I'd hate to fend off hordes of clanking monsters for nothing, you know?"

Upon entering Bthar-Zel, Verandis and Gwendis will go off and search in one direction while you take Arana another way. In the vault, you'll witness Verandis and Gwendis approach the Arkthzand Keystone, only for it to be snatched up by Lady Belain as Rada al-Saran restrains your allies. The two run after your adversaries as a Dwarven Dynastor drops from the ceiling.

When you exit Bthar-Zel, you'll see Verandis and Gwendis on the balcony overlooking Arkthzand Cavern.

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Gwendis, think this through."
Gwendis: "No. They slipped the noose once. That's not going to happen again."

She disappears in a cloud of red mist to give chase to Rada al-Saran and Lady Belain.

The Study of SoulsEdit

You can accept the quest from her in and around Markarth. When you approach, you'll hear her say: "Why do I always have to deliver the messages?"

"Hey, Verandis wants to see you. It's about the you-know-who with the Dwarf you-know-what.
Gods, I hate this spy stuff! Let's just talk plainly, all right?"
Where's Verandis now?
"Down in Blackreach, still hunting Lady Belain and Rada al-Saran. After they got away with the keystone, we followed them to another Dwarf building. It's in pretty decent shape for something that's thousands of years old.
Then again, so is Verandis."
Remind me about the keystone.
"The Arkthzand Keystone. The thing we went down into Bthar-Zel to find. We still have no idea what they plan to use it for, but if they want it, we need to try to get it back.
Anyway, Verandis wants you to meet him outside Bthar-Zel in Blackreach."
I'll go meet Verandis in Blackreach.

If you speak to her again before leaving, she'll say:

"Find Verandis. Don't let him get distracted by all the intriguing mysteries of Blackreach. Walking around in an actual legend, one he can't explore at his leisure, that's probably eating him up inside.
Go on. I'll rendezvous with both of you later."

As you leave, she'll run off while saying:

Gwendis: "Don't worry, I'll catch up with you and Verandis soon."

The Awakening DarknessEdit

When you approach Gwendis at the Markarth or North Markarth Wayshrines, she calls to you, "Over here! I've been looking for you."

Speak with her to begin the quest.

"There you are. Have you seen Arana? She has an idea about those Reach witch prophecies you heard Lady Belain go on and on about. I think you're going to want to hear what she has to tell you."
Where can I find Arana?
"She's at Rebel's Retreat. Turns out, her former clan, the Ghostsongs, know a thing or two about prophecies and omens. I think she wants to consult with their witches, but I sensed there may be a bit of tension between her and them."
What kind of tension?
"You'd need to ask her about that. I'm only the messenger. Again.
Look, go to Rebel's Retreat and talk to Arana. I'll wait here for Verandis. He's bound to wander by sooner or later."
I'll go find Arana at Rebel's Retreat.

If you speak with her again, she'll say:

"Meet Arana back at Rebel's Retreat. I'll wait here for Verandis."

The Dark HeartEdit

After speaking to Arana at the Rebel's Retreat, Gwendis will be waiting for you. She'll call you over.

Gwendis: "There you are! That darkness Arana mentioned? I think we found it!"

Speak to her.

"Verandis has been studying that dark energy down in the Library of Arkthzand. Trying to figure out what Rada al-Saran and Lady Belain have planned. He thinks it might actually be related to the Darkness—the Void!
Isn't that a terrifying thought?"
The Void?
"Look, I'm no scholar. I barely believe in this stuff and I hardly understand it. But the Void is the place outside the places. The darkness beyond Mundus and Oblivion.
Anyway, Verandis felt a change in the currents. He sent me to get you."
A Ghostsong clan witch attempted to awaken the Dark Heart. Arana and I stopped her.
"Well, that would explain it. You might have stopped it from fully awakening, but Verandis says something has changed. Even I could feel it.
Come on. Verandis needs you to meet him at Nighthollow Keep. That's where he traced the dark energy to."
I'll go meet Verandis at Nighthollow Keep.

If you leave without accepting the quest and pass her by at the Markarth Wayshrine, she'll call you over:

Gwendis: "There you are! Verandis thinks he found something important. He needs you."

Accepting the quest at the Markarth Wayshrine is otherwise no different.

