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A rabbit

Rabbits (also known as bunnies or coneys) are small, harmless mammals which are sometimes hunted by foxes and other predators. Their only defenses are their small profile and their speed. Hares are a similar species.

Rabbits are members of the Skeevera order, a classification for rodents and rodent-like creatures in Tamriel. Other known members of this category include skeevers and the common rat.[1]


Racoons are a type of animal. The author of the book Ius, Animal God claims to have known a racoon that had spoken to the ox that was present in one of the tales about Ius.[2]

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A Ra-Netu

Ra-Netu is a Yoku term used by Redguards to describe the risen dead, specifically zombies raised from the bodies of their ancestors.

According to Redguard religious belief, striking the dead carries with it a terrible curse and is considered an act of dishonor. Because of this, fighting back against Ra-Netu and other forms of necromancy is difficult for the people of Hammerfell. The Ansei Wards provide protection over the dead of Alik'r; as long as their bodies are consecrated in the name of Tu'whacca, they cannot be raised by even the most powerful necromancy. As a result, most Ra-Netu are raised using unconsecrated corpses, such as those lost at sea or bodies taken from forgotten graveyards.

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A rat

Rats are rodents common to all of Tamriel. They can be found both in city sewers and the wilderness, and are known to carry a variety of diseases. They also can vary in size greatly. Rats are often kept by goblins for food.[3]:53 Pack rats can be trained to carry or drag items. Skeevers are similar large rodents found commonly in Skyrim.

There is an obscure Khajitti deity known as the Rat-god.[4]

  • Variations: Giant Rat, Azra Rat, Assault Rat, Bog Rat, Umbric Rat, Telvanni Sewer Rat, Game Rat, Cave Rat, Sewer Rat


A witch in the form of a large raven

Ravens are black carrion-eating birds. They are associated with the Daedric Prince Nocturnal.[5] Ravens feature in a few Tamrielic fables, where they are depicted as being clever.[6] Some witches can take the form of an enormous raven.[7] Ebonarm is said to be accompanied by a pair of huge ravens.[8]

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A Cavern Stinger

Rays are creatures that live within Glacier Crawl, an icy region in the Western Reach of eastern High Rock, near the border of Hammerfell. They resemble aquatic rays, but fly through the air instead of swimming. When attacking or defending themselves they will use the barbs at the end of their tails, with which they lunge at their target, akin to a spear thrust.

There are three known varieties; Cavern Stingers, Shadowrays, and Snowrays. Cavern Stingers, which have gray-blue skin and dark spots, are the weakest. The Shadowray variant has a brown coloration and gloomy physical appearance. However, the Shadowray also has the ability to blind their opponents, which is unique among the Ray subtypes. The strongest of the known varieties is the Snowray, the most vibrant variant with bright green skin adorned with orange spots. A substance known as Snowray Powder can be harvested from their bodies, which is considered a valuable alchemical ingredient.

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The Reaper

The Reaper of the Soul Guard is the shadowy figure of an executioner with burning red eyes. It can be summoned in the Soul Cairn once three Reaper gem fragments are placed on an altar within its lair. It is known vomit green bile during combat. Those fortunate enough to survive an encounter with the Reaper may find that it has a Daedra's heart in its chest. As such, the Reaper may be a creature of Daedric origin as opposed to a mere specter.[9]

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Reef GuardianEdit

A reef guardian

Reef Guardians are a type of golem made from coral that possess a blue glow. They can be found within the Dreadsail Reef and along the coasts of Y'ffelon.[10]

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Reef ViperEdit

A reef viper

Reef Vipers, also known as Sea Adders, both terms which seem to be used interchangeably,[11] are large, toothy, hostile ambush predators. They are an invasive species of serpent brought over by the Maormer and can be found from the beaches to the mountains of Summerset. The Maormer breed them to be obedient as well as bigger, smarter, and nastier than their wild counterpart.[12] Lesser Sea Adder seems to refer to Reef Vipers of smaller sizes. Their anatomy is similar to that of the sep adder.

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A Reefborn wolf

Reefborn creatures, also referred to as Coraldrift (or Coral Drift) creatures are artificial coral beasts that imitate the appearance of Tamrielic land animals. They can be found on the isles of the Abecean Sea. Among the known reefborn creatures are those that resemble bears, senche, haj mota, horses, guars, wolves, and possibly even dwarven spiders.

