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Leles Birian (leles birian)
Location Ascadian Isles Region, [4,-8] (map)
Race Breton Gender Female
Level 25 Class Mage Service
Training Destruction (100)
Mysticism (81)
Restoration (81)
Other Spellmaking Spellmaker
Spells Alteration SpellsConjuration SpellsMysticism SpellsRestoration Spells
Other Information
Health 154 Magicka 200
Alarm 30 Fight 30
Leles Birian

Leles Birian is a Breton mage who can be found by the road in the Ascadian Isles region. To find her, go due east on the road from Piernette's Farmhouse. She is also due west of Dirara's Farmhouse and north-northwest of a small, unnamed farmhouse owned by Travelling-New-Woman. Leles is the Master trainer for Destruction, and she also offers high-level training in Mysticism and Restoration as well as a selection of mostly high-level spells (oddly enough, none of them in Destruction). She can also make custom spells for you, making her one of the few non-faction-affiliated people to offer this service.


Leles teaches the following spells:

Spell Name Cost Effects
Burden of Sin 50 Burden Burden 40-60 pts for 20s on Touch
Cruel Weary * 45 Burden Burden 50-70 pts for 10s on Target
Crushing Burden 45 Burden Burden 60 pts for 10s on Target
Crushing Burden of Sin 158 Burden Burden 60-80 pts for 30s on Target
Dire Weary 56 Burden Burden 60-90 pts for 10s on Target
Great Feather 50 Feather Feather 100 pts for 10s on Self
Slowfall 45 Slow Fall Slow Fall 30 pts for 10s on Self
Summon Scamp 36 Summon Scamp Summon Scamp for 60s on Self
Strong Reflect 63 Reflect Reflect 20-30 pts for 5s on Self
Strong Spelldrinker 63 Spell Absorption Spell Absorption 20-30 pts for 5s on Self
Wild Spelldrinker 51 Spell Absorption Spell Absorption 1-40 pts for 5s on Self
Strong Resist Corprus Disease 50 Resist Corprus Disease Resist Corprus Disease 20 pts for 10s on Self
Vivec's Mercy 50 Resist Blight Disease Resist Blight Disease 20 pts for 10s on Self

* Indicates spells which cannot be purchased from anyone else, though spells with the same effects at different magnitudes can be purchased elsewhere.