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Minat orcs

The Minat were a powerful tribe of orcs chiefed by King Gortwog gro-Nagorm, who ruled the Kingdom of Nova Orsinium in northwestern Tamriel during the late Third Era.[1]


Death of King LysandusEdit

Lysandus' Tomb

Corroborated accountEdit

The tribe's claims for socio-political equality and rights to Orsinium were supported by King Lysandus of Daggerfall.[2] Upon somehow learning of the assassins from Wayrest (their leader being Lord Woodborne) heading to kill King Lysandus under the guise of peace advisors coming to ease tensions before the Battle of Cryngaine Field, King Gortwog sent his orcish warriors stop them, but they were slain upon ambushing the Wayresters, ultimately only delaying the assassination.[3][4][5]

Uncorroborated accountEdit

According to a wildly uncorroborated account authored by the Scenarist Guild,[nb 1] the tribe's claims for socio-political equality and rights to Orsinium were supported by Lord Woodborne of Wayrest, after Woodborne made an alliance with King Gortwog to further each other's interests. Lord Woodborne previously attempted to persuade King Lysandus of Daggerfall into helping him take the throne of Wayrest, but was rebuffed -- there had been an ongoing power struggle for the throne, and Woodborne did not want his rivals to win it.[1]

Upon King Lysandus' electing to retire to the Isle of Balfiera to be with his mistress, he was escorted by some troops and his third cousin once removed, Lord Woodborne, from the battlefield of Cryngaine to what was meant to be Lysandus' final destination of Balfiera on the other side of Iliac Bay. Along the way to Tamarilyn Point in Menevia, one of the Minat orcs meets the troop, Woordborne slinks away with this orc citing an emergency, also bringing an advisor of the troop with him as an alibi. As Lysandus's party continues on their way and reaches Tamarilyn Point, they encounter the Minat orcs, who the troop believed to be friends, only to find themselves massacred. The ships meant for Lysandus were sunk, and the king's body was hacked up by the Minat and placed within a silver casket in a nearby tomb.[1]


See AlsoEdit

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