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Iron is the most commonly used metal in Tamriel. It is dark grey in color, and has a wide range of uses in blacksmithing. Its abundance makes the metal ideal for creating mundane items like nails or containers. Weapons and armor made from iron are easy to produce, but vastly inferior to equipment made from most other metals. Iron can be converted to steel, either through refinement of high-quality ore[1] or through the creation of an alloy when combined with corundum.[2] It can also be used in alchemy to produce a slowfall effect[3] or magically transmuted into silver.[4]

Several different varieties of iron exist. High Iron is a high-quality ore that can be smelted directly to steel.[1] Bog Iron can be found as small nodules in ferrous peat, and is prized for its resistance to rust. Cold Iron is found in the mountains of Skyrim; it retains a chill even after forging, and holds enchantments very well.[5] An alloy made of cold iron and ebony is used in Coldharbour architecture, notably in the forging of the Dark Anchors.[6] Pig Iron is a brittle iron created during the smelting process.[7] Black Iron is iron that apparently fell from the sky.[8][9] It was used to forge a mighty blade for The Iron Son, an ancient ruler of Camlorn.[10] It is sometimes associated with the Deadlands.[11]

Despite its name, Meteoric Iron is not related to the common metal.




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