After agreeing to help, she'll continue:

"Nighthollow Keep is down in Blackreach, east of the Library of Arkthzand.
Verandis is there. He's waiting for you before he continues his search for the Dark Heart."
Tell me more about Nighthollow Keep.
"It must have been impressive once, but it's falling into ruin now. Apparently, it was the seat of power for an ancient vampire clan—the Nighthollow. All that's left of them are a scattering of feral beasts.
Plus, the place is full of Void energy."
What do we know about the Nighthollow vampires?
"Not much. I did a lot of digging into the Gray Host, but I never found a scrap about the Nighthollow.
We're learning that some of the ancient vampire clans built kingdoms in Blackreach. My guess? The Nighthollow have been hiding down there forever."
There are ancient vampire kingdoms under the Reach?
"There were. Skyrim, too. It seems that, long ago, the first clans established an empire beneath the surface. Even Verandis thought it was only a legend. But we're finding more and more proof every time we enter a new cavern down in Blackreach."
Tell me more about this Void energy.
"The strange dark magic that's drifting around the Library of Arkthzand? Verandis calls it Void energy. He's been studying it, trying to find its source.
That's what led him to Nighthollow Keep."
Does Verandis think the Void energy is dangerous?
"Well, you know those shades? Verandis says they're souls that got caught in the currents. It twisted them into hungry, hateful shadows. But you also used it to move around, so it's not all bad.
He's worried that Rada al-Saran wants that energy."

As you turn to leave, she'll say, "I'll meet you down in Blackreach!" before vanishing yet again.

In Blackreach, you'll find Gwendis and Verandis overlooking the fortress of Nighthollow Keep below. You can talk to her here.

"Talk to Verandis before we start poking around that castle. Place looks creepy."

Verandis will send Gwendis back to Markarth to keep an eye on things there:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Now, Gwendis, you know I never ask anything without good reason. Markarth is in danger."
Gwendis: "Fine! But when the real action starts, I won't sit on the side and let you deal with all the danger."

If you speak to her, she'll say:

"Run here, run there. I'm more than a messenger, you know. What am I going to tell Ard Caddach that he doesn't already know?
Fine. I'll go and play nursemaid to the ard. Have fun in that creepy castle without me."

A Feast of SoulsEdit

You can accept the quest from her by the Markarth Wayshrine or the North Markarth Wayshrine if you didn't pick it up from Verandis at the orrery. She calls over to you.

Gwendis: "Hey! Over here!"

Speak with her.

"The war has started! The Gray Host attacked once and a larger force is marching toward the city!
Verandis sent me to tell Ard Caddach to fall back. To save as many of his people as he can. But the ard won't listen to me. He wants to fight back!"
I can talk to Ard Caddach. He might listen to me.
"Great! On your way to Understone Keep, look for Bradan. Arana brought the witch-rebels here to help and Bradan is leading the main contingent of warriors.
He needs to know that the whole purpose of all this is to kill as many Reachfolk as possible."
Right. Rada al-Saran and Lady Belain need as many deaths as possible to awaken the Dark Heart.
"Verandis says the Dark Heart's already awake, but it needs more souls to reach full power.
Oh, he also said that Lady Belain is somewhere in Markarth. She came to lead the Gray Host army. If we can remove her from the battlefield, all the better."
I'll inform Bradan and then go talk to Ard Caddach.

You can speak with her further after starting the quest.

"I'm going to scout around. Try to determine where Lady Belain is hiding.
Remember, let Bradan know our goal isn't to die defending Markarth. It's to save as many lives as possible. Then go tell the same thing to Ard Caddach."
Where's Verandis?
"Verandis stayed in Blackreach. He was going to head into the Library of Arkthzand and attempt to stop Rada al-Saran from doing whatever it is he's doing with that ancient orrery.
Between that and Belain coming here to lead the Gray Host army …."
Why would Rada al-Saran allow Lady Belain to lead his army?
"The Gray Host army here in the Reach consists of mainly new recruits. Rada al-Saran doesn't have that many experienced commanders he can rely on.
Besides, Lady Belain has a vested interest in sacrificing as many lives to the Dark Heart as she can."
A vested interest?
"That's what Verandis told me. The Nighthollow vampires can only feed on the energy of the Dark Heart. As long as it slumbers, Lady Belain's people remain starving savages.
She wants to complete the massacre of Markarth and fully awaken the Heart."
Shouldn't one of us go and help Verandis?
"You'd think so, right? But Verandis was adamant. Said Rada al-Saran was his problem. He wants us to save Markarth.
If we can keep the Gray Host from killing everyone, maybe the Dark Heart will go back to sleep. Wouldn't that be grand?"

