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Miner Arobar (miner arobar)
Home City Ald'ruhn
Location Arobar Manor Bedrooms
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 19 Class Crusader
Other Information
Health 175 Magicka 120
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Essential Yes
Faction(s) House Redoran Councilman(Councilman)
Miner Arobar

Miner Arobar is a Dark Elf crusader and a Councilor for House Redoran. He can be found in the Manor Bedrooms, past the Private Quarters and Guard Quarters of his manor in Ald'ruhn. In order to obtain his support in your bid to become Archmaster of the House, he will ask you to help solve some problems he's been having with House Telvanni. He has two daughters Gandosa Arobar and Nartise Arobar.

It seems that Master Neloth is holding his daughter Nartise captive, and you are sent to free her, which will get you into Miner's good graces. You will also require his support in order to become Redoran Hortator during the Main Quest, which he will grant you once you have Athyn Sarethi's acceptance.

Miner Arobar wears an Armun-An bonemold cuirass, a pair of Armun-An bonemold pauldrons, bonemold greaves and bonemold boots, along with an extravagant belt, an extravagant robe, an extravagant ring and an extravagant sapphire amulet. He carries 300 pieces of Gold and a key to the Arobar Manor on his person. Although Miner Arobar uses a Dwarven claymore when fighting he also carries a Miner's pick with him, as if to honor his name.

In addition to his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, Miner Arobar knows the following spells: Enervate, Vivec's Wrath, Ghost Curse, Lightning Storm, Poisonbloom, Shockbloom and Wearying Touch.

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

House RedoranEdit

House TelvanniEdit

  • Mages Guild Monopoly: Convince three Redoran Councilors to support a proposal to allow House Telvanni to compete with the Mages Guild.


Miner Arobar's default greeting depends on whether you have spoken to him before and whether or not you are a member of House Redoran:

  • [If you have never spoken to him before.] "You must explain why you have come here, and quickly. No speeches or excuses. Use your words with care, for I am a councilor of House Redoran and a very busy man with many duties and responsibilities. I am not one to stand about idly while others chatter on and on about the most trivial of subjects."
  • [If you have spoken to him before and are a member of House Redoran.] "I am a very busy man, %PCName. I trust you will explain this reason for interrupting me yet again?"
  • [Else.] "What do you want, outlander? I do not have the time or the patience to answer all your childish questions. How do you expect me to fulfill my duties to House Redoran if you keep interrupting me? My time is precious and cannot be wasted on idle chatter. Well? Speak up. And quickly or I shall have to teach you a lesson on the virtues of brevity."

Should you have been expelled from House Redoran, Miner Arobar's greeting will change accordingly:

  • [If this is the first time that you were expelled.] "No, %PCName. Before you speak another work [sic], I must give you the sad news. You have been expelled from House Redoran. This is a terrible loss that will cause us as much anguish as it surely is causing you now. But hope is not lost. You may make amends and return to House Redoran's good graces."
  • [Else.] "Alas, %PCName. You have been expelled and there is nothing I can do for you. Perhaps if you had listed [sic] to my advice more often we would never have come to this."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Redoran HortatorEdit

Speak with Miner Arobar to learn what it will take to earn his vote:

  • Redoran Hortator
    • "'Hortator' is an ancient term for a war leader and champion chosen by a Great House council. Why do you ask?"
    • Ask how a Hortator is chosen.
      • "Only the Redoran councilors can choose a Hortator for House Redoran, and it must be unanimous. The Hortator's duty is defined by ancient custom and House Redoran law, but, in essence, a Hortator is a House champion who must be both skilled in combat and known for his courage and honor. It is a grave and perilous office, but one that all Redorans would not hesitate to adopt if they were called to serve their House in such a dramatic fashion."
    • Tell your story and ask to be confirmed as Hortator.
      • "You came to tell me that you are the reincarnation of Indoril Nerevar. Azura spoke with you. In a cave. And told you that because you are the reincarnation of Nerevar, that you must become the Hortator of all three Great Houses. And that is why you are standing here now, telling me this story of the Tribunal stealing power from a god's heart with Dwemer tools. And that Dagoth Ur is not dead, but even now plots to conquer Morrowind with the power of this alleged heart. Is that correct?"
      • That's correct.
        • [If you are at least a Kinsman in House Redoran.] "If you were not oath-kin, I'd say you were crazy. But I know the legend of the Moon-and-Star. None could wear it but Nerevar. And I'm a gods-fearing, faithful follower of the Temple. I don't know if what you say about the Tribunal is true, but it seems the Temple can no longer protect us from Dagoth Ur. Perhaps you are the one to lead us against the Sixth House. Tell the other councilors that you have my blessings. Miner Arobar hereby confirms %PCName as Hortator of House Redoran."
        • [If Athyn Sarethi has agreed to support you and you are not a Kinsman (or above) in House Redoran.] "I have spoken with Athyn Sarethi. He believes your story and says you can be trusted. I have known Athyn Sarethi since he was a child, and I have absolute faith his judgement. Please accept my apologies for not seeking you out and accepting you at once. Forgive me also for believing these rumors about you being an Imperial spy. You have my vote. Miner Arobar hereby confirms %PCName as Hortator of House Redoran. Tell the other councilors that I have given you my blessings."
        • [If Disposition ≥ 50 and neither of the two above requirements are met.] "Normally I would believe you mad and call a priest to attend to you. But I am a gods-fearing, faithful servant of the Temple, and I have heard the story of the Moon-and-Star. Your story troubles me, and I am tempted to believe... But I must consider Berel Sala's accusations, and you have little proof, and I am reluctant to give such responsibility to a stranger. I will consider what you have said and consult with the Temple and my fellow councilors."
        • [Else.] "I am a patient man and I have heard many stories such as this in the past. There is nothing worse than being forced to listen to someone who enjoys the sound of their own voice more than the content and relevance of their words. Perhaps I could lend you a copy of Saryoni's sermon against evil speaking and the dangers of loose tongues... But that is something I would do only for a friend, and you are just an Imperial spy and an imposter."

