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Cybiades: Region Summary
Province Hammerfell
Ruler None
Capital none
Populace Redguard
Knightly Order None
Patron Deity None
Regional Temple None
Vampire Bloodline Selenu
Distinct Locations 1
Cities, Towns, Villages 0
Homes, Farms, Taverns 0
Temples & Shrines 0
Distinct Dungeons 1
Witch Covens 0

Cybiades is an uninhabited island off the northern coast of Sentinel, roughly southwest of Tigonus, within the Iliac Bay. The island is seemingly devoid of civilization. The dominant vampire bloodline of the region is Selenu. The only location on this island is a dungeon named Ruins of Cosh Hall, which is a Human Stronghold.

Ruins of Cosh HallEdit

Exterior area of the Ruins of Cosh Hall

The only place on this island is the dungeon Ruins of Cosh Hall. It is a human stronghold, so you're most likely to encounter human type enemies, with the possibility of vampires on higher levels. Be wary when roaming through, since there are many spell casters inside the dungeon that can deal quite a bit of damage.

Without the use of a cheat it may be very difficult to find. Since there are no settlements on Cybiades, there are no guild halls, so this location will not be unlocked as part of a quest. The best way to find it is to travel to the northeast portion of the map (see map above). The world map will show you to be above water when in fact you'll still be on solid ground. The dungeon is located in this area.

Dungeon Entrance

Dungeon LayoutEdit

Using in-game denotation for dungeon-modules:

          B0000006  N0000055  B0000009
B0000008  W0000017  N0000038  B0000012
B0000007 @N0000042  B0000006          

Dungeon-Modules: 12
Quest Locations:  8

Political ViewsEdit

Although the island is uninhabited it possesses an entire political structure.

Political Factions
(by influence)
Court of Cybiades
People of Cybiades
Allies None
Enemies None


  • The best way to get to the island is to travel to the city of Sentinel, face directly east and then keep going forward in that direction. After traveling some distance on land, eventually you're going to have to cross a long stretch of water so have a horse ready since it's easier to cross the sea while riding on a horse. Keep in mind that even with the speed cheat on, it will still take a long time to reach the island due to the sheer size of the game world.
  • The layout of this island is drastically off-center in relation to the world map; most of the terrain is actually located further to the east, even covering what would appear to be water on the map. Even the game doesn't consider the player to be in this region until they're near the eastern end.
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