Before you agree to venture into Nchuand-Zel, she'll tell you:

"A lot of Reachfolk died in the first rush. Now the Gray Host is bleeding Markarth dry with hit-and-run attacks. Don't think they expected Arana's rebels to be here, so that's something, at least."

Once you've talked to Ard Caddach:

"Hang on, hero! I did a bit of scouting and you need to hear what I have to say.
Nchuand-Zel is crawling with Gray Host soldiers. Not to mention all the Dwarven constructs that clank around down there, too."
Did you see Arana? Is she all right?
"I didn't see her, but I wasn't able to advance very far into the undercity. Since you're obviously on your way to help her, and I've delivered all the messages I had, I'm going back to the Library of Arkthzand."
Rada al-Saran was in the orrery chamber. Verandis was going to try to confront him there.
"I hate that Verandis has a past, but he is an ancient vampire. I can't expect him to have remained alone for centuries until he met me. His connection to Rada al-Saran, though. He needs to be careful. His feelings are going to get him into trouble."
Get him into trouble? How so?
"Verandis always tries to see the good in people, but any good Rada al-Saran had dried up a long time ago.
Look, someone needs to help Verandis, and you have to find Arana and deal with Lady Belain. Maybe when you're finished, you can come join us."

After Nchuand-Zel, you'll end up back at the library steps with Verandis and Gwendis in mid-argument:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "I am as frustrated as you are, Gwendis. We don't have a keystone, and I haven't been able to discern another way to get inside."

If you speak to her before speaking to count:

"When I got here, Verandis was pacing around like a caged animal, trying to find a way to get inside the library. If you have any ideas, let him know."

Inside, you'll see Rada already at the orrery. Rada grips Verandis in a spell, lifting him helplessly off the ground:

Rada al-Saran: "Oh, but you're wrong. About so many things. Can't you feel it, Verandis? The tug of the Dark Heart on your cursed soul."
Gwendis: "Leave him alone!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "The Dark Heart …. You're going to sever our souls from Bal?"
Rada al-Saran: "You see? Once I gather the exarchs to my side, my ancient promise will be fulfilled."

After Lady Belain is defeated, Arana will create a portal back to the Orrery. When you arrive, your friends are trying to stop the machine:

Gwendis: "Verandis, the orrery won't slow down!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Ah, my friend, your timing is perfect. Get to the far platform and throw the switch!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "It will take all of us to stop this infernal machine!"

Go to the far side of the room and throw the switch. Speak to her before speaking to Verandis and she'll exclaim:

"If you hadn't shown up, I don't know what we were going to do. Verandis and I, well, we didn't have enough hands to turn off that damn machine. Who makes something that requires three people to turn it off?
Damn Dwarves …."
What happened up here while I was fighting Lady Belain?
"Oh, you know. The usual. Rada al-Saran opened a portal to who knows where. Verandis came back to his senses and tried to stop the orrery. I ran around looking for something to break or stab.
The usual."
What was that about Verandis and the Dark Heart?
"Rada al-Saran mentioned it and Verandis confirmed it. Once the orrery started spinning, Verandis had a stronger sense of the darkness. The Void.
Since I didn't feel anything, he thinks it must be tied to his past with the Gray Host."

After speaking to Verandis, Gwendis will chide the count again:

Gwendis: "You sure you'll be all right here by yourself, Verandis?"
Gwendis: "What am I saying? Of course you will. But if you're not back soon, I'll come and drag you to Markarth myself!"

Return to Understone Keep from the Chamber of the Dark Heart and everyone will be awaiting your return:

"You should talk to Caddach. He's been pacing like a caged senche cat since I got back, demanding answers.
I probably could have told him what happened, but I didn't want to."

After speaking to the ard, Verandis will arrive:

"Verandis is back. Does he look a little better to you? Why don't you talk to him and see how he's doing? I'll just wait over here."

