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Redguard Speedrun Challenge — May 4, 2023

Scribes of Fate and Update 37 for Elder Scrolls Online Released — March 13, 2023

Morrowind Free for Amazon Prime Subscribers Through GOG — February 02, 2023

Elder Scrolls Online Reveals Necrom Chapter and Shadow Over Morrowind Story Arc — January 27, 2023

Letters Mailed Teasing Upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Content for 2023 — January 17, 2023

Skyblivion Release Year Announced for 2025 — January 15, 2023

Xbox and Bethesda to Hold Presentation on Upcoming Games — January 11, 2023

Tales of Tamriel Extralife Marathon — December 2, 2022

Beyond Skyrim on Facebook — November 27, 2022

Tamriel Rebuilt Releases Dominions of Dust and Embers of Empire — November 24, 2022

The Elder Kings 2 Release Date Announced — September 30, 2022

Stadia is Shutting Down — September 30, 2022

Skyrim Anniversary Edition on Switch and GOG — September 29, 2022

New Elder Scrolls Board Game Betrayal of the Second Era Unveiled on Gamefound — September 21, 2022

Firesong and Updated 36 Now Available for Public Testing — September 19, 2022

Battlespire and Redguard Now Available Through PC Game Pass — August 18, 2022

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Current Featured Article

A community of Stonelore Circle Druids

Druids (also known as vinebeards) are children of the land whose kind have their origins in ancient High Rock. They are practitioners of Y'ffre's True Way (also known as Druidism), in which one is to lead a life connecting with, valuing, and stewarding the growth of the natural world referred to as the Green. The True Way is a promise made to the "groves, to the seas, to the sky", and under the Oak's Promise, druids are to "stand strong, stay true, and shelter all". Druids serve in accordance to Y'ffre's will in roles such as priests, arbiters, teachers, healers, and soothsayers. Druids have little interest in the quarrels of monarchies, often leading many to believe that they are pacifists. However, as champions of nature, they are not afraid to defend their ancient sites from the cruelty of civilization, as violence and death are natural. (more...)

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The Temple of Talos (Blades)

Did You Know...

(updates once per hour)
  • ... that the First Era lasted 2920 years, the Second Era lasted 897 years, and the Third Era lasted only 433 years?
  • ... that the release of Morrowind in 2015 was the first version of the game to come with all official plugins pre-installed?
  • ... that the city of Farrun used to be an Orc stronghold?
  • ... that the Psijic Order has removed their home isle of Artaeum from the world twice?
  • ... that Shadowkey's multiplayer mode actually takes place in a shadow realm, where you can aid another version of yourself?
  • ... that Daggerfall is the only main Elder Scrolls game that does not begin with the player somehow imprisoned?
  • ... that a PSP port of Oblivion was in development at one point but is presumed to be canceled, since it silently disappeared from store listings?
  • ... that Arena was originally going to be played entirely in a single arena, hence the rather irrelevant title and original box art?
  • ... that the majority of Bretons are knighted for non-combat related achievements?
  • ... that according to an ancient Skaal legend described in The Guardian and the Traitor, Solstheim was created when it was sundered from the mainland during a several day long, devastatingly powerful magical duel after a dragon priest was seduced by Hermaeus Mora and fought against his dragon master?
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