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Ahnassi (ahnassi)
Home Town Pelagiad
Location Halfway Tavern, Ahnassi's House after part of the quest
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Level 9 Class Monk Service
Training Acrobatics (58)
Hand-to-hand (48)
Sneak (48)
Other Information
Health 106 Magicka 23
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) Thieves Guild 0(Toad)

Ahnassi is a Khajiit monk and Toad of the Thieves Guild living in Pelagiad. If you are male, a quest can be completed concerning a relationship with her. Ahnassi offers medium training in Acrobatics and minor training in Hand-to-hand and Sneak. She is wearing a common robe and she is carrying up to 30 drakes. Like all Khajiit, she can see well in the dark and can demoralize others for short periods; otherwise she knows no spells.


  • Greeting:
    • "Ahnassi listens, Ahnassi hears.''
    • "A friend tells Ahnassi that J'Dhannar is dead. And you have killed him. Is this how you help your friends? You have betrayed Ahnassi, and hurt her very much. Ahnassi hates you now, and wants to forget you, very fast. Go away."
    • "You attacked Ahnassi! Ahnassi wants nothing to do with you!"
    • "Ah, it is Ahnassi's VERY special friend, %PCName. Ahnassi welcomes you to the hospitality of her house."
    • "Ah, it is Ahnassi's true and good friend, %PCName. Ahnassi can never see enough of her good friend."
    • "Yes, please, it is Ahnassi's new friend, %PCName. So pleased to see you!"
    • "Rrrrr. When Ahnassi sees smooth moves like this, Ahnassi thinks a dancer. No? A high wall walker? If you aren't in the Thieves Guild, sweet, perhaps you should be."
    • "Ahnassi listens. Ahnassi hears."
    • "Just keep walking, fly. Ahnassi does not like what she sees here."
  • bad people:
    • "This bad person who threatens Ahnassi, this Daren Adryn is... not around any more? And, so because you share a care with Ahnassi, you have such price on your head? This is wrong. You do this for Ahnassi. Ahnassi has friends, calls in favors... promises she will set this thing right."
  • Background:
    • "Ahnassi does nothing important."
  • Her profession:
    • "Yes, Ahnassi is a thief. But she is a NICE thief. Don't you think so?"
    • "Ahnassi tells you, Ahnassi trusts you. Yes, Ahnassi is a thief. You do not mind? Why? Because Ahnassi loves secret things. She loves secrets, and when she finds them, she loves to have them. Like this strange Hrordis upstairs. Hrordis has a secret, Ahnassi can see, so Ahnassi follows Hrordis, and this is how Ahnassi knows Hrordis serves Mehrunes Dagon. This magic belt Hrordis has, such a pretty belt, but strange writings in strange letters, maybe evil, maybe danger."
    • "Please excuse poor Ahnassi. She knows you must see her drooping tail and drooping whiskers. But Ahnassi must understand, and save her pride. Ahnassi will pretend she does not care. But to you, Ahnassi can't hide. So sad, so sad, so sad."
    • "Please forgive Ahnassi, if she purrs like a kitten. But Ahnassi is so pleased! You will come visit Ahnassi often then? And tell her things? And ask her things too, for we are now friends, yes? Ahnassi such secrets knows, she almost bursts. Like... Ahnassi MUST tell her new friend! This Hrordis upstairs? Such a secret I know!"
    • "What Khajiit can see what she wants, and not take it? Could Ahnassi ask for gift? Don't say 'No' to Ahnassi. Must Ahnassi be the thief?. Must she steal this thing, this %PCName fellow she wants? Or will he give himself as a gift?"
  • hospitality:
    • "You are always welcome here, my VERY special friend. Ahnassi's house is %PCName's house. Take what you need, give what you can. What Ahnassi has is yours. There should be plenty of food and drink downstairs, and a comfortable bed. You want the robe from Ahnassi's shoulders? All you need to do is ask."
    • "You are always welcome at Ahnassi's house, my VERY special friend. Take what you need, give what you can. What Ahnassi has is yours. There should be plenty of food and drink downstairs, and a comfortable bed. You want the robe from Ahnassi's shoulders? All you need to do is ask."