Speak to Verandis and listen to the ard's speech. Gwendis will have more to say:

"I wish I knew where Rada al-Saran disappeared to after he activated the orrery. He went to an awful lot of trouble to awaken the Dark Heart and get his hands on that machine."
You think Rada al-Saran's got more plans for the Reach?
"Verandis doesn't think so. At least, not the Reach specifically. Verandis … understands Rada al-Saran. He believes the Ashen Lord's after a different prize.
Did Lady Belain say anything about Rada al-Saran's plans during your battle?"
Lady Belain only seemed interested in destroying Markarth and restoring the Nighthollow clan.
"Good thing you stopped her, then. You saw how the Dark Heart changed the Nighthollow. Can you imagine a clan consisting of nothing but creatures like Lady Belain? Always thirsting, never sated?
No wonder the other ancient clans feared them."

The End of EternityEdit

If you didn't pick up the quest from Verandis, you can pick it up from her in Markarth near the city's wayshrine where she will be beckoning at you:

"Over here! Your favorite yet overqualified messenger brings you some news!"

Speak to her.

"Verandis sent me to keep watch for you, which I hope you can appreciate, because it is both boring and a huge waste of my talents.
Anyway, he wants you to meet him in Markarth right away."
Is this about Rada-al-Saran and the Gray Host?
"What else? That's all he seems to think about lately, but he hasn't shared any details.
I hope whatever it is takes some weight off his shoulders. He hasn't been the same since what happened at the Library of Arkthzand."
Has Verandis been acting differently?
"Not different precisely. He's been … distracted. Mulling something over. He'll tell me when he's ready, I guess, but he wants to talk to you. You are the one who defeated Svargrim and Lady Belain, after all.
He's waiting in Understone Keep."
I'll go to Understone Keep and talk to Verandis.

You can ask her a few questions before running off to see Verandis

"Verandis is certain that Rada al-Saran has set his final plans in motion, so get to Markarth and talk to him.
When you do speak with Verandis, don't let him pretend everything's fine. I think it's the Dark Heart and the connection he feels to it."
Remind me about this connection to the Dark heart.
"Whatever Rada al-Saran did at the orrery, it somehow connected the Dark Heart to the Gray Host. Since then, Verandis has felt its power. I think there's more to it than that, but he isn't talking."
Is there anything else?
"You'll have to ask him, but, if I had to guess ….
We failed to stop the Gray Host from sacrificing much of Markarth to the Dark Heart. Verandis wants to make that right. Until he does, it will continue eating at his core."
Did Verandis mention what he wants to discuss with me?
"He's had the Ravenwatch shadowing the Gray Host's movements from here to the Sea of Ghosts. If he's calling for you, it means we finally discovered something we can act upon.
We're all tired of chasing shadows - especially Verandis."

After meeting Fennorian and Lyris at Bthardamz, you decide to meet Verandis and Gwendis back at the orrery. Inside the orrery, Fennorian and Lyris will have made it there before you. Fennorian is filling in Verandis:

Fennorian: "He escaped, count, but we intercepted this letter."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch:<Visibly pained> "A moment, Fennorian. The darkness … has passed. Well done acquiring this letter."
Gwendis: "Never mind the pat on the back, Verandis! What happened?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "It's nothing. A distraction. Our friend has arrived and we must not waste any time."

Speak to Gwendis and she's visibly concerned:

"I knew something was wrong. He's been trying to hide it, but the Dark Heart is doing something to him."

Speak to Verandis and he'll send you to Nighthollow Keep with Gwendis. You can speak to her about your next mission:

"Verandis is certainly entrusting you with a lot of responsibility. You better not fail him, especially while he's dealing with whatever the Dark Heart is doing to him.
I'll meet you at Nighthollow Keep and we'll learn what we can about the Void."
What do you know about the Nighthollow Archive?
"Just what Verandis told me while we were doing our research. We know that the Nighthollow clan is older than the stones we're standing on.
The archive might contain thousands of years of secrets. Or it might be full of nothing but dust."
Secrets about the Dark Heart and the Void?
"They built an empire by feeding off that Heart. Odds are good that one of the creepy vampires wrote about it before the well dried up and their power withered away.
We'll find these secrets—and maybe a way to help Verandis, too."

You'll need to meet Gwendis at Nighthollow Keep. She calls to you as you approach:

Gwendis: "Over here! Nighthollow Keep is just ahead."

Speak to her.

