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Athyn Sarethi (athyn sarethi)
(lore page)
Home City Ald'ruhn
House Sarethi Manor
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 18 Class Agent
Training Short Blade (70)
Light Armor (66)
Sneak (60)
Other Information
Health 128 Magicka 118
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Essential Yes
Faction(s) House Redoran Councilman(Councilman)
Athyn Sarethi

Athyn Sarethi is a Dark Elf agent and a Councilor in House Redoran. He can be found in Ald'ruhn in the Sarethi Manor in the Manor District with his wife Domesea Sarethi. He offers major training in Short Blade, and medium training in Light Armor and Sneak. He has powerful enemies; not only has he fended off three Morag Tong attacks already (one of which you get to witness), but his son has just recently been kidnapped as well.

Athyn wears a chitin cuirass with matching greaves and boots and an extravagant robe with a matching belt. He carries the clearly misnamed Llethri Manor key and a dwarven shortsword. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

House RedoranEdit

House TelvanniEdit

  • Mages Guild Monopoly: Convince three Redoran Councilors to support a proposal to allow House Telvanni to compete with the Mages Guild.


Initially, Athyn has the following things to say about the other members of the Redoran Council:

  • Bolvyn Venim
    • "He is a strong leader, and has done great things for House Redoran. How can I explain the hold he has over the hearts of the Redoran people? He brought us back from certain defeat. He moved the council here to Vvardenfell and took our share of the frontier lands. He is a natural leader, born to rule. One only wishes he was just and fair as well as strong."
  • Garisa Llethri
    • "Garisa Llethri will be in Llethri Manor, the last manor on your left as you enter Skar, between the Redoran Council Hall and my own home. It may be difficult to win his support, but you will have to speak with him and find out what he asks in return."
  • Hlaren Ramoran
    • "Ramoran Manor is between my home and the entrance to Skar. He has a temper, especially with foreigners, but he trusts my judgement. I believe you can convince him to support us."
  • Miner Arobar

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Guard Sarethi ManorEdit

When you arrive at Sarethi Manor, you can find Athyn standing near some recently killed assassins:

  • "You're here to guard me? Thank the Tribunal! The assassins have already taken my guards. I fear there will be more. Stay alert, %PCRace."

Once you have dealt with the next wave of assassins, you can speak with him again to receive his thanks and to progress in this quest:

  • "Thank you, %PCName. I am in your debt. I will do what I can to return the favor. Tell Neminda that I am safe."

Should you choose to ask him about duties before you have wrapped things up with Neminda, he says:

  • duties
    • "Report back to Neminda. Perhaps when things have calmed down I will have some duties for you."

Rescue Varvur SarethiEdit

As Neminda will have told you by now, Athyn is your best hope to progress further in the ranks of House Redoran. Fortunately, Athyn is up to the task, but he does have a request for you first:

  • duties
    • "I would consider sponsoring an outlander. I have done so before, when the circumstances warranted it. Archmaster Bolvyn Venim holds my son hostage for a crime I know he did not commit. If you want me as your sponsor, you must rescue my son, Varvur Sarethi, and return him to me."
    • Varvur Sarethi
      • "My son is being held in Venim Manor, which is the first manor to your right when you enter Skar. Bolvyn Venim holds my son as a privilege of private justice. Find my son and bring him back to me. Once you and Varvur leave Venim Manor, you will be safe and no one will follow you."
      • Venim Manor
        • "Venim Manor is the first manor to your right when you enter Skar."

Speak with him after you have rescued his son from Venim Manor and he will express his gratitude and confirm that he will become your sponsor:

  • "Yes, my son, Varvur Sarethi. You have returned him to me, and I am in your debt."
  • Varvur Sarethi:
    • [Disposition +20.] "You have brought my son back to me and I am grateful. For this, I will sponsor you in House Redoran. You may come to me now for duties and advancement, %PCRank."

If you speak with him again right after the end of this quest, he says:

  • Varvur Sarethi
    • "Thank you for bringing my son back to me. I am in your debt."
  • duties
    • "You have rescued my son, and I am grateful, but I need some time to consider what to do next. Leave me for a day or two and I will give you more duties."