  • Hrordis:
    • "This Hrordis, this thing she has, it is a very strange belt. Magic. Very much magic. And Ahnassi knows more, that Hrordis visits this Ald Sotha, near Vivec City. And more, Ahnassi makes her business to know some things, and one thing she knows, this Ald Sotha ruin, this is where they worship Mehrunes Dagon. Do you believe this? Ahnassi does not care so much, gods are gods, but this Mehrunes Dagon, is he not very cruel? Very evil?"
  • Khajiit:
    • "Yes, Ahnassi is %Race. And %PCName is %PCRace. This suits Ahnassi just fine."
    • "Yes, Ahnassi is %Race. And %PCName is %PCRace. What does it matter? You are not one of these race-hating natives, are you?"
    • "Yes, Ahnassi is %Race. And %PCName is %PCRace. What does it matter? We are all outlanders in this place."
  • my trade:
    • "Ahnassi is a monk. In mind and spirit, Ahnassi is a student of the hidden mysteries, of the unseen world. In body, Ahnassi is a student of the ancient martial arts, the 'Rain-of-Sand' style of home. When Ahnassi must defend herself, Ahnassi prefers claw-and-close and wears no armor, because what Ahnassi does not have, Ahnassi cannot lose."
    • "Oh, well, yes, Ahnassi must tell you, Ahnassi is a monk, yes, but perhaps Ahnassi is more gentle thief than a monk. Ahnassi takes things, yes, but not like some. Ahnassi spills no blood. No weapon. No fighting. Ahnassi comes and goes and is not seen. But %PCName is Khajiit, so %PCName understands. A thing is precious, but not protected? That is foolish. And if Ahnassi takes this thing, it is the fool's fault, not Ahnassi. Is that not right?"
    • "Oh, well, yes, Ahnassi must tell you, Ahnassi is a monk, yes, but perhaps Ahnassi is more gentle thief than a monk. Ahnassi takes things, yes, but not like some. Ahnassi spills no blood. No weapon. No fighting. Ahnassi comes and goes and is not seen. It is not easy to explain to the unclawed. A thing is precious, but not protected? That is foolish. And if Ahnassi takes this thing, it is the fool's fault, not Ahnassi. That is the way of my people."
  • new friend:
    • "Yes, among new friends, Ahnassi has good things to share. This is Ahnassi's special custom with new friends, to share. Share a gift, share a care. You will forgive Ahnassi, she is so forward? But sharing gifts, sharing cares, that is what friends do, yes?"
  • Service Refusal:
    • "No. Ahnassi does not train, because you do not belong to... but Ahnassi must not say what you do not belong to."
  • share a gift:
    • "Yes, I see! Very clever is Ahnassi's friend, and a very fine glove is Elvul's Black Blindfold. Ahnassi likes this glove very much... but it is Ahnassi's gift to her friend, and her friend must keep it. Ahnassi is very happy that we have shared so many gifts. But that is what friends are for, yes?"
    • "Yes, Ahnassi is very happy that we have shared so many gifts. But that is what friends are for, yes?"
    • "But so GLAD!! Guess what! There is a secret passage, hidden underwater, to sneak into the Imperial Commission! And all you have to do is search for the hidden underwater entrance. It must be nearby! Too easy!"
    • "Ahnassi has another surprise? Are you ready? Have you heard of Elvul's Black Blindfold, a magic glove which blinds and befuddles archers? Ahnassi knows nothing about magic, but she has heard this is a wonderful glove, very beautiful, very valuable. But so sad. It is in Rufinus Alleius's chest of drawers in the living quarters of the Imperial Commission in Ebonheart. Many Imperial guards. Very tough, very dangerous. So sad...."
    • "Oh.... But... it's too much. For Ahnassi? Ahnassi.... It is so lovely. But you must let Ahnassi give you a gift in return. What could possibly be so rare, so fine? Here. Ahnassi gives you these. They are rare and precious. Ahnassi could never use them. But Ahnassi hopes they bring you luck in a hard place."
    • "You are very, very welcome. Ahnassi hopes you treasure the robe always."
    • "Oh, look! A Flamemirror Robe! How clever you are! But we both knew that, did we not? And my goodness. Such enchantments. And very, very pretty...."
    • "Ahnassi can't wait to see this Flamemirror Robe. Very valuable. Very mysterious. Ahnassi can't wait to see what it is."
