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An example of some printed Elder Scrolls material

This section of the UESPWiki documents, and summarizes if possible, all books and other available printed bodies of text related to the Elder Scrolls franchise. For the numerous short books that you read in the games themselves, see the Lore Library.

This space can be broken down into roughly four sections:

  • Novels — Full-length novels set in the Elder Scrolls universe. So far, only two have been written, both by author Greg Keyes.
  • Game Companion Pieces — Texts that shipped with physical copies of the games at some point. Besides game manuals, these have been a source of extensive works of worldbuilding, most notably the two Pocket Guides.
  • Separate Tie-ins — Separately purchased books that generally tie in to one game. Most of these are printed collections of in-game lore books.
  • Game/Strategy Guides — Books that extensively cover every aspect of the game. Starting with Oblivion, the official strategy guides have been written by Prima Games.

For other official merchandise, see Merchandise.


Game Companion Pieces

Separate Tie-ins

Game/Strategy Guides