"Nighthollow Keep is down this path. The archive should be right inside.
In writings we recovered from Lady Belain, she mentioned a Nighthollow Testament. That's probably what we're looking for. Just watch yourself. The place is locked down tight."
What are we dealing with?
"Well, it's crawling with Nighthollow vampires. Not just the mindless, spooky kind. Looks like some of them got recharged when the Dark Heart woke up.
They patrol the outer wall in shifts. One door in and out. It's locked, but they carry keys."
So we relieve one of the patrols of their keys?
"You got it! I haven't been able to keep track of their comings and goings, so there's no telling which vampires have the keys. Attacking them could attract unwanted attention.
If you want to find a more discreet way past that wall, by all means."
All right, let's find a way into the keep.
"Remember, get keys off the patrolling vampires or find another way to get inside. Either way, let's get into the archive, find this Nighthollow Testament, and get back to Verandis, all right?
I'll scout around on my own and catch up to you."
Why do you think this Nighthollow Testament is what we're looking for?
"Rada al-Saran wants Verandis to study the Void through Nighthollow eyes, right? According to Lady Belain's writings, the secrets to harnessing the Dark Heart's power—Void power—could be found in the pages of that book.
It's perfectly obvious!"
And you're sure we'll find it here?
"No … but we didn't find it after you killed Lady Belain. We know she didn't completely trust Rada al-Saran, so where else would she leave it for safekeeping.
If it's not here, I don't know where else it would be."

As you leave, she'll say:

Gwendis: "I'm off. If I see something that might help, I'll let you know."

If you get a key off of one of the sentries she'll meet you at the door. Otherwise if you decide to find another way in, you can approach a suspiciously large netherroot:

Gwendis: "Look how high that netherroot's growing. Think it will hold our weight?"

Either way, make your way to the entrance to the Nighthollow Archives:

Gwendis: "That wasn't as difficult as I expected. Now let's enter the archive."

At the door, you'll find a body and a note:

Gwendis: "That's a Gray Host pentarch. Probably after the same thing as us. What's that beside him?"

Enter the Archives and she'll run ahead:

Gwendis: "As far as libraries go, the lighting in here is terrible. Hey, I bet that's what we came for!"

If you speak to her, she'll say:

"I don't like it. It reminds me of a chunk of meat in a skeever trap.
Go ahead. You see if that's the right book. I'll keep watch."

Take the tome and Gwendis will be off to the next shiny thing:

Gwendis: "That's done. Hey—why is this trinket over here glowing?"

Speaking to her here:

"This is one of those trinkets with auramancy on it, isn't it? Like the one you and Fennorian found? Does that mean Rada al-Saran was here? Then why did he leave the book? Just so Verandis could find it?
I'll let you examine the enchanted memento."

Do as she says and another vision plays showing Rada and Verandis.

Gwendis: "Verandis keeps everyone at arm's length. Is this why?"

If you choose to speak with her, she'll say:

"Even though Verandis told us about his time with the Gray Host, seeing these memories of him and Rada al-Saran together are kind of disturbing.
Anyway, we got what we came for. Let's hope this creepy old book can help us stop the Darkstorm."
What should I do next?
"You should meet up with Lyris and Fennorian and complete those parts of this journey. Go to Bthar-Zel or Understone Keep if you haven't been there already. You need to do this for Verandis and find the rest of the clues Rada al-Saran left behind."
What do you make of the memory we saw?
"I make that watching Verandis and Rada al-Saran get along like two acorns from the same tree disturbs me to no end.
Just seeing them together … it's no wonder Rada al-Saran thinks he can convince Verandis to come around to his way of thinking."

Back in the Orrery Chamber, you'll hear Verandis trying to defend his actions. Gwendis will not question him like Lyris and Fennorian, but she is no less okay with the count's past:

"I'm too mad to deal with this right now. Besides, you completed the entire journey. You tell Verandis what we discovered at each of those sites."

After speaking to Verandis, she'll offer to help search for Rada's secret laboratory:

"If Rada al-Saran's hidden a laboratory somewhere in the Library of Arkthzand, I'll find it. I've had plenty of practice locating hidden laboratories."

Inside the Library:

"I'll admit, tracking down Arkasis's laboratory was a lot simpler. I don't smell anything alchemical around here, just a lot of metal and steam."

Once you finally find the laboratory:

"Don't get all cocky just because you found the laboratory first. Since you're so smart, talk to Verandis and figure out what we do next."

Verandis will explain to you that the group needs to recreate the ritual Rada was attempting. Gwendis is to recite the Nighthollow rites:

"Oh, sure, you get to pull levers while I have to work some kind of dark magic with the forces of the Void. That seems fair.
Get on with it, the more I think about this, the less I want to do it."

