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This page lists Elder Scrolls games that have gone unrealized for one reason or another.

The Arena

The Arena was an early iteration of The Elder Scrolls Chapter I: Arena, when the game was intended to be a combat sport simulator.


The Elder Scrolls Chapter II: Mournhold was the envisioned follow up to Arena taking place in Morrowind, initially starting as an expansion pack, and later becoming a sequel game instead. However, the setting of choice was eventually switched Daggerfall and the Iliac Bay.


The Elder Scrolls Chapter III: Tribunal was the envisioned follow up to Daggerfall taking place in Sumurset Isle.

Legends and Adventures

In a letter shipped with Battlespire, Bethesda Softworks announced their intent to organize The Elder Scrolls games into three distinct product lines: Classics, Legends, and Adventures. Classics was your typical mainline Elder Scrolls RPG. Legends were meant to focus on pivotal moments in Tamriel's history, and Adventures were to have you play as an important historical figure and alter history with your actions.

When Battlespire and Redguard both flopped financially, the idea of multiple product lines was set aside.

Eye of Argonia

The Elder Scrolls Adventures 2: Eye of Argonia was a designed sequel to The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard which was intended to be produced depending on the success of that game.

Paradise Sugar

S'rathra, a character from Redguard whose family would have featured as the main cast

Paradise Sugar is an idea for a third installment of The Elder Scrolls Adventures series, following Redguard and Eye of Argonia. As described by writer Michael Kirkbride in 2014, the player would have "alternate[d] playing the various members (and forms) of S'rathra's family".

With Cyrus being a popular character with the development team, "many stories were written about his adventures", and these were said to inspire concepts for Redguard sequels. However, due to Redguard's poor sales, no sequels entered development.[1]


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion had an earlier story draft that followed up on the master plan of the series antagonist Jagar Tharn, which had been previously alluded to in Arena, Battlespire, and Morrowind.


Around the development of Oblivion, a game was pitched about the colonization of the moon Secunda.

Oblivion (PSP)

Oblivion (PSP) was a planned Elder Scrolls Travels game to be released around a year after TES IV: Oblivion. It would have been the fifth mobile game. It was planned to lack the free-roaming gameplay usually associated with the Elder Scrolls series. According to executive producer Todd Howard, the game would have featured ten large levels that look much like areas in the console versions, but more concentrated. Eighteen out of the twenty-one skills from Oblivion were present. The controls were influenced by Metroid Prime. "The analog stick will allow you to move forward, backward, and turn sideways. Holding L will allow you to strafe, and holding R will let you look around the area from your character's perspective." There has never been any official reason given for its cancellation or even official confirmation that it was canceled.

"Oblivion comes to the PSP with all your favorite free-form gameplay, unprecedented graphics, cutting edge AI, character voices by acting legends Patrick Stewart, Sean Bean, Terrance Stamp, and Lynda Carter along with its award-winning soundtrack. Gamers can choose to unravel Oblivion's epic narrative at their own pace or explore the vast world in search of their own unique challenges. After the mysterious and untimely death of the Emperor, the throne of Tamriel lies empty. With the Empire ready to crumble, the gates of Oblivion open and demons march upon the land laying waste to everything in their path. To turn the tide of darkness, you must find the lost heir to the throne and unravel the sinister plot that threatens to destroy all of Tamriel." —Amazon description

Legends China

The Elder Scrolls: Legends (China) was a planned online strategy card game spin-off of the Elder Scrolls franchise. It was supposed to be a separate game from The Elder Scrolls: Legends, developed specifically for the Chinese market.

The game was canceled and it is unknown whether it was directly developed by Bethesda Softworks, Sparkypants Studios, or by a third unknown party. According to the studio's technical support, GAEA Mobile Ltd, the developer of Legends Asia, were not involved in the development of this game.

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