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Location Camp on the southern outskirts of Elden Root (map), Leyawiin Castle, Ostumir, Skingrad
House Beragon's Townhouse
Race Wood Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Beragon is a Wood Elf retired Imperial scribe and former adventurer, as well as Eveli Sharp-Arrow's older brother. In the past he worked as a scribe for both Emperor Moricar and Leovic of the Longhouse Dynasty in Cyrodiil, which gave him some insight into matters involving them. Around fourty years ago, he moved to Skingrad and resides in a townhouse that he received after helping a Noble family during his adventuring days.

Due to his deciphering skills, he is who Eveli contacts once you find a coded letter within the Ne Salas Cache Annex, while assisting her investigation following her adventures in the Black Drake Villa. He will later arrive in Leyawiin in Blackwood after Councilor Lovidicus asks him to provide his skills to unravel the secrets behind the Order of the Waking Flame.

Beragon is also encountered another time in Grahtwood, where he is investigating the rise of a group of Wood Elf cultists that have been causing trouble in the West Weald. When you later head to the region to deal with the reemergence of long-lost Daedric forces, you can meet with Beragon in Ostumir and he will become one of your allies in resolving the mess.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Blackwood PrologueEdit

A Mortal's TouchEdit

After finding an Encoded Imperial Scroll and Longhouse Emperor Signet Ring in the hidden Cache Annex, you can bring them both to Beragon at his camp. After Eveli introduces you, you can speak to him and Beragon will decipher the document as you talk.

"Eveli says you have something for me to look at?"
Yes, but it's written in code. Can you decipher it?
"Let me take a look. Hmm. Imperial, all right. Specifically, this is Emperor Leovic's personal code. Luckily, I know it well.
Unfortunately, I don't have Leovic's signet ring. Without that, I can't decipher the code."
Here. We found this ring alongside the scroll.
"You have a signet ring? Why, yes, this does appear to be Emperor Leovic's. At least, it's one of them. He certainly loved his jewelry!
So, first that journal that Eveli brought me and now this. What have you and my sister gotten into this time?"
Eveli is your sister?
"My younger sister, yes. I used to regale her with stories of my adventures, back before I became a scribe in Emperor Moricar's court. I worked for both him and his son, Leovic.
Eveli says I sling words the way she looses arrows—fast and on target."
You were an adventurer and a scribe?
"Technically, I was an adventurer then a scribe. Turned out, I preferred ink and parchment to danger and derring-do. Unfortunately, I think I put the wrong ideas in little Eveli's head.
Anyway, the scroll's over there. Deciphered and everything."
Eveli never mentioned she had a brother before. (Only if you completed Orsinium)
"Really? She's told me all about you. You were all over her letters from Orsinium. And when she got back, she rarely said five words that didn't include some anecdote of your time together. You really made an impression.
Nice to finally meet you!"

Talking to Beragon before reading the Deciphered Imperial Document:

"I left the deciphered document right over there. Just try not to let my sister get into too much trouble, all right?"

When you read the document it mentions a Daedric bargain and Mehrunes Dagon, along with the name Farrul Lupus. Speaking with Beragon afterwards, he will just call the contents interesting:

"An interesting document. I'm not sure what these Ambitions that Emperor Leovic mentions might be, but it appears he shared the secret with his personal steward, Farrul Lupus.
I hope I don't have to tell you how dangerous Longhouse secrets can be."
What's it like to have Eveli as a sister?
"I was away during most of her life. I did the whole adventure thing for a time, exploring the world and taking on lost causes. Then I went to serve the Empire.
I would come home to visit whenever I could get away. She loved to hear my stories."
She seems to yearn for adventure, too.
"I suppose my stories influenced her. And the books. I brought her books from across Tamriel, especially tales of heroes. She loved those. Still does.
Anyway, she's the best archer I've ever seen. As natural with a bow as bark on a tree."
So you don't mind that she's looking into the secrets of the Longhouse Emperors?
"Eveli's an adult. She doesn't need my permission to get into trouble. She's good at that. And she's good at getting out of it, too.
Do I worry? Of course. But I can't tell her to go home. I did the exact same thing at her age. Plus, she's got you."

The Emperor's SecretEdit

After you have shown the Eveli the contents of the deciphered scroll, she will tell you that the aforementioned Farrul Lupus was the name of the party that hired her to recover a particular book from Black Drake Villa. She then asks you to come with her to Riften as back up when she delivers the book. After you agree to help, you can talk to Beragon abiut the book she found.

"Eveli is as brave as the graht-oak is tall, but someone else will be interested in this secret. Someone dangerous, most likely.
You'll need to be careful for the both of you, because my sister doesn't know the meaning of that word."
Can you tell me anything about the book Eveli found at Black Drake Villa?
"What? The creepy book with the weird writing? Nope. Not a thing.
I took one look at it and gave it right back to her. It's … not good. I told her to find a deep hole to toss it into, but my sister has never been good at taking advice."
You must have some idea what it is to have such a strong reaction.
"I deal in codes and ancient languages, not arcane tomes and Daedric artifacts. I'll tell you exactly what I told Eveli.
I don't know what that book is and I don't want to know. If you have any sense, you'll tell her the same."

While in Riften, you find Farrul Lupus was killed by the Dark Brotherhood and Lyranth tracks you down with another Cache Annex location. You and Eveli's investigation of the Annex in the Imperial City Sewers leads you to follow Doombringer Eshil through a portal into the Deadlands. After witnessing the conversation between the cultist and Mehrunes Dagon, you are sent back to Beragon's camp on Nirn after you defeat Eshil. Speaking with Beragon, he decides he won't question it.

"I'm just going to ignore the fact that you and my sister stepped out of a tear in space and that a Dremora wants to talk to you.
Yes, that's exactly what I'm going to do."

After you speak with Lyranth, Beragon tells you he's staying out of it.

"I'm sure that you and my sister have a really interesting story to tell. I'm just not sure I want to hear it.
Secrets of the Longhouse Emperors, Daedra, strange books … I gave up the life of an adventurer to avoid those kinds of complications."

After completing the prologue, speak to him again and he'll say:

"I keep up with events in Cyrodiil. A habit from my days serving as a scribe in the court of the Longhouse Emperors. I can give Eveli a letter of introduction. Make it easier for her to approach Councilor Lovidicus and the others."


An Unexpected AdversaryEdit

After A Deadly Secret is completed, Councilor Lovidicus mentions he has sent word to Beragon to come to Leyawiin to decode the documents you collected. In the meanwhile, you and Eveli are sent to Bloodrun Cave to investigate the Dark Brotherhood. However, you quickly learn that the Waking Flame used the Brotherhood as a scapegoat for the murders and that they have planned an attack on Leyawiin Castle:

While you and Eveli race to find Lovidicus after witnessing Councilor Faleria's murder by Vandacia, you come across Beragon hovering over a body:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Brother! When did you get here, Beragon?"
Beragon: "I came as soon as word arrived from Councilor Lovidicus. I was with him when the cultists attacked, but we got separated."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "We have to find Lovidicus! Come with us, brother. We need to stick together."

Beragon will become your follower and you can ask him some questions, though he can't go into detail at the time:

Met Before:
"I wish we were meeting again under less-stressful circumstance, but it's good to see you.
The cultists spilled out of portals shortly after I arrived at the castle. I barely got to look at the coded documents before Vandacia grabbed them!"
At least you're all right, Beragon. It's good to see you.
"And you as well. I arrived as quickly as I could, but even then I was too late to do more than glance at the coded documents. You should hurry, though. Vandacia went after Councilor Lovidicus, and he had murder in his eyes.
Take my sister and go!"
"I knew things were tense, but I didn't think a war would break out the moment I reached the castle. The cultists spilled out of portals like ants erupting from anthills.
It was all I could do to get out of the way and reach a place of safety!"

When you enter the courtyard, you will find Vandacia holding Councilor Lovidicus by the neck with a chain of red magic, choking him. Vandacia utters a prayer to Dagon and summons the Disciple of Aspiration before teleporting away. While you and Eveli fight the Ruinarch, Beragon will race over to Lovidicus and begin healing him. Once you have slain the daedra, Captain Rian and the Ivory Brigade will burst through the gate. Then the councilor is lead outside, with Beragon following.

Once outside the castle gates, Beragon will be reading a document while Eveli looks over his shoulder. He then calls you over:

Beragon: "Friend of my sister, come speak with me."
Met Before:
"Now that we are out of immediate danger, I will say it is good to see you again. I only wish it was under better circumstances.
I have good news, however. I deciphered the code in the documents you recovered."
Did the document tell you where to find the Four Ambitions?
"I'm not sure. I only translated a small bit of the code before the assault began.
It mentioned a vault to protect them, which I assume to mean the Ambitions. It's hidden in the ojel-bak, but I'm not familiar with the term."
"Argonian, perhaps? It sounds like it, but I'm not sure.
I haven't reported to Councilor Lovidicus yet. Since it looks like he wants to talk to you now, please inform him of my findings. And tell him I apologize I wasn't able to decipher any more."
I'll go talk to Councilor Lovidicus now.
"Despite the gravity of the situation, you should know that I was able to decipher a portion of the encoded documents before Vandacia whisked them away."

You can continue talking to him before speaking to Lovidicus:

Met Before:
"Let Councilor Lovidicus know what I deciphered from the coded document. That the vault that protects them is hidden in the ojel-bak.
I wish I had been able to finish translating all the documents before Vandacia stole them"
It's good to see you again, Beragon.
"And you as well, my friend. Thank you for continuing to assist my sister. I know she can handle herself, but that doesn't mean I don't worry about her."
Why didn't Vandacia try to kill you, too?
"I imagine he didn't think I had time to decipher any of the coded passages. I barely had a moment to look at the documents when the portals opened and his cultists burst in.
Luckily, I'm very familiar with that particular code. It was my specialty."
We can't tempt you to come with us to find the vault?
"Alas, my adventuring days are long past. I'm much more comfortable these days with a quill and ink instead of a sword and shield.
I'll stick around and ask if Councilor Lovidicus requires any more of my services, though. As long as I'm here."

When you have spoken with Councilor Lovidicus, he will suggest you reach out to Keshu the Black Fin in Gideon. Beragon agrees and asks you to look out for his sister:

"Councilor Lovidicus's suggestion is wise. If not Governor Keshu, someone in Gideon should know where to find the ojel-bak. If it's actually a place, that is.
Just make sure you watch out for my sister. Eveli is good, but she's still learning."
It's good to see you again, Beragon. (Conversation Repeats)

Heroes of BlackwoodEdit

Beragon will appear at the celebrations, drinking from a mug, you can talk to him:

"What a great party! I must ask a favor, though. Please don't let my sister drink too much. She has no tolerance and gets tipsy rather easily. What am I saying! She gets drunk and it's rather amusing.
Maybe it's better if you let her indulge."

After completing the quest:

"I may stick around Blackwood for awhile. Councilor Lovidicus offered me a job and it might be nice to have a steady income for a change.
Freelance scribes don't make as much as you might suppose. It's a cutthroat business."

Gold Road PrologueEdit

Prisoner of FateEdit

After the events of Necrom and Scions of Ithelia, Leramil the Wise will have summoned you to investigate various locations around Tamriel visited by Torvesard who is trying to find the third Glyphic he needs to free his Prince. Leramil's portal to Grahtwood will bring you to the Reliquary of Stars and the threads of fate will leads you inside the ruins where you encounter Beragon:

Beragon: "Well now! Perhaps my luck is changing for the better."

Speak with him to see what is going on, your conversation will differ depending on if you met him previously:

Completed Blackwood Storyline:
First time meeting:
"Why, if it isn't my sister Eveli's friend! Good to see you! I'm dealing with a real mystery, almost as convoluted as that Waking Flame affair.
I'm tracking a group of troublemakers called the Recollection. I don't suppose you're after them, too?"
"A fellow adventurer? The name's Beragon, friend. I could use a hand.
I'm on the trail of a group known as the Recollection. I'm not sure what they're after in these ruins, but I intend to find out. I don't suppose you're after them, too?"
I'm not sure. What can you tell me about the Recollection?
"They're an elusive lot. Something between a secret society, a mercenary company, and a cult. I caught wind of people disappearing and I think they're involved.
If you're not after the Recollection, why are you here?"
I'm looking for a Dremora named Torvesard.
"Dangerous quarry, but you look like you know what you're doing.
It's strange that my pursuit of the Recollection and your hunt for Torvesard led us both to these old ruins. That does gives me an idea, though."
What do you have in mind?
"I propose we work together. There are more Recollection here than I care to tangle with by myself, but maybe we can get some answers together. We can figure out why they're interested in the Reliquary of Stars while we look for your elusive Dremora."
All right. Let's head on in.

After you agree to work with Beragon, he will become your follower during this part of the quest. You can continue to speak with him to ask questions:

"I overheard a Recollection mage named Endegor mention a hidden shrine in the ruins. Something about a waterfall in the Flesh Gardens. Not the most pleasant appellation, but maybe we should start there?
It's somewhere to the north."
Can you tell me anything else about the Recollection?
"It seems to be a revival of an ancient Ayleid cult. Or some kind of Ayleid-inspired military order, perhaps. There are a lot of Wood Elves in their ranks, I'm sorry to say.
It's strange. I never even heard of them until a few months ago."
What led you to look for them?
"I heard rumors about Recollection groups poking around Ayleid ruins back in West Weald. And people started disappearing around the same time, including a few I happened to know. I can't say if they were abducted … or recruited."
What is this place?
"It's called the Reliquary of Stars. An old Ayleid archive of some kind. The Mages Guild researchers here say magicka courses through the very walls.
They're too busy with their studies to notice Recollection scouts sneaking into the Reliquary."
Completed Blackwood Storyline:
First time meeting:
Beragon? What are you doing here?
"I guess that business with the Waking Flame cult and Emperor Leovic's Elder Council brought me out of retirement. When the Recollection showed up, people started disappearing. So I put down my quill and picked up my daggers again."
How about Eveli Sharp-Arrow? Is she here, too?
"My little sister is off on her own adventures. Honestly, I can't keep track of her comings and goings. I think we can blame that on you, friend. Your example inspired her to go find situations in need of a wandering adventurer."
Tell me a little about yourself.
"Me? Well, I'm really retired from this adventuring nonsense. I spent years working as a scribe in Cyrodiil. Dabbling in history, documents, a cipher or two. But the threat of the Recollection convinced me to put down my quill and pick up my daggers."
You were an adventurer?
"It was years ago, really. I had the itch to travel. Risked my neck looking for treasure in monster-infested caves and haunted tombs. Besides, it's become a family tradition. My little sister Eveli Sharp-Arrow is off adventuring right now, in fact."

When you reach the Flesh Garderns, Beragon will comment:

Beragon: "Cracked acorns! I don't like the look of these statues. Watch your step in here, friend."

When you reach the other end of the gardens, Beragon will point out the hidden door:

Beragon: "Look! Is that a door behind the waterfall?"

Speaking with him before going through the door:

"A door hidden by a waterfall, just as that fellow Endegor said. We'll need to be careful. Anybody we meet from here on in is likely to be Recollection."