Clear Varvur Sarethi's NameEdit

When you return to him for more duties after a while, he will have a new request for you, one that once again revolves around his son:

  • duties
    • "You have rescued my son, and I am grateful, but there is another favor I would ask of you. Varvur Sarethi has been accused of the foul murder of Bralen Carvaren."
      • Bralen Carvaren
      • "Bralen Carvaren was one of Varvur Sarethi's friends. I cannot believe that my son would do such a thing, but the evidence is... persuasive. I would start by speaking with my son about Bralen Carvaren. He is in his room in the guard quarters."

If you speak with Athyn again at this point in the quest, he says:

  • "Have you been able to clear my son of Bralen Carvaren's murder?"
  • Varvur Sarethi
    • "Speak with him about the murder of Bralen Carvaren."

You need to speak with him again after you have talked to Varvur and have taken the ash statue away from his room:

  • Bralen Carvaren
    • "This ash statue troubles me. I would have you speak with someone at the temple about this statue. Perhaps Lloros Sarano would know more of it."
      • ash statue
      • "Have you spoken to Lloros Sarano about the ash statue?"

After you have spoken with Lloros Sarano at the local Tribunal Temple, you may return to Athys to complete this quest:

  • Bralen Carvaren
    • [Disposition +20.] "Thank you, %PCName. I understand that my son's name will be cleared when he has been purged of the ash statue's influence. I knew my son would never murder his friend, but I understand this statue influenced him in some way."

If you bring up the topic after this quest has been completed, he says:

  • Bralen Carvaren
    • "I understand that Varvur Sarethi's name will be cleared soon. You have my gratitude and you need not trouble yourself over this matter any longer."
  • ash statue
    • "I am glad my son is feeling better."
  • Varvur Sarethi
    • "Thank you for clearing my son's name. I knew he could not be a murderer, but did not know of the influence of these ash statues."

Ondres Nerano's SlandersEdit

A mouthy Hlaalu noble is slandering Bolvyn Venim's name and Athyn wishes for you to put an end to this, despite the history that the two Redoran nobles have:

  • duties
    • "Ondres Nerano, a Hlaalu Noble, claims that Archmagister Bolvyn Venim is guilty of certain indiscretions with the wife of another councilor. While I do not approve of all the Archmaster does, as a Councilman of House Redoran I cannot let this accusation stand. I want you to stop Ondres Nerano's slanders."
    • slander
      • "The slander is being spread by Ondres Nerano. Track him down, and demand that he withdraw his slander. If he refuses, challenge him to a duel, but do not shame House Redoran by murdering him."
      • Ondres Nerano
        • "Ondres Nerano is a Hlaalu noble who lives in Balmora. Go there and stop his slanders about Bolvyn Venim."

Return to Athyn after you have successfully resolved the situation and he will say:

  • "Have you silenced Ondres Nerano's slanders?"
  • Ondres Nerano
    • "I do not think he will slander House Redoran again, %PCName."
    • slander
      • [Disposition +10.] "You have defeated Ondres Nerano in a duel and defended the honor of your House."
      • "The honor of House Redoran has been defended."

However, if you opted for a less honorable approach, Athyn will be somewhat displeased with you:

  • slander
    • [Disposition -20.] "You have murdered Ondres Nerano. You should have challenged him to a duel or provoked him. House Redoran will lose honor over this."
    • "You have cost House Redoran honor by murdering Ondres Nerano, but we cannot change the past."


The next quest that Athyn wants you to complete involves dealing with a gang of smugglers occupying a cave southwest of Gnaar Mok:

  • duties
    • "I believe there are smugglers operating near the coast in the cave of Shurinbaal."
      • Shurinbaal
      • "Shurinbaal is a cave southwest of Gnaar Mok. I'll mark this town on your map. I have heard that the smugglers are led by a Dunmer named Daroder and the Redguard Enjine. Kill the leaders and report back to me. I believe the smugglers have a local contact somewhere here in Ald'ruhn. It may be worth your time to investigate here as well."

If you already killed Enjine and Daroder before Athyn asks you to do so, Athyn will acknowledge this fact instead of giving you the quest as he would normally do:

  • Shurinbaal
    • [Disposition +10.]"Oh, you already took care of their smuggling operation? Good. You'll do well in House Redoran."

