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Venim Manor
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Councilman Bolvyn Venim
Console Location Code(s)
Ald-ruhn, Venim Manor Entrance
Ald-ruhn, Venim Manor Guard Quarters
Ald-ruhn, Venim Manor Right Wing
Ald-ruhn, Venim Manor Private Quarters
Ald-ruhn, Venim Manor Bedrooms
Ald'ruhn, [-2,7]
Venim Manor

Venim Manor is the home of the Venim family, located off the southeast corner of the Ald'ruhn Manor District.

This manor is home to Bolvyn Venim, his family, and his retainers. It is divided into five sections:

Manor EntranceEdit

Inside of Venim Manor

This section is basically one large room, dominated by a large mushroom planting in the center, with doors leading off in four directions. The door to the right as you enter leads to the Guard Quarters. The door on the left leads to the Right Wing, and the door across from the entrance leads to the Private Quarters. There are four people here, two of whom will attack you during the Rescue Varvur Sarethi quest. There is some kreshweed growing around the large mushroom, and some bittergreen in planters above two of the doors, but it's probably not worth the effort of harvesting due to the trouble the guards will give you for it.

Guard QuartersEdit

Two items of interest are found in the Guard Quarters. First, in the fourth bedroom on the left (the only one which is locked (50)), you'll find the Hlervu Locket, needed for a Thieves Guild quest. As well, look for a copy of The Wolf Queen, Book I, a Security skill book, in the middle bedroom on the right. The two guards here will attack you during the Rescue Varvur Sarethi quest, but there's no need to go here during that quest, so you can avoid that problem.

Right WingEdit

From the Entrance doorway, stairs lead down to a main room, which hides a secret - behind the tapestry in the alcove to the northwest, you'll find a locked (50) door, behind which is a prisoner, one Varvur Sarethi, son of councilman Athyn Sarethi. There is a note with a key to the door on one of the benches in the main room. Note that rescuing the prisoner will cause the two guards here, as well as most of the other guards in the Manor, to attack you. Best bet is to go back up the stairs in the main room to get back to the Entrance section. The other two hallways both lead down into the Private Quarters.

Private QuartersEdit

This section consists of two rooms. The larger one which connects to both the Entrance and the Right Wing consists of a raised walkway with stairs on either side. The doors on the southwest end both above and below the walkway lead to the Right Wing, and the door up the stairs to the northwest leads back to the Entrance. The northeast end of the walkway leads into a second room, where the Archmaster Bolvyn Venim may be found. He is the only person here of any importance, though four of his guards will attack you during the Rescue Varvur Sarethi quest, should you wander into this section by mistake. Below the walkway, a hallway leads underneath Bolvyn's area to two stairs, both leading to different sections of the Manor Bedrooms.

Manor BedroomsEdit

The section is divided into two parts. The small southern room, accessed via the door on the right from the Private Quarters, is Bolvyn's quarters. There you will find his wife Dilvene, though she has nothing interesting to say. On the small table in the corner, look for a copy of 2920, Morning Star, a Long Blade skill book. In the closet, you'll find a random selection of exquisite clothing. The locked chest just has some gold in it. The larger northern part of the Manor Bedrooms, accessed from the left-hand door, contains rather little of interest. A series of hallways lead to four bedrooms, none of which contains much of value, though there is some extravagant clothing in the closets here. On the plus-side, this section is completely unguarded, so you are free to take what you wish.

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

House RedoranEdit

Thieves GuildEdit

  • The Hlervu Locket: Steal a locket from a Redoran bigwig, and give it back to its owner.


Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Bevadar Bels   Dark Elf Crusader 19 175 120 100 30 Private Quarters
Bolvyn Venim   Dark Elf Crusader House Redoran Archmaster(Archmaster) 20 181 122 90 30 Private Quarters
Dilvene Venim   Dark Elf Noble House Redoran Kinsman(Kinsman) 3 47 86 90 30 Bedrooms
Idros Givyn   Dark Elf Crusader 19 175 120 100 30 Private Quarters
Irver Fevur   Dark Elf Commoner 4 63 86 90 30 Entrance
Malsa Ules   Dark Elf Crusader 19 170 120 100 30 Right Wing
Nathyne Uvelas   Dark Elf Crusader 19 170 120 100 30 Private Quarters
Nidryne Redas   Dark Elf Crusader 19 170 120 100 30 Private Quarters
Novor Gorvas   Dark Elf Crusader 19 175 120 100 30 Guard Quarters
Ralam Vilas   Dark Elf Commoner 6 74 92 90 30 Entrance
Tereri Irethi   Dark Elf Crusader 19 170 120 100 30 Guard Quarters
Tidras Deltis   Dark Elf Crusader 19 175 120 100 30 Right Wing
Varvur Sarethi   Dark Elf Noble House Redoran Oathman(Oathman) 9 180 106 0 30 Right Wing
Vendrela Aravel   Dark Elf Commoner 6 69 92 90 30 Private Quarters
Veresa Salvani   Dark Elf Commoner 7 76 94 90 30 Private Quarters
Velsa Orethi   Dark Elf Crusader 19 170 120 100 30 Entrance
Vevul Alver   Dark Elf Crusader 19 175 120 100 30 Entrance
  • Note that while Bolvyn Venim is the Archmaster of House Redoran, the majority of the people in the Manor are not members of the Redoran faction. This is because most of them will attack you during the Rescue Varvur Sarethi quest, and you may be forced to kill them. If they were members of the House, you could end up kicked out of the faction during this quest. Only Bolvyn himself, his wife Dilvene, and Varvur Sarethi are actually members of the House. Anyone else you may kill without fear of reprisal (from House Redoran, at least - the city guards might not be so forgiving).


Map of Venim Manor