    • "Ahnassi has a secret! Do you know what a Flamemirror Robe is? Well, Ahnassi does not, but she knows it is VERY valuable. And... A friend has told Ahnassi where it is! In the Telvanni Tower in Vivec! At the Telvanni Compound! This wizard Mavon Drenim, he does not wear it, so he keeps in it his clothes closet! Because you are so smart, Ahnassi knows you will get this Flamemirror Robe. And bring it to show Ahnassi how smart you are."
    • "I LOVE my pretty coda flower. And I LOVE your pretty gold kanet, too. So you keep the gold kanet, yes, and treasure it always. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And now... you can ask Ahnassi to share a gift again, for it is Ahnassi's turn! Isn't this fun?"
    • "Where are Ahnassi's pretty flowers? A pretty coda flower for Ahnassi, and a pretty gold kanet for %PCname? Ahnassi can't WAIT to get her pretty flowers."
    • "Ahnassi hopes you will visit with her friend Senyndie, and learn many fine tricks. And now it is YOUR turn to give Ahnassi a gift. And Ahnassi knows JUST what she wants. FLOWERS! Of course a special friend knows JUST what flowers to get. So Ahnassi will tell you. Just two! One for you, and one for me. A pretty coda flower for Ahnassi, and a pretty gold kanet for %PCname. Ahnassi can't WAIT to get her pretty flowers."
    • "So go see Senyndie, and tell her Ahnassi sends you. Senyndie is Ahnassi's friend, and I know she will be happy to see you."
    • "Ahnassi sees how her VERY good friend is always doing, always learning new tricks. So Ahnassi must tell you a secret. Ahnassi has a friend, Senyndie, a nice Redguard female, who trains fighters at the Arena in Vivec. And the secret Ahnassi tells is that Senyndie is a secret master of the guild discipline called 'acrobatics.' Do you know what that means? That means there is no one else on Vvardenfell who is so fine an acrobat as Senyndie. And no one else can train you so well."
    • "Ahnassi's friend likes the gifts Ahnassi gives? Good. Then perhaps Ahnassi will think hard about another nice gift when her friend comes to see her again."
    • "And Ahnassi has a NEW secret to share with her true and good friend. Guess what Ahnassi hears? Beldrose Dralor. You know this name? The biggest fatcat factor of Redoran? Guess who has a very special key to very special chests in the Redoran Treasury at the Redoran Compound in Vivec? YOU GUESSED! Beldrose Dralor. But you do not guess where he KEEPS this key! It is so silly! You won't believe! In HIS WIFE'S CLOTHES CHEST! In his manor on tier-top! What do you think? Is this not a fine gift Ahnassi shares?"
    • "Look what Ahnassi found? Isn't it pretty? And it is just your size! You will look so fine, Ahnassi is proud to have such a fine-looking friend. And LOOK! What a surprise! Inside these clothes, what do I find but a book, a very special book, a book Ahnassi knows her friend will like."
    • "You are so welcome. It is nothing. It pleases Ahnassi to give her new friends such gifts."
    • "Here. This is a little nothing that Ahnassi finds. A tasty treat, and handy."
  • share a care
    • "Ahnassi has just one care she wants to share. Ahnassi hopes her VERY special friend will stay close to Ahnassi and never go away. Ahnassi worries, because Ahnassi looks forward to seeing you so much.... But Ahnassi understands. And Ahnassi is very busy, too. So Ahnassi is happy when she is busy, and happy when she sees you, and that is enough happiness for anyone."
    • "We mustn't keep meeting here in this old cornerclub. At Ahnassi's house, Ahnassi can show her VERY special friend some good, old-fashioned Khajiit hospitality. It's the house here in Pelagiad, across the street from the Halfway, by the fort wall, off the street, with the stone fences nearby. Here. You'll need the key. If you come by the Halfway again, and I'm not here, I'll be at the house."
    • "A friend tells Ahnassi that J'Dhannar has left Vivec to return to Elsweyr. She says that he looks well, and that he has stopped using sugar. Ahnassi is not sorry that she is free of her bond with J'Dhannar, but Ahnassi is very happy that he seems to be better. Ahnassi is VERY grateful to her VERY special friend. And Ahnassi hopes that her VERY special friend will come visit her at Ahnassi's house here in Pelagiad."
    • "Ahnassi understands all too well. Ahnassi has tried, and failed. Ahnassi thanks her true and good friend anyway, thanks for sharing her care. For what are friends for, but to share each others cares?"
