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Hi there and welcome to this user pageEdit

I have been playing TES games for over a decade and can confidently say that the universe that is portrayed in these games is easily my favourite fantasy universe. As I love to read about the lore of these games and have found the UESP to be an excellent place to do so, I have visited this website quite often over the course of the past years. When I got into ESO and noticed how much information was still waiting to be added to this site, I finally decided to become a contributor myself.

What I am working onEdit

At this moment, ESO is my main focus, though I do intend to work on the Morrowind Overhaul Project every now and again. In particular, these are the most important things that I actively concentrate on at this moment:

  • Adding as much missing dialogue to the pages of ESO characters as I can.
  • Online Quest Project work, in particular writing and checking summaries, walkthroughs and overviews of the stages of quests in ESO. As my main is in Rivenspire at this moment, I intend to cover the quests in that zone as completely as I can before I move on to the next one.
  • Expanding the pages of group bosses. Many of these pages lack on overview of the abilities that the boss may use and I hope to supply that information in the near future.