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Camels are ornery creatures found in the deserts of Hammerfell and Elsweyr. They often serve as mounts and beasts of burden. Camel hide can be used to make heavy leather that helps insulate the wearer against the desert heat.

Found in:


A canah

The exotic bird of Summerset Isle, they are bred for their beauty.[1]

Found in:


A Canary

Small yellow birds that can be found throughout Tamriel. Canary down is sometimes used to make pillows.[2]

Found in:


A Cardinal

Small red birds that can be found in Eastmarch. Their feathers are commonly used to make quills.[3]

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A cat

Cats are domestic felines that are found in or near buildings. They come in several colors, such as brown, gray tabby, and seal point. The Khajiit share many feline features with cats, particularly the Alfiq, who are often confused for house cats outside of Elsweyr.

Found in:

Cave RatEdit

A cave rat

Cave Rats are large rats that are usually found in caves.

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Cavern StingerEdit

A Cavern Stinger

Snowrays are a pale blue and white variant of terrestrial rays, flying creatures that closely resemble the more well-known aquatic rays. They are dangerous opponents and are often found in icy areas such as glaciers.

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A Celestial

The Celestials are powerful ethereal beings formed by the power of the stars. The most powerful Celestials represent the Constellations, its unknown if these beings are from Aetherius or if they are mortals who have achieved a state of ascension. Celestials can only manifest on Nirn through the use of Apex Stones, and the destruction of even a single Apex Stone can have devastating consequences to the entire Mundus.

Found in:


A centaur

Centaurs are a nomadic, intelligent beast race that possesses the head and torso of a tall powerfully-built man and the lower body of a horse. They are legendary creatures who are worshipped by some and despised by others. Considered to be ancient and mysterious, centaurs are capable of sophisticated speech, have their own language, and refer to others as "mortals", suggesting that they possess a greater lifespan. In Valenwood, centaurs were one of the many civilizations inhabiting the province's vast jungles, predating the elven inhabitants arrival. Following the fall of the Second Empire, they came to inhabit the abandoned human trading posts, and families of centaurs attended revelries in Falinesti alongside Bosmer, Wood Orcs, and Imga. The Elden Hollow beneath Elden Root was the final resting place for generations of centaurs and minotaurs. In High Rock, centaurs made their homes in the woods and hills of Bangkorai, having been more commonly found in the First Era. Their populations dwindled by the Second Era, but proliferated to higher numbers later on. By the late Third Era, they were still encountered in the Illiac Bay regions of High Rock and Hammerfell.

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Centipedes are small creatures usually found in wooded areas. Centipedes legs are sometimes used to make writing utensils.[4] The marsh centipedes of Black Marsh are massive specimens with nasty temperaments, and are eaten by the native Argonians. Marsh centipedes are used by some Argonian tribes during maturation rites.[5]

Found in:


A chaurus

Chaurus are large hostile insects found in caves deep below the surface of Skyrim and in some cases on the surface. They possess a highly poisonous spit and a powerful bite. Chaurus are bred and raised by the Falmer, later to be killed and have their chitin used for armor.

Found in:

Chaurus HunterEdit

A chaurus hunter

Chaurus Hunters are large hostile flying insects found in caves deep below the surface of Skyrim. They possess a highly poisonous ranged attack and a powerful bite. They are the second life stage of the Chaurus, which transforms into a Hunter after several days of death-like stillness. Because Chaurus are commonly bred by Falmer for their chitin, Chaurus Hunters are often found living in close proximity.