The door will lead to the Moonshadow Shrine which is filled with Recollection cultists:

Beragon: "The Recollection is here, all right. Be ready for trouble."
"A shrine to the Twilight Queen, just as we thought. It appears the Recollection forces searching the Reliquary are using this room as a temporary headquarters.
Look around, friend. See what you can find."
th[verification needed — does this appear before the sanctum]

Fight your way through the Recollection to reach the Moonshadow Sanctum, this contains a shrine to Azura but Endegor will be waiting for you. Once you have defeated him, Beragon will comment:

Beragon: "Guess I wasn't as sneaky as I thought. Must be out of practice. What's that on the floor?"

You will find Endegor's Orders, which is from Torvesard, asking them to search for a particular lamp which is Azura's relic which was missing from the shrine. You can speak with Beragon afterwards:

"Looks like we found the Recollection—or some of it. I didn't know Endegor well, but what I knew of him I didn't like. A bigoted radical, at best. I'm surprised he would work with any non-Bosmer at all.
What's in that letter?"
They're instructions for Endegor, from Torvesard.
"May I see?
Huh. That settles the question of whether Torvesard and the Recollection are working together. It was no coincidence that we met here today, friend."
The note says Torvesard is looking for a relic. A lamp.
"According to the letter, they haven't found it yet. Or even any leads to its whereabouts. If they had, Endegor would be off with Torvesard, looking somewhere else by now.
I wonder what happened to the lamp?"
I have something that might show us. Do you see anything unusualy here?
"Something unusual? Let me see … ah!
Over by the altar. Is that what you're looking for?"

You then use the Echonir and witness three high elves planning to hide the lamp in a cave to the north. During this, Leramil will have arrived, startling Beragon:

Beragon: "Was that a memory from the Merethic Era? Never mind that, who's this High Elf?"
Leramil the Wise: "I am Leramil, little Wood Elf. I assume from what we saw in that memory that Torvesard did not find what he was looking for?"

You can then speak with Beragon about what happened and introduct Leramil:

"A strange vision! They were worried about Ayleids, but there haven't been Ayleids here in centuries upon centuries.
Speaking of strange, it looks like we've gained a new companion. I assume you know that High Elf?"
This is Leramil the Wise. I'm helping her look for Torvesard.
"I see. Well, since it looks like the Recollection is working for him, I guess I'm looking for Torvesard now, too. There are plenty of Recollection skulking about in West Weald. I'll meet you there if you run short of other leads."
I'll remember that. Good luck, Beragon.
"Nature's luck to you too, friend. I have a feeling our paths will cross again."

Speaking with him again before Leramil:

"I think your High Elf friend would like to have a word with you. Continue your hunt, traveler. I'll continue mine."

Talking to him again before leaving through a portal:

"And here I thought I left the life of an adventurer behind ages ago."

After you leave Beragon, your investigation will take you Vvardenfell and to the heart of Apocrypha itself. Torvesard manages to view the third and final Glyphic and reaches Ithelia's prison. However, when you both enter it you find it broken and empty. After discussing what you will need to do next with Hermaeus Mora and Leramil, you will be returned to a camp south of Elden Root and Beragon will be nearby.

You can talk to him before speaking with Leramil to complete the quest:

"You've returned! And in much the same way that you left, stepping through a mysterious portal. You must have an interesting story to tell … but it looks like your friend wants to speak with you.
Go on. I'll wait."

Once you have completed the quest, you can talk to Beragon some more:

"After our visit to the Reliquary of Stars, the Recollection cleared out. I did come across one interesting clue, however. They're particularly interested in ruins in West Weald.
Which is ironic, since I live in Skingrad."
Leramil thinks West Weald might also be Torvesard's next destination.
"I'm not sure I like all this sudden interest in the place I call home. I'll provide Leramil with whatever information she requires, then I need to return to Skingrad to figure out the connection."
The connection?
"Between an Ayleid cult and that Dremora, Torvesard. They seem to be strange bedfellows indeed.
Anyway, if you and Leramil find yourselves in Skingrad, look me up. If this plays out the way I expect, I may need an ally like you."

Gold RoadEdit

When the Ground ShookEdit

If you have started Paths of Chaos from Leramil the Wise, Ostumir will be one of the locations she asks you to investigate. The town was right in the middle of where the Dawnwood grew into being a few months prior. When you reach the area, you can speak with Pellecia Urgelian, who says that some people were returning to the town only for several of earthquakes suddenly occuring. She also says Beragon had come to the town to meet with someone, but was currently helping the surviors at a makeshift camp.

Head down the road and you will find Beragon with Isa Rian, Vesta Catiotus and Carnius Essagan:

<Beragon is tending to Isa's leg.>
Beragon: "Rest easy, friend."
<He notices you and stands up.>
Beragon: "You there! Let's help these people."

Talk with Beragon to see how you can help:

Completed the Gold Road Prologue:
Met Beragon Previously:
First Time Meeting:
"Didn't get enough of me while fighting the Recollection in Grahtwood,, hmm? No time to catch-up, though, friend. I have injured people here and more still in the village of Ostumir.
How about we get them out safely before the ground shakes again?"
"What perfect luck, my friend! You're exactly who I need right now. These people are safe, but there's others in the village of Ostumir still trapped by rubble or worse. Can you help me find them?
The quakes could start again, so we need to hurry."
"I'm glad you happened by. This woman will be fine, but there's plenty more injured in what's left of the village of Ostumir. Maybe you could help me find them.
The ground could shake again at any moment. We need to hurry and save whoever we can."
What happened here?
"Greenspeaker Sorilen sent me a letter. Asked me to meet her here. After I arrived, the ground rumbled like an angry timber mammoth. Whole buildings collapsed, trapping people.
When the new forest appeared, it damaged the village. This may end it."
New forest?
"Apparently a few months back, what was once rolling hills and rich Colovian farmland was suddenly engulfed by this great forest.
Look, help me rescue more Ostumir survivors, then we can find Sorilen. I can toss you some coin for your efforts."
I'll help you rescue the villagers and search for Greenspeaker Sorilen.
"Inside the village, listen for any calls for help. People could be buried under rubble or trapped inside collapsed buildings. Just watch out for the strange beasts. They appeared after the ground shook.
And, keep an eye out for Greenspeaker Sorilen."

You can take the opportunity to ask Beragon some questions:

Tell me about Ostumir.
"It's a typical Colovian village, or rather, it was. Known for fishing and trade. As I understand it, when this forest sprang up a few months ago, it caused massive damage and drove the villagers away. They were starting to return when this happened."
We're pretty close to Valenwood, aren't we?
"Very. And this new forest, it's like Valenwood jumped the river and spread here.
I remember when Ostumir was founded. Some Wood Elves thought it was a prelude to invasion. But a fishing settlement posed no threats and cooler heads prevailed."
What's that about a new forest?
"That's one of the things I'm looking into. Something caused this forest to grow rapidly, so I suspect some sort of magic was involved. From the growth pattern, I'd guess that this stretch of land along the river was where the new growth originated."
Could Valenwood have caused this?
"That's … I'd rather not speculate. Wood Elf magic can speed and direct growth, but not on this scale. And not so wild and untamed that it destroys whole villages.
Still, I plan to look into all that. Later. After we help these people."
That's all I need to know about Ostumir. (Appears after you ask one of the above questions)
"Questions are all well and good, but we have people to save!
Anything else you want to know? Otherwise, let's get on with the rescuing, friend."
What did you get up to since we last met? (Appears if you met previously)
"I've tried to stay retired from adventuring. But recent events just pulled me back in. Something about the Recollection makes my ears burn. That happens when I sense danger.
Eventually I'll go back to my scribe duties. Until the next adventure."
Heard from Eveli Sharp-Arrow lately
"Eveli's traveling around Tamriel, leading the life of a wandering hero. She writes now and then to tell me stories of her adventures. I'm proud of who she's become.
If I hear from her, I'll let her know I saw you!"
What have you done since Grahtwood?
"Continued to investigate the Recollection. Nothing new to report. I hoped that Sorilen would help my efforts. She's smart and would make a good partner. Doing research, I mean.
Until I learn more, tracking this odd cult will take up my attention."
I have some other questions.
"There will be time to catch up after we help some people. We could kick back with some Sun's Dusk Ale and swap stories.
What else did you want to know?"
Why Greenspeaker Sorilen ask you to meet her here?
"No clue at all. Her letter was quite short. All it said was she learned something in Ostumir. She said it was important and I needed to see it for myself.
She wants to share whatever she discovered with me. That's all I know."
Any idea why she came to Ostumir?
"I don't know. Last I heard she was part of the Wood Elf settlement in Vashabar. That isn't too far from here."
"That's what the Wood Elves who settled here after the forest appeared call their city. It's north of here.
Anyway, she could have come to Ostumir for the Ayleid ruins. There are plenty nearby that might interest her, but that's just a guess."
She's interested in Ayleids?
"That's how we met. I love all sorts of history, while she studies Ayleids. The culture and history of those ancient Elves fascinate her.
My own interests were purely practical. Stuff that could help me back in my adventuring days."
Sorilen's a Greenspeaker? Tell me about them.
Wood Elf Character:
"You've been away from the forest for too long, friend. A Wood Elf never forgets the sight of a Greenspeaker whispering to a tree as it curls into a home. Without their nature magic, our forest settlements would be impossible."
"The finest wielders of nature magic in Tamriel. Greenspeakers wiggle their fingers and a tree bends its shape into a home. They make it possible for Wood Elves to construct cities without harming the forest."
We should go look for her. / We should go look for Greenspeaker Sorilen. (Asked one of the above questions about Greenspeaker Sorilen)
"I'm worried about her, too, friend. But Sorilen is no delicate bellflower. She's shown me time and again that she's perfectly capable of defending herself.
Let's help the other survivors and then see if we can pick up her trail."

At this point, Beragon will become your follower. When you enter the ruins of the town Beragon will comment:

Beragon: "Keep your ears open. Follow any shouts for help."

When you approach a blocked door, Rona Carbo will call out for help:

Rona Carbo: "Help! I can't get out. The door's blocked."
<Beragon runs over and begins digging at the debris.>
Beragon: "Clear the rubble!"

While in Ostumir, Beragon may comment on the Wildburned:

Beragon: "These creatures only exist in the Dawnwood. They look so strange."

If you speak with Beragon after rescuing all the people, he will say:

"I don't hear any more calls for help. We helped everyone we could. That'll have to be enough.
Let's keep looking for Greenspeaker Sorilen. I need to know if she survived the disaster."

Soon you will come across Greenspeaker Sorilen who is healing one of the injured:

Greenspeaker Sorilen: "You're safe now. Go join your family."
<Beragon runs up to her.>
Beragon: "You're alive!"
Greenspeaker Sorilen: "Beragon! Oh, who's your friend?"

If you talk to Beragon before Sorilen, he will urge you to talk to her:

"I can't tell you how relieved I feel to find Sorilen safe and sound. I'm not surprised that she'd stay to help survivors.
Let's talk to her. Maybe she'll explain her invitation to come here."

Talking to Sorilen, you may get the feeling she is slightly put out that Beragon has a companion but she will explain her invitation. She explains that she discovered something in the recently uncovered Ayleid ruins and Beragon has to see it. After you have met Sorilen and rescued everyone you can find, Beragon suggests you head over to the ruins:

Beragon: "Sorilen wants to meet at the ruins east of here. Let's go."

Talking to him at this point:

"Sorilen asked us to meet her at the Ayleid ruins southeast of the village. Let's head there now. I'm curious to see what she invited me here to show me."

Once you reach the entrance to the ruins to the southeast, you will find the body of Rodrolrin and a letter Orders for Immediate Retrieval:

Beragon: "I don't see Greenspeaker Sorilen. Wait. A body on the ground. They're wearing Recollection gear. Grab that note."

Upon reading it you learn that the ruins were apparently where the Dawnwood originated from. Beragon will comment:

Beragon: "Wildburn seed? Not sure what that could be, but the handwriting at the bottom, that's Sorilen's."

Talk with Beragon before continuing:

"The handwriting at the bottom of the note is definitely Sorilen's. Running into ruins alone is just like her.
But I didn't expect the Recollection to be here. She's heading into more danger than she realizes."
The note indicates they're trying to recover a wildburn seed.
"I've never heard of a seed, but the Wood Elves of Vashabar use wildburn to refer to the strange blight along the edge of the new forest.
Worry about that later. Let's focus on finding Greenspeaker Sorilen before she runs afoul of the Recollection."
Let's find Greenspeaker Sorilen and investigate this seed.
Completed Gold Road Prologue:
"We're off to face the Recollection again, my friend. Those fanatics seem to be everywhere these days.
We dealt with them once, so this should be easy, right? Let's head into the ruins and find Greenspeaker Sorilen."
"The Recollection consists mostly of Wood Elves, fanatics to a cause I haven't quite pinned down yet. If there are more of them in there, we'll probably need to fight.
Come on. Let's head into the ruins and find Greenspeaker Sorilen."

You can ask Beragon questions before entering the Essondul ruins:

Anything else you can tell me about the wildburn?
"Just that it's what the Wood Elves of Vashabar call the narrow band of devastation that runs along the northern edge of the new forest. It separates the rest of West Weald from Dawnwood.
I'm not sure what a wildburn seed is, but I plan to find out."
The Recollection? / What do you know about the Recollection?
"Some sort of cult made up mostly of disgruntled Wood Elves. Seems to have a connection to the ancient Ayleids, but I don't have all the details yet.
That's why I'm out here adventuring again. I want to figure out who they are and what they're up to."
I fought the Recollection at Rustwall with Tribune Alea Idolus. (Completed the Missing Cohort)
"Rustwall? That's too close to Skingrad for comfort. What were they doing there?
And I've heard of Tribune Alea. She commands a Legion cohort and handles special tasks for Count Calantius. If she fought the Recollection, I should look her up."
They were bringing Daedra through a portal. We shut it down.
"Daedra? That's not good.
Now it's even more imperative I figure out exactly who the Recollection is and what their goals are. Maybe we can learn something in these ruins."

Afterwards, he will point out the entrance:

Beragon: "Those vines. That's the entrance to the ruins."
Beragon: "Let's find Sorilen first, friend."

Talking to Beragon once inside Essondul:

"Delving into old ruins feels so familiar. Sure, I hung up my adventuring gear long ago, but you never forget the basics.
Let's focus on finding Greenspeaker Sorilen and this seed. We can trade stories of our best adventures later."

Further into the ruins, Beragon will comment on the Recollection:

Beragon: "I knew it. The place is thick with the Recollection."

Greenspeaker Sorilen will be waiting for you in a large chamber with a torch:

Beragon: "Sorilen's up ahead. What's she looking at?"
Greenspeaker Sorilen: "Do you feel it, Beragon? The grandeur of our history?"
Beragon: "You're right. These ruins are incredible!"