After the ritual:

"That took a lot out of Verandis. I hope we got what we needed.
Talk to him and see how he's doing."

Everyone heads back into the orrery. Inside, you'll find Rada al-Saran at the machine's platform. After exchanging a few words with Verandis, he vanishes. If you speak to Gwendis, she'll say:

"Y'ffre's barky backside! He was right there! Can we go after him?
Verandis must know how to do that. Talk to him!"

Kingdom of AshEdit

If you don't accept this quest from Verandis immediately after the previous quest ends and leave the orrery, you can accept the quest from Gwendis out by the stables in Markarth. As you approach, she'll say:

"It's now or never, hero."

Speak with her to begin the quest.

"You need to get to the orrery chamber in the Library of Arkthzand. Verandis is about to go after Rada al-Saran, and we can't let him do that alone."
Remind me what we're up against.
"Rada al-Saran escaped to his sanctuary realm in the Void. He's going to create the Darkstorm. Verandis says that after it uses up the energy already in the Dark Heart, it will start to feed on the rest of the Reach to power the storm."
Does Verandis think he can stop it?
"He says that if he can enter the sanctuary realm, he can take control of the ritual. With luck, after he does that he can shut down the Darkstorm. All I know if that we have to help him. We have to try.
Are you with us?"
I'll go to the orrery chamber and talk to Verandis.

You can reassure her after accepting the quest.

"Good. Make it quick. Rada al-Saran's preparing to summon his Darkstorm even as we speak."
We'll stop Rada al-Saran, Gwendis.
"At least one of us sounds certain of that. Just promise to handle the heroism so Verandis doesn't get himself killed. I know he feels like this is something he's got to do, but he's at the end of his rope."

If you speak to her after you agree to follow Rada into the Darkstorm:

"Don't look at me, you were the one working all the contraptions before. If you're worried, I'm sure Verandis knows what to do."

Once the three beacons as activated, Verandis will then turn to his Ravenwatch family:

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Gwendis. Fennorian. You shall remain here."
Gwendis: "What? No way!"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Someone must keep the orrery in operation. You may give me an earful when we return."
Gwendis: "I'm holding you to that! Understand?"

Speak to her:

"You're really just going to hurl yourselves through the Void and hope for the best?"
Seems that way.
"I was really hoping Verandis had something tricky up his sleeve. I guess there's nothing left to do but smack Rada al-Saran in his self-righteous face.
You just bring Verandis back. Promise me."
I'll do all I can.
"You better. The only reason I'm agreeing to stay behind is because you're going with him. I can count on one finger the number of people I'd trust with this.
So get this done. We'll be waiting to hear all about it when you get back."
Until then, Gwendis.
I can't promise that any of us will return.
"I know that! Would it kill you to offer me a little reassurance?
Promise or no promise, I'm counting on you to bring him home."
I understand.
"Well, this is it. The portal leads to Rada al-Saran. To the Darkstorm. And to the end of all this … whatever that is."
Will you and Fennorian be all right here on your own?
"Now you sound like Verandis before a trip. I swear not to wreck the place while you're gone. And if the Gray Host shows up to start trouble, I'll stop them from wrecking it, too.
So get going already, before I change my mind."

As you head to the portal, you'll hear:

Gwendis: "I expect you back before Fennorian gets bored. Don't make me come in there after you."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "We shall endeavor to return shortly. Farewell, my friends."
Lyris Titanborn: "Are we leaping into the gaping portal or not?"

Back at the orrery:

Gwendis: "You're back! But—where's Verandis?"
Lyris Titanborn: "He's … staying behind. I'm sorry."
Gwendis: "He's staying …? No. He promised—he promised me!"
Lyris Titanborn: "It was the only way to—"
Fennorian: "Look out! The Dark Heart!"

The Dark Heart pulses... then stops:

Fennorian: "It's … dormant. Verandis must have done it. He stopped the Darkstorm!"

Then suddenly, an old friend shows up:

Gwendis: "Arana?"
Arana: "I—I can breathe … I'm alive?"

Speak to Gwendis:

"I—I don't understand. Arana—she was dead. Wasn't she? What's going on?"
Are you all right?
"Verandis is gone! Arana gets to live, but he doesn't? Is that it? How is that fair?"
I'm sorry, Gwendis.
"You were supposed to bring him back!
Just get away from me! Leave me alone."

