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The cheaper 100,000 ship

Ships in Daggerfall are purchasable at any port town or capital with a bank and act much like houses. There are two different ships available for purchase, one costing 100,000 gold, and the other 200,000. Much like houses you can only own one ship at a time, and dropped items will not disappear.

If you own a ship, selecting "Ship" in the transportation menu will instantly transport you to your vessel. While aboard, the other travel options are unavailable; selecting "Ship" again will transport you back to your original location. Ships also have a lower deck that can be entered via a door towards the middle of the ship, the lower decks consist of a few different levels separated up into several empty rooms and a cargo hold.

Fast TravelingEdit

Fast travel on a ship can dramatically reduce the time to get to distances far apart that would benefit from taking a route using a ship (e.g., Daggerfall to Sentinel). However, taking a ship does cost more money than walking or riding unless you already own one.


  • Ships are probably one of the more buggy parts of the game, particularly in earlier patches. One of the biggest ones is just entering and exiting your ship without moving. In earlier versions of the game it would make the terrain go weird and corrupt your save game. In later versions it can make the terrain go haywire and make your game crash if you look around to much. ?
  • Another minor bug is that if you load a save game that was made on a ship, swampy plants will appear on the water ?
    Mod Notes: tested in 2.13 patch.
  • If you enter your ship's interior and then attack the door leading back outside, you will spawn guards that will immediately attempt to arrest you for Breaking and Entering, even though the ship belongs to you. Killing these guards will only affect your reputation in the uninhabited High Rock sea coast region, allowing players to gain entry into the Dark Brotherhood without drawing the ire of any inhabited regions in the Iliac Bay. ?