Speaking with Sorilen, you find out she was talking about the Wildseed mentioned in the letter. She also asks Beragon to "remember his history" before heading further into the ruins. You can talk to Beragon afterwards:

"These ruins are pretty amazing. If we weren't battling Recollection forces and trying to beat them to the wildburn seed, I'd love to just explore them.
Some people find the weight of history to be crushing. I find it exhilarating!"
What did Greenspeaker Sorilen mean when she told you to remember your history.
"An old conversation we used to have. Maybe you'd call it an argument. We need to learn from history, but it doesn't necessarily define us. I'm no more an Ayleid just because they might have been my ancestors than a Redguard is a Yokudan."
What do you want to do about the wildburn seed?
"Exactly what Sorilen suggests. We need to find it and keep it out of the hands of the Recollection. If it's somehow connected to the creation of this new forest and the area of devastation, we can't let them get a hold of it.
Let's get moving."

Beragon comments on the ruins further in:

Beragon: "Sorilen has a point. These ruins are too wondrous to let sit forgotten."

Eventually you will catch up to Sorilen who will be on the walkway above you:

Beragon: "Look! Greenspeaker Sorilen, up on the walkway."
Greenspeaker Sorilen: "See, Beragon? The Colovians built atop our heritage! They buried it all!"
Beragon: "That's how it works, Sorilen. The new replaces the old."
Greenspeaker Sorilen: "I thought I could convince you. That we'd find the wildburn seed together."
<Greenspeaker Sorilen disappears.>
Beragon: "What? Sorilen, come back!"

She will appear again in another room:

Beragon: "Now she's up on the ledge!"
Greenspeaker Sorilen: "Join me, Beragon. The Recollection needs Wood Elves like you. We can finally claim our rightful inheritance!"
Beragon: "You're with the Recollection? Cracked acorns, what are you thinking? Follow her!"

Speaking with Beragon at this point:

"Sorilen joined the Recollection? But they're murderers! This can't be right. I just need to talk to her. Blight and root rot! Maybe she's under a spell or a curse or something.
Let's hurry. We need to get to her and that wildburn seed."

As you reach the doors to the lower chambers:

Beragon: "Those doors! Let's try there. We need to find that seed."

In the lower chambers, you will see the Wildburn seed on the lower platform. It is being guarded by Thorntooth, a Tharriker and Greenspeaker Sorilen will be standing on a dias:

Beragon: "Sorilen, talk to me! I can't let you take that seed."
Greenspeaker Sorilen: "I won't fight you, Beragon. There are other seeds than these."
<Greenspeaker Sorilen flees.>
Beragon: "I'll go after her. Grab the seed and follow after me."
<Beragon uses his grapplebow and chases after her.>

After taking the Wildburn Seed, you can catch up to the pair as the runs through the passages to the exit. You can hear them shout at each other:

Greenspeaker Sorilen: "The Recollection seeks justice, Beragon. For all Bosmer!"
Beragon: "Spilled blood and displaced families aren't justice!"
Greenspeaker Sorilen: "We've been friends forever! Why won't you trust me?"
Beragon: "The Recollection destroyed this village! Who knows what other harm the rapid growth caused?"
Greenspeaker Sorilen: "I thought you'd understand. I thought you had vision. Goodbye, Beragon."
Beragon: "No, Sorilen! Wait!"

It is too late, while you obtained the wildseed, Greenspeaker Sorilen escaped. Speak with Beragon to complete the quest:

"I couldn't catch her. I've known Sorilen for almost my whole life. I cared about her. Considered her a friend … perhaps more. Why didn't I see that she had been taken in by the Recollection? Maybe I could have done something.
Blight, this hurts."
Greenspeaker Sorilen talked about justice and an inheritance. Do you know what she meant?
"She always claimed Ayleid land belonged to the Wood Elves. But that was purely academic before. Sounds like the Recollection promised to make it real. Could be why they wanted the wildburn seed.
Speaking of which, did you get it?"
Yes, here you go.

If you leave and return to the conversation at this point:

"Sorilen joined the Recollection. The group I'm actively trying to stop. Cracked acorns, that hurts!
It seems they want to take back land that once belonged to the Ayleids. If that's why they built an army, they're more dangerous than I thought."
Here's the wildburn seed I took from the ruins.
"I've never seen a seed like this before. It feels wrong. You're working with Leramil, right? She needs to know what we discovered here. Meet us back in Skingrad. I have a townhouse there.
Oh, and take this. You more than deserve it for helping me."

After you have completed the quest, you can talk to him some more:

"Sure, my lifelong friend joined a violent cult, but you and I actually did some real good today. We saved people in Ostumir and kept this seed away from the Recollection.
When you're ready, meet Leramil and me at my townhouse in Skingrad."
Why would Greenspeaker Sorilen join the Recollection?
"I'm not sure. They certainly spout rhetoric that matches many of her closely held beliefs. I thought those beliefs were simply musings, but the Recollection seeks to put them into deadly practice.
Be sure, when next we meet, I plan to ask her why."
Do you think the ground shaking and the wildburn seed are connected?
"I have little experience with either, so any speculation is merely a guess. If Ostumir was truly the epicenter of the new forest growth, the land there could simply be unstable. Or perhaps Y'ffre shook the ground to warn us and get our attention."

Paths of ChaosEdit

After investigating Rustwall Estate, the Elenglynn ruins, and Ostumir, you can head to Beragon's Townhouse to meet with Leramil and Beragon to discuss your findings. Once there, you will find Tribune Alea has also joined you:

Beragon: "Welcome to my townhouse, friends! I can't wait to hear the results of your investigations."

It will be suggested that you speak with Beragon first to report what you have learnt:

"I can't believe we found a corrupted seed at Ostumir. That the Recollection somehow caused the new forest to overgrow West Weald. Or that my friend Sorilen was involved.
Leramil wants to talk to you, but I'd like to hear what else you discovered."
Tribune Alea and I kept Recollection and Daedric forces from invading Skingrad at Rustwall Estate.
"An invasion launched from Rustwall Estate would have taken Skingrad completely by surprise. I'm glad that you and the tribune were there to stop them.
But the Recollection working with Daedra? That's a troubling new development."
Do you know Tribune Alea?
"By reputation. We only just met. I know she does troubleshooting for Count Calantius, so I figured I might run into her eventually. She apparently heard about me, too, and just showed up on my doorstep.
You learn anything else out there?"
The Recollection was looking for Ithelia at Elenglynn, but we found her first. Then she vanished.
"Ithelia, the Daedric Prince you and Leramil are looking for? You met her? Incredible! But why is the Recollection looking for her? Didn't they—ah, never mind.
I think you should talk to Leramil now. I need to consider all this."

You can then speak with Leramil to complete the quest.

Seeds of SuspicionEdit

Once you have completed Paths of Chaos, you can speak with Beragon to plan your next step:

"I've been thinking about Ostumir and your investigations with Leramil and Tribune Alea. The Recollection was involved each time. We need to determine what they're planning next.
Maybe the wildburn seed we found in Ostumir can help us do that."
How can the wildburn seed help us with the Recollection?
"I'm not a greenspeaker or a spinner, but I know a corrupted seed when I see one. If we can trace it to its source, I think we can find the Recollection.
Luckily there are experts on this sort of thing nearby. In the Wood Elf town of Vashabar."
Could Vashabar's Wood Elves be involved with the Recollection?
"Bosmer who honor the green wouldn't have anything to do with a wildburn seed, but I want to show the seed we recovered to a greenspeaker. If they can tell us more about it, it might lead us right to the Recollection.
Help me and I'll pay your way."
I'll help you learn more about the wildburn seed.
"Here. Just to be safe, you should carry the wildburn seed. Greenspeaker Darolith in Vashabar should be able to tell us something about it. Just follow the Gold Road into Dawnwood and turn north. Tribune Alea and I will meet you there."

After you have your map marked, you can ask Beragon questions:

This house is enormous. It's all yours?
"I know, it's too much. During my adventuring days, I helped a wealthy Colovian family. They rewarded me with the deed to a grand old empty townhouse. I had enough gold to make this place livable and... it seemed a waste not to use it."
So what's a Wood Elf doing living in Skingrad?
"I've lived all over Tamriel, and Skingrad is a nice enough city. Always something happening here and we get news from across the continent.
It wasn't until recently that people started looking askance at Wood Elves."
What do you mean?
"Since the appearance of the new forest, what the Bosmer of Vashabar call Dawnwood, the rest of West Weald has grown nervous and suspicious of all Wood Elves. I've lived here for years, but suddenly I'm an outsider.
Things could get ugly."
You said no Bosmer who honors the Green would deal with a wildburn seed. What about Sorilen?
"Yes, I'm confused by that as well. Greenspeakers are mages who work within the Green Pact to shape the forest to meet their needs. Every Wood Elf village has a greenspeaker to grow new pod-homes or shape useful tools.
It's an art my people cherish."
So why is Greenspeaker Sorilen working with the Recollection?
"You saw what I saw at Ostumir. My old friend Sorilen has lost her way. If she had a hand in the use of wildburn seeds, then she's turned her back on the Green Pact.
I'm not sure she can do that and still call herself a greenspeaker."
Remind me about the Recollection.
"My best guess is that the Recollection is a revival of of an ancient Ayleid cult. The Ayleids didn't just vanish when their empire fell. Many found shelter in the surrounding lands. Some Wood Elves believe they're descendants of that heritage."
Has the Recollection been around long?
"As far as I can tell, the Recollection didn't even exist a year ago. It's like hundreds of people woke up one day and decided to join a new cult. They're convinced something has been taken from them. Something they'll do anything to reclaim."
What is the Recollection doing?
"Plundering ancient ruins. Recruiting other people who feel lost. Mostly Wood Elves, but not exclusively. Whatever it is the Recollection think they're missing, it's made them desperate. And dangerous. And we know they're working with Daedra, too."

You can then head to Vashabar to speak with Greenspeaker Darolith, once you arrive you will find Tribune Alea is trying to intimidate the Greenspeaker, and Darolith is not having any of it:

Greenspeaker Darolith: "What exactly are you implying, Colovian?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "I'm not implying, I'm saying it outright! This land wasn't yours to grow a forest over!"
Beragon: "That's enough, tribune!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Fine! You and the mercenary handle it."
Beragon: "Apologies, greenspeaker. What can you tell us about the seed my friend is carrying?"

You can talk to Beragon before Greenspeaker Darolith:

"That was exactly the wrong approach to take with Greenspeaker Darolith.
I'll try to calm Tribune Alea down. You talk to the greenspeaker and see if she can tell us anything about the wildburn seed."

Speaking with Greenspeaker Darolith she becomes concerned at what appears to be a corrupted Greenspring Seed. She also mentions feeling the same magic with some Wood Elves to the north that were transporting a covered cart. Once you have completed your discussionm you can speak with Beragon:

"Now that she mentioned it, I've heard of greenspring seeds. If the Recollection was able to corrupt the sacred seeds of the Green with Daedric magic … that's unthinkable!
Before we go look for that cart, we should talk to King Nantharion first."
Why do you want to talk to King Nantharion?
"King Nantharion's an interesting person. Charismatic, a visionary. He saw an opportunity and rallied Wood Elves to follow him and start this settlement. As I understand it, he leans toward the Dawnway more than the Green.
We need to warn him."
Warn him about what exactly?
"That his followers are in danger. While drawing Wood Elves away from the Green is next to impossible—Greenspeaker Sorilen notwithstanding—the followers of the Dawnway are ripe to be recruited by the Recollection.
The king needs to know."
All right. Let's warn the king before we go to find the cart the greenspeaker told us about.

If you try talking to him again, he will say:

"When we talk to King Nantharion, you take the lead. Tribune Alea is just as likely to start a war as an argument, and Vashabar isn't quite sure what to make of me. You, on the other hand, are an unknown quantity. That could work in our favor."

When you arrive at King Nantharion's Residence, you will be stopped by the guards, Sentry Firael and Sentry Tongolas:

Sentry Firael: "Halt! King Nantharion sees no one without good cause."
Beragon: "We have good cause. We've come to warn him of a danger to Vashabar."
Sentry Firael: "Very well, but the legionary must remain here."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Fine. I'll wait here."
<The sentries step aside and Beragon walks into the office.>
Beragon: "Thank you, tribune. Come, friend."

If you speak to Beragon before King Nantharion:

"One diplomatic incident averted. So far, so good.
Go ahead and speak with the king, friend. Tell him about the threat the Recollection poses to Vashabar. And about the corrupted seeds."

Talking with King Nantharion, you explain about Greenspeaker Sorilen and the corrupted wildburn seed you discovered in the Essondul ruins. The king will give you leave to search for more of the reported seeds in the ruins to the north and asks that you meet with him in Hoperoot afterwards to report your findings.

Following your discussion with King Nantharion, Beragon says:

"I feel better having warned King Nantharion about the dangers posed by the Recollection. Now let's go find that cart!
Oh, and I know you want to ask about Ninglenirre Pass. Can we save that for later? It's somewhat embarrassing."

As you leave, Beragon will bid you farewell:

Beragon: "We'll meet you near Leftwheal, friend. If there's another seed there, we need to find it."

When you arrive at the site of the cart, you will find Beragon and Tribune Alea in the middle of being ambushed:

Beragon: "Tribune Alea, look out!"
<Beragon pushes her out of the way and kills the Recollection ambusher.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "The Recollection ambushed us. Like they knew we were coming."
Beragon: "I spotted the seed just up the hill."
Beragon: "Friend, destroy the seed. We'll hold off the Recollection!"

Speak with Beragon to find out what happened and he will tell you to deal with the seed first:

"I spotted the seed in a clearing up the hill. It looked … I don't know, ready to burst or something! Go burn it. But watch yourself. There are more Recollection around.
We'll stay here and hold off any that try to pass."

On the way up the hill you can discover the Ambush Orders and you will have to deal with Keeper Virgoth before you can reach and burn the wildburn seed. Once this is done, Beragon and Tribune Alea will arrive:

Beragon: "You burned the seed? Good. One less threat to worry about."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "They knew we were coming. Either the greenspeaker set us up, or there's a spy in Nantharion's court."
Beragon: "A spy! Then the king is in danger! Friend, let's talk."

Talk to Beragon to see what he wants to do next:

"I assumed the Recollection would be guarding the wildburn seed, but the tribune is right. They were expecting us.
If the Recollection does have a spy in Vashabar, then they're more dangerous than I thought."
You really think the Recollection has a spy in Vashabar?
"How else did they know to set this ambush? Greenspeaker Darolith wouldn't have betrayed us, so it must be someone close to King Nantharion. Which means Nantharion's got a knife to his throat and he doesn't know it.
We've got to tell him."
King Nantharion said he was going to Hoperoot to oversee the establishment of the new settlement.
"We'll need to be careful. If our suspicions are on the mark, someone won't want us to talk to the king.
Hoperoot lies near the ruins of Nonungalo, across the Wildburn. Let's meet outside the new settlement and see how things stand."
Very well. I'll see you outside Hoperoot.

After this Beragon concludes with:

Beragon: "We'll see you at Hoperoot, friend!"

