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Arethan Mandas (arethan mandas)
Location Milk
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 19 Class Knight
Other Information
Health 175 Magicka 120
Alarm 0 Fight 40
Arethan Mandas

Arethan Mandas is a Dark Elf knight who was once a lord of House Redoran (possibly the missing lord of Ald Velothi). He has since fallen on hard times due to the abduction of his daughter, Delyna Mandas, by Divayth Fyr in Tel Fyr. His grief has driven him half-mad, and he has been attacking travelers near his current home in the cave of Milk. You may be able to clear his mind a bit by helping her out and bringing him news of her fate.

Arethan wears an ebony cuirass with matching greaves and boots along with an exquisite shirt with matching pants. In combat, he relies on an ebony broadsword. Aside from his natural resistance to fire and the sanctuary provided by his ancestors, he knows no spells.

Related QuestsEdit

House RedoranEdit


  • Greeting:
"Oh, my daughter, my daughter is gone, my daughter would you not listen? Delyna, daughter, so bold. So stupid. Bold and stupid spy. Tel Fyr that joker. Oh, father, farther I must know. No, no further. Cannot know that or bear. Llerar, sorry so sorry so, such a disaster appointment I must make. My gems are gone, my heart unguarded. These guards can't find my butterfly. Oh, madness! To thy breast I cling, suckling!" Goodbye.
"Pots and pans and bottles and cans. Furniture for my furniture. The trees have her. Fear's tower. Flowers and trees and birds and bees and for eyes myself invite. In the tower. In decision. In perfect Oblivion. Rest of Oblivion. Rest and death's leaper time." Goodbye.

When you return to him with Delyna's locket:

"Daughter, my daughter, mine. Delyna Mandas. Saint Delyn, a man thus ain't. Lock it, her locket. Keep it locked up. In her pocket. Who owns that locket?"

After you have handed over the locket:

"My daughter is safe. So very safe. Things will change around here. Tell Athyn I will order no more attacks on the road out front my house. He should visit me. The weather is very nice in here. Neither ash nor rain."

If Delyna is killed at any point, Arethan will attack you:

"Poor daughter. Dead now, all dead. Oblivion deadens us each and every one. One mistake stakes like cake crusts stalks you forever ever more. Blood? Yes, your blood. Daughter's blood. Poor Delyna. All over you. On your hands. Your pretty hands. Sheogorath whispers! Yes, I see it now! The sin on your face! Filthy! Worthless! %PCRace!" Goodbye. (Disposition down by 90)
  • Background:
(Disposition at least 30) "I was a noble of House Redoran. Now I am noble to rocks and caves."
  • Delyna Mandas:
"My daughter. Where is she? Her locket... is it? Is she? No! Must know! Can't bear to know!"
Your daughter is safe. Take her locket.: "She's... safe. Safe. So safe. I must be there for her. I must. Thank you, %PCName. I will stop now. The attacks on the road. I knew it was wrong. But what could I do? My guards are loyal. Always looking out for me. Tell Athyn to visit."
Can you hear me? Are you okay?: "No, no, no. Not the pickles. Death's sickles. Tickles. Get out of my head, father."
"Yes, my daughter is safe. She's safe. I can think in better categories now. My guards will trouble you no more. Nor the travelers. I await a visitor. My daughter, Delyna, or my old friend, Athyn. I feel I will feel better soon."
  • my trade:
"I'm a knight by night. Not the best night to be a knight. No horse, no title, no stronghold."