Should Miner Arobar initially refuse to give you his vote and you later return to him after gaining Athyn Sarethi's support, he will give the exact same monologue as when you had already gained Athyn's support before you first spoke with him. Note, however, that Miner Arobar won't agree to name you Hortator of House Redoran if you have killed one of his fellow councilors. In that case, he says:

  • Redoran Hortator
    • [If he hadn't given you his vote yet.] "You have killed a Redoran counselor [sic]. I don't care why. That's a matter for the magistrates. But I'll never give you my vote for Hortator. And that's final."
    • [Else.] "You have murdered a Redoran counselor [sic]. I don't know why you're walking the streets free. But I promise you. I'll never give you my vote for Hortator."

Under normal circumstances, you may speak with Miner Arobar again after you have gained his support. In that case, he will say:

  • "I have given you my vote as the new Redoran Hortator. Have the other councilors agreed? Once they agree, you will be the Hortator of House Redoran. A heavy title, laden with tradition and responsibility. I trust one as dedicated to the eradication of Dagoth Ur as you shall use the title in a responsible manner."
  • Redoran Hortator
    • "I have given you my own vote for the great title of Hortator of House Redoran. The challenge of convincing the rest of the House Redoran Council is now yours. Perhaps a word of advice is in order. You may find that the Archmaster Bolvyn Venim will be difficult to win to your side. If you cannot convince him of your good will, may I suggest challenging him to a duel? He will be difficult to defeat in combat, but if you are truly the Hortator and the Nerevarine, you are fated to succeed."

If you speak with him again after you have gained the support of all the Redoran councilors (sans Bolvyn Venim, whom you'll have to kill in the Arena), Miner Arobar says:

  • Redoran Hortator
    • "So, the council has agreed, and you are the new Hortator of House Redoran with all the responsibilities of that high and untarnished office. Take my sincere congratulations and remember to always set an example of the best of House Redoran and sacred Dunmer tradition. Show us heroic accomplishments and unconquerable spirit! Smite the vile servants of Dagoth Ur! Corner them in their lairs and show them no mercy! I salute you, Hortator! Hmm. Oh! Did you get the Ring of the Hortator from Athyn Sarethi?"

And finally, once you have been officially recognized as the Hortator of House Redoran, Miner Arobar may say:

  • "What can I do for the Hortator of House Redoran?"
  • Redoran Hortator
    • "You have been chosen as Hortator of House Redoran. Do not let the sacred duties and responsibilities of this high office weigh too heavily upon your shoulders. For it is also a great honor and privilege never before granted to an outlander. Go forth now when our need is greatest and smite the enemies of this House and of every Great House! Find the cowardly servants of Dagoth Ur who cower in their burrows like scribs in a thunderstorm!"

Miner Arobar's SupportEdit

Speak with Miner Arobar to ask for his support on the council:

  • "I've heard you were asking for support on the Council. I respect you personally, but I cannot give you my support."

Since Miner Arobar does not seem to have anything else to say on this matter, you will have to return to Athyn Sarethi, who reveals his suspicions that Miner Arobar is being manipulated by the Telvanni magelord Neloth. These suspicions turn out to be correct, as Neloth is holding one of Miner Arobar's daughters hostage in order to keep Miner Arobar under his thumb. Speak with Miner Arobar again after you have rescued his daughter from Neloth's tower and he will gladly lend you his support on the council:

  • [Disposition +50. Arobar's amulet and 1 Redoran Master Helm have been added to your inventory.] "You have rescued my daughter, %PCName. I must apologize for the way I treated you. I will gladly offer my support to make you a Councilman. Please take this amulet as a sign of my support. Also take this Redoran Master Helm. All the Redoran Councilors have a Master's Helm for rituals and public appearances."

From this point onwards, Miner Arobar's default greeting changes to:

  • "What can I do for the %PCRace that rescued my daughter?"

Mages Guild MonopolyEdit

Miner Arobar is one of the councilors whose vote you need in order to abolish the Mages Guild monopoly. Gaining his vote in this matter is easy, as all that you have to do is raise his Disposition to 40:

  • appeal to fairness
    • [If Disposition < 40.] "While you speak of fairness when it suits you, there are many issues on which the Telvanni support proposals that are unfair either in part or in whole. You must therefore understand that my concerns go far deeper than the unfairness of the law which is clear at first glance upon the surface, but whose reflection cannot be seen from the depths. The basic issue, of course, is one of trust. Yes, trust, the elusive goal towards which all petitioners to a Councilor must strive to attain."
    • [Else.] "In the course of events it is sometimes necessary to put aside the childish notions of allies and enemies and focus instead on a debate in which propositions are considered based only upon their merits. This, indeed, is one of those times, and you have defended your position well, answering all of my concerns. I, therefore, shall support the revocation of the Mages Guild monopoly lest history look upon my actions with a baleful eye and claim that I allowed expediency to overwhelm principle."