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Wadarkhu (wadarkhu)
Home Town Gnaar Mok
Location Druegh-jigger's Rest
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Level 25 Class Smuggler
Training Sneak (100)
Blunt Weapon (66)
Short Blade (59)
Other Information
Health 252 Magicka 118
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) Thieves Guild 4(Operative)

Wadarkhu is a Khajiit smuggler located in the Druegh-jigger's Rest in Gnaar Mok. He is an Operative in the Thieves Guild.

Like other people in Gnaar Mok, he will comment on the breeding netch north of the village. It seems that they attacked his ship.

Wadarkhu is one of two master trainers of Sneak and also a medium trainer in Blunt Weapon and Short Blade.

Wadarkhu wears an extravagant robe along with a pair of exquisite pants. He carries a silver dagger. Like all Khajiit, he can see well in the dark and can demoralize others for short periods; otherwise he knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit


  • breeding netch:
  • "%Name's ship was attacked. Kill them if you can."
  • "The netch just north of here are dead? Good. You saved %Name lots of trouble."