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Hecerinde (hecerinde)
Home City Balmora
House Hecerinde's House
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 25 Class Agent
Training Security (100)
Acrobatics (66)
Sneak (66)
Gold 1000 Mercantile Journeyman (40)
Other Information
Health 192 Magicka 152
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) Thieves Guild 6(Captain)

Hecerinde is an Altmer agent who lives in his house on the east bank of the Odai River in Balmora. He is a Captain in the Thieves Guild, and one of the most skilled at his craft.

He is the master trainer in Security, and also offers training in Acrobatics (66) and Sneak (66). He also buys and sells Thieves Tools, though he initially does not have any in stock in most versions of the game (see notes). He only provides these services to fellow Thieves Guild members ranked Blackcap or above.

He wears an extravagant shirt, common pants, and netch leather greaves with matching boots. He carries a steel tanto, expensive shoes, and 12 pieces of gold. Aside from his natural weaknesses to fire, frost, shock and magicka, his natural bonus to magicka, and resistance to disease, Hecerinde knows the following spells: Wild Earwig, Dire Noise, Silence, Medusa's Gaze, Hide, Invisibility, Shadow Weave, Summon Ancestral Ghost, Bound Shield, Bound Boots, Bound Gauntlets, Bound Helm, Bound Cuirass, and Saintly Word.

Related QuestsEdit

Thieves GuildEdit


  • Altmer: "I am one of the few here in Balmora. What can I do for you?"
  • security: "I have some knowledge of this. Of what use is that to you?" (Available only while the related quest is active, after asking Sugar-Lips Habasi about South Wall.)
  • South Wall:
    • "I must admit I've been negligent towards the Guild. I will certainly help you secure the South Wall. Tell Sugar-Lips that I am at her service."
    • "As I said, I will help secure the South Wall. Have Sugar-Lips speak to me to arrange the petty details."


  • In unpatched editions of the game, Hecerinde is a restocking vendor for the Secret Master variety of lockpicks and probes, tools which cannot be found anywhere else. They were removed for the GotY edition, however. You must be a member of the Thieves Guild in order to purchase these items.
  • If Elmussa Damori is arrested during The Caldera Spy, Hecerinde will deny you services until the PC has reached a higher rank in the Thieves Guild.


  • If you talk to Hecerinde about 'South Wall' without being on the quest, he will mention something about being negligent towards the guild, and you will get a journal entry directing you to Sugar-Lips Habasi. This is problematic, as then talking to Habasi about 'South Wall' causes her to skip several quests and complete the Master of Security quest. With fewer quests available, this bug may prevent you from advancing to the rank of Master Thief.