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Morrowind:Erer Darothril

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Erer Darothril (erer darothril)
Home City Wolverine Hall
Store Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 25 Class Mage Service
Training Illusion (100)
Destruction (81)
Mysticism (76)
Other Spellmaking Spellmaker
Spells Alteration SpellsConjuration SpellsDestruction SpellsIllusion Spells
Other Information
Health 131 Magicka 182
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Erer Darothril

Erer Darothril is a Dark Elf mage who can be found at Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub in Wolverine Hall. There he offers training in Illusion, for which he is the Master Trainer, as well as major training in Destruction and Mysticism. He also sells an impressive selection of spells and offers custom spellmaking services to all who need them.



Erer Darothril has the following spells for sale:

Spell Name Cost Effects
Crushing Burden of Sin 158 Burden Burden 60-80 pts for 30s on Target
Fire Shield 45 Fire Shield Fire Shield 10 pts for 30s on Self
Frost Shield 45 Frost Shield Frost Shield 10 pts for 30s on Self
Lightning Shield 45 Lightning Shield Lightning Shield 10 pts for 30s on Self
Slowfall 45 Slowfall Slowfall 30 pts for 10s on Self
Bound Cuirass 6 Bound Cuirass Bound Cuirass for 60s on Self
Bound Longsword 6 Bound Longsword Bound Longsword for 60s on Self
Bound Mace 6 Bound Mace Bound Mace for 60s on Self
Bound Shield 6 Bound Shield Bound Shield for 60s on Self
Summon Daedroth 96 Summon Daedroth Summon Daedroth for 60s on Self
Summon Dremora 84 Summon Dremora Summon Dremora for 60s on Self
Summon Hunger 87 Summon Hunger Summon Hunger for 60s on Self
Summon Storm Atronach 114 Summon Storm Atronach Summon Storm Atronach for 60s on Self
Emasculate 4 Damage Endurance Damage Endurance 1-20 pts on Touch
Fuddle 4 Damage Intelligence Damage Intelligence 1-20 pts on Touch
God's Fire * 135 Fire Damage Fire Damage 11-60 pts in 10ft for 10s on Target
God's Frost * 135 Frost Damage Frost Damage 11-60 pts in 10ft for 10s on Target
Hex 4 Damage Luck Damage Luck 1-20 pts on Touch
Lightning Storm 34 Shock Damage Shock Damage 2-10 pts in 10ft for 10s on Target
Magicka Leech * 126 Drain Magicka Drain Magicka 6-15 pts for 60s on Touch
Scourge Blade 56 Drain Long Blade Drain Long Blade 5-20 pts for 30s on Target
Drain Short Blade Drain Short Blade 5-20 pts for 30s on Target
Torpor 28 Drain Speed Drain Speed 5-20 pts for 30s on Target
Charm Mortal 225 Charm Charm 10-30 pts for 30s on Target
Charming Touch 225 Charm Charm 30 pts for 30s on Touch
Concealment 90 Invisibility Invisibility for 90s on Self
Far Silence 30 Silence Silence for 10s on Target
Medusa's Gaze 45 Paralyze Paralyze for 15s on Target

* Indicates spells which cannot be purchased from anyone else, though spells with the same effects at different magnitudes can be purchased elsewhere.