    • "Ahnassi understands all too well. Ahnassi has tried, and failed. Cure skooma addict? It can't be done. But Ahnassi sees something in her true and good friend, something that says the things that can't be done might be done. And it gives Ahnassi hope. Ahnassi's mate is called J'Dhannar, and he lives where he can in St. Olms Canton. Please find him, and persuade him to give up the sugar."
    • "After you are so good to Ahnassi, Ahnassi is ashamed to ask. And Ahnassi feels strange telling her good friend this thing. But Ahnassi has a mate. Once Ahnassi loves him very much. But now, this mate is a slave to skooma. Ahnassi no longer loves him, but once one has been in your blood, there is shared blood forever. Ahnassi begs him to abandon the skooma, but he will not. Ahnassi knows not what to do. Can you help Ahnassi? Can you persuade this foolish mate to give up his skooma?"
      • I don't know, but I will try.
      • I'm sorry, but I don't think I can succeed where you have failed.
    • "Ahnassi thanks you again and again."
    • "Ahnassi is safe? This bad person is no more? If you get a price on your head for helping Ahnassi, Ahnassi calls in all her favors, gets this fixed. Promise. Ahnassi thanks you with her hands, her lips, her heart. You are not just a new friend, %PCName. You are a good friend, and true friend. Now Ahnassi can share a gift, a special gift she has found for her true and good friend."
    • "Ahnassi is worried and afraid, new friend, but Ahnassi understands, must be patient. New friend %PCName says he will take care of the bad person for Ahnassi, and Ahnassi knows he will keep his word."
    • "You are kind to listen, %PCName. Ahnassi thanks you."
    • "You are too kind, %PCName. Ahnassi knows she places great burden on new friend, but Ahnassi cannot fight, cannot shed blood, she has sworn such an oath. Ahnassi tries to be good, but Ahnassi thinks now she is in great danger. This bad person, Daren Adryn, a Dark Elf, he is Camonna Tong bigwig in Gnaar Mok. He is found at Nadene Rotheran's Shack. Ahnassi is so ashamed that she asks a life, a very great gift, from her new friend, but Ahnassi has no one else."
    • "Forgive Ahnassi. Ahnassi is so ashamed, to ask her new friend to share such a care. But Ahnassi is afraid, very afraid. This dustman, bad person, he frightens Ahnassi. He comes, tells Ahnassi there is no more Thieves Guild, there is just Camonna Tong, and Ahnassi will join Camonna Tong, and be 'protected.' Otherwise, unless Ahnassi is 'protected', Ahnassi might get hurt. This dustman, he talks quiet, but very mean. Ahnassi is so sorry, sorry to trouble her new friend. But Ahnassi is scared."
      • Offer to take care of the bad person for Ahnassi.
      • Express concern, but make no commitment.
  • smooth moves:
    • "How can Ahnassi not see? Must she be blind? She sees you walk, and she likes what she sees. It is her profession, to see such things as the flow of the body, and the grace of the eye, and admire."
  • Thieves Guild:
    • "Well, %PCRank, %PCName. Ahnassi greets you, with very great pleasure. And Ahnassi hopes you will come to her for training. Ahnassi thinks she would enjoy wrestling with you. Don't you think?"
    • "No? You aren't in the Guild? That is not right. Ahnassi gives you a present, a copy of this book, 'Honor Among Thieves.' Read this book, as a favor to Ahnassi. No, please, take this gift. Ahnassi thanks you for brightening her day."
    • "Have you read 'Honor Among Thieves' yet. Don't forget. And please don't forget Ahnassi, either."
  • Training:
    • "Ahnassi is sorry she must charge Guild rates to train a friend, but Ahnassi gave her word, so Ahnassi is good and follows the rules."
    • "For the Guild, Ahnassi trains, for Guild rates."
    • "Ahnassi trains, yes, but not you. You are not a member, and Ahnassi is a member, and that is the way it must be."
  • true and good friend:
    • "Yes, my true and good friend, Ahnassi always has things to share with her true and good friend. These things are not always happy, not always good, but true and good friends share everything, good and bad, yes? So still, we will share a gift, share a care, yes?"
  • VERY special friend:
    • "Yes, my VERY special friend. Ahnassi hopes we will always have things to share -- share a gift, share a care, yes? Close friends. Very close."
  • latest rumors:
    • "Have you heard about the noble girl and her special friend, the bandit? The poets say they're deeply in love, and they have run away together. Is it not romantic?"

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