If you try to speak to her after hearing from Arana, she'll dismiss you:

"Just go. Please …."

Second ChancesEdit

In Understone Keep, Arana will tell you you have "a friend who's journeyed a long way to thank you personally for all you've done." Go to the place in the keep she indicated and Verandis will be there to greet you.

As you say your goodbye to Verandis, you hear voices come in behind you:

Gwendis: "Arana said they'd be this way, come o—"
<Gwendis stops and covers her mouth>
Fennorian: "F—father!"
Gwendis: "You—they said you were gone …."
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "I was. And I will be again. We have much to discuss, but I will not be returning to House Ravenwatch."
Adusa-daro: "But who will—"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "You three have no more need of a guardian. It's time I put the future of the Ravenwatch in your hands."
Gwendis: "But … you'll still visit, right?"
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: "Every chance I get."

Speak to her and she'll say:

"Here and gone, here and gone! It's cruel to play with a girl's heart like this … but I'm glad Verandis kept his promise. Ugh, I'm having too many feelings right now!"
How do you feel about leading the Ravenwatch?
"Great! Terrible! Everything in between! I've waited so long for Verandis to stop hovering over my shoulder, but I never thought it'd be because he's not around.
I realized something though, when you and Lyris told me he wasn't coming back."
"I can't shed tears for him. It's not what he needs from me. He needs someone to carry on after him. To do the work he can't anymore.
So, that's what I'll do. Keep his legacy alive. Somebody has to keep tabs on all these pesky vampires."
Let me know if the Ravenwatch needs my assistance again.
"Don't think it's just Verandis I expect to visit. It'd be nice bumping into you somewhere other than a moldy cavern once in a while.
Castle Ravenwatch is always open to you. It's not like we have a shortage of guest rooms."
I'll remember that.
"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to give Verandis an earful.
I think I heard the Ard calling for you when we were talking to Arana. They're making some proclamation in the audience chamber. Better not miss your accolades."

If you speak with her again after the speeches, she says:

"After everything that's happened, I think I'll enjoy a nice, quiet month at Ravenwatch Castle. Oh, who am I kidding? I'll be lucky if Adusa lets us rest tonight."
What's next for the Ravenwatch?
"What's left of the Gray Host may be in shambles, but the leftovers are certain to make trouble elsewhere even with their Ashen Lord gone.
Plus, we'll need to catch up on who else has been up to no good while they hogged our attention."
Let me know when you have something to go on.
"Oh, you'll be the first to read the naughty list when we've got one, trust me.
Maybe I'll even tag along, but no caves this time!"

Event DialogueEdit

Gwendis in Belkarth

Gwendis can be encountered at Belkarth Festival Grounds during Zeal of Zenithar provided Second Chances was completed. She can be found next to a small dividing wall, northwest of the Indrik vendor, when she appears. You can talk to her:

"I did say it'd be nice to bump into you somewhere other than a moldy cave. But I never thought you'd be someone I'd see here."
What are you doing here?
"The others at House Ravenwatch do their best, but they're struggling to accept Verandis's absence. So, I'm surprising them with some gifts.
This festival seemed like the perfect place to peruse craftsmen's wares."
How are you dealing with Verandis being gone?
"Adusa-daro took on almost all of Verandis's duties—I don't envy her for that. Fennorian and I do as much as we can.
Fennorian's had the hardest time of it. He still volunteers to investigate every rumor of evil that reaches us."
Is Fennorian here?
"We didn't think there would be an issue with my presence. But, it's better to stay safe.
One vampire could raise their suspicions, but two or more? If they were the torch wielding type, that'd be the end of the festival. No gifts for anyone then."
You think Zenithar's worshippers would hunt you?
"As a whole, they don't take issue with the members of House Ravenwatch. Individually? Who can say.
It'll take me all festival to find enough gifts. Let's make a habit of these outdoor meetings, they smell better than the alternative."

Stonethorn Gameplay TrailerEdit

Gwendis says the following in the Stonethorn Gameplay Trailer:

"In the history of House Ravenwatch…"
"Have we witnessed such a depraved vampire conspiracy."
"The resurrection of the Gray Host would mean the end of Skyrim."
"Even Tamriel itself."



The voice acting here erroneously says "Arkasis's library" instead of "Arkasis's laboratory".