Found in:


A chicken

Chickens are docile, domesticated birds common throughout Skyrim and High Rock. They are bred for their eggs and meat. Although mainly encountered around farms and smaller settlements, they can even be found within cities and towns. The Riverwood White Hen is a hardy domestic chicken found all along Skyrim's White River, said to have been originally bred in the old town of Riverwood.[6] As a sign of the blessing of Mara, certain breeds of chickens such as the Spring Chicken lay eggs with shells in a variety of colors.[7] The black Daemon Fowl is speculated to originate from the Deadlands or Ashpit, lays flaming eggs, and has glowing red eyes.[8] The Cropsford Hen is a breed of chicken known for its protective nature. It is named for the town of Cropsford but is widely used across Cyrodiil.[9]

Found in:

Chub LoonEdit

Chub Loon

Chub Loons (or chubloons)[10] are small, flightless birds that can be found along the coast of Wrothgar and western Skyrim. They make an audible honking noise when startled and will run away from known dangers. They can often be found huddling in large groups in order to retain body heat. Oddly, not a single mention of the Chub Loon predates the beginning of the Second Era, and once they arrived, they began invading the habitat of the native horker, disrupting its food supply.[11]

Found in:


A cicada nest

Cicadas are a species of large burrowing fly. Natives of the Reach traditionally used the husks of cicadas as an offering to the Daedric Princes.

Found in:


A clam

A species of bivalve mollusks. Their meat can be used as a source of food.

Found in:


A clannfear

Clannfear are ferocious reptilian Daedra that resembles a lizard with a large, bony crest on their head, as well as a sharp beak and talons. They have tough scales on their body, and their mouths are lined with razor-sharp teeth for tearing flesh. They are generally thought to be of animal intelligence, though it is possible that they are intelligent enough to speak. Clannfear are of low status, and are sometimes branded to reveal their loyalty. Clannfear cannot use tools, so they attack their foes through biting, clawing and lashing with their tail spikes. They can be formidable, but they are by no means clever. They are known to serve many Daedric Princes and can be found throughout the various planes of Oblivion. Despite this, some attribute them to Mehrunes Dagon. They can occasionally be found lingering near Daedric Ruins on Nirn.


A Clawrunner

Clawrunners are small, pale-scaled, orange eyed, horned bipedal creatures native to the area of the Western Reach region that overlaps with Hammerfell. They are part of the Fanged Gouti species, their relatives being Wickeders and Bounders. These creatures collectively have appear to have backs that are lined in plates of armored scales, pointed mouths that are almost as large as the rest of their body, and they all have an area of exposed gums visible from their face. Clawrunners have the ability to paralyze their opponents. Their skin is known to have powerful alchemical effects.

Found in:

Cliff DarterEdit

A Cliff Darter

Cliff Darters are small, feathered flying creatures that can be found throughout Morrowind. They are related to Cliff Racers, Cliff Striders and Scuttlers.[12]

Found in:

Cliff RacerEdit

Cliff Racer

Cliff Racers are large flying creatures found throughout Morrowind, and are related to Cliff Striders and Cliff Darters. They are very aggressive and will attack anyone in sight. Cliff Racers have good vision range, and will often detect and follow travelers without being noticed. This can result in swarms of them descending upon the unwary adventurer. They migrated to the island of Vvardenfell from parts unknown where, thanks to their numbers, they overwhelmed the dragon population that lived there and drove them out. Due to their pest-like nature, Cliff Racers were eventually driven from Vvardenfell by Saint Jiub the Eradicator, although they have been known to exist in mainland Morrowind well into the Fourth Era.

Found in:

Cliff StriderEdit

Cliff Strider

Cliff Striders were a species of large, winged, reptilian creatures found in Vvardenfell. They were related to Cliff Racers and Cliff Darters, and the three species coexisted contemporaneously. Unlike Cliff Racers, Cliff Striders had great difficulty flying despite their wings, and consequently spent their lives on the ground, while using their wings to glide from cliff heights. But this did not stop them from being a successful predator, as a carnivorous species, they would prey on much of the local wildlife, including man and mer. Their young were known as Cliff Skippers and were hatched from giant nest piles. Despite their aggressive nature, they were admired in Vvardenfell literature and some were tamed as pets.

Found in:

Cold-Flame AtronachEdit

A Cold-Flame Atronach

Cold-Flame Atronachs are a powerful Elemental Daedra native to a pocket realm of Oblivion called the Fourth Sinus of Takubar. The cold-flame atronach summons an essence of cold fire, and has a freezing ambiance that notably drops the temperature nearby, the same way the flame atronach gives off heat.

