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A typical farm in High Rock, in view of the homestead

Almost all regions of the Iliac Bay house numerous agricultural settlements. These settlements come as farms, farmsteads, granges, orchards and plantations and consist of a single homestead, which is surrounded by arable land and companion animals. These settlements vary in a few basic ways, these being the architectural style of the homestead as well as the amounts of fields and whether or not there are wandering NPCs. Depending on the building's type, one or more NPCs can be found within. Although you can talk to them, they offer no services or unique dialog. These settlements are visible as medium brown colored spots on the regional map. The number of these settlements depends on the dimension of the region, although all regions of the Iliac Bay, except Cybiades, have at least one of those agricultural settlements.

As is the case for all non-dungeon locations, camping in the open within such settlements is chargeable and doing so will cause the town guards to appear.

A typical farmstead in High Rock, in view of the homestead and a vegetable patch