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Daggerfall:Lysandus' Tomb

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Lysandus' Tomb in Menevia

The tomb is the final resting place for the body of Lysandus, the late king of Daggerfall. It is located near Tamarilyne Point[1] in Menevia. The burial chamber with Lysandus' sarcophagus is located deep within the bowels of the tomb.

Lysandus' Sarcophagus

Dungeon LayoutEdit

Using in-game denotation for dungeon-modules:

          B0000004  B0000005  B0000006                    
B0000003  N0000048  N0000039  W0000009  S0000140  B0000007
B0000002  N0000057  B0000010  B0000009  B0000008          
B0000001  N0000028 @S0000141                              

Dungeon-Modules: 18
Quest Locations: 11

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