When you get close to Hoperoot, you will find Beragon at the ruins to the north of Hoperoot. Once he notices you, he will call you over:

Beragon: "Over here. There's Hoperoot. Something's not right, the sentries wouldn't let us in."

Talk with him to see what is going on:

"Something funny is going on. Nantharion told us to come find him in Hoperoot if we learned anything about the wildburn seed, but the sentries at the gate refused to let us in!
Tribune Alea and I had to back off before it came to blows."
So we have to fight our way in?
"That would be hard. This place is more of a fortress then a settlement. Fortunately, Tribune Alea came up with a plan. Not a particularly sophisticated plan, but I think it will work."
What's the plan?
"Well, Tribune Alea crept back to the gate. She's waiting for you there. She lures away the sentries. Then we run up and enter when they chase her!
Which sounds ridiculous when I say it out loud."
And once we're inside?
"Someone doesn't want us to get to the king. So, make your way to the throne room and find Nantharion. I imagine it's in the upper levels of the treefort.
I've got a grapplebow. I'll stay up in the branches and scout for you. Got it?"
Meet Tribune Alea, get inside, go up. Got it.
"King Nantharion hardly knows us. If the Recollection spy—or spies—around him are people he's known for some time, it might not be easy to convince him he's in danger. Wait for us before you try to storm the place, friend."

As you get close to the entrance, the plan will be enacted:

<Tribune Alea calls you over.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Hey, over here!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Be ready. I'm going in!"
Beragon: "Stay here, friend. Let her clear the gate!"
<Tribune Alea approaches the entrance and the sentries.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Listen, you! I want answers from Nantharion and I want them now!"
<Tribune Alea runs away.>
Sentry Firael: "She came back? Seize her!"
<The guards chase after her.>
Beragon: "And that's the plan. Get to the gate!"

Once inside, Beragon will be being scouting from up high. On the ground, Tribune Alea will have lost the guards and joins you in searching Hoperoot. You quickly find it is full of the Recollection and there is no sign of King Nantharion or Beragon. You eventually find Beragon higher up and he calls you over:

Beragon: "Over here! This must be a Recollection command post."
Beragon: "No sign of the king, but the map and notes might be important. Take them, friend."

If you talk with him, he will say:

"An ominous letter and a map with notes in code? I have some experience with that sort of thing from my days as an Imperial scribe. Pack those up and take them with you, friend. I'll see if I can puzzle out the code later."

You can collect the Recollection Map and the Report on Feldagard Keep and Beragon will comment:

Beragon: "I'll try to decipher the map later. Keep going, friends. We can't let the Recollection take the king hostage!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "They've probably already got him. I doubt Nantharion's sentries could fight off a Recollection army."

While Beragon leaves to scout ahead, you and Alea will follow behind, following the path to the higher levels. Along the way you find an opportunity to use the Echonir and witness a memory of a disorientated Ithelia. Further along, you will finally find King Nantharion, while he is conversation with someone:

Greenspeaker Sorilen: "Here. The seed for Skingrad is ready, my king."
King Nantharion: "Bring it to my throne room. Vargas and I will perform the final ritual and send the seed on its way!"
Greenspeaker Sorilen: "The Shardborn are fickle allies."
King Nantharion: "We serve the same Prince. As long as I lead the Recollection, the Shardborn will aid us."
Greenspeaker Sorilen: "Yes, my king."
<The pair leave the view of the ledge.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "I knew it! Nantharion leads the Recollection! And the Prince they serve must be Ithelia!"
Beragon: "I heard everything. Get to the throne room. I'll circle around and hit them from the back!"

You then need to rush to the throne room of Hoperoot. Once you arrive, Shardmarshal Vargas will be in the middle of handing Nantharion the Staff of Many Paths. With your arrival, Vargas and Nanatharion will begin the Wildburn Seed ritual while Greenspeaker Sorilen aims to kill you. Once you have defeated Greenspeaker Sorilen, you will need to destroy the seed to stop the ritual. But there will be consquences:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Now! Destroy the wildburn seed!"
<You destroy the wildburn seed.>
Shardmarshal Vargas: "No! The ritual is not complete!"
King Nantharion: "Something's wrong! It's too soon! The wildburn seed released its energy too early! Run!"
<Dark energy gathers in the throne room as the pair escapes.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Follow Nantharion! He must know a way out!"
Beragon: "The wildburn seed! It released its energy when you destroyed it! Hoperoot is doomed!"
Beragon: "Run! This tree-fort's coming down around us!"

You escape through the open portal and end up outside, in the distance you can see the smoking ruin of Hoperoot:

Beragon: "By the Green! The wildburn seed destroyed Hoperoot."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Hoperoot? A pretty name for an ugly secret."
Beragon: "And a grim tomb for Greenspeaker Sorilen. Friend, we should talk."

Speak with Beragon to discuss what you witnessed and how you can proceed:

"That was close! But at least we destroyed the seed and this Recollection fortress.
But … I hoped things would turn out differently for Greenspeaker Sorilen. I wish I know what drove her into the arms of the Recollection and their mad leaders."
King Nantharion and Shardmarshal Vargas escaped.
"We'll find them again. We dealt them a serious defeat here at Hoperoot. They'll need to regroup with Recollection forces elsewhere. That will cost them time.
That staff. Vargas called it the Staff of Many Paths. She entrusted it to Nantharion."
It looked like he was using it to conduct the ritual with the wildburn seed.
"Right. Well, back to my townhouse, friend. Give me the map we found. I want to examine it. And we should consult with Leramil, if she's back from her mysterious errand.
It's clear Ithelia's Daedra are helping the Recollection. We need to know why."
Here's the map. I'll meet you at your townhouse in Skingrad.
"I'm something of an expert in codes and ciphers. Whatever message is hidden in the map we found, I'll figure it out. But I'll need things back at my townhouse for that.
I'll see you in Skingrad, my friend."

Tribune Alea will tell you to head back to the townhouse while she makes the report to Count Calantius. Talk with Beragon about what you have learnt to complete the quest:

"I can't make sense of it. What do Ithelia and her Shardborn seek to gain here? Why assist the Recollection and allow them to use wildburn seeds to transform West Weald?
What are we missing, friend?"
Tracking down Ithelia was what brought me here. Maybe the answer is connected to her in some way.
"That might better be pondered by Leramil, but you're probably on to something. Both the Recollection and the Shardborn serve the Prince of Paths. Their goals must complement each other, somehow.
Which brings up another question. Where's Ithelia?"
I saw an Echonir vision in Hoperoot. A memory of Ithelia heading toward the Outcast Inn.
"The Outcast Inn? Of course. Now that we know what happened there and at Feldagard Keep, I have what I need to decipher this map.
So not only did we stop Nantharion from unleashing more wildburn. We have a clue to his next move. And that's not all."
That's not all?

If you leave and return to the conversation at this point, Beragon will say:

"We dealt the Recollection a hard blow when we stopped Nantharion's ritual and destroyed their fortress. And we won another victory at Hoperoot nearly as important. One that may end the distrust between Skingrad and Vashabar."
What victory are you talking about, Beragon?
"We exposed Nantharion as leader of the Recollection. When Vashabar hears about this, they'll tear the crown from his head. He can lead the Recollection, but he can't hide anymore. And we saved Skingrad from a wildburn.
Here, friend. You earned this."

Relics of the Three PrincesEdit

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After your experiences in Hoperoot, Beragon will begin the deciphering of the Recollection Map of West Weald you recovered. When you speak with him, he will ask you to do some more investigation:

Started quest from Legionary Caepio:
"Tribune Alea's legionary found you? Good!
The map we found at Hoperoot contains a valuable clue—I just need some time to decipher the code. But one thing is already clear. King Nantharion and his allies aren't done with West Weald yet."
We destroyed their fortress and wildburn seed. What else could they be up to?
"The map we found at Hoperoot contains a valuable clue—I just know it. Give me some time and I'll decipher the code and figure it out.
One thing is already clear. King Nantharion and his allies aren't done with West Weald yet."
We destroyed their fortress and wildburn seed. What else could they be up to?
"I won't know for sure until I finish deciphering Nantharion's notes. But Ithelia is still at large, the Daedric incursions haven't stopped, and Recollection forces are thick as hoarvors on carrion around Ayleid ruins.
They're looking for something."
What do you think the Recollection's looking for?
"When I think of Ayleids, I think of magic. Welkynd stones, portals, ancient relics. Things that would be dangerous in the wrong hands. But how it fits into Nantharion's plans, I don't know.
Think you could help me piece it together, friend?"
I'll help you look into the Recollection's plans. Where do we start?

On my character I had already completed the Outcast Inn and Feldagard Keep objectives so it immediately skipped to the next part of quest. There is likely different dialogue depending what you have done already.

After you have assisted Leramil and Tribune Alea at the Outcast Inn and Feldagard Keep, you can return to Beragon and reported what you found:

"I'm still deciphering the map from Hoperoot. I can't yet make sense of all the notes, but I figure that any location marked on the map must be important to the Recollection.
How did your investigations go?"
Pretty well. We recovered the Lamp of Clarity and a blade called Abolisher.
"You've been busy, friend!
Hmm … did you learn anything at Feldagard Keep and the Outcast Inn that might clear up the last nagging questions I've got about the Hoperoot map? Tell me what happened."
I met Ithelia at the Outcast Inn. I helped her remember herself and acquired the Lamp of Clarity.
You helped Ithelia remember herself? Isn't that what the Recollection is trying to do? I suppose you had a good reason, but still!"
Several realities were entangled. Helping Ithelia was the least dangerous thing to do.
"Entangled realities? A strange tale, friend. That's a problem rather beyond my experience. I'm glad you were there to sort things out. And you recovered a lamp? Sounds like some sort of relic.
It might be important."
I fought off Shardmarshal Vargas at Feldagard Keep and acquired the blade Abolisher.
"So the planned attack on Feldagard Keep was with Daedric forces, not the Recollection? A good thing you were there to help Tribune Alea defend the fortress. And that blade you acquired. Any sword with a name must be important!"
What's next, Beragon? (Appears if you have discussed one of the above questions)
"As I hoped, your account explains these last few marks on the Hoperoot map. Not only were the inn and the keep noted, there's another site the Recollection's interested in—an Ayleid ruin called Niryastare.
We need to investigate that ruin next."
Where's the Niryastare ruins located?
"Niryastare lies in the western Colovian Hills. It's rather dilapidated. And haunted. I had a harrowing experience there back when I was actively adventuring.
Leramil wants to speak with you. Talk to her, then meet me at Niryastare."

Before you speak with Leramil, you can ask Beragon some questions:

You explored Niryastare before? / You said you explored Niryastare before?
"It was a long time ago, friend. Close to forty years now. I was part of an adventuring company that explored Niryastare's great hall and the nearby chambers. We didn't get very far, though."
Why not?
"Niryastare was too dangerous for the band I was with. In addition to traps, the Ayleid ruin was full of undead guardians! But the worst obstacles were the collapsed passages and buried doors.
The Recollection won't get far without a lot of digging."
Remind me. What's happening in West Weald?
"Strange events drew Leramil the Wise to West Weald. Daedric incursions. A great new forest, ringed by a devastated region called the Wildburn. And the appearance of an Ayleid cult known as the Recollection.
Leramil asked you to help her investigate."
What did we discover?
"You stopped Shardmarshal Vargas at Rustwall Estate and Feldagard Keep. And at Ostumir, we discovered the Recollection created the new forest and the Wildburn. That led us to Hoperoot, where we unmasked King Nantharion as their leader."
What do Shardmarshal Vargas and King Nantharion want?
"They seek to restore their patron, the once-forgotten Daedric Prince Ithelia, to her rightful place of power. But Ithelia isn't quite herself since escaping from Hermaeus Mora's prison."
Tell me more about this forgotten Daedric Prince.
"Leramil calls you the proxy or the chosen of fate. Apparently, you agreed to help Hermaeus Mora defeat Ithelia and preserve reality. When you met her in Elenglynn and the Outcast Inn, she seemed confused, disoriented.
What she wants, I couldn't say."

Speaking with Leramil, she will note that that from process of elimination, the third Relic, the Skein of Mephala is likely at Niryastare. You will also be given the Lamp and Abolisher.

If you talk to Beragon again, he will ask you to go on ahead:

"The ruins of Niryastare lie in the far western reaches of the Colovian Highlands. I'll secure a few things here, then meet you there."

Head to the far west of West Weald to the Niryastare ruins and Beragon will call you over when he sees you:

Beragon: "Hello, friend. It looks like the Recollection is camped right on top of Niryastare. We need a plan."

Speak with Beragon to see what he has found out:

"That's Niryastare over there … surrounded by a Recollection stockade. I guess it's nice to know I correctly interpreted the map we found in Hoperoot. But it does pose a problem."
What's the problem?
"Assaulting a Recollection camp isn't our objective. Leramil says we need to find the Skein of Secrets. That's likely somewhere in the vaults of Niryastare.
I recall a set of stairs leading down in the middle of the ruins. We should start there."
Any sign of King Nantharion here?
"I've seen a few Recollection scouts come and go while I've been watching, but I haven't seen any of their leaders. Of course, I have no idea what's waiting for us in the underground portions of the ruins."
How do we get through the Recollection defenses?
"If you want to hit them head-on, I'll follow your lead and help as I can. But there might be an easier way to get where we need to go.
Before we commit to an attack, why don't we scout the perimeter and see what other options present themselves?"
All right. Let's scout the perimeter.

Beragon will comment once you finish your conversation:

Beragon: "Let's look around. And try to keep out of sight until we're ready to make a move."

Speaking with him again after this:

"I knew the Recollection was interested in Niryastare, but I didn't really expect to find a whole new fort blocking access to the ruins. Maybe we'll find a way in that they overlooked."

As you scout the two points of the perimeter, Beragon will comment on both:

Side Gate
Beragon: "The Recollection brings supplies to this gate. The sentries here are predictable. We might be able to slip by them. Or we could try the path to the north, although I don't know where that leads."
Front Gate
Beragon: "That's the main gate. Lots of Recollection there. No way we're getting through them without a fight."

After scouting both areas:

Beragon: "I think we've seen enough. Let's compare notes."

Talk with Beragon to get his opinion:

"Looks like we've got multiple options for getting inside. From what I recall, we'll find the stairs to the buried halls in the middle of the stockade. Assuming the Recollection hasn't blocked them up, that is."
What do you make of our choices?
"It depends if we want to announce our arrival or stay hidden. The gate to the east is heavily defended. But there are fewer sentries at the west entrance. I think we could slip by them.
Or we could try the path to the north."
Where does the path to the north lead?
"That's a good question. Sometimes natural fissures or caves provide hidden entrances to buried ruins. I saw no Recollection forces in that direction, so it might be worth investigating.
Your call, friend. I'll follow your lead."
All right. Follow me.

If you talk to him while trying to find the entrance:

"The Ayleids made a habit of keeping their most-valuable treasures safely underground. We're looking for a way down—the stairs in the middle of the ruins, or maybe a cave."

Once you reach the entrance to the ruins:

Beragon: "There, friend! Those are the stairs we're looking for."

