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This article is about places on the map. For purchasable houses, see Houses. For residences in towns and cities, see Residences.

A typical farmstead in High Rock, in view of the homestead and a vegetable patch

Homes in Daggerfall are locations marked on your map usually containing a single house or city block and often ruins or a crop. On the travel map, homes appear either dark, medium or light brown depending on their size, darkest being the smallest and lightest being the largest. There is a total of 4,400 homes in Daggerfall. As with all other non-dungeon locations, attempting to rest will cause the town guards to appear.

Types Of HomesEdit

Daggerfall has many different names for different types of "homes" on the travel map, although they do mostly fall into three main groups: small settlements, farms and solitary houses.

Different types of homes:

Type Amount of buildings Wandering NPCs Taverns Crops Ruins
Courts, Halls, Manors and Palaces Multiple Yes Yes No No
Farms, Farmsteads, Granges, Orchards and Plantations Single Yes No Yes No
Cabins, Hovels, Places and Shacks Single No No No Yes