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Mods (short for modifications) are add-ons or other software created by third parties to alter The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

What Goes HereEdit

For policies and guidelines on documenting mods, see UESPWiki:Mod.


Specific ModsEdit

  • Beyond Skyrim — A massive multi-team mod project to complete the majority of Tamriel and several other lands
  • SKSE — A third-party utility which greatly extends the capabilities of Skyrim's scripting virtual machine, and a prerequisite to many other mods
  • Unofficial Skyrim Patch — Major mod started by Quarn and Kivan that fixes numerous bugs
  • Skywind — Morrowind recreated to modern standards in the Skyrim Special Edition engine

Other ModsEdit

See AlsoEdit

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  • MOD-Skyrim Subforum — A place on the UESP forums for discussions and questions about the CK and mods for Skyrim