You then enter the Niryastare ruins, once inside, Beragon will warn you to be careful:

Beragon: "Be careful. I remember encountering some deadly traps. And it looks like the Recollection's been busy down here, too."

Talking with Beragon after entering:

"Things look different from what I remember, but I'm sure I'll recognize the right path as soon as I see it.
Let's keep moving."

You can go through the passages until you reach the Great Hall of Niryastare:

Beragon: "The Great Hall of Niryastare. This is as far as I got on my previous visit."
<Beragon walks up to a table with documents.>
Beragon: "The door to the south leads to Niryastare's vault, but it's sealed by this welkynd stone. Hmm. The Recollection's working on the puzzle. Let's look at their notes."

You can then read Mystic Tarim's Notes and King Nantharion's Orders:

Beragon: "Interesting. Let's talk about how to proceed, friend."

Talk with him to see what he knows:

"I've got no talent for spells, but I picked up a bit of arcane lore in my time. The ancient Ayleids were fascinated with light. They devised ways to harness its magicka. Or draw it from aetherial crystals, like this burnt-out stone."
What's the stone do?
"Great welkynd stones like this one powered mighty enchantments. They could make buildings float in mid-air. Maintain networks of magical portals. Or seal impassable gates.
I think this is exactly what we're looking for."
You think the Skein of Secrets is beyond those doors?
"Someone in the Recollection thinks so. Besides, you don't build a door like that or a lock with a welkynd stone without a reason. Explorers have visited Niryastare many times over the years, but no one's ever gotten past the dead crystal."
Then how do we restore the welkynd stone?
"Do you see the empty sockets? The mage I came here with years ago thought we needed lesser welkynds to restore the great welkynd stone. But we couldn't find any.
Judging from these notes, the Recollection's experiencing the same problem."
Could the relics help? The Lamp of Clarity reveals things and Abolisher opens portals.
"Good idea, friend! The Lamp and Abolisher give us an advantage previous explorers didn't have.
I suggest we start with the east passage and look for a way up to the north. The Recollection mage's notes suggest we might find something there."

After this, you can ask him some questions:

How did you learn about Ayleid puzzles?
"I'm sorry to say that one of my principal talents as an adventurer was getting into places I wasn't supposed to be. I generally served as the trap expert and lock-picker of the party. Guess I've always been interested in puzzles."
What can you tell me about the last time you were here?
"I came here as part of a small adventuring company. Brave companions and good friends. Anyway, we found the stairs in the ruins and fought our way past a small horde of skeletons to reach this spot."
What brought you to Niryastare?
"We hoped to find some treasure overlooked by other explorers. The vault door certainly seemed promising, but the welkynd apparatus stopped us here. Niryastare's undead forced us to retreat before we could figure out how to get past it."
What became of your company?
"We parted ways long ago. I had one close call too many in ruins like these, so I decided to retire and take up a safer vocation. We said our farewells in Skingrad.
It's ironic. I'm falling into dangerous habits again."
What do you make of King Nantharion's plans?
"It looks like Nantharion intends to plant more wildburn seeds. I thought we were finished with all that at Hoperoot.
What really worries me is the suggestion that the wildburn ritual has another purpose."
Another purpose?
"Planting seeds to wake the power that sleeps in the Darkened Home. I thought Nantharion wanted to cover West Weald in a great forest. But maybe the wildburn is just the collateral damage of his real purpose."
What's the Darkened Home? What power sleeps there?
"I have no idea. I dimly recall seeing that turn of phrase somewhere before. A translation of an old Ayleid name, maybe. But where the Darkened Home is and what's there, I couldn't say."

Nearby you will find a golden glow, similar to what was found in the Outcast Inn:

Beragon: "That strange glow. Is the Lamp doing that?"

Speaking with him:

"Use the Lamp. I've got a feeling it might have something to reveal to us here."

After you use the Lamp of Clarity, a large welkynd stone will appear:

Beragon: "Amazing! That stone wasn't there until the light of the Lamp revealed it."
<You take the stone.>
Beragon: "Great! Let's go back to the great welkynd stone and try it in one of the sockets."

Speaking with him here:

"We've made more progress here in a day than any explorer in centuries! Let's take the lesser stone back to the great welkynd stone and see if it fits into one of the sockets."

When you place the welkynd stone machine, a beam of light will emerge from it:

Beragon: "Look! The stone you placed is feeding the greater welkynd. Let's find the rest of the lesser stones."

Talking to him afterwards, he will hint at what you will need to do to get the other stones:

"The Ayleids loved magical portals even more than clever traps. I bet the remaining three stones are hidden in places we need portals to reach. A good thing you've got Abolisher for that."

When you reach some rubble blocking the way:

Beragon: "The gate's blocked by rubble. I think Abolisher might help us here."

Using Abolisher, you will create a portal which leads you to another golden light:

Beragon: "Look! I think that's another hidden welkynd stone. Use the Lamp, friend."

Use the Lamp and reveal another stone:

Beragon: "There it is! Another welkynd stone. Go ahead, take it."

When you reach the pit, there is be another place for the Abolisher portal:

Beragon: "This must be the pit mentioned in the Recollection note. Can we use Abolisher here?"

Finding the golden light:

Beragon: "I think the Lamp's found another stone. Give it a try."

Use the Lamp and reveal another stone:

Beragon: "Amazing. The Lamp pulled the stone into our reality somehow. How does this work?"

When you reach the balcony, there is be another place for the Abolisher portal:

Beragon: "That's the balcony beyond the gate mentioned in the Recollection notes. Try Abolisher here."

Finding the golden light:

Beragon: "I think there's another stone nearby. Try the Lamp here."

Use the Lamp and reveal another stone:

Beragon: "Look at that! Another stone. Take it, friend."

As you find the welkynd stones, Beragon will count how many more you need as you collect them:

Beragon: "Another stone. Two more, and we'll see what the great welkynd stone is protecting."
Beragon: "That's three lesser stones. There should be one more to find."
Beragon: "That's the last of them. Let's return to the great welkynd stone and see if we can open the vault!"

Speaking with him after getting all the welkynd stones:

"Just think of it. No one's opened this vault in thousands of years! Place the lesser welkynd stones in their sockets, and we'll see what the Ayleids of Niryastare were so anxious to protect."

Once you place all the stones, the door to the vault will be unlocked:

Beragon: "That did it! The vault is unlocked. We'd better go in before the Recollection notices."

Beragon will comment on the vault as you enter:

Beragon: "Just think! No one's set foot in here in ages … except for any Ayleid undead that might be around."

Talking with Beragon here:

"I'm beginning to think the Ayleids built this place specifically to protect the Skein until someone with both Abolisher and the Lamp of Clarity came along to reclaim it."

Further along you will reach rubble:

Beragon: "Stairs to the west. They must lead to an inner chamber!"
Beragon: "Collapsed stairs? The Ayleids left us one last obstacle … but I think there's another chamber above. Try Abolisher again?"

After you enter the created portal you will reach the upper floor:

Beragon: "There, to the south. I think I see something!"
Beragon: "So that's the Skein of Secrets? I wonder what it does. Go ahead and take it—we shouldn't linger here."

Once you collect the Skein of Secrets, Beragon will notice something nearby:

Beragon: "Over there, friend. Isn't that an Echonir manifestation? We should see what it reveals."

Talking with him before using the Echonir:

"It's just like we saw at Hoperoot—the Echonir has something to show us. Go on, friend. Let's see what it reveals!"

When you use the Echonir, you will see Ithelia, Torvesard and Hermaeus Mora:

Torvesard: ""Why do you trouble my Prince, Ur-Daedra?"
Hermaeus Mora: "The Many Paths splinter. You manipulate fate in ways that were not meant to be!"
Ithelia: "What I do I do for the good of all. Why can you not see that, Mora?"
Hermaeus Mora: "I am not alone in my concerns, Ithelia. Constrain yourself or we will constrain you."
Ithelia: "And you will fail! Now begone!"
<The memory ends.>
Beragon: "A memory of Ithelia arguing with Hermaeus Mora! Have you ever seen such a thing? Friend, we should talk."

Speak with Beragon about what you saw:

"An ancient quarrel between Daedric Princes is beyond me, friend. But it's clear Mora attempted to reason with Ithelia. She willfully ignored his warning. And was too strong for him to overpower without help."
Hermaeus Mora had allies. Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala. Together they defeated Ithelia.
"A good point. And now we have the three relics they used to defeat the Prince of Paths. The question is where and how to use them. We know what Abolisher and the Lamp of Clarity do.
But we have no idea how to use the Skein."
What do you suggest?
"I'll take the Skein of Secrets home and study it. Leramil thinks it's important, and King Nantharion didn't want us to get it. Whatever he's planning, I bet the Skein can help us stop him.
I'll meet you back in Skingrad, friend."
Very well. I'll see you in Skingrad.

If you try talking to Beragon again before leaving the ruins:

"Let's get out of here before the Recollection figures out what we've been doing. I'll meet you back at my townhouse in Skingrad."

When you get back to Skingrad and Beragon's Townhouse, you will find Beragon in his library on the first floor:

Beragon: "Over here, friend! We should talk."

Talk with him to complete the quest:

"It's strange. When I first retreated from Niryastare, I wondered for years what was hidden in that vault. Never guessed it was the relic of a Daedric Prince.
Now that you're here, let's take stock of our recent discoveries."
Very well. Where do you think we stand?
"The two of us recovered the Skein of Secrets. You and Tribune Alea saved Feldagard Keep and found Abolisher. And you discovered the Lamp of Clarity at the Outcast Inn. You learned something about Ithelia, too.
We finally have an advantage."
An advantage?

If you leave and return to the conversation at this point:

"I was worried when Nantharion got away from us at Hoperoot. It felt like we were a step behind our enemies at every turn. But by recovering the relics, we finally seized the initiative.
That's our advantage."
So what now Beragon?
"Leramil believes these relics are the key to defeating Ithelia and her Recollection and Daedric allies. Oh, we still need to figure out when and how to use them. But thanks to you we have what we need to save West Weald.
Take this, friend."

King Nantharion's GambitEdit

After recovering all three Relics, you still have some work to do. If you started the quest from Legionary Caepio, you will find him talking to Tribune Alea as you enter the library:

Beragon: "See what I mean? I think King Nantharion could be at one of those marked locations."

Speaking with Beragon, he will explain he had a breakthrough with the Skein of Secrets:

"After my initial examination of the Skein of Secrets, I still don't know what to make of it. It's a map, but the image is constantly changing. I think it reacts to whatever the viewer is looking for.
I wasn't having much luck, then I had an idea."
An idea?
"I thought about finding Nantharion, but nothing happened. Then I remembered that these relics were made to find and defeat Ithelia. So I thought about her and these Daedric runes appeared. I think they translate as the Staff of Many Paths."
The Staff of Many Paths? Didn't Shardmarshal Vargas give that to Nantharion at Hoperoot?
"Precisely! Nantharion used the staff to prepare the wildburn seed ritual before you stopped it. I think the Skein is showing me places where Nantharion is using the staff to plant more seeds. A lot more.
So, friend, want to help me stop Nantharion?"
I'll help you find King Nantharion and stop him.
"If I'm right, Nantharion is planning to set off a massive wildburn, enough to destroy Skingrad and cover the entire Weald in forest!
Take a look at the Skein and you'll see the sites I'm referring to. I think they can lead us to Nantharion."

At this you will be handed the Skein of Secrets, before you use it you can ask some questions:

Shouldn't the Skein of Secrets show us where Ithelia is?
"I'm not sure. If I understand the story of the relics, they were made to counter Ithelia. And she has the power to avoid detection. Hence, the Unseen.
My guess is the Skein can't spot her directly, but instead looks for places she exerts her power."
But you said the Skein is showing you places where the Staff of Many Paths is being used.
"From what we can tell, the staff is Ithelia's relic, filled with her power. Right now, since Ithelia doesn't seem to be exerting any power of her own, the Skein has focused on the staff. Lucky for us, Nantharion has that and we need to find him."
Can the Lamp of Clarity or Abolisher help us with this?
"The Lamp only revealed hidden objects close by. And I think you need a clear idea of where you want to go to open a portal with Abolisher.
Don't worry, friend. I suspect we'll need all three relics before we're done with this business."
Any word from Leramil the Wise?
"Not since we left for Niryastare. Leramil said that while we looked for the Skein, she'd continue her search for Torvesard. She expected that might take her far beyond West Weald.
I wish she were back. She understands all this better than I do."
What do you mean?
"Daedric relics are her specialty, not mine. Leramil could have figured out how to use the Skein of Secrets with a single glance.
Well, since we don't know when to expect her, we'll just have to do the best we can on our own."
Tell me more about what you think King Nantharion is up to.
"I admit that all I have is speculation and logical deduction. Nantharion, as the secret leader of the Recollection, used a corrupted seed—called a wildburn seed—to transform a portion of West Weald into Dawnwood. I think he's planting more seeds."
But not all the Wood Elves who originally followed Nantharion are part of the Recollection?
"No. Most of them thought they were following a benign leader. They'd be horrified to know that the devastation of the wildburn is the reason Vashabar exists.
After what we learned at Hoperoot, Vashabar now sees Nantharion for the villain he is."
Why is Nantharion doing all this?
"The Recollection's a revived Ayleid cult dedicated to Ithelia. Nantharion's trying to restore her power and receive her blessing.
From the number of locations the Skein shows where the staff was used, he's about to unleash more wildburn. A lot more."

When you use the Skein of Secrets, a distorted map of West Weald will appear. There will be two locations marked by spiders, Beragon will comment:

Beragon: "See what I mean? I think King Nantharion could be at one of those marked locations."

You can then speak with Beragon after this:

"See how the map shifted and those marks appeared? I'm pretty sure they indicate places where the Staff of Many Paths has been used recently. A lingering aura of sorts, maybe.
I think we need to investigate these sites."
If King Nantharion used the staff at these locations, there's no guarantee he's still there now.
"You're not wrong, but what in life is ever guaranteed? No matter. We need to find out exactly what Nantharion did at these locations. And something there might point us to where he's going next."
Can you tell which locations these marks indicate?
"Hmm. The one to the north might be Terthil Farm. It's a remote homestead. The other one looks like Hastrel Hollow. There's a ruined tower nearby.
You should travel to each one and investigate. If you find any wildburn seeds, destroy them."
What are you going to do?
"While you search the sites, I'll see what else I can get the Skein to reveal to me. And I'll try to make more sense of the other relics.
Come back when you're done investigating the sites. Between the two of us, we're bound to find something."

After this, Beragon and Tribune Alea will have a conversation:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "When we find Nantharion, we'd better be ready for a fight. I'll muster the Legion—and warn Vashabar, too."
Beragon: "We might be able to avoid a pitched battle if we find a clever way to sabotage his plans."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "I doubt it will be that easy. And I intend to make sure Nantharion doesn't escape again."

Talking to Beragon before leaving to investigate Terthil Farm and Hastrel Hollow:

"Check the locations the Skein of Secrets revealed, friend. We need to find out what Nantharion's doing out there.
And if I'm right about another wildburn, we need to stop him before he can destroy West Weald."