Cold-flame atronachs came to serve Molag Bal after an incident involving a flame atronach which led to their banishment from Coldharbour. A concerned denizen wanted a hovering sentry that possessed the flame atronach's same expressionless violence to fill the void they left behind. After searching over 37,000 planes and realms, he found a suitable replacement on the Fourth Sinus of Takubar. Cold-flame atronachs served as sentries in Coldharbour during the Planemeld.

Found in:

Copper-Tongued SkinkEdit

Copper-Tongued Skink

A species of lizard known for its incredibly robust constitution, it can happily eat most poisonous foods without being any worse for wear. These lizards can be specially trained to sniff out and eat anything poisonous. They can be found in Murkmire though their abilities see them in use elsewhere.

Found in:

Coral CrabEdit

A coral crab

Large sandcrabs that are often found with coral growing on their shells. They are found along the coastlines of Summerset Isle and Artaeum.

Found in:

Corprus HuskEdit

Corprus Husk

Corprus Husks are deranged victims of the dreaded Corprus disease, which has no known cure. Their skin becomes stretched by great purple boils and they attack everything in sight. They expel infected bodily fluids and vapors, in combat and in death, causing a great risk of infection for their victims.

Found in:

Corprus StalkerEdit

A corprus stalker

Deranged and deformed victims of the dreaded Corprus disease which has no known cure. Great care must be taken when confronting these creatures as they have become incredibly tough due to the disease, and may infect you with Corprus. They are capable of regenerating damaged health.

Found in:


A cow

Cows are large, docile, domesticated animals common throughout High Rock, Hammerfell, and Skyrim, especially on farms, where they primarily eat hay. Cows from Skyrim are also called highland aurochs, and are used for their meat,[13] dairy,[14] and hide.[15] They are sometimes given to Giants by local farmers as an offering.

Found in:


A crab

Crabs are crustaceans that possess two front-facing appendages with claws on the end. There are several known species of crab, with the most prevalent being the mudcrab. Most crabs have hard shells, but softshell varieties also exist. Crabs of all species can grow to absurdly large sizes.


A Crayfish

The Crayfish is a type of crustacean. The Gold Coast Crayfish can be found in the sunny waters of the Gold Coast. The Pearlescent Crayfish can be found on Artaeum. The Shalk-Brother Crayfish can be found in Vvardenfell. The Karth Crayfish can be found in lakes around The Reach.

Found in:


A crocodile

A large reptile that can be found in swamps and near rivers throughout Tamriel. There are many uses for the parts harvested from a crocodile. Necklaces made from these teeth may be worn by young Argonians during their maturation trial.[16] Crocodile hide makes for both sturdy and attractive armor, while baked crocodile tongue is a dish commonly found in Black Marsh.[17][18] White crocodiles are extremely rare.[19]

Found in:


A crow

Crows are black birds that can be found all over Tamriel. A group of crows is called a "murder". They are commonly associated with the Daedric Prince Nocturnal.[20][21] They should not be confused with their Daedric counterparts, Crow Daedra. Crows are sometimes cooked and eaten, and some Nordic platters exist to serve them in three ways: stuffed, roasted and boiled.[22] Scarecrows are kept in fields to keep crows away from crops.

Found in:

Crow DaedraEdit

A Crow Daedra

Crow Daedra are one of many Daedric species that mimic those found on Nirn. They are associated with the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. They differ from real crows in that they can talk and they have unnatural glowing purple eyes. They have their own feudal courts, the most notable of which are the Blackfeather Court and their rivals, the Exarchs of Dross. They do not consider themselves Daedra and instead think themselves to be real crows. They enjoy eating fleshy bits of mortal bodies, such as eyes. They also have a tendency to collect shiny objects. Crow Daedra procreate and lay eggs in order to hatch more of their kind.

Found in:


Cuttlefish are aquatic cephalopods that are visually similar to octopuses. Inkspur Cuttlefish can be found in Blackwood.


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