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This section contains general information that is related to the Elder Scrolls series, but not directly about the content in the games or books.

Game Development

  • The Elder Scrolls — Overview of the Elder Scrolls games
  • Fallout — Overview of the Fallout games
  • Canceled Games — A list of canceled The Elder Scrolls games and links to the relevant pages
  • Concept Art — A list of pages where The Elder Scrolls concept art can be viewed
  • Deprecated Games — A list of The Elder Scrolls games that are unavailable or whose development has ceased and links to the relevant pages
  • Companies — A list of companies that are relevant to The Elder Scrolls, organized by corporate structure
  • People — A list of people important to The Elder Scrolls, whether involved in its creation or just cemented in its culture

General Information


  • Interviews — Developer interviews, in-universe roleplays, and other published conversations
  • Developer Posts — Relevant posts from past and present developers of the games
  • Website Archives — Archived information found online, most of which is no longer available
  • Live Action — Live action game sequences and trailers
  • Music Videos — Music videos have been created in collaboration with and to advertise The Elder Scrolls
  • ESO Stream Transcripts — Transcriptions of livestreams containing developer commentary on ESO
  • Wallpapers — Official wallpapers in various resolutions


  • Fanfiction — Fanfiction inspired by the games
  • Links — Links to other sites about The Elder Scrolls
  • Reviews — Reviews of the games