When you go to Terthil Farm, you will find the Recollection killed the landowner and put up a warning on their door; Warning to the Weald. After following some clues you can enter a small cave from the well and discover a Wildburn seed and a place to use the Echonir. It will show you Shardmarshal Vargas talking to her Shardborn her mention of placing a seed in that location.

When you reach Hastrel Hollow, you will find Aenegelor a sole survior of a group from Vashabar that was hunting the Recollection. He says the Recollection are inside the nearby shrine ruins. The Echonir will allow you to see a vision of King Nantharion giving orders for a seed to be placed there and a mention of a well in Miscarcand.

Once you have visited both sites, you can return to Beragon in his townhouse:

Beragon: "You're back! Tell me what you found."

Talk to Beragon to tell him what you discovered:

"I had a feeling you'd return soon. The Skein of Secrets changed while I was studying it. The sites I sent you to investigate faded away. I presume you accomplished something at both locations?
Tell me, what did you find?"
King Nantharion planted wildburn seeds at Terthil Farm and Hastrel Hollow.
"I had hoped that we put an end to the wildburn threat when we interrupted Nantharion's ritual at Hoperoot. What did you do about the seeds?"
I destroyed the seeds. But the Recollection wiped out the farm and a Wood Elf camp at the Hollow.
"The Recollection grows more violent and reckless. Until Nantharion is defeated, no one is safe.
Did you learn anything about where Nantharion was heading next?"
A letter I found suggested the next wildburn will awaken wellsprings of power, whatever that means.
"Wellsprings of power? Huh. I've got no idea.
All right. If you destroyed the seeds the Recollection planted, they'll need to replace them. That means we still have a chance to find Nantharion. Let's take another look at the Skein."

When you use the Skein of Secrets, the map will now have a different location marked. Beragon will recognize it immediately:

Beragon: "That's Fort Dirich, an old watchtower to the northwest of Skingrad. I'll meet you there, friend."

Once you reach the ruins, Beragon will call out to you:

Beragon: "I told you the fort's seen better days. Let's look around a little."

Speaking with him here:

"There must be something here. Look around, but carefully. According to the Skein, Nantharion used the Staff of Many Paths here not long ago."

Upon noticing corpse of Wildburn Spriggan Bear:

Beragon: "That poor beast has been corrupted by wildburn, but what's it doing here?"
<Beragon go further into ruins and notices something.>
Beragon: "Look! There's a passage behind that rubble."

Speaking to Beragon:

"I wouldn't have noticed that passage if we hadn't examined that poor beast. We'd better see where the passage leads."

After you enter the passage, you will find yourself in ruined part of the Fort Dirich dungeons:

Beragon: "I think someone's been down here. Let's see if we can find a wildburn seed."

Talking to Beragon here:

"Burning lights are a sure indication that someone's been here recently.
Keep going, friend. The Skein already pointed us to two wildburn seeds. There might be another one below. And maybe Nantharion, too."

After enter the main chamber, you will find two Wildburns Seed and a place to use the Echonir:

Beragon: "Over there! A wildburn seed—and an Echonir memory, too!"

Talking with Beragon before anything else:

"More wildburn seeds, just as I feared! And an Echonir memory, as well. It looks like Nantharion has been busy here. Better burn those seeds and see what the Echonir reveals."

After burning the nearby seed:

Beragon: "That's one seed. It looks like there's another one deeper in."

Burning the second seed:

Beragon: "Another seed! Destroy it, friend."

Upon using the Echonir you will see a memory of a conversation between King Nantharion and Ithelia:

King Nantharion: "The wildburn is but a tool, my Prince. A way to awaken the Ayleid magic sleeping beneath this land."
Ithelia: "Yes, the Well of Miscarcand. I remember it now."
King Nantharion: "Miscarcand was the ancient realm of my ancestors, my Prince. But the well lies hidden."
Ithelia: "I can open the way for you. The wellspring of power awaits in a starry vault deep beneath the city. Come. I will show you."
Beragon: "Miscarcand? That's where we'll find King Nantharion!"

Once you have destroyed the seeds and viewed the memory, Beragon will ask you meet you outside:

Beragon: "Well, that takes care of two more seeds. Let's talk outside."

Talk to Beragon to discuss what you have learnt:

"Any adventurer who delves into Ayleid ruins knows the name Miscarcand. It was a great Ayleid city, but it's been lost for ages. If Nantharion is truly descended from its ancient rulers, that would explain the Recollection's fascination with Ayleids."
It may be lost, but Ithelia seemed to know where to find it.
"I'm not sure that helps us. There are Ayleid ruins scattered all over West Weald. Any one of them could be Miscarcand, and it's not like I can look it up in any books.
And that memory confirms it. We were wrong about the wildburn seeds."
What do you mean?
"We thought Nantharion unleashed the wildburn to expand Dawnwood. It does that, of course, but the memory suggested another purpose. They want to wake up Ayleid magic and restore that ancient realm.
And apparently, restore Ithelia in the process!"
Maybe we can use the Skein of Secrets to track them to Miscarcand.
"Of course! If Ithelia uses her powers to reveal Miscarcand to Nantharion, the location should appear on the Skein! Open it up and see if the map has changed, friend."

When you use the Skein, the map marker will be over the location of Vashabar:

Beragon: "I don't believe it! According to the Skein, Nantharion's back in Vashabar!"

Speak with Beragon again:

"I noticed the Ayleid ruins around Vashabar, but I never imagined it was built above ancient Miscarcand. Clearly, Nantharion planned to harness the Well of Miscarcand from the beginning. But he needed Ithelia's help to reach it."
What exactly is the Well of Miscarcand?
"Leramil could explain it better, but I'll try. As I understand it, Ayleid wells are supposed to collect magicka. They harness starlight—the pure power of Aetherius. Miscarcand was the capital city of a powerful kingdom. Its well must be huge!"
What could King Nantharion and Ithelia do with that much magicka?
"I don't know. Refound the Ayleid Empire? Restore Ithelia to her ancient might? They could do anything they can imagine! The fate of West Weald might depend on us stopping them from using the well.
We need to get to Vashabar, friend."
Very well. I'll meet you there.
"Time isn't on our side, friend. The Skein of Secrets indicates that King Nantharion—and likely Ithelia, too—are already in Vashabar. If we don't stop them now, we might not get another chance."

You can continuing speaking to him and ask a few more questions before leaving:

What do you know about Miscarcand?
"Not much, I'm afraid. Miscarcand is mentioned in several historical accounts of the Ayleid Empire. It was one of the more powerful city-states in the western part of the empire. But until now, no one had any idea where it stood."
What do the historical accounts say?
"The city survived Alessia's rebellion and acknowledged her as empress after the White-Gold Tower fell. Miscarcand remained strong enough to deter the Alessian Order in the decades after her death. The Order could not overcome its defenses."
How did Miscarcand fall, then?
"It's said the people of the city just slipped away in small bands, seeking the safety of Valenwood. Eventually no one was left but the last king, Morimath. But all that's little more than legend and speculation. No one really knows for sure."

When you arrive in Vashabar, you will find Beragon with a few legionaries, which include Legionary Caepio:

Beragon: "Over here, friend! This legionary says this doorway just opened—and Tribune Alea's somewhere inside."
Legionary Caepio: "We watched the false king enter the ruins but he sent his warriors against us. The tribune drove them back and went in after him!"

Talk to Beragon to find out what happened:

"The Skein was right—Ithelia used her power here. There was no doorway into these ruins before this one suddenly appeared. According to this legionary, Tribune Alea witnessed the whole thing and went charging in after them!"
Tribune Alea followed Ithelia and King Nantharion into these ruins?
"Sounds like something she'd do. We'd better head in and find her before she tries to take on who-knows-how-many Shardborn and Recollection warriors.
But if this is Miscarcand, that won't be all we'll have to deal with."
More than Shardborn and Recollection?
"Take Abolisher. An Ayleid ruin of a city as powerful as Miscarcand will have dangerous traps, maybe powerful undead—I have a feeling we're going to need that blade before we're done here.
Go on. I'm right behind you."

You can speak with Beragon once more before entering Miscarcand:

"Go on, I'll be right behind you.
You know, I'm kind of eager to see a legendary Ayleid stronghold no one else has set foot inside in centuries. If not for all the enemies who might be waiting inside to slaughter us, this might be sort of exciting."

Once you enter Miscarcand, Beragon will comment:

Beragon: "Look at these halls! It's just like the legend said. We're definitely in the right place."

When you come across Recollection forces:

Beragon: "This place is crawling with Recollection and fallen legionaries. I hope Tribune Alea is all right."

Further along, you will find Tribune Alea and soldiers, their way to you will be blocked by a Mirrormoor portal:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Comrade! You need to find a way to close that portal!"
Beragon: "Tribune Alea's trapped by that portal! Careful, no telling what might emerge!"

When you start killing the Shardborn that appear, Beragon will make not of what happens to Abolisher:

Beragon: "Abolisher's gathering energy from each foe you defeat."

Spectral serpents will appear on your back with each death. Once you reach six serpents, Abolisher will be charged:

Beragon: "Abolisher is charged with power. Unleash it against the portal!"

Use the Abolisher synergy on the portal:

Beragon: "That damaged the portal! Gather more energy and try again!"

When you have charged Abolisher fully again:

Beragon: "Use Abolisher on the portal, friend!"

Use the Abolisher synergy on the portal and it will close it:

Beragon: "You did it! The portal's closing!"

With that over, you can approach the legionaries:

Beragon: "Now we know how to use Abolisher to close Mirrormoor portals!"
Beragon: "Tribune Alea! You're safe."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Safe? We were pinned between a Daedra-spewing portal and a blocked passage before you came along."

If you speak with Beragon before Tribune Alea:

"We learned how to close Mirrormoor portals using Abolisher, and we caught up with Tribune Alea. Ask her if she knows where we can find Nantharion and Ithelia."

When you speak with Tribune Alea she will explain she was in a meeting with Greenspeaker Darolith when Nantharion arrived with forces and entered the ruins. The Tribune chased after them as was her duty but her progress was stopped by the closed portal at the end of the passage. You suggest to Alea that you can assist with that. At this point Beragon will stay behind to help the legionaries while you and Tribune Alea continue onwards:

Beragon: "These legionaries need help. Go on ahead. I'll do what I can for them."

With Tribune Alea, you progress through the Deep Halls and deal with the Shardborn waiting for you. Along the way you will witness several old memories with the Echonir, during one of these Shardmarshal Vargas will ambush you and draw you into the memory, you will have to fight your way out. Eventually you will find the portal to the Darkened Home:

Beragon: "Hello? Anyone? Tribune Alea, where are you?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Beragon! He's somewhere beyond that gate. Use Abolisher!"

After you go through the portal you will find Ithelia and King Nantharion have reached the Miscarcand well:

Ithelia: "Your foes destroyed your seeds, but do not fear. My very presence has awakened the well."
King Nantharion: "Then draw power from the well, my Prince. You will be restored and I will create a wildburn that transforms the Weald!"
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Reward the mortal if it pleases you, my Prince, but greater victory awaits us in Mirrormoor."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Down there! Ithelia and her servants. They reached the well!"
Beragon: "I can't wait any longer. I need to stop Nantharion!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Beragon! Damn. He's charging ahead without us!"

When you reach the end of the passage, you will need to open a portal to get through:

Beragon: "Friends, the gate closed behind me. Hurry, use Abolisher. Nantharion is just ahead!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Beragon, wait for us, damn it!"

Once you enter the chamber of th well, you will see Beragon run towards King Nantharion:

Beragon: "Nantharion! Stop! A wildburn unleashed with the power from that well will destroy West Weald!"
<King Nantharion uses the staff on Beragon which traps him in golden light.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Beragon! You'll pay for this, Nantharion!"

After King Nantharion is slain, Shardmarshal Vargas will take charge:

<Shardmarshal Vargas kneels before Ithelia.>
Shardmarshal Vargas: "The Staff of Many Paths was never meant for mortal hands. Witness it's true power!"
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Ithelia! Unweaver, Mistress of the Many Paths, let your glory be restored!
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Remember your true self and free us from the chains of fate!"'
<Ithelia rises into the air and transforms into her glass-winged form.>
Ithelia: "I am whole! Come, Vargas. It is time to go home. With the Loom I will restore all that was lost."
<Ithelia opens a portal and she and Vargas walk through.>
<Beragon is freed from the trap.>
Beragon: "I'm all right Tribune. You stopped Nantharion from unleashing that final wildburn on the Weald. Thank you, my friend."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "We stopped one threat, but did you see? Ithelia … changed."
Beragon: "Let's talk about this back in Skingrad, friends."

Once outside you can talk with Beragon:

"We stopped Nantharion and prevented a massive wildburn that would have destroyed the rest of West Weald. But Ithelia and Shardmarshal Vargas got away. Let's go back to my townhouse and figure out where we stand."
What happens to Vashabar now that King Nantharion is dead?
"Vashabar deserves a chance. Not everything Nantharion built turned to evil. Somewhere, he lost his way. As did my friend Greenspeaker Sorilen and others who fell in with the Recollection.
I need to go to Vashabar and tell them what happened."
Nantharion really thought he could resurrect the Ayleid Empire?
"Apparently so. He considered himself the heir to that empire and planned to destroy West Weald to rebuild it. Some things are just better left buried.
And seeing Ithelia restored was … terrifying. I wonder what she plans to do with all that power."

When you return to the Townhouse, Leramil will have finally returned:

Leramil the Wise: "Proxy. I hoped to find you here. I sensed a powerful ripple in fate, and came as quickly as I could."
Beragon: "I'm glad you're back, Leramil. Maybe you can help us understand what happened to Ithelia in Miscarcand."
Leramil the Wise: "Fate has demanded I assist its proxy. It is why I am here."

You can speak to Beragon before her:

"Leramil's back! You should tell her what happened in Miscarcand, friend. Maybe she's got an idea about where Ithelia went or what she's likely to do next."

Talking to Leramil, she will explain that the Threads of Fate appear to be fraying at an alarming rate due to Ithelia, though due to the choices she makes not her mere presence. She asks you to conclude your business with Beragon before you proceed:

"A few Recollection may linger, but their threat fades. Without Nantharion or the Staff of Many Paths, there will be no more wildburns. The mad dream of a new Ayleid kingdom replacing West Weald is dead.
And that wasn't our only victory, friend."
What other victory are you talking about, Beragon?
"By saving Skingrad and Vashabar from Nantharion's designs, you taught both sides to stand against a common enemy. Whatever comes next, all the people of West Weald will face it together. I thank you for that.
It's not much, but please, take this."

