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This page describes the different places that can be visited in Daggerfall.


Climate map of the Iliac Bay as seen in Daggerfall

Daggerfall's worldspace is one of the largest in video game history; according to Bethesda, it rivals Great Britain in size.[1] However, this claim is unverified, and calculations by fans have resulted in various estimates. Nevertheless, the game boasts many regions and an enormous number of unique locations. The wilderness between locations is based on a rudimentary heightmap, one pixel of which covers 800 in-game meters. Smaller details are randomly generated, while all locations are pre-generated and are consequently always the same in every instance of the game.

The game world is divided between two Tamrielic provinces, covering most of High Rock, the northern part of Hammerfell, and the islands of the Iliac Bay. The game world is geographically diverse, encompassing 9 climate regions and 44 political regions with distinct landscapes, climates, and cultures. These regions also feature unique vegetation, animals, inhabitants, architecture, temples, knightly orders, and major powers.

Although Daggerfall possesses heightmap data, the amount of height variance in the game appears to be minuscule (excluding the 2D mountains which can sometimes be seen in the background skybox). This is due to the noise bump filter added to the ground combined with the game's extremely short draw distance. However, it is possible to observe "mountains" at two specific points in the game world, recognizable as sudden rises in the terrain elevation.

The first spot is on the Isle of Balfiera, as seen in the picture on the left, and the second spot is east of the capital of Sentinel and southwest of "The Silver Bird Pub", as seen in the picture on the right:

Political RegionsEdit

Unique LocationsEdit

Daggerfall contains a total of 15,251 distinct dungeons, farmsteads, shacks, manors, temples, shrines, friendly witch covens, cities, towns, villages, and taverns. Contrary to the randomly-generated wilderness separating them, these locations are all pre-determined. They are spread across the regions of the Iliac Bay area; density varies depending on the size or importance of the region, ranging from the Wrothgarian Mountains, with 1,833 locations, to the tiny island of Cybiades, with only one. It is possible to sort these locations into four main categories, following the in-game map labels: Dungeons, Homes, Temples, and Towns. This page only lists some of the most relevant locations. A complete list of locations is included on each specific region page.


There is a total of 4,229 dungeons in Daggerfall. Dungeons include caves, dens, graveyards, haunts, laboratories, and other locations, and contain various enemies and block types. Note that Castle Daggerfall, Palace Sentinel, and Castle Wayrest, although constructed as dungeons, are not included in this total, as they are located within their respective cities and do not have distinct map markers.


There is a total of 4,400 farmsteads, shacks, and manors in Daggerfall.


There is a total of 1,532 rural temples, rural shrines, and friendly witch covens in Daggerfall.


There is a total of 5,090 cities, towns, villages, and rural taverns in Daggerfall. Lists of regional capital cities and other large cities are provided immediately below.

Capital CitiesEdit

(Betony, Cybiades, Dak'fron, and the Isle of Balfiera are the only regions without a capital.)

Other Large CitiesEdit

(Includes walled cities with areas of at least 15 blocks.)

  • Alik'r
  • Tigonus
  • Daggerfall
  • Glenpoint
  • Northmoor

Places of InterestEdit

Region Capital Places of Interest
Abibon-Gora Abibon-gora
Alik'r Alik'ra The Coven in the Marsh
Antiphyllos Antyphyllos The Coven of the Dust
Ayasofya Ayasofya City
Bergama Bergama City
Cybiades Ruins of Cosh Hall
Dak'fron The Kykos Coven
Dragontail Mountains Dragontail The Devilrock Coven
Coven of the Peaks
Scourg Barrow
Ephesus Ephesus City
Kairou Kairou City
Kozanset Kozanset City
Lainlyn Lainlyn City Lainlyn Cliffs
Mournoth Mournoth City
Myrkwasa Myrkwasa City The Coven of the Tide
Pothago Pothago City
Santaki Santaki City
Satakalaam Satakalaam City
Sentinel Sentinel City Castle Sentinel
Castle Faallem
The Fortress of Fhojum
Tigonus Tigonus City
Totambu Totambu City
High Rock
Alcaire Alcaire City The Alcaire Coven
Anticlere Anticlere City
Betony Cryngaine Field
Ravennian Forest
Yeorth Burrowland
Bhoriane Bhoriane City
Daenia Daenia City The Beldama Coven
Daggerfall Daggerfall City Castle Daggerfall
Castle Necromoghan
Copperton Tower
The Coven on The Bluff
Daggerfall Bluffs
Privateer's Hold
Dwynnen Dwynnen City
Gavaudon Gavaudon City
Glenpoint Glenpoint City Glenpoint Foothills
Glenumbra Moors Glenumbra
Ilessan Hills Ilessan Hills City The Glenmoril Coven
Kambria Kambria City
Koegria Koegria City
Menevia Menevia City Lysandus' Tomb
The Tamarilyn Coven
Tamarilyn Point
Northmoor Northmoor City
Orsinium Area Orsinium Stronghold of Orsinium
Phrygias Phrygias City The Skeffington Coven
Skeffington Wood
Shalgora Shalgora City The Daggerfall Coven
Tulune Tulune City
Urvaius Urvaius City
Wayrest Wayrest City Castle Wayrest
Woodborne Hall
Wrothgarian Mountains Wrothgaria The Wroth Coven
Ykalon Ykalon City Castle Llugwych
Iliac Bay
High Rock sea coast Mantellan Crux
Your Ship
Isle of Balfiera Direnni Tower
The Masoleum of Darkivaron

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