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Morrowind:Clear Varvur Sarethi's Name

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Start the investigation into the murder of Sarethi's friend.
Quest Giver: Athyn Sarethi in Ald'ruhn
Location(s): Ald'ruhn
Prerequisite Quest: Rescue Varvur Sarethi
Next Quest: Ondres Nerano's Slanders
Reward: None
Disposition: +20 (Athyn Sarethi)
Reputation Gain: +5 (Redoran),
+1 Reputation
ID: HR_ClearSarethi
Required Rank: Lawman
Search around for something suspicious.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Athyn Sarethi for duties.
  2. Find a Suspicious Ash Statue in Varvur Sarethi's room.
  3. Talk to Varvur about the statue.
  4. Speak to Athyn Sarethi to learn what to do with the statue.
  5. Take the statue to Lloros Sarano.
  6. Return to Athyn Sarethi.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


Athyn Sarethi in his manor in Ald'ruhn will ask you to clear his son's name in the murder of Bralen Carvaren and find out what actually happened. Athyn will tell you that he is innocent of the crime and that Bralen was a friend. Keep talking to him to learn that he thinks that his son Varvur may be under a spell, after which he will ask you to check his room in the Sarethi Guard Quarters.

An Ash StatueEdit

As you search Varvur's room, you will come across a Suspicious Ash Statue, which seems quite odd because nobody mentioned that Varvur was a Sixth House cultist. Talk to Varvur about the statue to learn that he has been having strange dreams since he received the statue, and he will ask you to take it.

Getting Rid of the StatueEdit

Talk to Athyn Sarethi again about the statue and he'll direct you to Lloros Sarano at the Tribunal Temple in Ald'ruhn. Give him the statue and talk about the murder of Bralen. Sarano will instruct you to talk to Athyn Sarethi to arrange a meeting. Travel back to the Sarethi manor and inform Athyn Sarethi to complete the quest.


  • It is worth exploring the rest of the guard quarters as there is plenty of extravagant clothing to sell and a copy of 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 17, a Long Blade skill book.
  • This quest is a prerequisite quest to Ash Statue, which is given by Lloros Sarano.
  • After the previous quest, rescuing Varvur Sarethi, Athyn says to wait a few days before he will give this quest. There is no actual timer, it is available next time you enter the Sarethi Manor - do not teleport in, as that will not trigger the script.
  • When Lloros Sarano asks you to give him the Ash statue, if you refuse, his Disposition will go down by five.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Clear Varvur Sarethi's Name (HR_ClearSarethi)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Serjo Athyn Sarethi asked me to clear his son's name. Varvur Sarethi has been charged with the murder of Bralen Carvaren. Perhaps I should start by questioning Varvur Sarethi in Sarethi Manor.
20 Varvur Sarethi told me that he did not murder Bralen Carvaren, but that he has been troubled with bad dreams.
30 Varvur Sarethi told me his bad dreams started when he got the ash statue.
50 Athyn Sarethi suggested that I speak with someone at the Temple, perhaps Lloros Sarano, about the ash statue.
80 Lloros Sarano told me to bring the ash statue to him.
90 Lloros Sarano took the ash statue from me and said that the statue has some kind of corrupting influence. I should ask Varvur Sarethi to speak with Lloros Sarano. If Varvur Sarethi was under the influence of this statue, his name will be cleared in the murder of Bralen Carvaren.
95 I told Varvur Sarethi to speak with Lloros Sarano and he agreed.
100 Athyn Sarethi thanked me for clearing his son's name. He suggested that I speak with Lloros Sarano again about the ash statue.
110 Finishes quest  Lloros Sarano said that Varvur Sarethi would be cleared of the murder of Bralen Carvaren.

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