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Sheogorath's Shrine

Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of Madness. He is involved in a quest, and indirectly in two others.

For more information, see the main lore article.

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Sheogorath's QuestEdit

"What is it, mortal? Have you come to be of service to Sheogorath? That in and of itself speaks toward your madness. This pleases me. Fetch the Fork of Horripilation from the mad hermit near Ald Redaynia. Take care with him. He's not the most...stable man."

"Use the Fork wisely, mortal. Few have wielded it who have not come away changed. Use the Fork to strike a deathblow to the giant bull netch that resides near the hermit. Do this, return the Fork of Horripilation to me, and Sheogorath will reward you well."

After you complete the task:

"Ah...I see you have completed my little errand. Well done. Perhaps you've gotten a taste of madness as well? Do not believe madness to be a curse, mortal. For some, it is the greatest of blessings...a bitter mercy perhaps, but mercy nonetheless. Give me the Fork of Horripilation. I believe I have something more suitable for your needs. Go now. Remember what you have seen."


  • The following obtainable items are associated with Sheogorath:
  • For Daedric Shrines associated with Sheogorath, please see the following list.
  • Sheogorath is involved in Azura's Quest where he tries to use daedra to cheat in a bet he made with Azura.
  • During the quest Sheogorath of the House of Troubles, activing his shrine will state "Once like a Great House founded on sand, Stood our Temple whose pillars on troubles were based. Now mischievous spirits, bound, in dim corners stand, Rotted columns, but with iron-bound bands embraced. Cracked, crumbling marble, tempered on every hand, By strong steel forged in fire and faith. Shackled, these wayward servants serve the land, The Temple secured by the Builder's grace."