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Elder Scrolls Online: Combat

Heavy Attacks are attacks which must be charged. They do more damage per attack than light attacks, though less damage per second due to the charging time. There may also be further effects. Using a heavy attack against an Off Balance opponent will knock them down. Heavy attacks are performed by holding the attack button.

Heavy attacks require no Stamina or Magicka. The damage of heavy attacks scales to your Maximum Stamina, or Maximum Magicka for staves.

  • Heavy attacks restore Magicka (with staves) or Stamina (other weapons) when fully charged. The amount restored scales to the length of time that the heavy attack takes to charge, so for example, a heavy attack with a 2-handed weapon will restore more Stamina than when dual wielding. The amount restored also scales to player level.
  • Restoration staves and Lightning staves will begin channeling damage as soon as the heavy attack begins. This can be a detriment if you don't want to catch the attention of an enemy until the attack is fully charged. It can be a benefit since the attack will follow the enemy if they move during the channel, eliminating the need for you to track them until the attack is fully charged.

The lists below include only bonuses specifically from fully charged Heavy Attacks. For bonuses from Light Attacks, see the Light Attack page, as these generally work on both Light and Heavy Attacks as well.


Storm Calling
Destruction Staff
  • Tri Focus - adds various effects depending on the type of staff you are using.
Restoration Staff
Two Handed
  • Follow Up - causes subsequent attack to do more damage.