The Untraveled RoadEdit

Immediately after the events in Miscarcand, you will need to chase after Ithelia. Talk to Beragon to see how you can start:

Started quest from Legionary Caepio:
"The legionary found you? Good.
I was reviewing recent reports from the tribune's scouts just before you came in. The Recollection's on the run, but the Mirrormoor incursions continue unabated. Shardmarshal Vargas isn't done with us yet."
Ithelia said she was leaving our world. Why are the Shardborn still attacking?
"I sent word to Vashabar about Nantharion's fate, and Tribune Alea's scouts report that the Recollection's on the run. However, the Daedric incursions from Mirrormoor continue unabated. I don't think Shardmarshal Vargas is done with us yet."
Ithelia said she was leaving our world. Why are the Shardborn still attacking?
"Shardmarshal Vargas clearly intends to conquer West Weald for her Prince. She made that quite apparent at Feldagard Keep. But there may be another motive for the incursions. If Vargas keeps us busy here, we can't interfere with Ithelia's plans."
What do you mean?
"Ithelia said something about a loom and restoring what was lost. And her plan probably leads to the end of reality that Leramil keeps going on about.
Let's take the fight to Ithelia and maybe prevent whatever she has in mind. Are you with me?"
All right. Let's go stop Ithelia.
"Take a look at the Skein of Secrets. If Ithelia returned to Mirrormoor—wherever that is—then perhaps the Skein can show us how to follow her.
It's worth a try, anyway."

Before you use the Skein, you can ask Beragon questions:

With King Nantharion's death, what happens to Vashabar?
"The Wood Elves aren't going to pack up and return to Valenwood, if that's what you're asking. Nantharion was wrong about many things, but there's room for Bosmer in West Weald. I think their Colovian neighbors will come to see that, too."
Who's going to rule Vashabar now?
"I think Vashabar is done with kings. Nantharion came from an old family in Silvenar, so the Bosmer who followed him accepted that title. I imagine they'll choose a new leader with a little more humility.
Greenspeaker Darolith would be a good choice."
You said you had reports of more Shardborn incursions?
"I have my own contacts. Old habits die hard, I suppose. But these came from Legion scouts reporting to Tribune Alea. They send word that Mirrormoor monsters are still appearing out of thin air all across the Weald."
Shouldn't we try to defend West Weald from these incursions?
"I imagine you could make a real difference against these Daedric monsters. But we can win a lot of battles and still lose the war. These incursions are going to keep coming until we stop them at their source. We need to deal with Shardmarshal Vargas."

When you use the Skein of Secrets, the marker will have moved to the northern part of West Weald. Beragon will recognize the location:

Beragon: "Wendir? Does that mean anything to you, Leramil?"
Leramil the Wise: "There are many hidden paths between the planes. I suspect the Skein of Secrets has showed us one. Prepare yourselves."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "How exactly do we prepare ourselves for Oblivion?"
Leramil the Wise: "A good point. There is no telling what we may encounter. Still, that is our course."

Speaking to Beragon after this:

"I wasn't sure what I expected the Skein to show us, but I assumed it would be … not that?
I think that marks a spot near the old ruin of Wendir. Maybe Leramil can shed some more light on what this means."

Talking with Leramil you can tell her exactly what Shardmarshal Vargas said to Ithelia and mention the Loom. Leramil is no sure what it means but agrees your best lead is to head to Wendir. You can talk to Beragon after this:

"I have a feeling this is the start of a long and dangerous journey. Take care of any business you have here in Skingrad while you can, friend. I'll meet you at Wendir."

When your group arrives at Wendir, there will a place where you can use Abolisher to open a portal. You can speak to Beragon before you do so:

"I don't see any sign of Vargas or Ithelia here, but that manifestation looks like a point where you could use Abolisher. Try it and see what happens."

Once you have used Abolisher and opened the portal:

Leramil the Wise: "This is what the Skein wanted us to find. A portal recently used by Ithelia and reopened by Abolisher."
Beragon: "But a portal to where?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Does it matter? Wherever it leads, that's where we need to go."

You can talk to Beragon before entering the portal:

"The way forward is clear. I just hope that portal isn't going to drop us into the middle of a Shardborn war camp or a nest of hungry crystaljacks.
I guess I'm ready when you are, friend."

Entering the portal, you will arrive in the Fargrave Outer Ruins, a previously unvisited part of Fargrave. You will have been seperated from Beragon and Tribune Alea, with only Leramil at your side. After discussing your whereabouts with Leramil she will suggest following the new crystal growths through the ruins. When you reach the other end of the ruins, you will encounter Beragon and Tribune Alea on the level above you:

Leramil the Wise: "That door, proxy. I believe that is our way forward."
Beragon: "There you are! We were separated in the portal somehow."
Beragon: "There's a door up here, too. We'll meet you on the other side."

After you go through the door to the Inner Quarters, you will find Shardmarshal Vargas was waiting for you and launches an attack on Beragon and Tribune Alea, sending them to the Many Paths. Leramil was only able to protect you in time. With nothing else you can do for them, you follow the crystal path until you reach a portal gateway and a set of mirrors. Viewing the echonir memory in this location reveal a conversation between Torvesard and Vargas from before they regained their memories.

After speaking with Leramil, you use the Lamp to find out how to open the portal and open the way to the Loom Quarter. While exploring this area you uncover another memory which provides the reason why Ithelia has come to this place. When you reach the end of the path, you will try and use the Skein of Secrets only for it to fail. Leramil then opens a portal but Shardmarshal Vargas redirects it to take you to Ithelia's Prison instead. After viewing a memory of Ithelia and Hermaemus Mora from after her imprisonment, you will find a place to us the lamp which reveals an entry to a mirror maze.

As you pass by one of the mirrors, you will hear Beragon call out for help:

Beragon: "Hey! Can you see me? I can't find my way out!"
<Beragon bangs of the mirror from the other side.>
Leramil the Wise: "Is that Beragon? These ruined mirrors look into different realities. They may be doors to the Many Paths. See if the Lamp of Clarity can free him."

Using the Lamp, you can free Beragon and speak to him:

"Shardmarshal Vargas sent us … somewhere. The Fargrave we were exploring faded away. I suddenly found myself in another version of our reality. A mirror world, dark and empty, full of a soul-crushing dread. Like an iron fist around my heart."
A mirror world? Can you describe it?
"I don't know how else to explain it. Whatever part of the Many Paths I was hurled into, it was a dark reflection of our reality. Timeless. Empty. Not a world made of mirrors, but the world you see in a mirror.
Am I making any sense?"
Where's Tribune Alea?
"I don't know. I never saw her after Vargas cast her spell. She might have been in the world I was trapped in. Or she could be anywhere.
On the other side, mirrors are like windows. You can see through them, but that's all. I waited here and hoped."
Could we escape from this prison through the Many Paths?
"These were the only mirrors I found. I couldn't pass through until you used the Lamp. I'm not sure there's a way out of the Many Paths without some sort of help.
Let's stay in this reality, friend. I think we can reach the end of the maze from here."

If you speak with Beragon again before leaving:

"Continue on, friend. I'll be right behind you."

Continuing through the maze, you will soon come across Tribune Alea in the same situation. If you talk to Beragon before using the lamp:

"Is that what I looked like when you found me? How strange! Hurry—use the Lamp and get our friend out of there!"

Using the Lamp you can free Tribune Alea, at the price of the Lamp breaking. If you talk to Beragon afterwards:

"I was afraid we'd lost Tribune Alea forever. I'm glad she had the sense to find these mirrors and wait for help!
Go on, friend. The sooner we're out of this place, the better."

At the end of the maze, there will be place where you can use Abolisher. Despite the risks there is no other option:

"It looks like we found a place where we can use Abolisher. Go ahead and give it a try—anywhere it takes us has got to be better than here."

Lucky for you, Abolisher still works and creates a portal. If you talk to Beragon before leaving:

"If I'm not mistaken, that portal is exactly what we need. Let's get out of here while we can!"

Entering the portal you will reach the location of the Loom of the Untraveled Road. Beragon will comment if spoken to:

"Incredible! This must be the very heart of Ithelia's domain. Do you think we're the first mortals to ever see this place? We might definitely be the last, too. We'd better get down there."

Nearby you can look over the ledge at the full scope of the Loom:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "What in the name of all the Divines is that thing?"
Leramil the Wise: "A Daedric apparatus of unimaginable power. What the One Who Knows feared."
Beragon: "I see Ithelia, Shardmarshal Vargas, and Torvesard down there."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "What are we waiting for then? Let's finish this."

Various Shardborn will teleport in to halt your progress, while this happening you can listen to Ithelia as she explains what she plans to do. When you reach the Loom, Shardmarshal Vargas will lead the defence and is at first heavily shielded:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Now! Give them no quarter!"
Beragon: "Watch out! The Shardmarshal's waiting for us!"
Leramil the Wise: "Defeat Shardmarshal Vargas so we can reach the Loom!"
Beragon: "Vargas is shielded, friend! Use Abolisher to destroy the portals!"

After you destroy the portals, Vargas will join the fight and eventually turn into a Shattered remnant. Once she is slain, Ithelia will be dismayed which is further compounded when you shatter the Loom with Abolisher:

<As the Loom shatters, all the amassed energy is drawn into Ithelia and turns a sinister red.>
Ithelia: "Arggh! My Loom! But the power! Such terrible power!"
Torvesard: "The Loom is destroyed, my Prince! We must leave this place!"
Ithelia: "I am the Last Tomorrow, the Unweaver! I am filled with the power of the Many Paths! Come, Torvesard, away!"
<Ithelia and Torvesard disappear.>
Beragon: "You did it, friend! But what's happening to Ithelia?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Ithelia has become … something else."
Leramil the Wise: "Abolisher is depleted, but it did its job. The Loom has been destroyed. I shall open an exit. Let us leave this place."

Speaking to Beragon before you enter the portal:

"Did we win? I think we won. But what happened to Ithelia. She … changed again, didn't she?
As fascinating as all this is, I'm ready to see trees and grass and skies of blue again. Let's go home."

Once you return to Beragon's Townhouse, you will be asked to meet with him in his relic room. Beragon will call you over when you enter:

Beragon: "Hello, friend! Put the relics in the case, please—they may be powerless now, but we shouldn't forget the part they played in all this."

Speaking with him before placing the relics:

"Leramil is convinced that the Lamp, the Skein, and Abolisher have been depleted. Still, we should be safe and put them in the display case. Daedric relics shouldn't be left lying about, I don't think."

Once you have placed them, Beragon will want to talk further:

Beragon: "I'm not sure I want to keep those in my house forever, but that's good for now. Let's talk."

Talk with him to see what he has to say:

"I know losing the use of the relics is bad, but at least we destroyed the Loom and stopped Ithelia from changing our reality. You know, I can't even conceive of what that actually means.
But now that we're back in West Weald, on to local matters."
What was that about local matters?
"I convinced Count Calantius and Greenspeaker Darolith to sit down and talk. They're finally ready to discuss stabilizing relations between Skingrad and Vashabar. I offered my home as a private venue for their meeting.
They also want to speak to you."
The count and the greenspeaker want to talk to me?
"They're waiting for you out in the hall. I don't know what exactly they want to talk about, but it probably wouldn't hurt to remind them that friends make better neighbors than enemies."

After speaking with Count Calantius and Greenspeaker Darolith, they will agree to work together to hammer out an agreement. You can then speak with Beragon to complete the quest:

"Through all we faced, it wasn't until I was lost in the Many Paths that I realized the true danger to the Weald. I think you saved everything when you destroyed the Loom of the Untraveled Road.
Of course, Ithelia is still out there somewhere."
And Torvesard. But did you see how Ithelia transformed when she absorbed the power from the Loom?
"That's tomorrow's problem, friend. You stopped the Recollection and you held back the forces of Mirrormoor. The people of West Weald can handle what's left of Ithelia's servants. We're free to find our own way forward now.
Thanks to you."

With the quest completed, you can talk to Beragon once more and he will just want to rest:

"Thanks to you, things can begin to return to normal in West Weald. I know Ithelia and Torvesard are still out there, but we can worry about that later, right?
For now, I just want to sleep for a week!"

Secrets of Apocrypha EpilogueEdit

Ithelia's FuryEdit

After you have completed both of the Shadow Over Morrowind and Recollection of Ithelia story lines, you will have unlocked the epilogue. This starts with Scruut arriving and announcing everything is doomed.

If you talk to Beragon, he will be confused:

"What is that thing? Never mind, it wants to talk to you. Go find out what it means by we're all doomed."

Speaking Scruut, she explains that Hermaeus Mora has detected several instabilities across reality, where the threads of fate fray. You will be asked to gather the relics and investigate the reported West Weald instability with Scruut and Leramil. Once you have spoken with Scruut, Beragon will spring into action:

Scruut: "The relics are this way … gathering dust on the tiny mortal's wall."
<Scruut heads to the Relic Room.>
Beragon: "Greenspeaker Darolith, Count Calantius. I'm afraid our friend has urgent business to take care of."
Beragon: "Tribune Alea, will you escort the greenspeaker and the count home safely?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Consider it done."

If you talk to Beragon afterwards:

"This sounds serious. Let's get the relics, friend. There's no time to waste."

After you have gathered the relics, Scruut will open a portal which leads to outside Faro's Cavern in northern West Weald. The nearby man, Levus Livonius will describe what he witnessed. A dark crevasse appeared in the air and his friend was sucked into it and disappeared. Your little group go inside the cave to investigate, Leramil will confirm it is a tear in reality and Scruut will say it the fault of Ithelia.

Scruut then tells you to take the relics to various locations around Tamriel where the reality tears have been detected and use them to restore the relics. One of your companions will meet up with you when you arrive in the area. When you travel to the Telvanni Peninsula, you will be greeted by Beragon at the Anchre Egg Mine:

Beragon: "You made it. I was worried one of those reality tears got you."

You can talk to Beragon before you continue:

"Leramil and that floating ball of eyes told me to meet you here. They explained all about the reality tears. They sound terrible! What's going to befall us next, I wonder."
Did Scruut tell you what we need to do here?
"She did. According to Scruut, there's an old forge deep within the mine that's dedicated to Boethiah. Leramil and her believe that if you present the sword at the forge, Daedric energy will once more flow into the blade."
All right, let's find that forge.
"The entrance to Boethiah's forge should be somewhere in the northeast section of the mine."

At this point, you can ask some more questions of Beragon:

Did Scruut say why she thinks a forge will restore Abolisher?
"Boethiah created Abolisher, so it stands to reason that a forge built to honor her might be able to restore it.
Master blacksmiths dedicated the forge back when Daedric worship was more widespread. It became a kwama mine much more recently."

As you travel through the mine, Beragon will comment on your surroundings:

Beragon: "Kwama always make me uncomfortable. Let's find the forge and get out of here."

When you reach the entrance to Boethiah's Forge:

Beragon: "The forge should be around here somewhere."

Once inside Boethiah's Forge:

Beragon: "That's the forge. Ever notice that no matter how ancient, Daedric stuff never really changes? Anyway, dip Abolisher into the hot coals."

Speaking with Beragon before restoring the relic:

"Go on. Plunge the blade into the hot coals. If anything is going to restore Abolisher, it's the fires of Boethiah."

After you restore Abolisher:

Beragon: "Cracked acorns! Look at Abolisher! It surges with power again!"

