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Morrowind:Rescue Varvur Sarethi

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Rescue Sarethi's son being held in the Venim Manor.
Quest Giver: Athyn Sarethi in Ald'ruhn
Location(s): Ald'ruhn
Prerequisite Quest: Guard Sarethi Manor
Next Quest: Clear Varvur Sarethi's Name
Concurrent Quest: Redoran Hortator
Reward: Promotion in the Redoran Faction
Disposition: +20 (Athyn Sarethi),
-15 (Bolvyn Venim)
Reputation Gain: +5 Redoran
ID: HR_RescueSarethi
Required Rank: Lawman
Varvur Sarethi is held captive.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Athyn Sarethi for duties.
  2. Enter Venim Manor in search of Varvur Sarethi, Athyn's son.
  3. Go to the Right Wing and search a bench for a note and a key.
  4. Look behind the tapestry on the wall and open the hidden door to find Varvur.
  5. Talk to Varvur and escort him out of the manor.
  6. Return with Varvur to Athyn Sarethi to complete the quest.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


Once you've reached the rank of Lawman, Athyn Sarethi in his manor in Ald'ruhn will ask you to rescue his son, Varvur, who has been accused of murder and is being held in Venim Manor. You must be careful when rescuing him not to kill the councilman Bolvyn Venim as the other council members will turn against you (for the Main Quest).

Rescuing VarvurEdit

Varvur is in the Right Wing of Venim Manor. In the large room, on a bench, you should find a note to Malsa Ules and a key. The note says that the guest is in the room behind the tapestry. You'll find the door and tapestry nearby, and the key on the note opens that door (level 50 lock). Remember, the nearby guards won't like it if you take the key or the note. Once you find Varvur, escort him back to the Sarethi manor and his father. Any guards that see him will attack, so planning the fastest route ahead of time might help. You are free to kill the guards, but again be careful not to kill Bolvyn. The guards are easily distinguished by their Dwemer Armor. There are ten of them to avoid:

Report back to Sarethi with his son to complete the quest. He will reward you with a promotion to the next rank.


  • This quest is also part of the Main Quest, during your attempt to become Hortator of House Redoran. In the event that you have done the main quest first, you will be immediately sent on the next quest.
  • Escaping with Varvur can be made much easier by using a good Chameleon or Invisibility spell on yourself. The guards will attack neither you nor Varvur, even though their "Die fetcher" dialogue still plays. The Amulet of Shadows works well for escaping without being noticed.
  • Another option is to simply run to the exit in every room. Varvur will follow you even if guards are chasing, so just exit when he is close behind.
  • Casting a custom invisibility on touch spell on Varvur will allow you to simply walk out of the manor without any issues.
  • If Varvur dies, Athyn Sarethi will refuse to talk to you anymore about him. Each time you mention Varvur's name, you lose 10 points of disposition with him, and if this quest is active while attempting to become Redoran Hortator, you will be unable to gain Sarethi's support and the Main Quest is ruined.
  • Each time you try to mention Varvur’s name to anyone in Venim Manor, except Bolvyn, the conversation will be terminated immediately and disposition will drop by 10.
  • If you use a Command Humanoid spell on Varvur and force him to follow you instead of talking to him first, no guards in Venim manor will attack you. You will be free to leave with Varvur out the front door and can then simply ask him to follow you to his father.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Rescue Varvur Sarethi (HR_RescueSarethi)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Serjo Athyn Sarethi asked me to rescue his son, Varvur Sarethi, from Venim Manor, the first Manor on the right as you enter Skar. He warned me that I should not kill Bolvyn Venim, or the other councilors of House Redoran would turn against me.
50 I found Varvur Sarethi and he agreed to follow me back to Sarethi Manor.
70 Varvur Sarethi made it to Sarethi Manor safely.
100 Finishes quest  Serjo Athyn Sarethi thanked me for rescuing his son from Venim Manor.

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