Otherwise, you will have to return to Athyn after making a trip to Shurinbaal in order to complete this quest:

  • "Any word on the smugglers in Shurinbaal?"
  • Shurinbaal
    • [Disposition +10.] "So the leaders of Shurinbaal are dead? Good. They shall trouble House Redoran no longer."

Mentioning the topic again after the completion of this quest elicits the following response:

  • Shurinbaal
    • "You stopped the smugglers in Shurinbaal."

The Mad Lord of MilkEdit

As soon as you have dealt with the smugglers in Shurinbaal, Athyn has a new quest ready for you:

  • duties
    • "Arethan Mandas, once a great noble of House Redoran, now claims to be the Lord of West Gash and is demanding tribute from travelers on the road to Maar Gan. I need someone to stop the Mad Lord Arethan Mandas."
    • Arethan Mandas
      • "You can find him in the cavern of Milk. On the Ald'ruhn-Caldera Road, west of Ald'ruhn, two crossroads marked by signposts are very close to one another. To reach Milk, head west from the 'Gnisis' sign on the westmost signpost, and watch right for a north-branching path to Milk. The Mad Lord has a few loyal followers and some outlaws have joined his "estate." They will protect Arethan Mandas with their lives."
      • Continue
        • "I would prefer that Arethan Mandas be cured of his madness, rather than killed. You might want to go to Ebonheart and speak with Llerar Mandas, Arethan's father."

Return to Athyn after taking care of Arethan one way or another to conclude the quest:

  • "Have you found a solution to the madness of Arethan Mandas?"
  • Arethan Mandas
    • [If you killed Arethan Mandas. Disposition +5.] "The Mad Lord is no more. While I would rather not see an old friend die, he was probably beyond the aid of even the best Temple healers. I cannot fault you for not finding a way to cure him."
    • [If you cured Arethan Mandas of his madness. Disposition +20.] "From what you say, perhaps Arethan has not totally regained his senses, but his guards have stopped demanding tribute from travelers. I did not believe it could be done. I am proud of you this day, %PCName."

If you mention Arethan Mandas again after the end of this quest, Athyn says:

  • Arethan Mandas
    • "Arethan Mandas no longer troubles the travelers to Maar Gan. I will visit him when I can. Perhaps Delyna and some of his friends can keep him from Sheogorath's grasp."

Duel with Bolvyn VenimEdit

After you are a Councilman of House Redoran, Athyn will be unable to advance you any further:

  • Advancement
    • "You are a Councilman of House Redoran. I cannot advance you further. If you want to become the Archmaster, you must defeat Bolvyn Venim."
    • Bolvyn Venim
      • "While we often disagree on the Council, he is the best general House Redoran has known for many generations. Bolvyn Venim brought House Redoran back from the brink of defeat… Alas, no man is perfect. He kidnapped my son. He is harsh on his servants. There are other crimes I am honor-bound to keep secret. I believe you would make a better Archmaster. You temper your strength with mercy."

Ask Athyn about duties to commence the quest:

  • duties
    • "You have won the support of all the Councilors save one, Archmaster Bolvyn Venim. He will never allow an outlander to become Archmaster of House Redoran. The only way to win the leadership of House Redoran for yourself is to challenge Bolvyn Venim to a duel."
    • duel
      • "The duel is an honorable tradition dating back at least to the founding of Resdayn. Each party to the duel makes an agreement as to the compensation that will be given to the winner. The loser is legally bound to this agreement. Most duels are fought until one party admits defeat or falls in battle. The duel to the death is less common and only ends when one party is dead. The winner of a duel may take what he wants of the loser's possessions, but some consider this dishonorable."

You can speak with Athyn again after defeating Archmaster Bolvyn Venim to report your success:

  • Bolvyn Venim
    • "You have won the duel against Bolvyn Venim. You are now the Archmaster of House Redoran. May Vivec guide you to glory."
    • duties
      • "You are now Archmaster of House Redoran. May the Tribunal guide you to use your position wisely."
      • Advancement
        • "You are the Archmaster of House Redoran."