Talking to Beragon at this point:

"I think it worked! Abolisher certainly looks full of energy now to me! I'll see you back at my townhouse in Skingrad."

Once you have travelled around restoring the relics, and had a last minute conversation with Torvesard you can return to the townhouse. Leramil will ask you to accompany her back to the Loom to look for clues, Curate Gadayn will show up and accompany you. At the remains of the Loom, you will witness a memory of Ithelia and Torvesard where an enraged decides to crush Apocrypha and build a new realm ontop it. After discussing an idea you have with Leramil, you return to the townhouse.

Beragon will suggest you talk to Scruut:

"I'm not sure what I'm going to do once this is all over. I've grown used to all the hustle and bustle in my townhouse.
Anyway, you shouldn't keep Scruut waiting. She's eager to hear what you learned."

After explaining Ithelia's plan to Scruut, you put forward your idea to do something that can allow Ithelia to change once more, using her Many Paths reflections as a basis. Scruut gets an idea about creating a special mirror, but asks you to retrieve a shard from the Primordial Shattered Titan that Ithelia created to use as a basis. Beragon, Tribune Alea and Curate Gadayn will accompany you to Ceyond:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "I know those ruins. They're west of Skingrad."
Beragon: "Then let's not waste time. Let's go get this shard!"
Curate Gadayn: "Agreed. We'll meet you there."

If you talk to Beragon before you leave:

"I'm ready to set out for these ruins whenever you are, friend."

The trio will be waiting for you once you reach Ceyond. Speaking to Beragon before you enter:

"An unknown ruin, filled with potential perils? I'm excited already."

Once you enter, the group will split:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Scruut says the titan is somewhere in these ruins. I'll accompany our comrade. Beragon, Curate Gadayn, guard the entrance."
Beragon: "We'll make sure the path behind you remains clear!"

Speaking to Beragon before you leave:

"I was hoping to get a better look at these ruins, but Tribune Alea is correct. Someone needs to watch our flank. Good luck in there!"

Throughout the ruin, you will find Shardborn and reality tears. The Primordial Shattered Titan will be waiting for you in the main chamber. Once you have defeated the Shattered Titan, the following will happen:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "An excellent battle! Gather a fragment of the titan and we can return to the others."
<Curate Gadayn and Beragon run up behind you.>
Curate Gadayn: "Friends, we need to get out of here!"
Beragon: "Tears are opening up throughout the ruins. We barely made it here to warn you."

Talking to Beragon before proceeding:

"You dispatched that creature? I'm impressed."

However, once you pick up the large crystal fragment, something unexpected will happen:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "What's happen—"
<Torvesard will appear out of a mirror nearby.>
Torvesard: "I warned you against interfering, mortal, but you refused to heed me."
<A reality tear appears in the air nearby.>
Torvesard: "A reality tear? How fortuitous. Let this be the end of fate's chosen!"
<Torvesard uses his magic and somehow moves the reality tear directly in front of you. Your vision will be filled with black cracks and become monochrome.>
<Gadayn leaps between you and the reality tear.>
Curate Gadayn: "Friend, look out! Agghh!"
<Curate Gadayn is sucked into the reality tear and Torvesard leaves through a portal.>
Beragon: "Curate Gadayn! He's … gone."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Mourn later. We must get this fragment back to the others."

You can talk to the shellshocked Beragon:

"Curate Gadayn, he saved you from that reality tear. I didn't know him all that well, but he was clearly important to Leramil. And to you as well, I assume. I'm so sorry."

When you return to the townhouse you will have to break the news to Leramil, and she is understandably distraught. Speaking to Beragon afterwards:

"Poor Leramil. I wish there was something I could do to comfort her. It's never easy to lose an ally, especially one you care about.
You should talk to Scruut about the fragment, though, friend."

Scruut will be focused on the bigger picture and takes the fragment from you. She then explains you and Leramil will have to work together in the ritual to create the artifact. Before the ritual is started:

"Despite all that happened, I'm curious to see how this ritual plays out."

Leramil will create the ritual circle and pump power into it. You will first add the relics around the circle and then join your power with hers. The floating shards in the circle will become the Mirror of Truth which floats in the air. Talking to Beragon afterwards:

"You really did it? You created a new Daedric relic? That's not something that happens every day."

You will need to speak with Leramil to complete the quest, Beragon will say the following afterwards:

"It's hard to believe Curate Gadayn is gone. We knew those tears in reality were dangerous, but to lose one of our own …."

Fate of the Forgotten PrinceEdit

After the discovery of the reality tears, the death of Curate Gadayn and the creation of the Mirror of Truth, you now need to confront Ithelia. Leramil will get you to collect the relics before leaving and opens a portal to Apocrypha. You can speak with Beragon before leaving:

"Back to Oblivion? Well, in for an acorn, in for an oak. I'm with you, friend!"

When you enter Apocrypha, you and Leramil will use the Skein of Secrets, and enter the Orphic Tunnels to find a secret entrance to the Mythos, Hermaeus Mora will call to you for assistance as you reach the portal. Once in the Mythos, you will find Ithelia's forces doing battle, and the surroundings changing to reflect Ithelia's realm. You will have to use the Lamp, Abolisher and the Skein at various points to get through the maze and reach Mora's Sanctum.

Within Mora's Sanctum, you will find Ithelia and Torvesard have bound Hermaeus Mora and are attempting to drain him. Ithelia herself will come down to fight you, and you will have stay alive long enough to use the Mirror on her. Ithelia will be stunned and stops fighting for a moment. Speaking with her, she remembers that as she was originally being imprisoned, that at the end she realized that Mora had been right. Afterwards, she tries to return Mora's power to him, but Torvesard refuses this outcome and takes the power for himself and means to finish things himself for his Prince and Mirrormoor.

During the fight with Torvesard, your companions will be brought to the arena to assist you in the battle to fight the multiple copies of Torvesard. Beragon will appear on the first platform:

Beragon: "I'm here, my friends!"
Leramil the Wise: "Use the portal to help Beragon!"

As you go to each platform, the people that had already arrived will follow to assist you. When you finally defeat Torvesard, he will appear before Ithelia as his Vestige and tells her he will not stop fighting to complete the task he had been given, no matter how many times it takes. In response, Ithelia gives him a permanent end, scattering his essence and returns Mora's stolen power. Hermaeus Mora opens the gate to Ithelia's Prison and tells her it is time to go back.

At this point, you are able to talk to your companions:

"If I survive to tell her this story, my little sister will never believe it."

When your group enters the portal, Beragon and Tribune Alea will not arrive at the same location as you and Leramil. Within the prison, both Princes agree that imprisoning Ithelia is a temporary measure at best, as her power would find it's way back to her. They ask you for your thoughts, and you suggest Ithelia go to a reality with no magic or Daedra and stay there. The Princes agree to the banishment option and work together to find a path to it, and after a brief moment between Leramil and Ithelia, the Daedric Prince leaves and you destroy the Path with Abolisher.

Afterwards, Mora will create a portal back to Beragon's Townhouse, Beragon and Tribune Alea will be confused by what happened:

"I'm not sure what happened. After we defeated Torvesard, I stepped through that portal and found myself back here.
I'm dying to know what became of Ithelia, but you should talk to Leramil first."

You can speak with Leramil to complete the quest after saving reality again.

In Memory OfEdit

After your victory, Scruut will arrive saying there is one more task to complete before your contract with Hermaeus Mora ends. If you talk to Beragon before Scruut:

"I'll be glad when this is over and that Watchling finally stops entering my townhouse unannounced. All those eyes and squirming tentacles are … unnatural!"

Scruut explains that despite you stopping Ithelia, the reality tears are still there and need to be dealt with. She will have you take the relics, along with a specifically created ritual from Mora to the locations most effected. The ritual will use the energy of the relics to mend the tears. If you speak with Beragon afterwards:

"I should've known. Scruut never seems to show up with good news, does she? Anyway, I'm ready to help wherever I'm needed."

Leramil will ask you to speak with her before you leave. Beragon will tell you where you can meet him:

"Since I have some familiarity with the area, I'll meet you in the Telvanni Peninsula."

Beragon will meet you in the Telvanni Penisula outside Dalam's Cavern:

Beragon: "Here, friend! This is the cave Scruut indicated."

Speaking with him outside and inside the cave:

"Scruut explained that we need to find a reality tear inside this cave. That's where you need to set Abolisher and use the spell scroll.
I'm here to help in any way I can!"

You will see the reality tear at the back of the cave:

Beragon: "A reality tear. I hate those things! Place Abolisher near it—but not too close!"

Talking to him before placing the sword:

"Place Abolisher near the tear, friend."

After you place Abolisher in front of the tear:

Beragon: "Now use Scruut's spell scroll!"
<You use the scroll and the tear disappears.>
Beragon: "I think that did it!"
Still more Reality Tears to repair:
All the Reality Tears fixed:
Beragon: "I much prefer the space above me to be hole free! Go finish the task and I'll see you back in Skingrad."
Beragon: "That was the last relic, right? Let's head back to my townhouse and meet up with the others."

Speaking with him before you leave:

"I think we did what was needed here, friend. Finish placing the remaining relics. I'll see you back in Skingrad when you're done."

Once you return to Beragon's home, you will be asked to go to the balcony where there is a small gathering over various people from around West Weald and beyond. You can mingle with the guests, and Beragon will call you over when he notices you:

Beragon: "The hero of the moment! Come speak with me when you can, friend."

When you are ready, talk with Beragon:

"I'm glad you're back, friend. Now that the worst of things is over, I thought a celebration was in order—and Count Calantius agreed! Everyone should know what you did for West Weald.
Cracked acorns, what you did for all of reality!"
I did have help, you know.
"Most certainly! But Leramil, Tribune Alea, Scruut, Curate Gadayn, and I probably wouldn't have accomplished what we did without you as our anchor point.
And poor Gadayn. I know he was a good friend to you and Leramil."
He was. He sacrificed himself to save me from that reality tear.
"And we'll honor him, as well. All of us! We were up against threats I can barely comprehend, and we came out on top. If that isn't cause for celebration, I don't know what is!
I still find it hard to believe after all that, Ithelia just surrendered."
Ithelia didn't just surrender. She agreed to give up her power and leave this reality.
"I've been all across Tamriel, even visited places off the continent. And I've been to Oblivion. But I can't picture what a completely different reality even looks like. I suppose it's sort of like when Alea and I were trapped on the Many Paths."
Probably something like that.
"Right. And we're certain she's really gone? That she can't find a way back and start all this trouble again?
What am I saying? Of course we are. Even Hermaeus Mora said so! Still …."
What is it, Beragon?
"Once Torvesard forced us all to remember, history changed. That's not something we're just going to forget. It will be interesting to see the ramifications of a new Daedric Prince, even if she's no longer here.
It will change our views of the past."

After this Scruut will call you over to speak, when you decide to do so, she will tell you that Hermaeus Mora wants to talk to you one last time and creates a small portal. If you talk to Beragon before you leave he will say:

"Hermaeus Mora wants to speak with you? I hope that doesn't mean there's another reality-ending threat to deal with. No, of course not. Probably just wants to thank you.
But don't take too long. I rehearsed my speech and everything!"
I did want to ask what you thought of what happened. How Ithelia agreed to leave this reality. (Same questions as above)

When you are ready to go, you and Leramil will head to Apocrypha. Leramil will talk to Hermaeus Mora first, and asks for his assistance in retrieving Curate Gadayn with the knowledge Ithelia provided to her. Mora agrees, but says that he will take his price from her at a future time. After Leramil agrees to the terms, she will asked to leave and Mora will speak with you. He reveals that his last act for this matter will be to remove Ithelia's memory from the world once more, though Mirrormoor and its forces will be remembered but altered. However, as a final boon, you are the only being other than him that will retain their full memories of Ithelia and what happened.

Once he has cast the spell, he allows you to return to the party. Upon your arrival, Curate Gadayn will appear out of nowhere and is very confused about what happened. If you speak with Beragon afterwards, he will be slightly out of it:

"Strange … I feel like I just awakened from a deep sleep and the fragments of a dream are fading like mist off the morning dew.
But is that Gadayn? I thought for sure we had lost him!"
We did lose Gadayn. While we were seeking the shattered titan to defeat Ithelia.
"Defeat …? That word … friend, what sort of prank are you up to? I do remember the titan, though. And all our perilous adventures here in the Weald and beyond. What stories I'm going to have to tell my sister!"
You really don't remember the forgotten Daedric Prince?
"Remember … forgotten … now you've really confused me, friend!
We can sort all of this out later. Curate Gadayn wants to talk to you. But try not to confound him, too. He's had a rough day."

Once you have spoken with Gadayn about what he remembers, Beragon will be ready to do his speech:

Beragon: "Friend, I'd like to say a few words about what we accomplished."
Leramil the Wise: "One more moment, Beragon. I need to speak with our friend first."

Talking to Beragon here:

"Speak with Leramil. I'll wait for my speech after that."

Speaking with Leramil, she also will no longer remember Ithelia and will reward you for your deeds. At this, Beragon will finally be able to give his speech:

Beragon: "Everyone, your attention, please!"
<The crowd turns to him.>
Beragon: "Let's celebrate not only our victories, but the heroic actions of our friend here. They defeated the rogue Dremora, Vargas and Torvesard. Took down Nantharion, the false king. They saved West Weald, maybe the entire world!"
Beragon: "So raise a glass and shout a cheer! Thank you, my friend, for always doing what you do best!"
<People clap and cheer.>

You can speak with Beragon again after this:

"It was an honor to work by your side, my friend. Thank you for helping me stop the Recollection and save West Weald—and everything else we wound up saving in the process!
I'm just glad I got to throw this little celebration before you departed."
So, what's next for you, Beragon?
"You inspired me, friend. Put the adventuring bug back in my bonnet. I'll help deal with any remaining Daedra and Recollection forces in West Weald. Assist with the Vashabar negotiations.
After that, I'm sure I can find something else exciting."
So, Beragon Sharp-Dagger?
"Wood Elves love their epithets. You've seen me use daggers. Someone called me that once and it stuck. At least until I retired and became a scribe. In fact, because of all the stories she heard growing up, Eveli took the name Sharp-Arrow to honor me."


After completing In Memory Of, Beragon can permanently be found in his home and you can talk to him:

"Good to see you, my friend. The townhouse is quiet now that Torvesard, Vargas, and Nantharion have been dealt with. I thought I'd like it this way, but I miss the company.
We should go traveling together again soon. I could use the excitement."
So, what's next for you, Beragon?
(Same as above conversation)

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

During certain quests where he is a follower, Beragon will assist you during fights with the following abilities:

Trapping Vines
Beragon kneels and a large green circle will appear on the ground, giving you the option to activate it. Once activated, you will be given a targetable AoE circle that you can place on the ground. When the target is selected, Beragon will disappear in pale green light and reappear at the targeted area where he does a backflip attacks with his daggers. After this, a tower of vines will appear, causing a temporary AoE field.

Additionally during combat, he may say the following:

"Over here, friend!"
"Follow my lead!"
"I can assist you!"
"Watch your step!"
"Lure them over here!"