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Reekers are a species of beetle from Valenwood that are similar to dew bugs. They are considered a delicacy by the Bosmer, but release a foul odor when they die.[13] "Reeker" is an insult commonly used by Reachfolk.[14][15]

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A reindeer mount

Reindeer are a type of deer found in snowy climates such as Skyrim. Due to their large size, they are sometimes used as mounts. Reindeer are traditionally associated with the festival of Saturalia.[16]

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An Argonian with rhinoceros-like horns

The Rhinoceros (or Rhino) is a mythical two-horned beast. Said to be more legendary than the Unicorn, they are believed to be imaginary. Some Argonians grow their horns to resemble those of the rhinoceros, and some enchanted fur armor is named after it.[17][18]

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A riekling

Rieklings are a race of blue-skinned ice Goblins, related to the other Goblin-ken. The most common Rieklings are small in stature and found on Solstheim, but larger Rieklings were once present on mainland Skyrim in the Second Era. They are aggressive, and can be dangerous in groups. Despite being considered little more than beasts by the local Nords, Rieklings are naturally cunning. Rieklings speak the goblin language, and can be conversed with by expert linguists. Some speak Cyrodilic, although they rarely say anything intelligible. Apart from this, they seemingly have little culture of their own. They scavenge what few relics they can find from the other races, and form strange attachments to these treasures.

For more information, see the main lore article.

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A riekr

Riekrs are a race of magically gifted white-skinned ice Goblins from the province of Wrothgar, and are related to other Goblin-ken. The Riekr are social creatures, and each goblin is expected to be able to pull their own weight within their tribe, and those who can't are not treated kindly.

The Riekr have a unique initiation system for those who show magical capabilities where they are exiled and have to buy their way back. The mage must then wait a certain period before they are allowed to buy their way back into the tribe with a food offering such as a freshly slain deer, bear, or echatere. Once the mage buys their way back into the tribe, they quickly rise in status to become a revered member of the tribe, gaining influence with the chief.

Riekr chiefs own objects that indicate their position of power in the tribe. The Riekr known as King-Chief Edu stole and used an ancient scepter created by the Orgak Orc clan, as a symbol of his power. Another Riekr chief who was notably a spellcaster had a totem as his symbol of power. With enough training, Riekr are capable of speaking Tamrielic. Some Riekr are tamed and raised to be servants, doing tasks such as setting tables.

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River DroopEdit

River droops are torpid bottom-dwellers the size of a large dog. They possess venomous spines that induce sleep plagued by nightmares. River droops are lazy, easy to catch, difficult to handle, and inedible. Arrows fashioned from their dense ribs or spine can dull a foe's senses.[19]

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A Sandroach

Roaches are small insects. They are considered unsavory to have in a tavern and are known to scatter in light.[20][21] They are one of the creatures assossiated with Namira.[22] Sandroaches are a desert-dwelling species that can be found in Craglorn and northern Elsweyr.[23] Though they can be found in certain caves and ruins throughout Tamriel as well. Cockroaches are a species that can be found in Blackreach and on the Summerset Isles.

Alavlin Beetles are another a type of roach[24] found on Summerset, that serve as a form of livestock. Their carapaces produce a shade of sea gray sought after by painters, and they are apparently delicious.[25]

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Rootworms are strange translucent eight-foot long worms native to Black Marsh that are commonly referred to as the "Underground Express", because of their ability to swallow travelers whole and carry them with the current.[26] They travel quite rapidly through tunnels formed by the roots of Hist trees.[27] The digestive systems of rootworms are apparently quite slow, and travelers "could live in a rootworm's belly for months".[26]

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A ruinach

Ruinachs are a race of four-armed Daedra that serve as Mehrunes Dagon's elite marauders, and have come to refer to themselves as the Sword, Voice,[UOL 1] and the Fifth Hand of Mehrunes Dagon.[28] They are fanatical followers of their lord, and believe themselves an extension of his will. Indeed, as the physical manifestation of Dagon's fiery malevolence,[28] they share their lord's destructive tendencies. And although they are unintelligent, they make up for it in brutish strength.[29]

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Rustbite RingtailEdit

a Rustbite Ringtail

Rustbite Ringtails are small, red-furred mammals that can be kept as pets. They are commonly perceived as adorable.[30] They do not appear to be related to the similarly named Alinor Ringtails.

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